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put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on d w. this is to give you news coming to you live from berlin we take a look at the candidates challenging president friendships hiatt bird wanted turkey's election on sunday they hope to break his sixteen year high rate grip on power as opposition parties gain under anyone in the polls. and in the eyes of the football world it will be on the team from germany coming hours up the world called
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fans of the defending champions how can suffering the blues since their team's opening box last coach and players insist they will be balanced against sweeping a deal or enjoy a match. and a look back at switzerland granted shock is the main strike that beats therapy out we'll bring you the best of five is not just. for man. i'm out of town and thanks for joining us well turkey had to the polls on sunday with the future of the country's pleasurable system a stake if president ratchet when's he's promised to deliver sweeping constitutional changes to further strengthen the president. the future. president dredge of tide has been steering the cool so turkish politics. for more
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than fifteen years. to get he has a good shot of reelection which would allow him to further tighten his grip on power. after this presidential election the most controversial constitutional changes in a generation will come into force if they were only narrowly backed by the turkish people in last year's referendum without on wins the necessary majority he will be an almost all powerful president but he is not there yet. these people stand in his way they are add ons biggest challenges. sixty one year old middle action as the only woman running for president she has already served as interior minister and last year she founded a new political party she's seen as right wing nationalists and religious some call action on the iran lady of turkey. the it. was.
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injure represents the center left c.h.p. turkey's biggest opposition party the fifty four year old is an outspoken defender of the text republic as envisioned by most of like him a lot of her. he's a charismatic speaker and a harsh critic of add on. his turkey's first presidential candidate to run from behind bars despite international protest he's been in custody for a year on the health on terrorism related charges de mint has represents the program. a party despised by the turkish government many of those backing the forty five year old attorney all young voters. only three challenges want to limit the powers of the presidency and see a return to the parliamentary system they want to improve relations with your openly turkey out of its economic crisis is on line. any of them will win
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a majority but if they manage to force out one in two runoff elections it might end up a much tighter race for the seemingly all powerful president. of the other stories making news around the world. in ethiopia's capital. dozens are reportedly injured after a grenade exploded during a rally in central masque else square the rally was in support of ethiopia's new reform as prime minister ahmed this footage shows him being taken away by security took office in april this was his first rally since becoming prime minister. the us president donald trump has renewed sanctions against north korea for one year saying the country still post quote an extraordinary thresh of this calls just days
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after the u.s. announced it would suspend a large scale military exercise with south korea and the joint war games wrong angered the north. moving on to some sports news on the defending champions jeremy are center stage at the way i caught the saving and i have. from day to be sports in studio with me jeremy are under a lot of pressure on the defending champions most when they hear today against sweden are they in the right mindset for this victory do you think you're absolutely right i mean they are feeling the pressure i'm sure everyone's hoping that the change of scenery from their camp just outside moscow down to the lovely shores of the black sea down in sochi is going to give them a little bit of a boost in alessi air will really give them that energy that they need they look very sluggish against mexico there's a lot of criticism geared towards them here in germany especially but it appears as well that there's a talk that there was a rift between in the team but they sort of presented a very united front and they really need to pull their socks up for the match of
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course later on now it's a team that has experience and of course a lot of younger players and one of those players who has a lot of experience is actually going to be missing from tonight that of course is mats hummels but he will be replaced by his byron teammate nicholas azula so that's also a little bit of good news for the team going into the match but i think what we really need to do is hear from the germany coach of course you have some love. because that much of it was a team this yesterday the two most important weapons energy and body language was far from the plate mexico was not the team we're used times or self-confident approach and playing style it was. even speed those are the fundamentals and for us it's all because we've seen it almost all the games that this world cup for the level of skill has not seen at the very top level it's only bidding by any speed an option is more a world cup of absolute dedication absolute passion he teams are throwing
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everything they have shot into defending a tie you can see hobson. well there you have your kind of saying that is energy and dedication and that's what i had what they really need to do if they want to beat or sweden let's have a look at sweden then i mean they looked good against their first match against south korea they went in and they finished up nicely are they capable of beating germany the older absolutely no pushover like you said they beat south korea of course in their opening game and this is a team that's capable of beating big squads like they qualified for the world corboy of course seeing off italy who have won the world cup let's not forget that and they're feeling incredibly confident that we need to take a look at this report ok. head of the game swedish fans all celebrating like they've won the world cup here in sochi they're convinced their side will knock out the world champions. we knew we were in
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with three may or three has nothing to lose we're going to go all there. is going to be tough it's going to be quite easy game sunday walk in the park think as we don't want to beat their crap but our germany probably. five six two zero three scoring isn't exactly what the swedes are known for the team qualified for the tournament on the back of their solid defense since the retirement of starstruck has lots of neighbor him of its coach ian anderson has focused on the collective. germany will certainly have possession and i was defending will be the deciding factor. but we also want to create and play our own game we would have to be at our very best mean to be the dog regardless of the performance the fans will celebrate late into the night because their team will still have a chance to advance to the knockout stages even if they lose they may be singing for a few more games yet. the. price of
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a little derby weren't watching that record just as the us spooked if they didn't invade and now of course this is the only game is happening and there are two other great games that we have to look forward to tell me about them it would seem that no one here in germany want to be here in bed of course as mexico they're going to be taking on south korea they're of course in germany's group now they if they manage to be says korea would essentially be through the round of sixteen with a win that would be there the seventh consecutive time that they make it through the group stages at the world cup so that's a big you know if they get that result to be great for them and of course feel the game is belgium against unity of belgium they'd be punished in their opening clash in the world cup and another win would have them basically on the brink of making. it's true to the next round as well no chain is yet also our team that you know people shouldn't sort of write them off because despite the fact they didn't really get the result they wanted against england they looked very feisty and dazed that's another match i would definitely keep an eye out for right so i've grace not a great night of games to look forward to now let's look back to friday there were
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a lot of tense moments and great matches tell us your highlights have to be right on now there are some cracking goals and some great games now one game that i have to say i'm going to some some of as you're saying it was frustrating it was brazil against costa rica made their fans wait for the golds and another one which was maybe a little bit of a surprise for some people switched and first serbia that was a real juicy affair and i think what we need to do is take a look at how those games pontiacs. resume lifted late ins again very date. when she did continue finally stoic injury time that already begun. to go it came as a big relief was a nervy brazilians and was celebrated as if they had just ones of what cup. was a custom even steam or when ice name i finally had his moment was scoring his first that's just on amends resits last ditch to win means that costa rica or to china this four years ago up all it was brazil minutes
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a first win in russia it still wasn't enough to ease and nerves. it was a win against switzerland serbia could have lead for president in the standings enough to just five minutes of yet went and that's true alex on the needs of each elite that loss of ten thirty in the second half until you get on the chalk on level to score was one of the goals of tone and so far. and ins a very last minute shout on shockey broke on the contract to snatch old st paul ince for the swiss one no level on points with brazil at the top of group d. . well it certainly was a juicy affair in the words of her staff. ace goals there in those games now the nigeria and i signed games certain distance didn't disappoint either no you're absolutely right now everybody you know they're big fun favorites of course always a tiny country just three hundred thirty thousand people playing against a big team like nigeria and it was
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a great game for nigeria indeed their hero was ahmed new so we're just taking a look there at the images who scored a brace his first coming after this twisting counter just after half time ending with the toss to volley and then lose his second came after the wrong a blistering run but the striker keeping his poise and she made the move and that was a big big result for nigeria and of course incredibly good news for argentina because they really needed nigeria to win if they wanted to have any chance of qualifying from the group stages so ok well maybe they have to hope so they do and the tournament is there on how to foil thank you as always thanks so much and now it's summertime when living is supposed to be easy yet it's an odd thing bullish for three of germany's best known until now wolves are liable pedals keller's even football as we just heard the car industry and the unshakeable angela merkel and those as i germany have been perplexed by the german squad struggles in russia the
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foliage from the diesel gate scandal and the attacks on the chancellor from within her own party so our reporter charles tells them pay of took to the streets of berlin to ask germans to explain their summer of will. once upon a time germany was no room for these treasures during a benign unstable leader and industry it might fall in line and a team of unleavened brave men capable of making their country proud. then came the fateful summer of twenty eight the german chancellor has been facing the greatest threat to her leadership since coming to power the diesel prices consuming germany's call industry has taken a dramatic turn with the balsa voice lock in subsidiary audi behind bars and let's face it gemini's was cut he'd have had a disastrous start losing the first world cup opening game since one thousand nine hundred eighty two. so what exactly is going on. everything's going
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wrong that's what you think is not a fairy tale somebody that's what's missing. i say what about the next of the game you can germany when one hundred percent i mean germany we can do you wish on us germany always messes back you guys are doing fine just relax take a deep breath support good people it'll be all right so maybe it's not so bad after all politician on football fanatic. earth couple of things going wrong in this country we lost the first game we didn't play that well it happens to england for four decades wow absolutely you know there are some some german cars pollute polluting the world we got to fix it and there are troubles and within our government but we always have troubles in the government so the end is not mine this bad luck come in threes maybe this is how it works in germany and the germans are dishonest seekers but hey we've owned everything is good.
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things may have gone a bit well badly hit this summit but this is gemini and germany will not give up compromising. will be reached reputations will be restored and there will always be another game as that. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one division and if you newspapers one official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many cantors and their problems are all.


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