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tv   Pop Xport - Pop Xport Special Gentleman  Deutsche Welle  June 23, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm CEST

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their recorded images travel around the globe via social media. but what is perfect can the fiction and what is fact of digital investigators comb through the flood of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and to substantiate claims of crimes. forensics between bits and bytes of. truth detectives starts june thirtieth on t.w. . welcome to this special edition of pop export this time around we take an in-depth look at german reggae star gentleman. we'll be following the evolution of his career checking out his life credentials. and meeting some of his famous friends.
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to make it a gentleman is germany's biggest drag a performer he's shifted over a million records to date and has even made a name for himself in the path by the brigade jamaica. coming up behind the counter a plane full of brain damage that led to the supreme. being. the one and only time to win the gemini has been honing his record style sound and vocals for over twenty years banging. gregory itzin if it is so diverse that i can find a song for every atmosphere so i never tire of it in the media and that's the biggest misunderstanding about reggae that it always sounds the same if you listen to jamaica radio station you notice how varied the music is and i'm sure i didn't make one the fuse or the movie it's a gentleman's commitment has been rewarded with a string of hit singles and albums the second album journey to john. and you were
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going to scan a german record industry award for best newcomer that was just. the two thousand full follow up confidence shock to the top of the german charts and sold a quarter of a million copies. of the hits kept on coming two thousand and seven pts and other intensity delivered what the title promised. the club had i think helped raise development in germany but if i hadn't someone else would have it's just a drawing room music that has to be discovered sooner or later and. ten auto whose father was a because i discovered the sound of reggae as a teenager in his brother's record collection. eventually dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music. in the late ninety nine he started building up or following for himself the greatest festivals across
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europe. meanwhile jamaica became the second time. this kind all this know what the place where i can feel music like in jamaica. he was seventeen when he first visit to the island and its music scene was apparently so polite that some locals nicknamed him gentleman he kept returning learning to make an impact and recording a series of songs he's one of the few european reggae musicians trip and respect in jamaica. mine was ignored in front in jamaica it was my music is now accepted in jamaica for a long time people knew the songs but didn't know the summit it's. now become part of the music you finished at this time. people know me it's ok to talk to me on the
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street and i get a lot of love and respect it's nice to him with all due respect so no. no. respect also from jamaican musicians such as that ringtone levy amps that he brings to performed on cons hold us down let her know. that. jamaica is also often the backdrop for gentlemen's piano it's no big. deal because the. gentleman has been commuting between cologne and kingston for over twenty years now . in twenty twelve he recorded some of his six studio album new day jewel in jamaica it's been called his most intimate and mature record.
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in jamaica remains my main place of inspiration and. there's nowhere else where i'm so focused on making music without destruction of killing bin for the most massive . campaign to get there but it doesn't always have to be jamaica. the video for the single that you remember was shot over the rooftops of new york city it's not feeling well it's not. like the. plague. even then but it's a song with a message about returning to the essentials in order to look ahead with minute determination your objective is to campaign and gentleman is positive about the future. he's been voting. to see one come closer to my goal of expressing myself musically i don't know if i'll ever really get there. but this
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feeling of being on the right path gets me you know harmony if you know that you know i think some of the. little gentleman that jennings who shall continue to use it is freedom from. coming into town. and follow. the. gentleman's foot album confidence comprise don't walk in one thousand tracks it debuted at number one in germany on its release in two thousand and four here's one of the hits it produced the love song intoxication. and everything. just how to. put it. to. tell young.
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players. it's a given. every time. something like. sorry is what you give it to. every time you need. to pick up. the cut. right down to. the south and you can tell. you it. was going to give me. everything.
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let. me tell you. meet the baby to come. forward saying. hey you know how great like a piano it's actually up it's taking. place and. it's like the kids i know but. i would not admit that you. can't help but i can't. say enough enough you know besides you give me moves you. every time you name. obviously you know the end of the show you're going to give it to cloud. every time you need it. in twenty fourteen gentleman was granted
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a stint on the high profile the m.t.v. unplugged show he was joined on stage by an array of all the big name artists here's a look behind the scenes of the life recording in cologne. but slowly but juggling. shall. be superior to the current placing beauty of. m.t.v. unplugged was a superior opportunity for gentlemen and one he clearly reveled in. the beauty of. the current. he's played over a thousand concerts in the last twenty years but this was a very special gig. since a few do it there are so many good m.t.v. unplugged albums it's an absolute gift to be able to do this in such a venue venue yet. the concert was recorded at colognes renowned stop garden in august. the fourteen the children of musicians involved rehearsed for two weeks
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before the big day. rush was let's have a fantastic reggae party fight. a look at probably. a crucial element of the unplugged concept is to perform with friends so gentlemen invited jamaican superstar shaggy to follow. up. german folk pop duo milky chance were also invited. along to take say yes.
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place. to play. since jamaicans gentleman second tell him he knows a lot of reggae stars personally including christopher market. dropped him self and reggae music in such a way that if you didn't know he was german he would have thought he was just making. bringing out. our big boat and one of the high points of the show was a cover of bob marley's redemption song the gentleman performs with marley someone she mani as well as come. you know from the german punk rock factor in. the old
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punk bands always used to play with the way about right and the clash going old ox spirit oh so it will be a regular found time to listen on a supposed to be. close to. the m.t.v. unplugged concert was one big party and joining the family of friends for the occasion was gentlemens wife and regular backing singer tommy cow seen here on the left playing. the resulting album subsequently made it into the german top ten. a few years before appearing in that live performance christopher monckton collaborated with gentleman on the single so the top two men evidently had plenty of fun shooting the video in morocco.
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come to me. that's a. good movie.
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i'm now more fascinating insights into the world of gentleman in extra slow. intended gentleman travel to ethiopia with neither cannot go on the base project
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that campaigns for clean water world why. he went to the village of soto where this was a pump installation has improved considerably. i move but there's a very different intensity when you actually go to look but. i also visited a school that receives funds from the german charity. that. i never thought it. was still an ethiopian he wrote a song about his impressions closer today. to. gentleman shot to fame in nine hundred ninety s. when he performed on top. also with german hip hop group one discuss the first
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soldier at the time he still went by the name mr gentleman the track reached number thirteen in the german charts. show. in two thousand and five gentlemen teamed up with turkish musician most of us sound old to record is ten pm show which means rebel. songs stayed in the german charts for twenty four weeks and peaked at number six. zero zero zero zero and sit down and worked with a german hip hop band beginner on on. the single reached number one in the german charts the sold four hundred thousand copies making a gentlemen's most successful release ever. cut. the two thousand and fourteen seal the release of a documentary called journey to job for seven years two filmmakers
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a company gentleman and italian reggae singer i'll blow sea in to make. the film shows how the two have made the caribbean island nation their spiritual home and how they've been most themselves into making culture. everything from the vibrant world of pop music on facebook at d w music story stars and the latest from the music scene. join us in the universe of pop on facebook to send us a message we love hearing from. new dawn from twenty thirteen was the first gentleman album with all tracks penned by the artist himself. including the single you remember which recalls the days when people used to write. to each other. good things up
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a little slow it would soon change everybody's blood glucose to them it will cut one. club politically culturally politically i love to touch this guy came up such a lovely leaflets let's listen to the fellow let's plug plug plug. but you. don't know did you or does not want to let them stick to the. leaflet. plz
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plz leaflet . play. play play play live.
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i am assuming. that. in twenty sixteen a dream came true for gentlemen he got to record an entire album with one of the songs and it's great to start. the resulting work call written and performed with mommy mommy it's called conversations. to see if i could just be down just far from home and comfort you. gemini's biggest reggae star money money on and join janine back in time as they sing their version of bob marley's same a down just one if that many conversation was. coming down you are reaching farther struggling to find your dream you know it was recognized to work. very much a lot of what i like about this project is it's believe those like me was it what
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you can look to for you know really it was always the first lot over the last little while you know subseries a killer the frame killer put it in a certain shot to get the second set. to heart. good try referencing her role as backing singer from the original recording jamaican reggae stan mafia griffith. the grandmaster griffin is the only guest on the album yes and as such i know that she she really made it and she came to join us on that video sure. i don't think the money was even born at that time when simm a donor was recorded and that was one of the persons who embraced that song that bob did his dad and. i had no free shot at that time that i would be here. to do in a row. mix of the song with
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a gentleman and if my son keep my i make mistakes i'm finding that she meant nothing it's meant as a festival and in twenty fourteen they performed together at gentleman's and t.v. unplugged show in cologne says i mean you chose respect in that work to get some know why you know you really got to know your money and get the job the pie in the world has been before and after one thing you can learn from the way he writes means. you learn from them is hard to kill it's self in the sense of i've learned a lot in this process it's so much joy to want to work with it when i really appreciate it very seriously because i know. that. their tracks were recorded in miami and clearly not just classic canvas but also a regional material such as manna i love. this list
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a really good. book i read. the female energy is what keeps us alive you know it's mother it's the father and it's mostly been learned to do the work if it were at their words it would be correct a good thing to get a man you may need but they know you know it's not about us down but like them son can protect them dads are we need to think it's not so we can be divided got the baggage on so we can remember that they love this city when it came to style and they allowed themselves plenty of freedom playing rinks reggae as well as ballads so they see that collaboration is much more than going to come to visit me last i believe the good thing in life is coincidence nothing really just happened there's no such thing as folk song things it's written and so therefore this album. it was
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just one of us his love that it was a part of our story if it. was a top ten hit then someone twenty sixteen janitor lending she money money went along to wow the crowds at major festivals that cross your. ragged. to round off this pulp explore special here's a veritable classic from the gentleman different places its message whoever you are and wherever you hail from think positive and enjoy life. let. told. to cut.
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cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut let's cut. this is such. a let me. let me play a. closer. look . you'll come back. to it so close to the
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budget. the books say let the book as told the book let the book. the be. the be.
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the be. the be. the big. what keeps us in shape what makes us see how much. my name is dr. i talk to many clicks and. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to sleep your head. state use and let's all try to stay
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shut shutting down thirty minutes. he takes it personally when with a little gender fifty to one stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. pick up more than football online. it's crunch time for germany how big a hurdle will sweden prove to be the world cup two thousand a team to dish on t w news. a news analyst made it expensive to focus on some. of the so-called champions up
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working with communities to protect forests for the future we want if you're hearing what we're hearing find out more all. players are in. place. this is news live from berlin the on is all things soccer world will be on the germany team in the coming hours at the world cup mexico had beaten south korea meaning the germans a must win or draw tonight against sweden or the defending champion the world cup campaign will be over also coming up campaigning has official.


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