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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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because justice is about the truth. truth detectives starch june thirtieth on t w. d w news live from far away the syrian army opens a new front in its war on drugs in the south of the country as the violence as collated tens of thousands are fleeing but with borders closing in where are these children and others like them supposed to go look at the human cost the syrian government's offensive. also coming up fast and furious climax to one of the world
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cups most unpredictable groups argentina picked nigeria at the post for a spot in the last sixteen leo messi scored his first goal of the tournament to spare his country believing exect. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program. syrian troops are widening a major offensive against rebels in the south west of the country the regime is trying to retake the city of daraa where anti-government protests began seven years ago the u.n. says that more than forty five thousand people have been forced to flee however neighboring jordan is refusing to allow the displaced people to cross into its territory and as we report civilians and children are bearing the brunt of the violence. they fled from bombs and destruction.
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now this family and living out in the open just hoping someone will help them. bread and petrol prices have risen sharply money is running out. where we came from was totally destroyed every house was flattened. we had to live in the cellars. now we want to go somewhere that hasn't been completely. anyone who can get out is leaving dura nearly fifty thousand have gone so far religious in the rebel stronghold have been hit hard during days of bombing whole streets lined ruins the local administration cannot cope with the sick and wounded . hospitals clinics and treatment centers were deliberately targeted. they attacked doctors and paramedics.
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syrian helicopters drop their deadly cargo activists say there are constant barrel bombs strikes and dozens of civilians have been killed russian jets have also been in action for the first time since the cease fire a year ago. the advancing syrian army has overrun two villages and the small town. but this office is says civilians are not in danger and a political solution is possible. if. the syrian army is fully operational other regions have already been liberated our forces can focus on freeing durai in the next few days. the rebellion against the assad regime began in dura hundreds took to the streets in protests they were met with snipers tanks and missiles the protests spread throughout the whole country into raw moderate
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groups still exert influence alongside islamic extremists. this man was one of the first to spray anti assad slogans he took up arms and is still fighting for the revolution even if it may look like a lost cause he won't be giving up his gun. the revolution started seven years ago our wives and children are dead syria has been destroyed how can there be reconciliation only over our dead bodies refugees from the fighting a fleeing into this highly sensitive area bordering israel and jordan. the border to jordan has essentially been closed for the post two years so there's not a way that they immediately can pass into safety in neighboring jordan jordan has already taken a huge amount of of refugees but that's not really an option right now assad wants
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to take back control of his country after aleppo and eastern ghouta the fear now is the battle for dura will bring get more suffering flight and death row and for more on the situation i'm joined now by correspondent on tell for us she is monitoring the situation for us from beirut welcome to you and i just like to begin by discussing the situation for those refugees that we've just heard about tens of thousands of them displaced by the fighting we heard about jordan's border being closed so where are these people to go and how dire is the current situation for them. well the situation is pretty dire according to andrew regime activists there are about a million syrians in this area in that are and the regime has always been pretty were meant to be claiming all of the areas under rebel control and now russia up that are so it's not a surprise in that sense
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a lot of these people forty five thousand as the united nations says have gone deeper into the rebel held territory and then essentially going to wait to see if some sort of a compromise between the rebels and the regime is going to come about and will be see of the beat of aleppo and with our and if at some later stage they can actually be evacuated and put into buses and taken to perhaps an area like this is what we've seen in the past a lot of them are also knocking on jordan stores are asking for jordan to take them in they would be adopting illegal means to get in as they have done in the past but as your report suggested jordan is shuttered store jordan's already gone to seven hundred thousand civilian refugees and they're in no mood to take any more so it is a pix pretty. serious situation that's developing in the south of syria and it's been reported that many of the civilians there are also headed to the frontier with the israeli occupied golan heights believing it to be safer but that's also not an easy solution is a. well actually that sir creates a fares for
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a bigger crisis in the region completely because we've see seed that is very close to connect up commuter is marble and hyde and a large part of golan heights is business where israel is watching the situation very closely because they fear that the more the syrian army comes in the more the iranians come in and that's what they have been very serious as the iranians are not on the ground but i can personally confirm a met several fighters who say that his will are certainly in sudan in proxy certainly is so a lot of these people are trying to get there and israel will obviously not take many refugees severe to me jesus really is only taking in people which are of which need medical facilities which they have i have met doctors who treated the syrians but that is not a solution for the syrian these thousands of people will not be going to israel to live that they will not take in as refugees instead israel is watching the
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situation to see if there was a city in the syrian regime actually of striking golan heights in their attempt to strike the rebels there which would turn into a regional war they're waiting to see what the americans will do and the americans have said that they will not be backing the doubles in this area at all so so much at stake here so many complexities and in the meantime we know tens of thousands of civilians in limbo it is a situation we have seen before amid the fighting in syria on trial for a with the latest on the situation we very much appreciate your reporting. a u.s. federal judge has ordered that children separated from their parents at the mexican border must be reunited within thirty days children younger than five must be back with their parents within two weeks you've ruled the judge also issued an order to stop the trumping ministration from splitting up any additional families who cross the border without papers the decision comes after weeks of outrage following the
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separation of thousands of children from their parents by immigration authorities last week trump issued an executive order to hold migrant families to gather in detention when i get a quick check of some other stories that have been making news around the world mexico's presidential election campaign is in turmoil after the murders of five members of the leftist party leading the polls the group including a state assembly candidate were shot dead in the southern state of waka he he was the one thousand candidate to be killed during the campaign voting takes place on sunday. colombia's government says that it will use drones to spray herbicide on coca plants across used to make cocaine the country saw a record surge in the production of focal last year colombia banned the spraying of herbicides from planes three years ago because of health and environmental risks it says that drones pose less of a hazard because they fly at lower altitudes. in spain an elderly doctor has become
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the first person to be put on trial for the abduction of babies during the role of spanish dictator francisco franco the gynecologist is accused of stealing a baby in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and giving it to another woman campaigners are demanding justice for thousands more of the stolen children whose birth mothers were often deemed unsuitable by the regime. after days of crisis talks and media speculation surrounding the team argentina qualified for the knockout stages of the world cup but only just they grabbed a very late winner against nigeria to tie to win the tie two one and send the super eagles home let's have a closer look. they've been made as defense splitting poss found little messy in the fourteenth minutes argentina's talisman made no mistake scoring his first of the tournament much to maradona's joy. fantastic control and
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a formidable finish. line soon after messi came close to doubling his tally with a free kick but was denied by a fingertip saves. a v.a.r. review in the second half gave nigeria the chance from the spot joshi's victim oses stepped up kept his nerve i am celebrated in style i at this point nigeria had one foot in the knockout stages but sent about marcos rocco smashed in the window four minutes from time i log and tina finished second setting up a heavyweight clash with france in the next round. and while argentina faced nigeria croatia were on their way to a two one victory against iceland after some lucky bounces he landed else for the opening goal in the fifty third minute by the impressive strike from the courageous
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and defensive midfielder then die on a low over in kent of the ball in the box in the seventy fifth minute allowing. circuits and to step up and equalized and when us i mean time in the dying minutes of the match yvonne harris stitch hit a so perfect strike to clinch victory there for a shade bounce as the winners of booty. all going to watch a football match is something that most fans take for granted but for an iranian activist that is not a given women in her country have been prevented from entering football stadiums that since the iranian revolution back in one nine hundred seventy nine and she has used the world cup and russia to raise awareness of the ban she spoke exclusively with jonathan crane in moscow. i became interested in football when i was and when i was a. kid because my family. i'm very passionate and
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football isn't like sick like religion in iran and everybody watches that but. half of the population are not able to get in and since then. immediately after divorce copying burns till two thousand and fourteen i create my campaign. i mean women should be allowed to to go to the stadium. like to say the symbolism is like as they. allowed to leave as they allowed to go to school as they allowed to go to watch a movie they allowed to work as you know this is the very very basic right when i'm inside i think it was a dream and you suppose so be it and so beautiful and said to most most think that
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i like about this war scott it's like it's not about competition football is not. it's not that this initiative is just a journey for the next course cop. this this. this problem this whatever it is it's going to be solved and nobody's holding a banner nobody is promoting this ban anymore because i'm sure that by next fourth cup this problem is solved. and jonathan crane checked in with us earlier from moscow to follow up and tell us what soccer's governing body had to say about this particular campaign here's what he found out yes well i did send a list of questions to the people out before they responded with
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a quite lengthy statement i read some of it to you now has said it is continuing to engage with the iranian counterparts at the highest levels and ensuring that concrete changes are implemented on the ground did it is committed to holding up a poet and human rights in accordance with its human rights policy and with that now you're up to date on news i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching have a great day. he's in germany to learn german. leaders believe. why not learn with him online along mobile and free. c w e learning course closely.


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