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recycling. to transport. the line find out what you can do today at regional the lines. this is daily news line from the syrian army is a new front in its war against rebels in the south of the country causing tens of thousands to flee the escalating violence but with borders close to where these children and others like them supposed to go we know that the human syrian government's offensive. just over an hour germany faces south korea and
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a crucial world cup clash. site needs a victory to make sure of qualification to the knockout round. welcome to the program syrian troops are widening a major offensive against rebels in the south west of the country the regime is trying to retake the city of daraa where anti-government protests began seven years ago the united nations says more than forty five thousand people have fled the fighting however neighboring jordan is refusing to allow displaced people to cross into its territory i as you are about to say civilians and children are bearing the brunt of the violence. they fled from bombs and destruction. now this family and living out in the open just hoping someone will help them.
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bread and petrol prices have risen sharply money is running out. came from was totally destroyed every house was flattened. we had to live in the cellars. now we want to go somewhere that hasn't been complete and. anyone who can get out is leaving dura nearly fifty thousand have gone so far diligence in the rebel stronghold have been hit hard during days of bombing whole streets line ruins the local administration cannot cope with the sick and wounded. hospitals clinics and treatment centers were deliberately targeted. they attacked doctors and paramedics. syrian helicopters dropped their deadly cargo activists say there are constant barrel bombs strikes
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and dozens of civilians have been killed russian jets have also been in action for the first time since a cease fire a year ago the advancing syrian army has overrun two villages and a small town. but this officer says civilians are not in danger and a political solution is possible. the syrian army is fully operational other regions have already been liberated our forces can focus and freeing to iraq in the next few days. the rebellion against the acid regime began endure a hundred strokes the streets in protests there were met with snipers tanks and missiles the protest spread throughout the whole country into iran moderate groups still exert influence alongside islamic extremists. this
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man was one of the first to spray anti asaad slogans he took up arms and is still fighting for the revolution even if it may look like a lost cause he won't be giving up his gun. style of what the revolution started seven years ago our wives and children are dead syria has been destroyed how can there be reconciliation only over our dead bodies refugees from the fighting a fleeing into this highly sensitive area bordering israel and jordan. the border to jordan has essentially been closed for the past two years so there's not a way that they immediately can pass into safety in neighboring jordan jordan has already taken a huge amount of of refugees but that's not really an option right now aside wants to take back control of his country after aleppo and eastern the fear now is the
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battle for durai will bring yet more suffering flight and death. let's get more from correspondent on shelf monitoring the situation from neighboring beirut welcome and show fifty thousand syrians displaced by fighting neighboring jordan says you can't come here why. well jordan already has about seven hundred thousand syrian refugees every turkey person you meet there is a palestinians and they have had a fair share of refugees they've been shuttling beyond that there are of course huge political pressures on the government in jordan where people are demanding that not more refugees are allowed because they did the economic situation in jordan is pretty severe so that's not an option having said that the syrians who are fleeing will try and get into jordan to illegal meat so if not jordan where else are they likely to go. and if they can't go to jordan then they're basically
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stopped we've seen that in aleppo we've seen that one option is that they wait for an understanding between the regime and their levels to develop none exists thus far and then they go to either regime held areas or than if i was to live in north of syria which again you've already seen happen in aleppo and seen that happen in at the moment to the world that we even have a held territory or degree to connect that's very important next to that are and could possibly be the next place that bashar assad's regime attacks and that is an on golan heights of in part of the golan heights which is disputed between israel and syria these understandings that you mentioned this they seem quite shaky moscow the u.s. and jordan they all agreed to deescalation zone around daraa a year ago now russia is involved in these attacks again why. well the russian side of the regime we've seen russia do the same in all other
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deescalation zones as well i mean remember what that was a deescalation zone too when we saw the events there the way the un for day and thousands were left stranded thousands have to then date the buses to it lives of russia has been siding with the regime with the machine you see is the look the rebels there are all kind of believe there ought of of the list are which is not factually correct there are people there are rebels who are all. jihadi sort of sick but then there are those with the free syrian army and other groups who are also there and that us with russia says these are terrorists just what assad says and hence we would have them now america is forcing russia to resolve the situation because russia is playing the big guy as the syrian conflict conflict is concerned we need to see what russia eventually eventually does at the moment it's backing city. and in beirut thank you.
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job if you go off air world cup game against south korea about an hour we'll learn look ahead with emily russia. and jonathan the hard ink that was outside the stadium in cars on our welcome both let's start with with you jonathan the heart of your love has got quite a selection headache because you've gone from. but he has he's made some changes there's no doubt about that the team came out about ten minutes ago some acadia and measures a have returned to the starting eleven which is perhaps a bit of a surprise thomas muller is the other big news he's dropped the rest stops for him and in defense is nicholas sooner not i'm sorry it really goes prophetic about so some changes some expected some unexpected but nervous certainly go enough quality in the starting eleven to win the game so talk us through the tough task and they have to reach the knockout stages. but it is
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a tough task and it's so complicated that i think i'm probably best placed to read it out to you rather than try to make my my way through it personally if both germany and sweden join this game the team in the highest scoring game will finish second if both draws are the same school and germany will finish second on head to head germany must win by two more goals or better results or guarantee qualifying and sweden to guarantee to qualify if they win or better germany's result there are even more complicated. to this scenario the permutations and lists especially if sweden end up winning and there are three teams on six points by a spate of details the most important thing is if germany win by two or more goals today they will be in a knock outs and in a rush it's was that was writing all that down even if you were speaking of welcome to emulate mexico and sweden kicking off at the same type of sweden recovered from the last minute to face well it sure was hard on the swedish team because they were holding on so tight against germany and they almost scored vital points as we can
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see now it's all open again but the mood in the swedish camp has been positive from what we see here the players are kind of still focused they want to get to the next round and they still have it all in their own hands because they can decide if they win just like we heard now from jonathan they're complicated scenarios but if they went high enough they are sure to go through as well mexico on the other hand they have a perfect record so far but it will mean nothing if they lose to sweden so they're in a tight spot because mexico are kind of known for their attacking game. but it will be interesting to see whether they'll just wait and sit back because they can just rely on a tie as well so will it at the swedes attack or will they play their usual attacking and it's all very open still i think we need shots i think we need flow charts and we need spread sheets we need lots of people moving around the screen harding the farms where you are what so what sort of mood of a and. was nothing like of it or sunshine think it here many friends in a better mood perhaps that's the secret ingredient to their support there have certainly been now and enjoys this morning there's certainly more of them than in
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previous games south koreans have also been here making some noise and very proud about their nation i mean a chance to play against germany as you can hear the mood is pretty good the sun is out and i'm sure the football will be equally as fun to watch later on as afternoon . rajputs if germany make it to the knockout stage and who they like to face in the next round well the group he still plays later aster germany germany's game has finished and things are really really close there as well so it's really difficult to tell at the moment brazil tops that group ahead of switzerland though they both have four points and then there's serbia with three points who could still make it as well so depending on those results those are the kind of opponents but if we just imagine for a second germany could face brazil in the round of the last sixteen that would just be a huge game because these two teams are the teams that were actually favored to win the world cup ahead of the tournament and now to they could clash so early on already ok well we'll let we'll have a big turning cartwheels around the studio or out driving our sorrows we may but
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just do them here and live in front of you and the russians think you don't haave because i like you as well. has granted permission to the german rescue ship the lifeline to dock more than two hundred thirty migrants are on board the vessel which has been stranded at sea for six days welters agreement came only after a number of european union countries agreed to take the migrants is prime minister joseph muscat you. six european union member states most of france ireland italy luxembourg and portugal have decided to team up together to offer another look europeans so you shouldn't to an impending humanitarian crisis on board and the lifeline. here in germany interior minister jose hoffa's says the country could potentially accept some of the migrants but only if the lifeline is taken out of action let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world in the united
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states a federal judge has barred the trumpet ministration from separating any more families court crossing illegally into the country from mexico a judge also ordered all sources to reunite migrant children with their parents within thirty days and children under five. within fourteen days two thousand migrant children are still being held in custody away from their families. their mom has said it will no longer cough right with a current un special rapporteur who's documenting human rights abuses against a hinge or earlier this year the investigator said me and my actions against best a whole box of genocide some seven hundred thousand one hundred muslims fled to neighboring to escape the violence. malaysian police have seized at nearly two hundred seventy five million dollars worth of items from the home of former prime minister najib razak police raided six properties netting jewelry handbags and
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watches and a g.v. is under investigation as part of a program to have billions of dollars went missing misstate fund that he founded. after the murders of five members of the leftist leading the polls the five including states. in the southern states. it was the nineteenth continent to be killed during the campaign voting takes place on sunday as reminder of. the syrian government. offensive against. tens of thousands of civilians in the. u.s. federal judge has ordered the. united within thirty days also children younger than five. to please.
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set to exit the european union. as i said i'll be back. a good. time.
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