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tv   Europe in Concert - Laura Mvula Britain  Deutsche Welle  July 1, 2018 8:15pm-9:01pm CEST

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a the role of the underdog they do have a very strong collective memory of the victory in ninety two when they won the european championship so again anything's possible barbara morgan moscow thank you for your insights here today and you're watching deed of news keep their. pain for. language courses. video. anytime anywhere.
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with the word punish. the. people.
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but. you. know. what stephen colbert.
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elite. the sunday school flying without. just. plastic. surgery. to. suit.
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the book. the book. is we got to take up. with real. life sometimes when you stop. calling new things. to somebody. but it's possible it.
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was only. last so long.
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i like the theme of freedom this song is also about freedom it's celebrates all people together. we gloria this. week wonderful.
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mother. her.
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we love. playing.
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nothing in. the normandy and. then we've.
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ah you.
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thank you. this song is for all like you.
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with. every now and zero.
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two five. cyclones arrive. you know my luck to me. plus. maybe you can do a little. luck. luck still.
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love to look to. see love. love love love. love love. love. sleep. she wanted him there's a. little
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bit more to me that. there. were. some.
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what you you. would
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thank you. thank you for listening. thank you. thank you. thank. you for. what. you. see.
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the. point.
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the guy. thank you so much for having us it's been such a one of the for the experience thank.
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you. i don't know. oh no you love. him back. to.
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even though it might. even. mom.
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you sexual school. vacation. i said is this. sky high real estate prices desperate to call president. obama's kind of development she stopped. the seventies speech. system.
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live to serve the bottle endangered looks in the water we were the four year old surfing waist and encourage you to. basically get to the station to the lowest of the top of the ocean still others. easily priesthood sat together somewhere every day more and more time in there seems to me everything the way the wind have to give something back its function and apply to a certain. point when. surfers fighting against unseen pollution of the sea torch july fourteenth double.
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the. length. of the leg. the leg. the leg. this is d w news live from berlin until americans political future hangs in the balance as a key partner casting doubt on the migration deal germany's interior minister horace they've all for the also has the chancellor's bavarian sister party is expected to announce whether his party will balance the agreement she struck with the e.q. but if it doesn't it could spell the end of germany's government our reporters are on the scene. and a massive shock at the world cup host nation of russia knocked to the.


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