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tv   Doc Film - Schools for Afghanistan - A Project in Peril  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2018 9:30am-10:01am CEST

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husband prince of whom i had known katia and john not more so long even thought i. was a twit of. my choice to be scottish because given their way toward transmitting the choice. and in the best mom which and i will. get up a. good . day we learn the dowdy language reading writing and arithmetic playing.
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better we want to pass on what we've learned otherwise we'll have one illiterate generation after another that. that was killed or we have some money to keep operating at a low level but after that things look bleak spores go soak into store. peter was one of the first german development aid workers in afghanistan. twenty years ago he came from southern germany to the afghan capital kabul and started up a small aid organization called fucking shit in diary one of the official languages of afghanistan often means well done. although he did a great deal throughout the. years his project is now threatened with closure.
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said to us get really really hurts to see what's being lost or already has been lost or thrown for us but maybe one day we can bring it back to life and this dog gets. over the. past stuff so i don't want to go. shit ik his wife and the matty and their local coworkers have taught tens of thousands of afghan girls how to read write and do arithmetic it's an incredible success story in a country where more than sixty percent of the people are illiterate. swallowed up water to understand what their organization does we visit the silicate time mosque in a poverty stricken neighborhood on the outskirts of kabul. nan wet. big
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. bracelet. will leave it there. was like these young pupils found as the. first learned the alphabet and over again today she stands for the many successes that she tech and his afghan partners can point to for years she had attended a state run school but her teachers could hardly read or write. that either one of the other lessons were really bad the closers were far too big and the teachers were often absent or didn't bother with the pupils it was much better at offering the teachers really engaged with us and really looked after us it was only when i started offering that i learned reading writing and arithmetic were often in there really as you know from the last national there. and that gave her
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a basis for planning a career that was there i'd like to study law and to become a judge who treats people humanely i will follow in hope of the felt by all that that's where. the first thing has inspired countless young afghan women to fulfill their dreams of leading an independent life from the start the german founders recipe for success was to involve the clerics who are only present in afghanistan. the country doesn't only have fundamentalist islamist who categorically reject education for girls. there are also liberal mullahs like overdue look how resign from the ministry for religious affairs. but all of them as gifts in your view it is important for. girls to be educated to
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. be almost your be. trolled the qur'an says that it is permitted for women to be enlightened by those i'm not a but that's nothing there are some ignorant people in our society who oppose sending girls to school that i hold as well but that is wrong. in my family for example it is no problem at all for the girls to go to school and get an education the thought of that only going to get that's. when the fundamentalist taliban were in power in afghanistan they restricted women's access to schooling and professions even now many families scarcely permit their daughters to leave the house. nonetheless the german aid workers had managed to teach around nine thousand children a year the alphabet and elementary arithmetic most of them girls even if you.
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just did. the schooling is compulsory here but people just don't send the girls especially when they get older because the it is they say it's against our religion is that what if the schools a bit further away a family can't keep an eye on the route took a girl has to take in the court for your car and have some neighbors or relatives were to cost up to the girl had talked to a young man on the way or something like that what's going the family's reputation would be endangered. so they avoid death by not sending their daughter to school at all once she's reached a certain age six and think it was as. but even highly conservative afghans consider lessons in the mosque acceptable history text took advantage of that and my. the classes into mosques where secular schooling
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takes place alongside religious instruction that is their basic concept respecting conservative traditions without losing sight of their goal. covering the face with a veil during lessons is actually against over ins rules because it makes the pupils pronunciation unclear and hinders facial movement but in the case of older women the organization allows it understanding the fears these students may have. one voice here you know is that for years even since the fall of the taliban people don't know where things are going to go from here will they come back or are we really going to move into a more modern age where everyone can read and write and they need the skills or a will the day come when people say you were one of those who ran around and failed and you have to justify yourself to the taliban. or to leave all the way to you.
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history has taught afghans to be mistrustful the prospective law student fallacy and a successful graduate of the schools has chosen to face the future with optimism. her father supports her plans to become a judge he has two wives and twelve children and is a religious man. in his interpretation of islam women have rights including the right to an education but. he says he doesn't care if his views meet with disapproval from his friends and acquaintances. who know her mother the mayor government is a lot of people sometimes make remarks and i have taken quite a lot of criticism the hot water is on hold but ultimately it's my decision and i'm convinced i am on the right side. women can be educated according to the laws of
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islam i'm convinced that by supporting my daughter i'm doing the right thing or similar for. that so. a lot of women who see i'm going to school and getting an education are envious off and has allowed me they say we wish we had a father who sent us to school on a more there's a lot i wish i went home with them both of them up. this first came to the region in the one nine hundred seventy s. there were many german engineers were. in here at the time peter shitake took on a job as a math professor in kabul. since then afghanistan has been a part of his life. third story it gets a hold of you it's happened to lots of people who came here they've somehow remained attached to this country for their entire lives man that's what happened to me it was all for a game. of the night but it was only in the late one nine hundred ninety s.
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the shitakes began to set up their school project since retiring they've run it on a volunteer basis many of their coworkers such as office manager hussein have already had become friends. to tech doesn't hesitate to tell them what he thinks has gone wrong with the international mission in afghanistan. he's been pursuing i really think that afghanistan has been left completely alone on the educational front of us money has been poured into the system so that they can pay their teachers if poorly and construct school buildings but in terms of what goes on inside the classrooms they've been completely left on their own multi-focal a limitless. now the german aid workers feel they've also been abandoned their girls schools are in danger now that their main donor the catholic aid organization is idiotic has stopped funding. it says afghanistan has become too dangerous.
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as it had been going on for this is the explanation they give missouri or is increasingly saying precarious security situations in certain countries and regions with your nansook and the soul like afghanistan which unfortunately restricts our ability to support our partners and swing. over the previous three and a half years missouri or contributed more than two million euros to support the school project since march over. has had to finance itself private sponsors and small n.g.o.s have donated around two hundred thirty thousand euros that will last until march twenty nine thousand after that the project future is unclear. it's a question for the policymakers who promised the afghans so much for the future to give them new opportunities and so forth.
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today there's a surprise in store for the techs one that will lift their spirits somewhat. they have come to have tea with one of the former teachers and they're delighted at what they find here you. are has turned the living room of her parents' home into a classroom i think. although the text can no longer pay her she continues to teach. she says too much is at stake after so much has been achieved nadia wants to pass on what she has learnt. because. marco well. when i worked in for a year at first there was some money very little but enough to cover the travel to
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the school. now i teach from nothing at home i do it voluntarily because i want to wash on bottom on amazon i was my students once they're able to so we'll do the same that's the plan with. the best it's. not the a is not the only one more and more former students and teachers are continuing the lessons on their own initiative and without pay. this is led. the formation of an informal network of schools all over the afghan capital this vitex laid the foundation for this work twenty years ago you know hoping this teacher could do something else with her free time but she teaches. scott there are so many times when we think why do we do this but then you see the children and how enthusiastic they are i forgot my eyes and what i'm not yet and her sisters are
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glowing examples was that they had their first educational experiences with a german organization and now they're headed to university. when some of them do i distrust to get one of the sisters is still in school and wants to take the entrance exam for university on growth is the other lives already attending university and she's helping her sister prepare for the exams first up does seem like this should lead to loss on. what will happen when over rains funding runs out can be seen in this mosque. who
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is in charge of the koran classes here says it's a shame that offering will soon have to end its secular school program he only has money for religious instruction instead of learning to read write and do math the children will learn the koran by heart and decide the saurus in arabic a language they don't even understand. well a lot. harder. in america the more the photos. if the aid from offering stops we will not be able to replace it either the children will not learn math or language that they won't be able to develop the measure. for it needs to be funded as it used to be in order to continue to do as it is. that support stops it will cause a lot of damage visitor of korea and i was unemployed. and these children will lose out in a country that has lost so much without an education they have fewer opportunities
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for the future. and that can make them more vulnerable targets for extremist recruiters. armed with an education they are less likely to be pressed into war. or maybe. it just because one of their has been war in afghanistan for more than forty years. that has made all areas of life difficult for the chills up to the present as the economy is weak and that makes the help from europe and germany in particular so important to them cannot measure them going out without their say nothing would be possible mother says none of them they're going to numbers are on our at that. issue takes have paid a personal price for their life in afghanistan kabul is a dangerous city.
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for security reasons they change cars frequently. things that are normal in european cities like taking a walk or going to shop at a market are not possible for them here but for. the house where the german couple lives also serves as the office for all thirteen the compound is the center of their lives taking walks or exercise has to take place behind the protection of the high walls. and if they do amazing inside the place if i want to walking like this on the street at the same time every day. question or sooner or later word would get around us i know that i was aleister boy to increase your boy a foreigner would be easy prey for some people trying to make money by kidnapping someone and boy that someone hung on to him months look at that point.
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is it possible to feel at home when you are constantly at risk of being kidnapped or the target of an attack. as a crime i put this i wouldn't say afghanistan is our home maybe our second home what would be on our first home our homeland is germany one. that first time home is the tranquil village of new votes walk in central germany. should text spend the summers here. the contrast to kabul could not be greater. every summer when they return to germany for one or two months they realize what they've been missing.
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one thing for g'slinn we have grandchildren here to bring forth. oh there's a lot to cherish here. there's the rule of law the police things like that we can be happy that we have all that here for this one go forward us month or so of us. an immensely and pay attention to take try to relax and enjoy themselves when they're here but especially in view of current developments in germany they can't understand why their main sponsor museum is unwilling to continue funding their school project. to the screen as they do and through the migration crisis has brought so many afghans to your simply because they have no opportunities back home so people say we have to do something in that country to give them opportunities create hope and so forth stuff and so. but that's exactly what we do and if they turn off the lights now it will achieve the opposite one dollar three it all
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started at. the aid workers recently approached the german ministry for economic cooperation and development to find more funding for their project to no avail their small house in hundred is full of souvenirs of afghanistan. they include a photo album from the one nine hundred seventy s. a period in afghanistan that few people recall today a brief interlude without unrest and war that was when the ship text love affair with afghanistan began. today many of their friends wish their relationship with afghanistan would end sooner rather than later. certainly a lot of them and not just our children involved and also our friends and relatives
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say can she finally stop as often. but the couple have no intention of doing that just yet. instead they're packing their bags to return to that second home which occupies such a big place and their lives. back in afghanistan the techs are taking an arduous journey to the countryside. the punchier valley is an area of great beauty in a largely barren landscape unlike many other development workers who hardly ever leave their well guarded homes in kabul. this vitex have often traveled throughout the country and continue to do so. that is not without risks but there are helped
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by their experience and excellent contacts. this is one to underscore what we hope to do is to overcome the cultural differences that exist within afghanistan the divide between the city and the countryside the conditions here are very different and of a bit be beyond. i. think of ninety percent of people in the rural areas of afghanistan cannot read or write. the over in organization run six schools in the punchier valley there used to be more but budget cuts forced some painful closures. this. was more yourself only got a little more sleep believe he or she wants to tell us something about school
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she can make it. through. j.s. skull is a place where you learn to read and write and where you gain knowledge if you learn you can become something if you don't learn you can only become a go target or a farm out. of. school director mohammed likes that answer. that. there are lots of problems in pancho the schools don't have much capacity there aren't enough buildings often we have to teach in tents and the children have a long track to get to schools of. the in . there are no hotels here but the short techs are used to such sleeping arrangements
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on their travels through afghanistan. or resign or from the ministry of religious affairs is accompanying this latex on their inspection trip in the countryside. they collaborate on further training for the teachers who work for. the german aid workers hope they will somehow be able to find new financial backers and their afghan partners hope that the increasingly vocal extremists in the country will not put an end to the project. because for more bardolph there are is insulted on facebook for working together with often followed or more more of that
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facebook we declared on facebook that the taliban follow a militant interpretation of islam. they are a wild and be still group that has nothing to do with true islam. ever they were there as long of out there as long as the made the killing people is simply wrong. to muzzle and that applies to muslims and non muslims. to women and men who want to modify mortgages of all. the remaining foreign aid workers face enormous problems here but they feel they have made promises to the afghan people. and in their quiet way shitakes intend to keep those promises. the man. of the flies me who is often on top we still
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have some hope so we're not being defeatist man just waiting for it all to hand i think we have no chance of going. into your model. and when you look at what's been achieved we have a chance not our organization but rather the children of hurin going on freak in the form. of. the by. the by. the by.
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the been. with the. the the. the be. more. the back on the because. the book.
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months muncher in the city. thirty. eight who do you think is going to be bullshitted. matches the scores. and eighteen soccer world cup on t w news. we make up oh but we watch as our folks that found out that we all this summer so focus on. the continent's future that's part of it enjoying our dumpsters as they share their
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stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa.
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led. me to be a fugitive. busy w. music live from girl led to a showdown over migration throws the german government into crisis mode interior minister forces they hope for says that his c.s.u. party will meet again but chancellor angela merkel see news later today in a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to fend fences they hope for high.


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