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leap. this is g w news live from berlin a showdown over migration gross the german government into crisis mode interior minister abbas a whole process his e.s.u. party will meet again with chancellor merkel c.d.u. later today and a last ditch attempt for the conservative alliance to mend fences they hope or have threatened to resign over america's migration policy. chancers christian democrats say they've backed her stance of seeking
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a european solution to the migration crisis and reject the c.s.u. some national approach. in mexico exit polls point to a clear victory for a leftist candidate andres manuel lopez obrador and the country's presidential election the former mayor of mexico city has promised to stamp out corruption. and in the world come croatia book their spot in the quarterfinals they squeeze past denmark in a penalty shoot out and will now face hosts pressure on. i'm sumi so much got that good to have you with us chaos grips germany's government as a futile for migration and dangerous anglo-american is ruling coalition last ditch talks among the chancellor's conservative bloc are now set for later today on sunday interior minister horst they hope for threatened to resign his post over
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michael's insistence on an e.u. wide migration policy he also threatened to resign as leader of the bavarian wing of merkel's conservative alliance but they were says he'll meet once more with merkel to try to resolve the crisis. you know one year we will talk one more time in the interest of our country and the capacity for action of our government which we want to maintain we intend to make a further attempt at reaching agreement on the central question of border controls and turning people back on this question alone. and i hope that this effort succeeds. this is a concession from me now that we're making this attempt. otherwise everything would have already been final today. let's bring in our political correspondent well but he's following the latest at our parliamentary studio so they hope for is going to speak to machall again today can they find
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a way out of this crisis while at least both sides both parties see the u.n. sees you have been sending old signals today that they're willing to compromise the bavarian state prove me all theses you. here today said it wouldn't be an option for him to pull out the ministers from the federal government to the corporation the seven decades long cooperation with the seas you and the cd you on the cd you bought on its meeting today here in berlin they issued a statement afterwards saying that they hold on as leah looking for agreement and they're hoping for an agreement but on the other side after say i'm liking the fantasy right now how this agreement could look like in the end this talks between whole see who found anglo american all this afternoon they could become the end game of a long lasting conflict and report what do you make of the whole first offer to resign what is this really about. well if we look at the details and it's not very
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much that there's not very much difference between wholesale funding has become a question of principle especially for horses the whole for the seas you potty hole see all fun to see as you have been criticizing uncle america for more or less liberal stance on the refugee policy for the last three years they claim that i'm glad machall has opened up the a vacuum on the right side of the political landscape here in germany on this vacuum has been filled by the right wing populist of the day of d. and this is a d. is threatening the sees you at the upcoming elections in the state of the very out so this is one of the reasons why whole seeable far and his sees you so strongly opposed to anglo-american to refugees downs but there's also some details in there especially border police is one of the issues they want to step up they want to have tougher controls on the german borders bosphorus will just have a look about. spot checks at the german border with
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austria. and they could be stepped up if germany's interior minister gets his way. but already police control busy entry points into the country. when despite its size. it does not help focus it wouldn't take to sniff federal police have increased border controls along this man route isn't for me but i'm not goal is to ensure an orderly inflow of migrants to prevent human trafficking and to help legal migrants to offer them protection an asylum in an old lady fashion god needn't be. at all human. and probably. this state of the area tighten controls at the height of europe's migration crisis in twenty fifteen since then hundreds of people smugglers and irregular migrants have been arrested. germany's interior minister has now gone
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a step further demanding that people who've sought asylum in another e.u. country be sent back there. is a vein and i'm on that if a person has register themselves in another country then that country's responsible for the person because then it's reasonable for that person to be turned back at the german border on the grounds that sort of us a demand which has plunged germany's governing coalition into crisis and while the e.u. tries to find a unified migration policy the varia is forging ahead with its own plans a new border police force with five hundred officers will begin patrolling on monday regardless of what happens in berlin and brussels ok so report a look there at how bavarian politics are affecting the german government what does the interior minister as a whole for really want and what's so different about what he and chancellor merkel are after here. as over he said the difference between the two is not so big in the
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end it's a question on principle it's about who is going to set the migration policy in germany in the future sees you and whole see who for its leader they have been opposing cols refugee policy from the very beginning and they are claiming that this refugee policy hearts open to vacuum on the right side of the political landscape a vacuum which has been filled by rightwing populists and this is threatening the majority of the seas you in bavaria this is what they want this is the reason why they are so opposed to that and i'm on the other side she says well this is the policy we have made we have changed a lot already for it we have already toughened up on the borders we have already toughened up within the country especially. about the treatment of asylum seekers who have been rejected and she says enough is enough there are certain points i can't give in to and this is one this is one of them but in the end it
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doesn't really matter on which detail they're really differing in the end it's the symbol contrary given because then it would be sold by the seas you we have to change the policy on the americal and the seas you need a symbol to sell to the electorate and that's the big problem here our political correspondent well but feet of reporting for us thank you very much you're welcome . to mexico now where leftist presidential candidate on the dais manuel lopez obrador has won sunday's election by a wide margin official projections put him on track to win more than fifty three percent of the vote help us open a door and made fighting corruption a central campaign pledge and has vowed to enact policies to help the poor ok so where there was a runner up in two previous presidential elections in two thousand and six and two thousand and twelve he has also been a sharp critic of u.s. president donald trump but in his victory speech lopez obrador held out and all of
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branch to trump here's what he had to say as dozens of new rules. we will pursue a relationship or friendship and cooperation with the united states. but always rooted in mutual respect and in the defense of our fellow mexicans who live and work on ripley in that country on the. right let's bring in catalyst for to speak out from the latin american center at the university of oxford carlos thank you for joining us let's look at the winner here lopez obrador he's the most left wing leader mexico has elected in decades what is that going to mean for the country thank you for having me if election is really significant for mexico. let me list three reasons for but first he's the first leftist candidate in winning the presidential elections since ninety thirty four that this eighty four years since the last time i left this candidate won the presidential election in mexico. second
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in the recent history of mexico there is no evidence of our candidate winning to proceed until election with momentum fifty percent of the votes look sort of going to be just to be these russell landslide massive big thirty three of us are going to unset he said election west i refer in the mound of one for sport to get leaped on its economic direction we do and we can expect radical changes and get let me get it off the country ok we're going to be back in america. just to jump in what kind of changes you know what is his plan here yet you splendors to fault to talk of violence on to wipe out corruption on violence if he just means he has been speaking about tackling the problem of if frank use rules he's proposed is to guarantee it would be government to safety in the years from participating in organized crime is understanding is that violence is the result of poverty and you know this that news of course is not the rictus which are forty c.
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make the committee months if not yes in the sense we should not expect major changes in the rate of recruits crimes in mexico and the other priorities of course to fight corruption is worse deflect sheeple three of the company or rather promise to eradicate corruption of mexican forty six certainly these we're also big time on an enormous amount of effort all right carlos had a sweetheart from the latin american center at the university of oxford thank you very much for joining us thanks for having me some other stories making news around the world residents are evacuating northern california after a wildfire broke out over the weekend the fast growing blaze has already charred more than ten thousand hectors and spread clouds of ash over a wide area more than a thousand firefighters have been called in. military divers have been searching in a flooded cave in thailand where twelve boys and their soccer coach went missing more than a week ago the divers are widening an underwater passageway to the chamber where
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they believe the group was trapped following heavy rains. and police in istanbul have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse activists holding an l g b t pride march turkish authorities had banned the event for a fourth consecutive year in istanbul but hundreds of gay rights activists gather despite the ban and they said they do not recognize it. more in germany's government crisis now with helena but of course he won't be surprised to learn i'm sure seem to get the ongoing political crisis here in berlin is alarming investors and business economists are concerned that word of the coalition to collapse it could weaken germany's business sector experts fear that important fact is that germany's future for example the development of high speed digital infrastructure will become bogged down in political wrangling and of course is europe's largest economy germany needs a strong government to negotiate in trade disputes with the united states and china
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and i want to bring in our financial correspondent candidate who is in is at the front foot soak exchange for us conrad right now we're in limbo regarding the status of the german coalition how are investors reacting to that. well the share markets here in frankfurt opened on a very negative note this morning because not only do investors hate limbo they also generally speaking do not like and the political development that puts in jeopardy the success story of europe during the last decades because this is what's at stake and what's at the core of this dispute if you talk to financial people and business people in a very rare common statement the four most important business groups here in germany you know the representatives for the mehta factoring sector for the skilled craft the chambers of commerce and trade they all came out with a common call to the government to find common solution together with the european
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partners in terms of migration policies and explicitly this statement is warning of a renationalization of european politics. this is what's at stake here and this is much more than just the question who is our interior minister this emergency there from the business sector i mean this was meant to be a bit of a day of celebration wasn't conrad the dax turning thirty. yes and it was a bit of a day of celebration this morning here when trading started many people with black suits came to the trading floor to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the german share price index tax which has made its investors quite happy if one invested money in the dax in a fund for example thirty years ago despite all the heavy heavy nerving ups and downs during the last three decades the return for the dax was more than eight
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percent annually much much better than you know the ordinary savings account i'm in germany's testing and times are still are set to unite tell us more about that tie up. well that's really one of the big stories in corporate news today finally tata steel and coupes steel businesses are becoming one it's going to be the second largest steelmaker here in europe and the legal seat of the company will be in the netherlands which also means that the influence of the unions on business the influence of the unions in the supervisory board of this company will likely be much smaller than currently at two thousand coupe at least still the unions have agreed to the deal because well obviously the competitiveness of the two companies if they had stayed alone was too much in doubt a financial correspondent kind of whose interest at the frankfurt stock exchange thank you can write. asian investors is sort of the we tend to play as they prepare
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for the u.s. to impose hefty tariffs on a range of chinese imports the levies on billions of dollars worth of goods itching to come into force at the end of this week they follow on the heels all day said published over the weekend showing that chinese manufacturing activity slowed in june as the world's number two economy shows signs of a slump. well better late than never they say and test the chief you know musk has met his goal the electric car manufacturer producing five thousand model three sedans in the last week of june the last car rolled off the assembly line at about five am on july first just a few hours off the musk self-imposed deadline musk wanted to make that number of caused by last december but had to postpone his plans due to technical problems the lower priced model three is very important to the u.s. based tesla which hopes to become a mainstream comic overseeing me and now with more on how afghanistan is
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recovering after a major attack over the we can't thank you and i will sunday's a suicide bombing in the afghan city of jalalabad is a reminder of just how precarious the security situation is in the country at least nineteen people died in that blast which targeted the minority sikh and hindu communities it came after a visit by president bush afghani who declared an end to a brief truce with the taliban amid seemingly intractable violence a group of activists has just completed a remarkable march for peace. they marched for almost seven hundred kilometers across afghanistan during the month of ramadan no less these eighty men made their way across the country south to reach the capital kabul many of them bearing the scars of war they've had enough and wanted to set an example and that's why they struck out they passed through taliban areas and contested zones before finally reaching kabul after four weeks. from the first moment when we left helmand people
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were really friendly to us. both from the taliban and the afghan army or less even if they were women or people who were injured and just everybody. for a moment in mid june the unthinkable seemed possible first the afghan government proclaimed a unilateral ceasefire to honor the end of the month of muslim fasting the taliban match their troops it came to touching scenes of taliban fighters and afghan government soldiers who otherwise fought bitterly shook hands the president seized the opportunity to call on the taliban to work towards lasting peace. what is possible. has surprised the world in want peace. we should solve our problems together. i say together i mean what government the taliban and the people must say we should stop fighting for religion and political differences
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because there is no justification for that. but while some celebrated others continued to bomb the terrorist militia the so-called islamic state stepped up its suicide attacks in june there were dozens of victims like here in jalalabad the hopes of the war torn country lasted a mere three short days after ied marking the end of the month of fasting the taliban resumed fighting the people of afghanistan are war weary but even the peace marc. because of helmont doubt that their action will bring about lasting change. and hope not because the taliban have already warned people about taking part in the parliamentary elections in the autumn anyone who chooses to vote will have their fingers cut off after a threat like this and considering the security situation at the moment i don't think many people will vote because the last move through a new doc a lot of the exhausted activists are left with nothing but a memento of their dream for a peaceful homeland as of
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a few days ago the afghan army made plans to resume battling the taliban and once more the notion of peace in afghanistan seems unreachable. iran's president hassan rouhani has met with the swiss counterpart eleanor say to discuss the endangered nuclear deal between iran and western powers asked the united states pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen agreement earlier this year germany britain and france scramble to salvage the a court now if the deal is scrap the european countries could face economic implications as well as a nuclear arms race in the middle east. to the world cup now and sunday's late clash saw her take on denmark for a spot in the quarter finals after three outstanding matches in the group face croatia are one of the favorites to win the entire tournament but against denmark they failed to spark and it went to penalties. denmark got off to the perfect
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starts as mathias your vincent hope his side from top to dish the second i thought croatia struck back just moments later marry a man to catch fire in his side left in a few minutes. unlike penalty misirlou for moderate set its sights to a penalty shoot out even a record to chase kicks sealed victory for pole a show setting up the quarter final showdown with russia oh. earlier russia took on spain and the spaniards had also been tipped as possible tournament winners but they struggled to find a way to the hosts defensive wall the result was nothing short of a sensation when marco asensio swung in a deep free kick on you and sergio ramos made himself a nuisance sergei ignatiev it was overwhelmed and unfortunate a goal sourced by front but the hosts pulled themselves back
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a corner shortly before half time was met with a hand boom from gerrard case the referee gave a penalty which also in juba smashed home to bring russia net. an incredible moment for the hosts in front of an elite seed home crowd and they continued to growing through the second hall on dixon time with the favorites finding no gritty this one was destined to go the distance. and it was the russians who had bene converting four out of four penalties while goalkeeper ego i can feel you have made himself a hero with two seconds. i should but you must thank you for all the supports you know i already said before the tournament we have to believe in ourselves and we did it and i would have an amazing championship and it's not just the russian fans the fans from all the countries that have been affected by the atmosphere here and they understand that russia knows how to how far they got the believe that into the present i said. russia's home was cut dream lives on
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i the round of sixteen continues today with tournament favorites brazil taking on mexico and some are up to this world cup has already served up plenty of upsets and the brazilians are approaching the game cautiously with spain germany argentina and portugal already heading home brazil have a fantastic chance of going all the way just as long as they don't become the next favorite to crash out early. brazil holds its breath. there's no doubt that makes a coat will be a handful but for stars like neymar this is the opportunity of a lifetime with some of the biggest favorites out to ready the road to moscow could not be clearer still the players are taking it one game at a time. and you want to sort of what we need to stay concentrated and determined every detail has been examined by the coach we have a plan a and a plan b.
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for this match so we hope to do well and go through. mexico do have talent by a labor couzens teacher rito has the potential to be a particular problem for brazil which are you close up and yes i know cheering so a bit better now that we face them a few times i know it is quality and will stay aware of his attacks on not only him with. brazil then are cautious not to underestimate mexico and mexico in turn are in no illusions about the quality that brazil will bring uprising against us we're not going to want to meet up on five think this is a great opportunity for mexican saw. them or to face the best team in the world in the last sixteen i think it will be a great match if we play with all of our potential partner forward there's certainly enough talent in the squads but this world cup has already shown that talented teams can get caught out there could be further upsets in store today.
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now his side was a limited a hit from the world cup early his future in the national team is uncertain but egypt's star striker mo salah cleared away all doubts about his future in england the liverpool forward to sign a new long term contract with the club the premier league side said on monday so i had a remarkable first season with liverpool scoring forty four goals in all competitions and helping the club reach the champions league final he was also named the premier league footballer of the year. the world cycling body u.c.i. has cleared tour de france champion chris froome of an anti-doping violation following a test last year that showed a forbidden asthma medication in his system the team sky star was found to have twice the permissible amount of asthma drug. in his system during last year's with us which he won a following this finding tour de france organizers had formally blocked the four time champion from competing in this year's race the tour organizers have not yet
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reacted to the u.c.i. ruling and basketball superstar le bron james is to join the los angeles lakers in a four year deal for one hundred fifty four million dollars the announcement ends months of frenzied speculation about the n.b.a. superstars next career move the blockbuster contract sends the thirty three year old four time most valuable player to one of the links most iconic teams james had endured frustration with the cleveland cavaliers the cavs were swept by the golden state warriors in the n b a finals in early june. reminder now of our top stories here on g.w. germany's interior minister haustus a whole post says his party will hold another meeting with the chancellor angela merkel's c.d.u. party on monday morning and a last ditch attempt to patch up their differences over my question is a wolf i had been poised to resign as minister and leader of the city use bavarian sister party the c s u. and manuel lopez obrador has won mexico's
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presidential election by a wide margin in his victory speech the veteran leftist pledge to work for the country's poor he also said he would seek friendly relations with the united states . don't forget you can always get d w news on the go download from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well us push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the data you have to send us your photos and your videos thank you for watching t.v. we'll be back at the top of the hour.
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cuckoo my idea for keeping the french. in the past kenyan street quickly soured the reserves up until a young computer scientist at the brilliant idea to create a solar powered cooling system. a small idea with
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a big incremental. anything buff's mainstream krautrock. fifty years ago as a young west germany musicians were looking for new ways to express themselves. it was psychedelic surreal and experimental the rest is music has gained her. politics more than sixty minutes double. assignment a clash of cultures in india. a clash between those who believe in arranged
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marriage and those who want to marry for love to. accomplish that shaking families and society too because. my father will be angry sometimes i think i'm already dead to him. commandoes starts john yates t w. the be the big. welcome to echo at africa to do is show you how they cool milk in kenya i'm shallow money in may ruby and joining me of course is my child being colleagues from nigeria militant thank you sharon and i won't
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