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it could have been. this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin pulling back from the bridge germany of burt's a political crisis at least for now at the eleventh hour chancellor i'm going downhill reaches a compromise on migration with her hard line interior minister forces they will come but critics are already voicing doubts about the plan also coming up mission not yet accomplished in the forty's in thailand warning it could take months to
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rescue the ten boys and their soccer coach from the cave they've been trapped in for nine days meaning their ordeal is far from over. and at the world cup in russia belgium fought their way back from a two nil deficit to come away with a win against japan in their last sixteen match a last minute goal from now so that shot at least securitas three two victory for the belgians who will now face brazil in the quarter fund. below i'm terry martin thanks for joining us austria says it will take measures to protect its southern border if germany's new deal on migration becomes government policy german chancellor i'm going to agree the deal with her hardline interior minister hosts
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a whole file last night after weeks of disagreement it will involve setting up holding centers for some migrants at the border with austria say hold for called it a complete turnaround of germany's policy on a silo. this could be the end of a dispute that has been shaking germany for weeks horse z. hoffa's bavarian c.s.u. and chancellor angela merkel c.d.u. have found a compromise for their ongoing fight over germany's migration policy. at the border between germany and austria in the future. the two sister parties have decided to set up so-called transit centers on the german austrian border from where asylum seekers who have already registered in another country would be transferred. would also. in addition we will undertake domestic measures covariates with refugees countries of origin as well as with other nations. if we will set up
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transit centers and from there we will consult with other countries especially as island seekers home countries and the countries where they are already registered in europe then we will make it possible to return those asylum seekers accordingly this is precisely no cordons with the spirit of partnership in the european union shaft no puce when you're in a vault if the c.s.u. and cd you haven't reached an agreement this could have meant the end for the current government coalition it could have even meant the end of chancellor merkel's career. it's now up to the social democrats the third partner in germany's grand coalition to accept the deal. let's bring in our political correspondent report video he's down at the bonus talk were crucial decisions are being made today robert the chancellor and her interior minister of found common ground on migration policy but that's not the end of the story what happens next.
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well right now what we have seen is that the parliamentary parties o.c.d. you and sees you have much just here behind me and. have presented their agreement they have found us last night and what we can say is there's a certain sense of relief within the c.d.u. indices you party. that this agreement could be could be found but we also see is a meeting of the social democratic m.p.'s just over there which has just finished and the social democratic party chief and leader of the parliamentary party m.p. are not as just told the press she's not at all convinced of this agreement and there are so many questions still open. ok well let's listen to exactly what she had to say they have now is the leader of the social democratic party in germany she's offered qualified support i understand for that deal that
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the chancellor's worked out the interior minister. says good decision by whom it's good that the two sister parties now agreed on one issue which appears to have been very controversial. issue on which to mr. feeler frog there are still a lot of questions which need to be cleared up which is why we will take the time we need to come to a decision. still a lot of questions that need to be cleared up what could those questions be rupert . well one of the biggest problems for the social democrats is this sort of trends that sun to the c.d.u. and sees you have agreed on agreed on this agreement is in fact something c.d.u. and sees you have been debating over for the last three years transit centers have been on the table already in two thousand and fifteen min the refugee issue started here in germany one of the biggest questions for the social democrats is well all
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these the same transit centers you're talking about we have them three years ago the problem then was that c.d.u. c.s.u. wanted to have transit centers but people couldn't get out of more or less detention centers in the end i'm not something the social democrats already yesterday said that they don't want they want they don't want to see any detention centers within the european union they don't they don't want to see any detention centers the german border another question they are asking is is this at all agreeing with the european law so there are several questions of the social democrats want to have answers on and they want already want to have answers by tonight there's another cool addition meeting set tonight. with between. you and holds the over at the chancellery rupert this crisis has put under tremendous pressure is her survival as chancellor now assured.
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well at least the rebellion within c.d.u. and sees you is over twelve at least for today the biggest problem right now the social democrats the social democrats have to say yes or no to to the agreement found between c.d.u. and sees you as we have already seen this is going to be a real problem especially for the social democrats what what has happened in the end is that the conflict between. you and whole see a wolf and his see is you. this this conflict. really been resolved the ball has just been played into another playing field and that's the playing field of the social democrats are now it's decisive what that they are going to make but they reprint thank you so much to be a political correspondent there down at the buddhist. let's get the economic perspective on all this there was helen hill well as rupert was just pointing out that we are still waiting of course for the social democrats to have their say but for now at least german business is breathing
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a nickel more easily now that i'm going to machall has seemingly reached that deal on migration with interior minister zeevi who for now the prospect of the government collapsing had on settled investors in the german business sector late last week german industry bodies well they got together to jointly sign a letter to chancellor merkel demanding that germany and the european union opt for a unified approach when it comes to tackling migration. and we can bring in our financial correspondent conic out of booze and he's at the frankfurt stock exchange for us conrad's a crisis seemingly over the now can we expect a sigh of relief to play out on the markets. yes we can and trading here in frankfurt has started with a sigh of relief well enough but make no mistake what happened in berlin during the last two weeks has made many people in the financial world many german business
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leaders pretty upset you know business is at the moment operating in a very difficult world with donald trump looming trade war with problems and a slump on the chinese stock market and questions about how in future we can do business with china iran the oil price is in focus again you know in times like this what business leaders leaders really need from the government is a sense of security and trust but that's not what this quarrel in the german government of the last two weeks what really has shown right but on the whole the german economy is looking relatively robust so should we be that concerned. well it's true the german economy is strong but we've been getting a few alarming signs recently you know the dax is down it has lost about around about six percent in the course of the last two weeks we've been getting a number of profit warnings from companies like dime the continent. and others
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business sentiment is pointing lower that's what the a photo indicator for example of business climate has shown in. you know if you talk to business people what they would like to see from the government is that against this backdrop this rather weak a backdrop of people governments talk about you know new trade agreements of more europe strengthening of the european union for example and not quarrels about migration policies i mean it's interesting we did see that coordinated response from the german business community getting together to communicate their concern in a letter as a sector how much sway did they have on the government. well of course difficult to say but it's quite remarkable that for large business.
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associations which usually have a very very diverse agenda came together here you know the employees asked to see the chambers of commerce but also the chambers for skilled craft and the german manufacturers they all came together to call for more european approach and explicitly they call against a renationalization of politics and that's quite remarkable and it's a big call of course for the government in berlin the national government of germany our financial correspondent contact who's in the at the front that's not a change thank you. i spak i'm sorry now news that would open hoping for in thailand that's that's right helen a huge relief in thailand after rescuers found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing as the monsoon rain continues rescue efforts now
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center on preventing water levels from rising authorities say it could take months before the boys can be brought out safely an army spokesman said they may now also have to learn how to dive. it was the moment that the international team of experts divers had been holding out for finding gold thirteen of those missing seemingly on home to the divers had to explain what day it was and just how long the group it's been trapped in the documents found alive deep under the ground but having to white a little longer to be brought to the surface. where. the cave complex stretches some ten kilometers into a mountain docking crews had to navigate a labyrinth to get there at points swimming on the long stretches of water. but
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even if the group couldn't make it back to the surface immediately the news that this is viable did. the regional governor was the first to inform a community who had been anxiously waiting for news. that the latest from the navy seal unit is that they went in and bandaged to reach the elevated ledge called to tie a beach but apparently that has flooded then they went about three hundred to four hundred meters deeper to another elevated spot they found that our young brothers are safe. was. the announcement was grated with jubilation by relatives and loved ones. some had become increasingly desperate fearing the worst. if you have today is the best day i have been waiting for my son for so many days i thought he only had a fifty percent chance of survival. it was
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a rescue effort which gripped the country for well over a week as crews battled terrible conditions to rental downpours and more flooding. the group has received emergency aid and supplies now the rescue teams next challenge begins working on a plan to get the mounts. for more now let's cross to thailand where reuters correspondent tony one shop owner is standing by just outside the cave where the boys are trapped punit we're hearing reports that the boys in their coach might have to stay underground for months before they can be brought out is that a real possibility. water authorities certainly not ruling that possibility out because it said that there will be some time needed to make sure that the boys can come out of this safe safely as two issues that the first one with the help. that he does have on the ground ball more than nine days the medical
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doctors the divers who need to make sure that they are ready to tough conditions to be able to make the difficult journey out of the chase where part of the cases do not it and second of causes the level of water. before is a cause that doesn't have any training in terms of diving so many many possibly life now used to require to die fluids and this is the problem the authority of trying to come out as much more to try to drain as much water as they can from the cave to pumping ground war to look around the mountain where the cage is located to really help. ease the burden on the diving pod and a lot for the walk out of the cave so we know that the boys have been underground for more than nine days as you pointed out so we know how they managed to survive
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that long. well it's difficult to say we actually haven't heard the details assessing the facts health just yet and we haven't heard details of how to access the fire but what we know is that some of the parents have said that when they went into detail on the boys they had taken some food with them so they were not without food at the beginning of the journey and. also possibilities that they could just survive by drinking water which we need more details. from the health assessment which may come later today or tomorrow ok so now the focus is on getting the boys out alive the boys and their coach what are the biggest challenges that authorities face in getting them out. one of the main challenge now is water apart from the fact that the cave is still
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flooded in many parts that continue the rain. with more rainfall ha's over the coming days and thailand falling through its monsoon season like now and it is not really helping the water level with the size that say so what you have argued trying to do beyond just pumping water is that is trying to decipher what his bosses thought the monsoon as well to make sure that water that's far from the rain doesn't go through the case so this is a huge that's a war of attrition realize against mother nature this operation is the ongoing the search operation and authorities say that even distressed you that some of the this does operation will still need more to be done in terms of bringing water and they're going to water. and i was reuters correspondent punter one chuck whom there speaking to us a little earlier from thailand now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the bodies of three migrants including one
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child have been recovered by libyan rescue workers after their boat capsized last friday at least two hundred people are estimated to have died off the libyan coast last weekend more than a thousand people have drowned this year sailing from libya to your. white house says u.s. secretary of state mike pompei oh we'll visit north korea for further talks on denuclearization as we know it would be pumping his first trip since the june summit between the u.s. and north korean leaders at that summit cognac about to work towards ridding the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons australian archbishop philip wilson has been sentenced to twelve months detention for covering up the sex abuse crimes of a priest in the one nine hundred seventy s. wilson is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse a court will decide whether he can serve his sentence at home. and the un says the number of people displaced by fighting in southwestern syria has risen to two
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hundred seventy thousand this follows the escalation two weeks ago of the government offensive against the rebel stronghold of daraa regime troops have been gaining ground with their ally russia negotiating rebel withdrawals from contested religions. monday was another dramatic day at the world cup in russia with brazil and belgium pulling off big quarterfinal wins for more we're joined now by tom get annoyed here in the studio hey tom so belgian had to battle their way out of the hole to beat underdogs japan tell us what happened there well the only game was a little bit cagey as a few games. in the round of sixteen have been with teams kind of taking a little while it's a saucy each other out they picked up towards half time and the second half was unbelievable such great drama. and the best second off that we've seen so far in
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the tournament i think by far the emotions that were packed into those forty five minutes unbelievable i could talk about it for a while really what i need to do is introduce the pictures we're really in for a treat let's take a look. a frantic second half saw all the goals and right at the start of it kinky how did he kept his cool to put the blue samurai in the lead. and then minutes later took kashi in we added a second for japan and the next big world cup upset appeared to be in the making on the now midway through the second half belgium started to exploit their height advantage yun for tongue and surprise japan's age. with this looping header after sixty nine minutes belgium were back in the game and it took them just five more minutes to equalize dear mother one for ninety and then in the very dying seconds of the game deep in injury time another substitute nasser chartley the dramatic belgian higher ranking for japan and l.g.
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will play brazil in the quarterfinals. so tom belgian managed to pull it off but this was a rather uncharacteristic performance for them in the world cup having basically rolled over their opponents before that that's true but i mean the first game they played against panama the second game they played against eunice here they won both of those games very convincingly but those are the toughest opponent the third game against england. i wouldn't quite say they rolled in been over and the game was slightly strange anyway because with both teams already already part of me having qualified it was something of a friendly it was kind of strange circumstances now yesterday of course they were a staring defeat in the face it was kind of a surprise to see them to go was in especially against japan we haven't really seen that our defense weakness both them so far. it looks like this was typical code for whites in the big tournament because they've always had great squads it's been
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known for a long time that they have very talented players but when it comes to playing together as a team a tournament they never really seem to fulfil their potential what they come back our current understate how fantastic that was comebacks like that for rarely very rarely happen at big tournament and to come back from two goals down and win three two in the last twenty five minutes of a game is just incredible and special credit definitely has to go to roberto martinez because his tactical decisions he brought on chadli brought on mar one fellaini when and were trading and those two players made the difference they scored the goals that won both in the game in the end so chapeau to revise or martinez chapeau big victory what does a victory like that do for a team like belgium when it's of course a massive confidence boost i mean now is the time when you know every game mats now they're at risk of going out if they make mistakes every game counts and it's of its of course a huge confidence boost when you produce a comeback like that which is so rare a big tournament as i said again it's
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a vindication over but i martinez is tactical decisions and we can actually hear our belief from the coach martinez and listen to what he had to say after the game . today yesterday to be very very proud of these noble players everyone in belgium just for them thank you for the support and keep believing these players these players care and they want to know about in the world cup sometimes you want to be perfect and football on especially not go play it is about getting through and about winning and that will show that incredible winning mentality today. now belgium will face brazil in the quarter finals that's after brazil beat mexico in monday's early match how strong did brazil look in that early match against very very strong is the is the short and snappy answer to that question there were a lot of teams before the tournament who were you know kind of annoyed. it is the ones who might get far as teams with a right to expect that they could get into the final stages perhaps even when spain
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was one of them they've crashed out against russia germany was one of them they didn't even escape the group brazil was one of them and they're starting to look like the only one who would really worthy of those high expectations now yesterday was a brilliant team performance that was of course as is often the case with brazil however one it was the center of attention as we start the report i wonder if you can guess who i want about. i this was a move started and finished by name. picking up the slack in between his legs crossed leaving brazil stahmann with a simple finish soon after half time they bring to dream it was no more than brazil deserve to stay in spite of pressure. and they made sure of their victory with two minutes to go. time to provide after substitute. i finished neymar in brazil cranking into gear it just the right time this is the seventh straight tournament mexico as well as ended in tears at
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the last sixteen states. three. opossum a name all was of course the man i was on about fantastic team performance yesterday from brazil i think with the report really hit the nail on the head there when it said that brazil was cranking into gear at the right time and when you have stars like name on your team they can often distract from how well the squad is functioning as a unit on the pitch and that deserves a lot of credit because brazil have really got that right the players no way there are where they everybody knows their role they really jetting together and of course when you have a star like name on your squad you can pull off a brilliant performance like he did yesterday. is and i want to compensate really very exciting football getting down to some crunch time basically what do we got to look forward to today the big fixture i think this evening is colombia against england now on that side of the draw and the smaller teams in fact i mean it's
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going to be a small team well you know what we've got to go is more teams who make it to the final because that side of the draw is now without a big favorite with the possible exception of england and if they can make it through against colombia today they do have what could be a potentially easy march all the way to the final so exciting stuff ok so just there are only two matches left in the round of sixteen you any favors to go all the way well like i say on this one side of the draw the england are on that they'll be playing against their will playing in this evening and there isn't really a massive favor if there is one i think it's probably england on the other side of the draw we still have very big teams are involved so france you require brazil and belgium you know brazil and belgium france and europe are going to meet each other the big teams are going to be falling out so if you don't mind hold fire because it's very hard to pick this up ok tom thanks so much tom get away from d.w. sports. before you know just reminder the top stories we're following for you here
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today on d w news german chancellor angela merkel and her interior minister hosts a hopeful have reached a deal in their dispute over migration policy defusing a crisis that threatens to topple the government say hope i had said he was ready to resign over the issue but he will now stay in office. and rescuers in thailand have found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded came more than a week after they went missing but the military warns it could take months to get them out of the case. you're watching news from berlin we have more for you at the top of the next hour of course you'll find all our stories online at www dot com thanks for. coming.
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in he's come on he's only been stuck on the number nine deaths and was the youngest to put it in the making here piers national team. he once more the james of playing professionally in germany is from this. company time on this is first class and here at. w. climate change.
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