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this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin camps for migrants at germany's border that's a part of the new deal on migration reached by chance for uncle americal and her hardline interior minister horses able for the rest of the government except the incarceration of some would be refugees also coming out mission not yet to accomplish authorities in thailand warn it could take months to rescue the twelve boys and their soccer coach from the caves they've been trapped in any of your deal is far from over. and with the world cup in russia belgium claw back two goals to
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win against japan in their last sixteen match the last minute goal from the search of these security three two victory for the belgians who will now face brazil in the quarterfinals. i'm terry marchin glad you could join us. germany's chancellor angela merkel has narrowly averted the collapse of her government by resulting a dispute over migration with her hardline interior minister holsey hole for both hailed the deal as a success but already the plans are running into resistance the junior partners in michael's coalition the center left s.p.d. and voiced doubts about one key part of the deal the setting up of holding camps for migrants at germany's border austria is also warning that it. will take
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measures to secure its southern border with italy if the new german plan becomes policy. we'll have more on that in a moment but first let's listen to how michael enzi hopeful presented their compromise after last night's emergency talks. after very intense negotiations between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. we've reached an agreement we have a clear arrangement for preventing illegal migration at the border between germany and austria in the future. that's who would always good to us in addition we will undertake domestic measures covariates with refugees countries of origin as well as with other nations but if we will set up transit centers and from there we will consult with other countries especially as i am seekers home countries and the countries where they are already registered in europe then we will make it possible to return those asylum seekers accordingly this is precisely no cordons
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with the spirit of partnership in the european union not soft no peace when you are less is more on this migration deal now will bring in our correspondent be the first who's down the german bonus tog were crucial decisions are being made today children hanumant areas have been digesting macklin's a hope as migration deal which includes border camps for migrants or do they make of the deal. well there was a meeting of the parliamentary party of c.d.u. c.s.u. today with machall and whole zeal for presented their agreement from last night and one said we will be consensus in the end great relief within the piece that some agreement has been found and they also at least the sees you parliamentarians are very happy that they have the feeling that they their party has more or less marched through brought everything through they wanted. the c.d.u.
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parliamentarians say that the agreement that has been found is a good agreement the only thing that house to have happen right now is that the other coalition partner of the social democrats has to agree they also held a meeting of the parliamentary party today and what we can sense there is that there is wide skepticism that they are saying well it's good that there's an agreement it's good that we have got something that we can look out but the big problem here is that the social democrats say well what you have agreed on is something that has been on the table already three years ago these transit centers at the border that was something we opposed three years ago and why should there be any difference now in the end the whole governmental crisis isn't over yet ok so relief among the conservative skepticism among the social democrats where does it go from here. well the coalition government is going to
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have another meeting tonight. a whole see over on their supporters are going to meet with his head of the social democrats and all of shoulder who is the vice chancellor in the cabinet and also from the social democrats and they're they're going to have a long talk about this agreement from last night and after that we will know if the social democrats can find anything in there that they can agree on or if they're going to say no that's something this is not anything which we can sell to our electorate that's one of the biggest problems for the social democrats right now the the ball is in their playing field and they are not quite sure yet where they're going to play it. where does this leave chancellor angela merkel is her authority as head of the government still intact. what we have seen in the last two weeks is wasn't something that. made of forty and you
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stronger even bigger and one of the biggest problems of course is it's not only hundred forty here in germany that is at stake it's also thought as a european leader we shouldn't forget that at the last european summit just last friday she'd try to negotiate some sort of agreement with all the of the european countries and now the government she has fought she has found here in germany with her conservative coalition partners. more or less hostile how to find new negotiations with the europeans again so. this is going to prove very difficult for her especially as a european leader richard thank you so much for now d.w. political correspondent report. at the bonus tague. well germany's southern neighbor austria is already reacting to germany's plans the country is taking over that you presidency for the next six months our correspondent max huffman is in strasbourg we're austria's chancellor sebastian cortes is presenting
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his program to the european parliament today max how is the austrian government responding to the immigration deal struck in germany so it's finished his speech in front of the parliament here in stroudsburg and he did mention what happened in germany first by mentioning the priorities giving an outlook i want to focus on in the next six months in the first priority no surprise there is the fight against illegal migration and security of the european union and he said in this context that the german discussion showed how important it was to focus on securing the external borders of the european union so this is wind in the sails of the bust and coots who has been promoting this idea for a long time on the other hand you can tell that the austrians are worried by these measures because of migrants are rejected at the austrian german border then they say they will shut down their southern border so you have a domino effect what other countries in the european union max could they also be
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likely to follow germany's lete. well the elephant in the room you terry is italy because this is the place where most migrants arrive from the mediterranean route how will they react of austria closes its border and these migrants can no longer go north will that mean that they will stop with the process of registering those migrants when they apply for asylum something they did in the past where they've gotten a lot better from the european union perspective so if they do that and then say ok good luck go north this would spell trouble in the european union would be absolutely contradictory to european solution and then you also have to look at france or slovenia those countries that might be alternative routes to really close effectively close its borders so as i said earlier this has ripple effects throughout the european union max thank you very much. hope on there talking to us from strasbourg where the european parliament is meeting today now some other
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stories making headlines around the world today the bodies of three migrants including one child have been recovered by libyan rescue workers after their boat capsized last friday at least two hundred people have estimated are estimated to have died off the libyan coast last week and more than a thousand people have drowned this year sailing from libya to europe australian archbishop philip wilson has been sentenced to twelve months detention for covering up the sex abuse crimes of a priest in one thousand nine hundred seventy s. wilson is the most senior roman catholic cleric to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse a court will decide whether he can serve his sentence at home. that huge relief in thailand after rescuers found twelve boys and their football coach alive in a flooded cave more than a week after they went missing as the monsoon rain continues rescue efforts now center on preventing water levels from rising authorities say it could take months
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before the boys can be brought out safely an army spokesman said they may also have to learn how to dive. a moment that many will remember as a miracle the international team of expert divers finding all thirteen of those missing seemingly unharmed the divers had to explain what day was and just how long the young group had spent trapped in the darkness. the cave complex stretches some ten kilometers into the mountain diving crews had to navigate a labyrinth to reach the group at points swimming under long stretches of water. the rescuers cannot say how much longer it will take before the boys and their coats can be brought to surface. and i think even if we're
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not one hundred percent sure that it's safe we will not bring the kids out so i cannot give an answer and confirm how many days the kids will have to stay in the cave. but even if the group couldn't make it back to the surface immediately the news of their survival did the announcement was greeted with a jubilation by relatives and loved ones some had become increasingly desperate fearing the worst. today's the best day i have been waiting for my son for so many days i thought he only had a fifty percent chance of survival. it was a rescue effort that gripped the country for well over a week as crews battled terrible conditions to wrench will down pause and more flooding it is monsoon season in thailand and rescuers have to pump rainwater out of the cave complex as fast as he seeps in there's one final challenge after
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delivering food and medical supplies rescue teams no need to work on a plan to get the group out. now the world cup on monday belgium staged a remarkable comeback to beat japan three two and advance to the tournaments quarterfinals red devils scored a dramatic injury time winner becoming the first team in forty eight years to overcome a two goal deficit in a world cup knockout game. if all the goals came in a frantic second tough right at the start of it gang he kept his cool to put the blue samurai in the lead i only minutes later takashi and we had to the second for japan. the next big world cup upset appeared to be in the making. but midway through the second half belgium started to exploit their height advantage on fatah and surprise japan's eiji kindly shima with this looping hedda up to sixty nine minutes. belgium
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a back in the game that took them just five moment it's week rise tomorrow one finn lady i then in the dying seconds of the game d.p. nodded signed belgium launched the most amazing move of the tournament so far twelve seconds from goal to goal and another substitute nasa chadli snatched a dramatic belgium win. breakthrough japan. belgium face brazil in the quarter finals. well belgium will have to be at their best to stop neymar in that match he starred in brazil's two nil victory over mexico the forward scored one and set up another as his country made it through the last eight for the seven tournaments in a row the first goal was a move started and finished by neymar i will be taking up the slack in between is low cross leaving brazil's star man with a simple finish soon after halftime and brazil made sure of their victory with two
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minutes to go name of this time the provider for substitute roberto for me no two nil it in the bud and now it's time for the play of the day belgians deadly counterattacked in the very last moments of their match against japan just twelve seconds from goalkeeper courtois. to kevin to broadway to thomas renee to now says shall be football heaven for belgium and misery for shit. and this sports news just coming in germany coach will stay at his post despite his team's world cup failure that's according to the newspaper bearded the twenty fourteen world champion was heavily criticised after germany's early knock out in this year's world cup the head asked for some time to think about his future. that's all you news for now
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