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i mean the schmucks and i want. to talk. business news of life our lead german chancellor angela merkel defending herself in parliament just two days after a controversial deal on migration and refugee groups are calling the plans in she names and impracticable. it is also unclear whether america social democratic coalition partners will support the deal potentially creating a new crisis for the government. also coming up a new video was released of the schoolboys trapped in a flooded cave in thailand if you're to be in good health but rescuers say they
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still don't know how when they will be able to free the group we will speak with one of the diverse who has been at the site in thailand. england to break their world cup curse. and in that moment the reason why the colombia in a dramatic penalty shoot out to claim the last place in the quarter finals it is the first time that they have want to world cup shootouts. plus the french president's as you've never seen him before emmanuel prong celebrates african culture i don't like conic nightclub in nigeria. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program german chancellor angela merkel has been defending. her deal on migration in parliament her address comes one day after she
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reached a compromise with her hard line interior minister horst is a hof are aimed at limiting illegal immigration she again said that the fate of europe would be determined by the way that it dealt with the issue of migration but i'm absolutely convinced as are many many articles. how we do you is c.e.o. of migration moon determined whether europe will last because it is such an urgent question and it was important to change much i've obviously no men here to have on this which comply with our firm here. and our political correspondent will provide evolves is following the debate of the german bundestag he joins us now so we just heard merkel there outlining her migration policy and connecting it to the fate of the e.u. as a whole walk us through the main points. well what we have seen today is
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a in the end very typical speech of anglo american very detailed. hasn't noticed anything about the drama that we have seen in the last two weeks wouldn't have sensed anything of that drama in this speech today. called it just an important debate which was important to have as there are some problems on migration in this country but she also said very reassuring the in the end. we need to put bring more order into migration policy this was one of the key sentences she also served and we in order to do so we have to find an immigration law is something germany has and have the last fifty years and we also are going to reach agreements with the european partners. in the end this this whole speech send out two messages from a message from clearly domestic telling the german people the immigration policy debate in the eyes of the chancellor needs to be over and she thinks she has solved
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the problem and the other message is a is a message send out to the european allies and to the international partners and to all the countries that are looking on germany and thinking who is this stable or not and she tries to try to send of the message germany is back on track now the government is stable and in the end the most important. still has the grip on power a message strongly refuted by the opposition and i'd like to talk just briefly about the far right a.f.d. parliamentary party leader and opposition leader alice lytle who expectantly attacked let's have a listen to what she said and i want to get your reaction. you failed completely you've achieved nothing except to make sure that with all the tricks at your disposal you've managed to stick to your chancellor say typically longer even though you are sharing a coalition which has long since collapsed internally to do that germany you're
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splitting your head you're splitting. fracturing your coalition and ultimately your own political party so i mean this drama and p's resign. rupert did she have a point. of course buying could say that. yes indeed. was very bubbly in the last two or three weeks and yes indeed it's quite some friction within the coalition within the party but even if the a of d. . is calling for resignation or vigeland markel this i don't think is going to happen not at least during the next several days. markel seems to be very calm and been seems to be very clear that she has a grip on this whole situation and that she has found a solution which will keep her in power and in office for quite a long time. at the german parliament thank you know work on.
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there are are there are already. there are. a lot of british accents that you are hearing they're celebrating because england fans were in for a voice in the english capital yesterday celebrating their win against the long be a with renditions of football's coming home that's after a dramatic day at the world cup that's on both england and sweden progress to the quarter finals and we have to bring in one of our favorite englishman now to talk a little bit more about this max merrill on a day of celebration also for you. they went into this game as marginal favorites but that's not how it ended well yeah i mean in england they basically were just ahead of colombia because they were missing this player has rodriguez who plays for byron munich i've been to see that side there are lots of files in the game the
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colombians really tried to break down england that way try to take them out of their rhythm and maybe even provoke them and as i know as an england fan it's never easy so let's see how it all panned out. harry came penalty after fifty seven minutes put england in the lead against an ultra defensive colombia's side without the services of their injured star hi mr rodriguez. in injury time england keeper jordan pickford had to produce his best saves but was powerless on the ensuing corner when you had to mean up pounded the ball into the net for the last ditch colombia equaliser by enos third goal at this world cup sent the match into extra time when england was only two minutes away from advancing to the quarterfinals. after a goalless extra time england had to go through the dreaded penalty shootout jordan pickford saved carlos bok as attempt and then up stepped eric dyer and finally
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england not only won a penalty shoot out but made it through to the quarterfinals too. so it was a great day as we hear now we know that oliver moody our colleague there in russia was actually at that game and i imagine that there must have been a great atmosphere that certainly was i mean technically the stadium here in moscow was a neutral venue but you wouldn't know not being there last night the english fans were totally outnumbered by colombians at the venue there were far more yellow shirts than white around the stadium more than being able to see the difference you could hear it the colombians made a lot of noise getting behind their team whistling the english players when they were on the bolts a huge atmosphere that they created i think it certainly helped the colombians the noise when they equalised and stuff inside them was just tremendous but i think it also made it
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a little bit sweeter for the english fans who had made the trip suits of the sort of outnumbered and yet get the victory at the end of the day but it did make for a brilliant in the match so what does a victory like that do for a team like england. i think it's going to be a huge boost to be able to handle that kind of atmosphere that as i say almost felt like an away game for england to be able to come through that and especially if they would be able to go and win on penalties in that kind of hostile environment penalties as well was taking place in front of the columbia fans so i think that will give england a boost in terms of how they feel about their character about this spine of the same how they deal with adversity and of course winning the penalties to say the first time england has done the major tournament since ninety ninety six the first time they've ever done it at a world cup i think this will give the england team a real advantage in terms of the mentality and some of their attitude going into
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the next round and we will see how their mentality does play out we know that they face sweden next in the quarter finals max how dismayed and luck defensively very solid this is definitely the strength of the strike is all too dangerous although they do play with two up top i would liken them a bit to japan in the sense that on the one hand very very much settled in the starting eleven they've only made two changes in the whole tournament to their starting eleven on the other hand the tactically very malleable so we've seen them get used to the opponents very quickly in games have a clear plan how to stop them playing their game and they did that to switzerland yesterday as well and we can take a look how that pans out for them in a match moment spiced up you know if it was pap speaking and no four suspects decisive going came by or deflection and mike lucky man the boom counting we can easily into the far corner of the net it's. not that the noisy swedish trance reported about that. caution to the wind in the hope of getting an equalizer which
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never came gas a page in that defense motion almost and brought down by michael last. night and given his marching orders suite enemy given a free kick it was the last action of the game in sweden it's true should have a cup quarter final in twenty four yes. yeah great win for sweden i mean the atmosphere from the swedish fans we've seen throughout the holds really positive and they are not the favorites and against england on saturday england will be the favorites although at this tournament they would favor has been somewhat of a cause we saw in germany and spain for instance folds of that i think would be familiar tactics for england very rough and tumble to up top something that the english players will know from the domestic league the premier league but as an england fan i'm slightly biased i would back england to go through in this so you think that they might win actually ok ok so let's turn back to you ali now because we know that there are two days off some soccer fans will be going through
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a minor life crisis after all of this action perhaps a bit of withdrawal there what can they get up to in moscow. well you never show something to do it and in moscow i'm sure that the street parties that have been taking place on a daily basis here around the sense especially on the calls gaius to us straight in the sense of will continue fans from all over the world coming together even when it seems that either not playing in moscow playing in different cities. have already got out of the totem inside i'm sure that will continue in spite of the lack of football red square as well as been transformed into a football park for the tournament there are things you can do that challenges like trying to school pos to write a book keeper and although it does feel like a very long time considering all the football we've had over the last few weeks and see if they really need that fix can just switch on russian t.v. they're showing highlights and reruns of much as all the time so you don't even have to go without football. ok so you can relive all the moments max i want to ask
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you to go out on the ledge here and actually pick out your favorites for us i mean you've already expressed your bias toward england so you've made that quite clear who are your favorites to go all the way or vice aside there's a lot of favorites at the start of the storm and that we thought would be on the cards winning the toss we'll go out like i mentioned germany and spain the big fish that are out we look at that side of the draw that england are in and they face sweden and the other game that is croatia against russia the hosts who have surprised everyone i think they'll run out of steam against croatia who are very very strong side and could could knock out england in the semifinals and then on the other side of the draw is whether the favorites are still there france against uruguay that's a big clash for a front really have to prove like they did against argentina that they can come up with it in the big games and on the other side brazil and belgium where i can't pick a favorite it's going to be really really close and a great clash as well it's witness for the fans so i think france brazil will make it into the final and then we have surprise teams like for instance england who
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will face them next meryl here in the studio all over moody with the latest from russia thank you so much to both of you lots of action coming up we look forward to it. let's turn to some other news now in the twelve school boys and their coach trapped in a cave in thailand have been given food and medical attention but rescuers are still trying to work out how to get the group out they say that there are a number of options on the table but all are either difficult or dangerous in just a moment we'll speak with one of the diverse who has been at the site but first this report it's a new video of the boy. i'm in good health says each boy after introducing himself by his nickname despite being filmed in the depths of the cave the group seems in high spirits they've received medical treatment and food fast after ten days trapped in the dock.
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below their assurances were welcomed by their families gathered on the surface. is that. i'm so glad my son still alive and safe. i'm speechless. i'm next on he's the coach i'm so excited to see him. million yet but the wait continues as rescuers debate how to free that boy's. the cave complexes located in a remote part of the chiang rai region. the group is located around four kilometers from the caves entrance trapped behind a series of narrow passageways. rescue workers a pumping water out of the flooded cave but that may not be enough. if the water level goes down the kids will be able to walk out from the front of
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the cave digital if not they might have to die or if they dive they'll have to use a face mask that they can once again within thirty minutes. but diving would be a risky endeavor the conditions a treacherous and few of the boys can swim let's learn scuba dive. another option could be to keep them where they are to the water subsides but with the rainy season just beginning they could be stuck there for up to four months. with heavy rains for costs for later this week crews have been spreading gravel on roads laying the groundwork for a long and arduous rescue operation. is a professional diver who has been assisting with the rescue effort a spoke with him earlier and i asked him to describe how difficult it is to get into and out of this cave. it's very difficult it's it's actually an extreme
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case it's tricky to kill and we can swing inside from camp three and then three is about one and a half to the meat of the meat and falling. to the actual spoke with a gun start so it's a tough little guy. and we understand i don't know but i'm sorry ben for interrupting there you there winterson that some of the boys that they don't even know how to swim. given that it calmed down and do you think it could take to teach them not only how to swim but to dive so that they could make it out safely. fishing some of them to go in and going in a few hours but. to kate i would think that an experience done at least underdogs and this is an extreme with some passages merely. i mean you have six sent me to swear conventional school with you the true let alone the current and the really about its ability to make it into almost impossible and birthing his
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feet before him. and that was ben remanent a diving expert speaking with us a little bit earlier. on now we're going to turn to helena humphrey who is standing by for us now here in the studio to tell us a little bit more about tit for tat tariffs when it comes to trade absolutely we're watching how this now plays out little by little sarah u.s. president donald trump has lashed out at american motorcycle make a harley davidson trump saying that the administration is courting motorcycle companies that want to move to the united states that's off the harley davidsons that it's moving some of its assembly overseas now harley davidson announced last week that it's moving production of motorcycles sold in europe to facilities in india and brazil the company blamed decision on tariffs imposed by the european union to retaliate the tariffs that trump imposed on a host of a new products. let's bring in our financial correspondent now canada
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goose and a fresh but first conrad trump says that he wants to now what tracked other motorcycle firms to the united states but on some of these companies from the regions that he's trying to punish in this trade dispute. absolutely there is a certain irony in this as we're talking about brands from countries like italy germany japan b.m.w. honda. but you know. this is not this doesn't seem to be really important to the u.s. president despite his constant lashing out on twitter despite the nationalist tone the aim of this america first policy is really to get more manufacturing jobs in the united states have more factories build in the country the well being of american companies per se is not really in the interest of the u.s. president take ali davis of for example this american company really has to
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transfer production from the united states outside of the united states if it really wants to be competitive here in europe but that's not being acknowledged by the u.s. president it's not important for him which is actually why this policy is so dangerous and destructive conrad's trade competition is one thing we've got to talk about another kind of competition now the world cup teams going head to head but hey also companies as well night night versus added ass he's firing better at this stage. well at the beginning of the tournaments sponsored more teams the nike but now in the quarter finals nike is in front again. delivering the t. shirts to brazil france england and croatia he does has belgium russia and sweden and one team who is sponsored by pool and. given that favorite is a bit of
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a curse as i've just learned from our colleague from the sports department i would say that or to go buy a pool well we'll make it in the end all right a tip there from our financial correspondent contact groups thank you very much. oh u.s. government has eased some of its restrictions against a chinese telecoms company is that it's he at least temporarily until the first of august is that he's allowed to maintain its existing networks and equipment in the united states in april the u.s. government accused of contravening sanctions against iran and north korea it issued a supply of bad seven years u.s. supplies like intel ever hit it from providing said t. with components and software essential to expose this chinese company said the u.s. was pushing it to the brink of collapse. or politicians in a tourist was saving disappointing news for otherwise busy days and just as the football world cup rolled around the russian government announced
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a sweeping pension reform pushing up the official retirement age but world cup will know world cup the reform is facing resistance. it's been a long day and olga played minge of a needs a cup of tea after thirty years of working as a hospital doctor she was planning to retire next spring and just earn a bit on the site but now the fifty four year old feels there's little chance of that the russian government wants to gradually raise the age of retirement from sixty to sixty five for men from fifty five to sixty three for women. russia has an aging population and too few people paying into its pension pot the retirement system needs an overhaul. the government wants to modernize the country but needs to invest more in health and education is communication choices can seem a little in that doctor to announce the retirement reform at the start of the world
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cup hoping perhaps that the football tournament would distract people from its intentions that these two will be. the kremlin has otherwise kept quiet on the issue president putin appears keen to distance himself from the reform. roger be anything but trade unions and opposition politicians believe he's the one behind it all they've organized demonstrations and collected millions of signatures in protest of the us more. ordered the pension reform as a way of stealing our money or money zelig new do so called reform is making citizens poorer the most we will do everything to prevent these measures from being implemented on the most which is the means that. parliament has to give its approval before the reform can go ahead and not all members are in favor independent analysts also skeptical. yes. reform speaking as an economist
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such reforms are only necessary when you have strong economic growth youth or not enough workers. neither of which is the case. russia's economy is sluggish and the country has a huge workforce and few businesses actively hi older people so we'll all go platinum schivo end up having to work a few more years in the uk. i shook my head used to because of you know everything my generation has seen but then i really don't hold out much hope for good new homes. and if the reform is implemented it'll hardly bolster people's trust in the russian government. and if they get out to sara thank you so much helena we're heading to nigeria now because the french president emmanuel mccrone has been holding talks and bullshit with his nigerian counterpart the fight against boko haram and regional security were among the topics discussed but african culture was also high on the agenda his first stop was at the iconic my
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club and music venue the shrine and it was here that look wrong said that the world's image of africa has to change. i warm welcome for. people queue up proclaim to fed. to my culture yet is africa yeah they're real people i'm not sure how we have the best. music. to be. musical legacy even though. they were disappointed that the french president isn't just here on business. after the african union summit and the meeting with president hu harry this is the place to which president michel has come it's a new africa shrine a place dedicated to philip could be the king of afrobeat and it's brought the
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kremlin crim of lagos to this place. not come came here is a student and he was clearly got to be back all right. paul was. and he says. that this place. was the. place. that was. macron announced the launch of a season of african culture that will bring the work of african artists affronts in twenty twenty. i think like every artist creates that creative and thank you yeah i don't know one thing over the past decades this is an incredible balinese and i think it's a good sign that. president bronchos lagos and i did same time to try because for me the president that relates all was to relate more to
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feel and the feeling of the young generation. that the image of africa in the world had to change. yesterday. as you heard they all move for your. bows to move move up or down the coast. that must surely include music dancing and a good potty. and with that you are up to date now on the news i'm sorry kelly and berlin thank you so much for your company i'm a great day. to. move .
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on. good. try i should aim to treasure. much of what we try to wait isn't let's let's. small treat sucking transposes crammed into assets plastic waste becomes a valuable resource in junk yards turn into deposits misstepped cars and the best additions to trade away at home made in germany next to the dollar.
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well groomed and even fair trade. and what's not to love about a fine darjeeling or an awesome. a visit to the growing regions might leave a bad as. tea pickers live in appalling conditions and work with highly toxic pesticides and there comes the dark side of the two trade. truce up in forty five minutes. they live to serve but. danger lurks in the water. basically the safety of well as well as his backup of the location goal of. his son to go somewhere every day i'm seeing more. time for
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a scene here sweet everything with the winds and wind to give something back to life in a mine which was just waves of surfers fighting against unseen in the sea starch july fourteenth on b.w. . a great line from the nine hundred sixty s. film the graduate is a piece of career advice to a young dustin hoffman a neighbor says one would plastics i think the whole world musta been listening plastic now pollutes our city's waterways our entire planet governments are trying to tackle the environmental catastrophe banning items.


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