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tv   Eco-at- Africa - The Environment Magazine  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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i mean malcolm i'm glad i'm back with my old margaret and pete best if. i leave maybe but you're going to go there for me when you are going to i don't know everybody. going to find us on facebook. dot com. hello there and welcome to the good africa environment magazine today we have a lot to talk about how to protect or make the most of the resources that we have i mean do we have quite a good number of resources you would be surprised my name is now to come to you from lagos joined by my colleague sharon from ny will be kenya hi sharon will mind
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your coming to you from nairobi kenya and we're looking forward to showing more green ideas this week here's what we have prepared in this edition of eco us africa will be visiting a tree nasseri in zimbabwe that's aiming to time kids into conservationists going to south africa to find out why i'm to nubs a big recessions and visiting us through these companies doing good deeds to step out of school grain for. deforestation is taking place at an alarming rate in many parts of the world among the wost hits countries in africa out my geria the democratic republic of congo and tanzania and yet forests play every title role in the battle against climate change the lives of more than one point six billion people wild wide depend on them this topsoil or ocean and maintain supplies of clean drinking water. so
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a true mastery in zimbabwe is getting kids involved in replanting and opening their eyes to just how important. their future. here in zimbabwe is not eastern macone district peter timing the countryside around him a green bay planting trees. with support from an organization called friends of the environment has managed to grow over eight thousand plants. and predictable with the part times caused by climate change freight in his effort so peter covers the soil around the smoke trees with the progress. the patterns are constantly changing because of the deforestation here people need to start planting trees rather than cutting them. during weekends in school holidays his fifteen year old son simba helps to get the necessary an experience which has enraged his
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love for the environment. he hopes to become an agronomist one day the tree farming initiative is not only good for east issue and it has also enabled the young man to realise his dreams as they finally can raise money by selling some of the citrus trees to other farmers in private individuals. my favorite subject at school is agriculture because i can relate to it best based on my practical experiences here at home and the tree nursery here to the. and also what i learned i can apply at home making the maintenance of the plants more effective we did many things that needed to. freeze up a fight a role in the environment dabs of pollutant gases behold this oil in place preventing swim erosion and they provide food in the form of fruits.
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friends of thing by roaming to establish in twenty ten. or works with different communities around zimbabwe in the macone district has had to villages to grow by six million trees. each year. destroying three hundred thirty thousand activists of we did last ledge to about five hundred sixty million trees each year and as a result of that we were then going to have wiped out everything. in zimbabwe by. twenty fifty two out of the back of this field day organized by friends of the environment tree farmers in their region me to share their experiences in challenges. but the sequence also take time to showcase some of their fruit trees and indigenous plants. those with the best presentations received
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gardening equipment like will barrows shovels in walks and. their ground. that. maria. was. it's a proud moment for everyone who received an i want. to do i'm so happy today. gives me a feeling of great satisfaction and joy. with all of us having to percent of their own population dependent on maize and grains for food not all are convinced of the benefits of growing trees that's why advocates encourage people to have trees to the i learned in stages rather than only a twenty foot jam that comes. you know very. well edging planted three foot did planted so that you would have well people planting
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trees. which is spears we do the largest although forty percent of zimbabwe's forested tree last remains a problem not stories indeed outreach will help the country regain some of its lush greenery. the destruction of tropical forests is not just a problem in africa but also in other parts of the wild west that's up in europe has now developed sustainable alternatives to tropical wood made out of luck and the source wood the swiss company aims to counteract the depletion off the rain forests and encourage the mess to forestry and with think they're doing great work they add doing that for the environment. would be tropical would made in switzerland. the knee is one of the world's most valuable woods. it's hard and durable.
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so it's perfect for fingerboards. ebony is found in tropical forests in places like cameroon and nigeria. due to overexploitation ebony is now endangered. the swiss startup has developed an alternative to have any. swiss wood solutions modifies locally grown wood such as maple ash and beech. bust it soaked in a special solution dried and then put into a hot press in order to produce the desired density color or tonal quality. swiss ebony is a sustainable alternative to its natural counterpart it could also be used to make billy accuse and furniture. you like that.
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if you also didn't you tell us about. visit our website or send us a tweet. ashton doing a movie here. now no it's out let's talk about cause i mean you know it could logical sense i would want to your country concerned about the kind of destruction that doing to all climates. well a very is a small community of hybrid car owners here in lagos now hybrid vehicles have both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor so they tend to use less fuel and have lower c o two emissions than the normal cause lagos has around two million conventional vehicles running every day but one man is
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doing his best to get more people so go hybrid let's go see what he's doing. anyone who lives in lagos is familiar with this six. so loud gridlock of rush hour in nigeria's commercial capital. every day these vehicles discharge toxic gases that leak the air and escalate the relief. well there's a solution to this problem and its name was silent. for a start button of a hybrid car. like the one that belongs to a thirty five year old entrepreneur of. the called runs in both pacho and electric energy it's one of just a handful in nigeria. basically is from the battery or the
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engine and you have the heads of the currents today seem to be stored inside a battery so in these modes my batteries charged. still because the latest want to touch your d.c. both of which b.g. species the world bank says nigeria's quality is poor and a danger to public health most of those fields you look you see there's also things carbon monoxide now one belongs his pockets full of all these things you know issue of extra ten days in the hopes of joining the sister. of a double is so could be. he's even become a mechanic of sorts. i started basically by. with my love for invites us and. renewable energy basically which was where i moved on through hybrid vehicle
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use then maintenance over twelve million hybrid vehicles have been sold worldwide but only a few of those have made their way to lagos this small community has created a dedicated what's a group on the topic is one of its administrators supports hybrid use us nationwide is not fall is an awful forty feet boats fall for stalling courageous souls and give ourselves an exchange information visit please we have a right to six members. apart from fixing his own car he also helps out without us like this twenty ten model. it's proving to be difficult to fix and so i did a lot is meeting the head of the once a group to get some more advice. ek a computer engineer has a surprise in store he just bought
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a twenty sixteen hybrid that he's happy to show on t.v. through bonds and a more efficient energy storage device leave them on battery. bought his hybrid second hand it cost two point five million around seven thousand dollars now that's about half a million four hundred dollars more than similar pecial pollard models. although there are still more expensive he hopes that someday soon all the cars and his says his road will be high grades or even fully electric uganda is one of those african countries seeking to replace plastic bags with more environmentalists friendly alternatives such as paper according to the national environment management policy namma approximately one thirty nine thousand
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six hundred pounds of polythene waste is released into the environment in uganda but rather than cutting down on trees for paper. and rising bagley this income pala putting banana five to good use just so that the trees are protected let's go see the. plastic bugs are recalled one site in uganda but not at this restaurant in the capital com paula. instead of plastic bags known locally as cover the money meant he uses people bags and we are very very environment friendly and we do not want to use contaminated and not so. it is definitely reliable which is not only for us it's for our children and for our grandchildren and much more. uganda is planning to implement a bun on plastic shopping bags this year and to replace them with biodegradable
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paper bags he says encouraged a group of local women to start making paper bags using locally available but on a fiber. most farms in uganda by then a fiber is considered the waste product but this group is using it to make paper cut using this is asked after the cutting with them after the cooking we blend them with blend them like for five minutes. they turn into a pulp we pour into a big container with water lift them on screens we drain the screen through the fiber and they were to drain out through the holes then we hang it on the rocks to dry. the fibers left to dry in the sun for at least six hours before it's turns into hard to people the women carefully craft the material into
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a range of products these include people shopping bugs books and greetings cards. produced. five thousand cuts back in the produce. for us to different people come here to see their product or death for many we produce and say in then. in kampala their main claims craft shops restaurants and supermarkets. these women hope that the plastic bag binds will create more opportunities for them enabling them to expand their market and to protect the environment isn't it great how many options there are to protect our environment in a sustainable way in germany for instance it's totally hip at the moment to grow your own vegetables but many of these people who do this especially those who live
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in the cities don't actually own gardens so they now have to pay someone who doesn't want to grow their fruits and vegetables a kind of rental gap how does it work exactly well nowadays you can guess that there has to be an internet platform involved. that the people commissioning. also a nanny to take responsibility. it's time for the potato harvest environ out two hours drive from berlin vegetables belonging to city dwellers growing right in an i p gardens half hector of land that's right ip internet protocol garden urbanites can farm crops here without ever having to set foot on the sandy soil gardeners on location take care of the dirty work each online farmer rents a sixteen square meter plot for a euro a day there would be internet farmers can choose from
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a variety of crops from lettuce to flowers. when the king of corn and used to cultivate a plot of land with my family but the problem was that we couldn't watered during the week we were in the city. and only got out there on weekends and the internet i came across the farmville simulation game where you plant in water and so on and i knew i had to turn it into reality lot of those. ip garden provides its remote farmers with a massive data once a week a drone even supplies aerial pictures it gives users an overview of the state of their crops. closed circuit t.v. guards the farm around the clock. and each of the fifty six individual plots is equipped with sensors. the measuring devices register moisture levels in the soil
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exposure to sunlight and air pressure. the data is transmitted via bluetooth to a computer which collates the information and puts it on line. gardeners sitting at his home computer and needs to get his plants enough water these parameters help him decide whether. the soil is moist enough and how high is the electrical conductivity what's the coefficient and how are my plants looking. this seventh grade students at the plant thomas school in berlin's pongo district also want to know how their gardens doing they've rented an ip garden plot each student has been growing their favorite vegetable on a one metre square allotment they can call up the data on ip gardens online platform and water their patch with a mouse click. that i hope for just the time i basically thought it would be dead easy i said at my computer and press the water button or whatever. but now i know
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that some plants aren't compatible my slant isn't compatible with cabbages and plants when. i may because yellow tomatoes need some support out in the field by app she informs the gardener he can see the tasks he has to perform on each square meter today it's fertilizing using a brew of stinging nettles decided digitally carried out on location practical attractive but a concept that also has detractors. among the principals when you put forward v.i.p. garden principle you often hear i'd rather have my kids dig around in the soil themselves. out of boredom and in fact is though that neither they nor their kids actually go digging. it's alarming that's often not realized so in that sense the
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ip garden is a very good and sensible alternative and. it certainly is a healthy alternative for the online farmers can pick up their crop or have it delivered the surplus is donated to a berlin homeless charity. still home. vegetation can't be found anywhere else on the. fly and the animals traditionally. have been. centuries. of the bush yes indeed they are sir but these hope in the form of the ill and there was second largest has a taste for the invasive plants species that are endangering the flora off the remaining low lands a project is now helping to resettle the creatures in the area where they was lived two hundred years ago the stickler.
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centuries ago and common in this area around cape town. tenting in an extension have caused the happy to shrink. once they have devised vanished some plant species started. crowding out a unique scrubby vegetation. gins trend failed. and her team came up with a clever idea to restore bio diversity in. the project aim to bring back all that used to occur here to combat encroachments to open port ways and just to break up the woody component to give space for growth and hopes to grow the island's been in the sought for two years they've been browsing away opening pour and we seem to be getting there most of. the kit flats june strand belt
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currently occupies around fifteen percent of its historic area conserving the endangered fugitive is important to be lazy this sunday. means beach scrub in afrikaans in addition it supports a very high bio mass. the project also employs youth. to care for the. progress in the field. with. maturity across the specific until introduced to the area will the very young.
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we most benefit the children community. with records of who were. they probably were. on their own or. were there forever. for themselves. my children surrounding the. violence in drugs as. who lives here knows he things do what he does we also have to get the local community. the type of. people with three anymore. there with animals and they will treat animals in the different type of way that each other so for me it's actually important that we. change these people and that they can actually see
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the. conservation leadership program rivaldo has increased awareness of the need to protect the environment introducing the project to school is he's giving something back for the opportunity he was given. because. i could have been doing different things but actually now that. made me important at all to so that i can show people that we can make the change in. the cantle project has been running for two years no. in part by the government and also to private donations seems to be the investment that we've seeing you said the zealand actually becoming invested is not just for the species but but for visitation a lot of people don't know how to connect to it. but now we bring these magnificent
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animals back and the community can really. and actually see the benefits of conserving. expand the project to other degraded areas around cape town we want to introduce some of the head be treated any most to nearby reserves to give the kid plant juice trying veld and even greater chance to try once again. it's just amazing how useful these animals are for the environment that's it for today for me caught africa pan-african european environment chills thank you see you next week goodbye from nigeria thanks no sir as always it was fun hosting the program with you if you want to find out more visit our website the address will be on your screen in just a moment or better yet if you have something to say about any of us stories talk to us on social media for now it's goodbye from me to here in nairobi kenya.
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be. the be. the best. the great. generous the but again. invoke spirit. and subconscious. are special.
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