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oh i'd like to have that. many are time capsules of places that have since disappeared but for vendors a photo is always the beginning of a story this is c w news live from bali and i'm headed home for a stay with us plenty more coming up at the top off the hour thanks as ever your company. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. a news analyst to choose what's the answer.
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not to discount both sides but. people who put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on t.w. . after weeks of threats and counter threats the u.s. began applying twenty five percent tariffs on imports from china on friday morning affecting technological goods worth a total thirty four billion dollars china's response a range of tariffs on american goods also worth thirty four billion dollars also from friday and this might just be the beginning. washington is already threatening further action prompting china to accuse the us of provoking a trade war. made. we've noted that the
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us has again threatened to impose new tariffs on five hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products. not only that it's also made this kind of threat to other countries and regions. let that wish. for further escalation could have profound effects european companies operating in china fear they could end up caught between the front lines of a trade war and there are widespread concerns the dispute could easily slow global growth. despite the diesel scandal mark the sunny bird in weather has the capital's cars gleaming and german carmakers global production is even expected to climb to sixteen point seven million vehicles this year the industry's top lobbyist their hard matters says they're in good shape despite the diesel fumes but the trade dispute with the u.s.
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threatens to dampen the optimistic outlook. i'm very much concerned because tariffs and trade barriers are nothing that is really good for global trade we need open markets common standards and low tariffs and that's the. this is the fact of success that we with the automotive industry in germany had so far the u.s. is not only a key export market for german car makers they also produce eight hundred thousand cars a year they're using materials imported from the e.u. for one then exports some u.s. production to china so it could be hit twice over if the u.s. trade dispute with china widen to encompass cause. we try to submit all our facts and participate in conversations about this and as long as the
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decision has not been made we will fight for free trade trade bodies and manufacturers are hoping for an amicable settlement with the u.s. after diesel gates the last thing they need is yet another deep pot hole in the road. germany's to some group and india's tata steel have merged the european operations the merger is aimed at dealing with problems caused by the flood of cheap chinese steel swamping global markets. if this is really the key issue to move successfully for. global existed as if he had also cost tremendous additional imports into europe imports into europe all time high level which if only increased the price pressure on that material soon after the announcement time and he's ng has said he would be stepping down as c.e.o. he's been embroiled in
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a dispute with the supervisory board over the company's future direction. a major shareholder and a u.s. hedge fund are pressing for an overhaul with a view to boosting shareholder value the tata merger alone is expected to result in four thousand job cuts and save hundreds of millions of euros a year the merged entity will employ forty eight thousand workers in countries including germany the netherlands and the u.k. with expected annual revenues of fifteen billion euros. turkey statistics office says inflation narrows sharply in june topping fifteen percent after the country's presidential and parliamentary elections the data also showed consumer prices have increased by over two and a half percent since may sending the country's currency the lira tumbling it's thought the central bank could soon feel forced to raise interest rates again which in turn tampa growth and boost unemployment. in
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spain unemployment figures are finally falling last month they hit their lowest since two thousand and eight the labor ministry says that in june just under three point two million people in the country had no job that said at fifteen percent it remains one of the highest rates in europe. as industries like construction recover economic growth is upbeat for the city three percent in recent years and record high tourist levels have boosted the service sector. better late than never tesla chief elan musk has met his goal his electric car company produced five thousand model three sedans in the last week of june with the last one rolling off the assembly line at about five am on july the first a few hours after musk self-imposed deadline he'd originally wanted weekly production to hit five thousand by last december but had to postpone the plan due to technical problems. it's as much a british icon as the union jack but the company behind this innovative electric
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powered black cap taxi is joining the fleet of car makers concerned about bracks it during a visit to berlin the chairman of the nandan evie company called peter foster said mistakes over breaks it could start a steady erosion of business activity in britain. this isn't put systems it is a process that will take ten to fifteen years but would be madness to wake up in the morning in london and read in the papers that there's no car industry in britain it would be a real shame it does for a beautifully shot of his fears following the tire tracks of other big car manufacturers present in britain the likes of many make a b.m.w. and most recently jag you a land rover warning that ongoing bracks and uncertainty could put them off investing in britain in the future. forster's firm touts its modern credentials and boasts wife ali and u.s.p. charging on board all its taxis but to make their shiny new models and leave e.c.
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is torn between suppliers on both sides of the channel a third of them based in mainland europe. so will the u.k. car industry be wiped off the map in the next couple of decades as forster fears the answer to that will depend on crucial breck's a trade decisions do in the coming weeks. britain's tesco and france's car for a teaming up in a bid to boost their competitiveness and offer customers low prices the alliance comes as the two grocery titans grapple with increasing market pressure. one of the main objectives is to get better deals from suppliers enabling them to offer customers lower prices but that could put smaller chains at a further disadvantage. if the major players are finding it difficult there and they're now moving into alliances or mergers and diversification just russia trying to stay afloat it's going to tells you how bad things are going to be
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for the smaller supermarket chains here in the u.k. . the european alliance comes as brick and mortar retailers struggle with increasing competition from online operators like amazon the rapid descendants of discount supermarkets like germany's little are also putting pressure on the likes of tesco and car for to lower their prices. it's the first phase of what's to become africa's biggest free trade zone the two hundred forty hector sites that's the size of about three hundred fifty football pitches is intended to encourage foreign companies to set up manufacturing plants. at the opening ceremony djibouti as president was joined by several chinese business representatives it was a reflection of the two countries close economic times. less on. djibouti is international free zone is
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a flagship project. and of culminates a significant number of infrastructure projects that have seen the light of day in recent years and that are helping to strengthen djibouti its place in international trade and commerce yes the free trade zone won't just boost your butties economy but that of east africa as a whole neighboring landlocked ethiopia for instance will benefit from accessing the port within the zone china has also invested billions in rail and road networks within the region. the project is an important part of china's belt and road initiative its global infrastructure project that's also been dubbed the maritime silk road chinese companies in particular are likely to make use of the chance to manufacture and export products judy free. to beauties government will be the free trade zones majority shareholder with three chinese companies owning the
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rest since ninety percent of djibouti land is made up of desert raw materials are in short supply just one reason for the country's high unemployment rate the government hopes the free trade zone will offer a range of new opportunities to help lift its people out of poverty. but china is also getting a military payoff for its involvement djibouti has allowed its number one asian investor to set up its first military base in africa on its soil. african countries tend to export raw materials which are then processed elsewhere where the profits are also made it took three weeks for these four tons of coffee to travel from ethiopia a shipment like this reaches hamburg every two months these coffee beans aren't ror though they're ground and roasted ready for the supermarket shelves. back it's not just about the coffee which is excellent in ethiopia it's also about the packaging
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and if the packaging isn't printed well the printer doesn't do its job the label does include on correctly or if the package isn't properly sealed it can certainly lead to problems. picking to packing saline or coffee is harvested roasted and produced in ethiopia the northeast african country has a long coffee tradition you don't just drink lots of coffee they also know how to roast it roll green beans fetch around four euros per kilo roasted and package they fetch at least twice that the salina company in germany only does the marketing around sixty jobs have been created and another forty second re jobs doing things like printing the labels the concept take fair trade to a whole new level. this can be applied to other products as well. for example. usually exports as a product and only as a raw product but they could make shoes out of the land and sell them which would
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create more jobs with goods. and the business model doesn't just work for ethiopia it also works at selena's base if the shipments keep increasing the way they are right now the project will also generate profits for selena back home in hamburg. the great. general brings. against obsolete social norms and invokes a new spirit one nine hundred sixty s. . radical in the hearing and still controversial. os special on. the. euro math this week's cut.
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single see an event where the audience is the stuff. good. food carts and little joys. and. fun it's daring different and in demand. your moment in sixty minutes on d w. mondello one hundred full us on facebook and experience what nelson mandela means for young africans today. in the mind of people who are the middle pupil no other means to place where no one minded is it similar to how did the shape and influence
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the mother's tummy now can i get a lot better than i've been low my red meat yes goes badly as i leave my beef but yours is because they call me flirting like you are going to end up the way i really became a. part of it find us on facebook. and on t w dot com. hello and welcome to arts twenty one this week we're celebrating the spirit of one thousand nine hundred six. it's the year that changed the world. reminiscent of the result a time of social and political upheaval the old order was stripped away and nothing was ever the same again.


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