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yes but at the back of those. songs to sing along to download it is to come to you from super let's. do. a very good courses put it into active exercises are you talking about that d w dot com slash adoption and i'm on facebook in the uk still. in germany for free w. . welcome to in good shape coming up. probably neuropathy what can help against this nerve disorder. removing ear wax is their right way. to music therapy when do patients profit from it. here's your host dr
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costin that you taught hello and welcome to in good shape today i mean it's just outside of building here more than one hundred years ago a huge sanatorium was built today doctors are treating patients with parkinson's patients who suffered a stroke. with music because music is good for your health. listening to music stimulates the production of hormones that increase energy levels for athletes it's like legal doping research shows that music can increase or flatter performance by up to fifteen percent. music can affect blood pressure according to one study music by johann sebastian bach lowers blood pressure regardless of whether you like the music or not. music also strengthens the immune system lowering cortisone levels and boosting immunoglobulin
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a an antibody that's one way to fend off a cold. this is music era that how can use it be part of therapy and if any scientific proof that it works this is what i'm going to find out today here in being its highest and it's just an mind he's in music therapist. music helps us get access to severely impaired patients in a playful way. the. music doesn't just sound nice it affects our feelings and triggers memories but researchers believe it can do even more. they're looking into how music can help heal the body. position and.
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has spent years studying how music can help in cases a brain injury. this is actually possible because of neural plasticity which is the ability of the human brain to continually change and adapt throughout a person's life. and the brain is made up of neurons on the synapses that connect them but these connections on fixed new ones are created all the time the music stimulates powerful emotions and builds new connections through an active process of listening movement and visualization and nobody could believe that. the fact that music helps the brain build new synopses give dr daniel shots the idea to use music to help stroke victims regain movement. one of his patients eric. lost all feeling on the left side of his body after
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suffering a stroke. after a few hours i couldn't move anything that's all. i mean my arm went numb and i couldn't put any weight on my legs. you begin by doing passive movements with the help of a physical therapist until slowly you learn to do them by yourself you don't really want to. with one way music can help is through sonification therapy. this is a technique that translates a patient's physical movements into musical sounds. sensor registers the arms position which a computer program then converts into preprogramed sounds so mr rich there is literally hearing the position of his arm. the more he learns to control the arm movement the more coordinated the sound becomes. it's even possible to play a tune. at the school dissolves as motive yet it's motivating because you get
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instant feedback on your progress. today i managed to go no tie i'll stretch a bit further the patients are learning something new how to play music just by moving their limbs. this type of music therapy helps the brain create new neural pathways. patients learn to move again because areas of the brain not involved in particular movements are rewired allowing them to take over functions previously performed by the damaged brain areas this process can apply to other illnesses too. you can also use neurologic music therapy to treat a phase whereby the ability to speak is restored through song. given the right side of the brain takes over a function that used to be performed by the left and moved to the name. dr
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fiona of course uses music therapy to help patients who suffer from chronic pain. hans you're going to write it because suffers from shock host syndrome a bascule or disease which causes so much pain in his legs that he can't walk for more than a few steps at a time. but walking is actually part of his therapy. in dr old study her patients listen to their favorite music while using a treadmill. and the results are impressive as a donor should listen to the difference was noticeable spending money want to listen to my favorite music it's much easier for me to walk out of it this way you don't really notice that you've walked the phonic on it has made. that was the case with all her test subjects the pain decreased when the patients were listening to music . and all participants were able to walk further when they were hearing their
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favorite music. did was eat fish but as its type of music wasn't important there was everything from classical to jazz to pop the important thing is that the subjects liked it but i'm sure it was like. it's a technique anyone can use in their daily life whether you want to feel better in body or in spirit just listen to more music. so you speech was actually really better after using that song so it's much better in such short time you have this routine improvement. mr make me just song report that music therapy ten be helpful if you treat patients who are in pain. patients with parkinson's disease and with and asking struck so what's happening here.
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what we just saw here is voice and breath training with singing which we do a lot with parkinson patients and even with stroll and but we also do a lot with movement training when people come first after having had a stroke to a hospital and in the wheelchair the contrary move they sometimes can't even stand and we do very very slowly exercises for the better than standing with little children salomé be and then slowly coming into steps and practicing walking again and that really works better when you have the right music so what are the the main disabilities that can result from a stroke and that you can treat with music that are. very very often you get these. problems where one side of the body is paralyzed and that that causes
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walking problems as well as fine motor skill problems and arm function problems with people who have never played an instrument in their life we practice pad or one of very low low level doing very simple exercises with single fingers and that helps effectively and we know that from clinical studies as well to retrain these fine motor skills and daily routines company competencies we just saw the amazing results which music therapy can have on the speech he hopes so but is there any scientific proof of these studies that say that music therapy is effective yes we have scientific proof for stroke patients for training for on training also for aphasia which is a kind of language disorder which occurs after stroke. and we know that this
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is also effective and clinically affective for pockets and for gait training. and also for voice and speech problems so does music therapy offer anything which other conventional therapies candle for. yet the main thing is perhaps these much of a tional emotional effects but we also know more and more about physiologic effects on brain function we know actually now from imaging brain studies that music affects the whole brain and even if parts of it are disturbed after a stroke for instance very often music because it's all everywhere in the brain still works very well and so we can use music to address very very for caused by the need. functions you very often see immediate improvements as we've seen here and singing and the voice and speech movement
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but also in cognition when you when we talk about attention or memory and very often when music comes into play these things immediately change in quality and can be transferred to really beneficial therapeutic activities so it's like an awakening that yes you could almost say it can lead to severe brain damage and puts patients into a coma where they can communicate with others we doctors call this a vegetative state conventional therapy is quite helpless in dealing with those patients but using therapy could be a solution and we the followers who promotes this kind of. muscle boredom is undergoing music fer a pee in his bed which has a built in hop designed to stimulate him at today's session he's joined by a valiant a soprano who works with people who suffered brain trauma. i can't associate it's
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lovely to see how the therapist and marcel really work out the t.v. you could see how much he enjoys it laughing and trying to sing along to an outside observer it might not seem like much is happening but for him it's a spectacular success since he could. muscle has been in a vegetative state since two thousand and three when he was run down during an illegal car race now that he's getting music therapy he's learned to pluck the strings himself. the treatment works on a number of levels. the patients are able to feel their body again the sounds boost their self-awareness that activates the paralyzed parts of the body but it also relaxes by regulating muscle tone. so this is a balance between too much tension and no tension at all in kind of.
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the hope is that patients learn to experience music more deeply. and is well versed in the power of music. mentioned you can reach people in a vegetative state with in ways you can't with words and stimulate their awareness . only music can do that. for patients like masada bombs music has become a bridge to the outside world. so music therapy is also important in helping patients with parkinson's disease and we just saw patients with parkinson's disease and you train them with the kind of p
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three player in the year. walk so what's special about that yeah we use music here and hans and stimulate the gay pair and we adjust the tempo to the individual step frequencies that's very important to have a very clear tempo resonance there and then you can use music to instantly improve their walking and we also transfer that to a longer training procedure so if you need parkinson's like that can you stop the progress of pockets. you know you cannot really stop the disease progression but training is really important for those patients to help them to keep up their level of fitness their strength and insurance so we see a lot of patients when they train regularly and very often they are much better off in terms of movement while the other patients who practice less they have they get
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more problems could even say for certain medications then perhaps like reduced tablets. not really the medication is important to half sort of base is movement ability and we only do the training and also music movement training when they have their full kinematic. capacity so it's very important to have the drugs there and then on top of it you do the training it's very important to do both good christians from india wants to know. if he could use music therapy in his dental clinic. oh yes that makes sense and that is done also. regularly already like you can use the music's there to reduce anxiety to reduce pain sensitivity and reduce stress
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and that's all certainly very helpful for those who have problems at the dentist ok another question from india and tells us that she loves music but her husband doesn't love music at all so would her husband be candidate for music therapy if he doesn't like music. actually you know in the many years i've been doing the job here with hundreds and thousands of patients i've hardly had that you have someone who does not like any kind of music at all i just i can almost not imagine that this is really true so you can always find. this kind of song yeah i would i would really you know the what what is music what is music mean for you what did you experience in your childhood and your early life and usually when you do find something even if you have to look a little longer thanks so much for all this insights and if you've got any questions you like me to ask our experts. here. on your upcoming show we'll
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be looking at sugar too much leads to weight gain studies show that sugar can damage the heart and blood vessels is it also linked to cancer if you have a question about that right to us in good shape t w dot com don't forget to write sugar in the subject line we look forward to hearing from you. there billions of nerve cells in your body and without nerves you couldn't move at all but nerves are not only responsible for your movements responsible for your feelings too. if you see something strange in your seat it could be. a thing which is a disease of his nerves with multiple causes. it almost always starts with your feet specially with the toes with tingling or pain that can grow so severe that walking becomes impossible. skink it's begins with
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a slight numbing in your big toes were seen as if the toe feels like it's hugely swollen also. there's also a kind of muscle tension was. not nice and it really hurt. these kinds of sensory disorders stem from damage to nerves that extend from the spinal cord to the extremities. the damage can affect the long axon of the nerve cell or the mylan sheath that surrounds it the feeling of numbness weakness or burning can spread the medical term for this condition is poly neuropathy. a number of things can cause polydor up a fee there are hundreds of different illnesses or primary causes behind it and sometimes you have to do very intensive tests to get to the bottom of it and it was a. good crowd has been suffering from odd sensations in the tips of his toes for the past thirteen years last year it became increasingly severe he suspected that
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the problem might originate in his back. but an m.r.i. showed that his spinal discs were ok. finally he consulted a neurologist who tested how fast his nerves conduct signals. mr parts presented with sensory disorders that are characteristic of poly neuropathy and distributed in a typical way we conducted tests that quickly confirm the diagnosis. move the most common causes of this condition our diabetes and excessive alcohol consumption. up with a can result is the side effect of chemotherapy it's also possible to have a genetic predisposition for it. pickpockets is now being examined with another diagnostic tool the neuro imaging magnetic resonance device will
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provide an accurate picture of the state of his nerves. the scan shows that the problem with the nerves in his leg is not restricted to the nerve endings but extends up to his pelvis today a second specialist is giving his opinion via video link. to mine this gives you a clear picture of what's wrong we can now say what areas are affected. the patient might now know the extent of his nerve damage but the root cause is still unclear. the. video perfect poly neuropathy where you can't pinpoint the cause of the disorder accounts for twenty to twenty five percent of the cases and that even after pretty thorough diagnostic testing including nerve biopsy at that point you just have to accept you have the illness without knowing why but it is often possible to relieve symptoms. in susan flatus case
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because of the nerve problems in her feet it's pretty clear. i've had diabetes for twenty seven years up until i've been pretty lucky as my eyes are fine but about a year ago the toes on my left foot started acting up. first just one felt no pain . then another began hurting. i have to. have additional diabetic neuropathy is one of the classic complications of diabetes to tackle it your blood sugar levels need to be brought back in line if that doesn't work you could suffer a complete loss of feeling. that's one of the main reasons people develop diabetic foot syndrome which can lead to chronic wounds. can even get so bad that is required if you're going off this into. susan florida has spent five days in the clinic to normalize her blood sugar levels the doctor now tests the sensitivity of
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her feet again. it's just great that's much better than at the beginning. it's unusual to see such quick results but it's a clear example of how nerves can benefit from good diabetes treatment. since pickpocket's doesn't know what's causing his nerve damage he can only treat the symptoms and that means regular trips to the physiotherapist. dirt dust. there's a lot to be falling here my daughter had an aunt inside. that's how to clean your ears properly this is what we tried to find out and the results surprise you. a special candle to clean your canal some people believe your candling helps remove excess ear wax maya our test subject is not so sure. my first thought was no way am i putting this in my ear
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or anyone else's ear for that matter. to be on the safe side we asked and here's specialist to give his verdict on ear candling. one cats. frankly i'm no fan of here candles. there are studies that show the only effect it has is to liquefy the air wax but does nothing at all to remove it in fact also involves fire and that's dangerous because the dripping candle wax will cause damage to the outer ear which is why you definitely shouldn't do it. at this meeting so let them on this as a very case of can fall and said our next test the spoon once again dr niedermeyer is skeptical. of my diet here on this and is much too sharp are in my opinion
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it's not only unsuitable to be used by a lay person it's just plain dangerous to feel it for yourself this part is about three and a half to four and a half centimeters long if you insert it all the way and it could damage the air drum for that's. the humble cotton bud is much softer by comparison but here too the expert warns against it for us to keep in so i don't believe in using cotton buds to clean the errors so they should never be used they can cause real damage to the air. and i can show you using this model ear what this is this is more or less life size and you can see that this is relatively large compared to the outer ear canal there isn't much room here if. the cotton bud pushes the wax deeper into the ear instead of removing it that can cause a serious wax build up. but then how can you remove your wax yourself and should you even try. and. see
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if you know for sure wax contains a variety of substances so these helps to keep the skin in the air canal smooth and moist so it doesn't dry out. now and they also inhibit bacterial growth. under for me. if you have too much ear wax and can no longer hear properly get it professionally removed by a doctor for healthy years there's one rule of thumb. for the us you never try to clear the air canal with a foreign object. instead after you shower and wash your face and so forth you can use your finger covered in a towel to remove wax from around the entrance of the air can now. only remove what is easy to reach. never more than that. in other words that are too clean aren't necessarily healthy and don't use implements to clean your ears they can cause serious damage. well i don't want
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anything to get into my ears so i play it safe. see you again next week and until then let's all try to stay in.
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the bar. for sarah willis. joining her journey as musical just. today i mean some to go to chile i've been invited here to take part in a very special concert conducted by the venezuelan conducted a stop. a member from raila odinga of full of life to
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a fifteen minutes thank you you're a mess this week. sing sing and event where the audience is the stuff. food cart and little joys. and. it's daring different and in demand. your moment. thirty minutes. fund me to. his work goddess for trying out.
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the maestro and three. beethoven feast upon twenty. we like to think it's cheaper to burn the fossil fuels that is to get the energy other words the real cost of doing things is the fact of the world around us is warming up. and ultimately fifty years from now the sea levels will rise and we'll have the problems in almost all coastal countries of the world. requires the governments to begin to act begin to try to tax. the tax the carbon it's released into the atmosphere it's one of the ways of trying to slow down the use of the fossil fuels and encourage people to move to the other fields moving to other fuels actually creates jobs it actually creates an entirely new industry.
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my. theory. this is. a dangerous mission gets off to a successful start in thailand officials say the first boys have been brought out of a flooded king alive after more than two weeks trapped inside a team the elite diverse has been working for hours to extract and their soccer coach. also on the program russia's.


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