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from the west. this is the w. news line from out safely off to a grueling and dangerous rescue meantime that the first voice has been brought out of a bloody cave alive often more than two weeks trapped inside a team of elite dying this works but how was to get them out on their mission is not over yet it's. also coming up on current sends a signal to its critics took a shoulder or jesus out eighteen thousand people in
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a fresh coach of the country's civil service the number increases soldiers and police officers accused of supporting terrorists face a day before red chip tied bed while begins a new term the turkish president. and stage two of the tour defaults was decided by a sprint to the line peter song can jump good enough to take their victory off to a mass pile up into the field. any. time out of the home free clad you could join me officials in its hideout and say they have managed to get four boys out from a flooded cave after they spent more than two weeks underground a team of international dive a spent ten hours leading the first children to safety but have now paused operations overnight eight more boys in their twenty five year old soccer coach remain. stranded the local governor hailed the first stage of the rescue effort
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a success. was sixteen days today is the day we've been waiting for we are seeing the wild boars in the flesh. it's the outcome the world has been hoping and praying for the first voice from the soccer team called the wild boars extracted safely from the cave and on their way by helicopter and ambulance to hospital. after days of preparation expert foreign divers and members of the time navy's elite sealed unit launched a daring and dangerous mission to rescue the youngsters and their coach the hazardous nature of the operation highlighted by the death of a diver on friday. the boys and their rescuers must travel four kilometers from the elevated shelf where they were found to the entrance to the cave each boy will be tethered to two divers who will supply them with their fixed ropes and lights have
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been installed to guide the group through the darkness and tanks strategically placed along the route for resupply the t. junction or sam yak is the most critical part and narrow for quick there's only room for one person at a time here they will have to remove their tanks and dive through to the dry area as night fell the rescue mission halted to give the teams time to get ready for the next phase of the operation and. we will continue the rescue operation when we are ready if we need to lay out all the air tanks along the way you know what we have used up everything we had today. some ninety divers are taking part and thirteen separate medical teams have been lined up one for the coach and one for each of the twelve boys bringing them out will be a long and painstaking process each trip will take several hours. and he wus fluffier knishes been reporting from the scene for us he sent us his assessment
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of a memento today. it is the end of an exhorter narry and very long day here in the north of thailand early this morning we were presented with an official timeline of when the first boys would actually be extracted from the cave then all of a sudden we hours prior to this original timeline we first heard only rumors and a few hours later the official confirmation that four boys have actually been able to to get out of this cave they are in stable health conditions they have been sanford's to the provincial hospital about sixty kilometers away from where we are right now and the mood here in this makes if pressed him as well as anywhere around has been very very enthusiastic for the last few hours this news that they actually made it stows for boys really was met with
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grades searing and so one can safely say that the first stage of this rescue mission has been a success now what we mustn't forget is that even though four boys alex and nine are still trapped in the cave and as you can see it is raining right now and it is still a race against time and weather so this daunting mission here in the north of thailand is far from over. our correspondent flowing in initial reporting from thailand that now the second of this and the other stories making news around the walls police in england have begun a murder investigation after the death of a woman exposed to a deadly nerve agent dawn sturgis and her on a charlie brown he may have come into contact with novacek the poison had been used in an attack on a former russian spy in the south western city of seoul spree. the lead
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is if you're if you're in eritrea have agreed to end decades of conflict and reopen diplomatic ties it was the first meeting between meters of the african neighbors in nearly twenty years if european eritrea began a border war in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and relations remain tense until now. turkey says ten people have been killed and dozens more injured off to a train derailed in the country's northwest heavy rain caused a landslide on to the tracks near to kid at about one hundred twenty kilometers west of istanbul. while staying in turkey in the country has once again poached the ranks of its civil service a day before wretched one is sworn for a new term as the country's president sacked eighteen a phones and people accusing them of links to what they called a terrorist organization that the latest officials punished for the supposed that
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support of a failed coup two years ago or decrease seven zero one list thousands of names of sex civil servants including teachers and university professors what soldiers and police officers make up the lion's share of the government claims they are connected to a quote terror group it says was behind the push attempt in july two thousand and sixteen more than one hundred ten civil servants have lost their job since the incident. a commission cleared three thousand of the charges. but ten thousand others weren't so lucky like everyone cut the chill a professor of economics who was fired after a similar decree was issued now will represent the procurers opposition party each d.p. in parliament. turkish president richard type everyone was on hand to watch his swearing in as part of the new parliament. the government isn't in place yet so it's still too early to say but if we can judge by his behavior we can
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assume he'll use every tool at his disposal in the new one man governmental system . on monday will take his own or the office and he'll enjoy vastly expanded powers thanks to turkey's new governmental system. the quarter finals of the world cup in russia done and dusted let's get a round up of all the results on saturday croatia beat russia offset a thoroughly penalty shootout and england defeated sweden in friday's quarterfinals france called the better of year ago in belgium east fast for a zil that means that the semifinals on now set france who battled belgium and st petersburg on choose day and croatia will face england in moscow on wednesday. well then time to take stock i'm joined in the studio by former professional footballer fund stale he's now head of international relations and scouting the
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bundesliga side hoffenheim great to have you with us today now it was an incredible match between the hosts russia of course and croatia on saturday crow i trow asia coming out on top can they go all the way what do you think you think they played a brilliant two women so for loop expression in the group stage very strong for looking at the last two games in the knockout stage they did have their problems they had to go all the way in the penalty shoot out twice but here i mean they have a brilliant scored looking at motivating drug at each round madrid barcelona are absolutely world class players and those are the taking sides of this month to kitchen of their city beach looks very very strong so i think yes they do came through in the way but it's a very difficult game of course against informing absolutely you know talking about that much against england in the semifinals here sweden of course what do you make of gareth southgate side. well i'm very surprised positively surprised i think so skate really is the the key fact that the three lions doing that well you know it's
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a mix between experience and very very young players england for a long time seem to have a goalkeeper we speak for really doing well i think it was always one of these issues in english football that the goalkeeper makes mistakes at world cup level so far as absolutely outstanding but of course hurricane delhi belly like why are all very interesting players top class players and i think england is for me i know in a shaper they really can win the title all right well let's take a look at the other side of the jaw we've got from south facing belgium belgium who got past brazil what makes the belgian so dangerous over meets at the moment the best counter taking team in the world it's speed with froot loop could have so much temple on the wing specially when they win the ball in midfield to go directly up and actually counter-attack. they're really cold brazil very very cold and i really had brazil on the list to win the world cup but the belgians had the exact right
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tactic and i think also martin is as the head coach doing a brilliant job really working with a different kind of tactic and i think he transformed the belgium side not just into a secret favorite now the chilean team which can challenge for the title that said for all slipped equally convincing against argentina and uruguay is this something that you can see in france is all snow which looks to be their weapon of choice very young but very very slowly though i think the mix between old and young players is perfect. they of course have reason but one of the most interesting players griezmann have to work closely with sports for me country in midfield he stick effective because he's the balance he's filling all the rooms all the pieces he runs the socks off and he's just the guy which is maybe the key factor against belgium side which is expression be on the side of the counter take dangerous so county will be the guy who would close that down and i think it's a very open game fifty fifty i can't think of favorite all right but it has been an
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incredible wild cup so far if enjoyed every moment but you have any moments that were just your favorite yes i think the whole situation where russia was like the laughingstock of their own country nobody had them on the list to actually go anywhere and suddenly the whole country is behind them the performed outstanding church yourself did a great job but i think russia became a footballing country during that vote cup and i think that was true in the stadium the way the stadiums are built the whole world cup so for is a fairy tale and i'm actually very very proud that russia menage that the spite all the critics that you take before the tournament well that fairy tale is of course at this time around so here's your pick to lift the trophy i would go for england because i have a bit of england in my heart so let the three lions actually win the title they were waiting for a long long time right music why is this fantasy have thank you very much indeed well in formula one sebastian vettel has edged out title rival lewis hamilton at
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the british grand prix extending his leap at the top of the standings fettle squeezed his ferrari paulse the sadie's of. test and in the dying laps to take the lead and claim his fifth win all of the season he now holds an eight point advantage over hamilton who ended up in second place commit i couldn't finish tenth that. cycling hours have ak and writer peter saga has sprinted to victory on stage two off the top of holes the winning gave him the overall lead as yellow jersey they raced the line so yet another massive crash that eliminated seconds nearest rival here's what happened. the tour headed inland for stage two waving through one hundred eighty three kilometers of french countryside for veteran silva shover no it was his eighteenth tall and he broke ahead in front of cheering home fans but after one hundred fifty kilometers the package called up again as the peloton and
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to rush to your for the final desha the pace increased with the sprint specialists jostling for position your struck just before the finish line with a massive crash taking out a number of riders including the yellow jersey holder. that left the leading pack to forty at the podium finishes amongst themselves slovakian pair to saga to tally in saudi correctly and. france in the final sprint. with this stage victory sargon also claimed the yellow jersey as the tools overall later. underminded out of the top story we're following for you the first four boys have a much too long from a flooded cave in thailand origins rushed them to hospital after they spent over two weeks on the ground a team of international divers who resume efforts to rescue the rest of the group off the halting operations overnight. this is d w news lawyer
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from ballet on helena home free more coming up at the top of the hour of course the latest is always available around the clock on our website d.w. dot com you can follow us on twitter as well and on facebook thanks for watching seizing. on the route of a willow succeeded in dividing us about not succeeding taking the people off the streets because we're trying to just to try to show that. taking a stand globally news that matters. made for minds moving awfully fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of war.


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