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i am to you. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin in thailand a high risk operation resumes to see if the remaining boys under could all get a coach still trapped in a cave after the successful rescue of four boys divers are now back in the vast flooded cave system to try and save the other and we talked to an expert about the challenges of such a dangerous operation also coming up. the u.k.'s top briggs it may go see it david davis resigns nor does his departure mean just nine months ahead to break the
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deadline we talked to our correspondents in london and in brussels. plus the five to the top of formula one's and drive the standings is literally turned into a battle at the british grand prix lewis hamilton was possible start by sebastian vettel the bomb to go right up the track by specialist teammate after all that bouncing around how until he still managed second place two factors trophy drought . or an. unwelcome i'm. in thailand the rescue operation to free a young football team from a flooded cave has resumed a team of international divers will guide the next group of boys through four kilometers of doctor and sometimes very tight passageways on sunday the first four boys were extracted from the. even think of the hospital the latest reports say the
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boy is hungry bottom for good health and being kept from their families to avoid infections that lead to divers now have to republish tanks placed along the route before they can continue and it's a six hour journey from where the boys were trapped to the entrance of the cave the team spent nine days deep in the cave before they were found perched on an elevator shaft. and if we're now joined peter dennis he's the chairman of the british cave rescue council welcome to you general this is obviously a very dangerous operation as we have the divers are back in the cave system give us a sense of what makes this rescue operation so difficult and so risky. well we're encouraged and somewhat relieved at the success yesterday to get the flow boys out which does give us some hope that we will be able to have success with the remaining eight voice their coach and we have to remember there are also some of the china a.v.c.
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all divers accompanying them has been with them all this time. it is a tricky and dangerous operation it will be meticulously plums and you mentioned the neat saw huge stocks also acid and just throughout the route well that's been carried out by a very wide range of international divers a lot of european support divers there to ensure that there are fully recharged cylinders if not only require a lot of have to carry out a dive but if you can imagine the accession of maneuvering one of these children through some of the many quite can strip tit obstacles then the extra air is needed because you're just working that much harder so that was a key part of the plan is to integrate this restocking of our. now where did garrison at the time must be vital for the success of such an operation how do
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you ensure that in a deep and flooded cave well one of the early calls for equipment was underground cave radios these are blue frequency right your sets and they can be taken into the changed they need a run out of cable each side of them to form an antenna and an acrylic set on the surface can receive voice messages so one of those was certainly taken into the shelf where the voice for resting and that is being used to help coordinate the timing of the quit not coming in if there's any necessity for how you speak things up it means we don't have to wait for one of the divers to emerge to pass the message out which could be hours rather than just a few minutes no rain and where they're out with the big guys given all the obstacles you mentioned earlier on the divers fighting against time. well they are obviously we're all concerned about the weather forecast and the onset of
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monsoon we've already had a few thunderstorms fortunately localized and a short duration. if there's high water level because of rain it will just make everything so much harder for instance the visibility will be perhaps even worse than it currently is in the fully submerged sections new deputy silt all settlement will be washed into the cave and will be suspended in the water so that will make things harder we've got the problem of the slow rate of those river sections where there's a little bit of a space that imagine trying to make your way along even just walking if you're all chesty or neck deep in water so the sections will be much harder and then finally currently it says dry as it's been recorded since sort of assets from a specific one to fifth of june when divers try to find the voice the third chamber
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that's often quoted currently most of the route to the search chamber can be walked and so that's really speeding things up in the what's the boys have been dropped by the divers the divers can return to their mission and the time. personnel can then help the boys out from that the entrance is that could easily go back to swimming and even diving with heavy walked right into the chairman of the british koretz care council thank you very much for sharing your expertise with us and families at the table for fourteen members and how desperately waiting to find out if their firms are among those who have been rescued meanwhile the rest of the nation is closely tracking every step of the ongoing rescue operation and praying for its success. their ordeal has gripped the country the success of sunday's operation has fueled hope for the remaining nineteen members
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trapped in the cave. those who can't help directly send prayers. i'm watching the news every day. i want to read about them as if they are my own kids. i hope they come out safely. and keeping up to date on their situation from afar i want to send more support and i pray for them all to be safe and to come out to soon as possible. it's an agonizing wait for relatives of the group this family heard on t.v. that their boy was supposedly one of the four rescued on sunday. i was wondering if he'd be all right i told myself he will be all right i knew but i didn't say it out loud i was worrying too but i kept my feelings quiet has been a while since i've laughed. but authorities are not confirming the identities
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of those freed out of respect for the families whose sons are still trapped. one official says the boys are also being kept apart from their loved ones due to the risk of infections. for their families the nerve racking wait goes on information is scarce and it could take several more days before the operation is complete. and in just the past few minutes it's been confirmed that a fifth boy has been pulled out from the cave of course we'll keep an eye on that story and keep bringing you the latest developments as they come in let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world the japanese government says that least a hundred and twelve people are dead after days of heavy rain and mudslides risk years have been digging through the mud and rubble racing to find survivors tens of thousands of emergency workers have been deployed to help more than two million people were ordered to evacuate their homes. two journalists from me and ma have
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been charged with breaking the country's strict secrecy laws for their reporting on the rohingya crisis they were arrested in december in a sting operation critics have slammed the case as an assault on press freedom saying it's aimed at stifling reporting on the government's crackdown in communities. to the u.k. now where prime minister to resign may has appointed a new brigs it minister following the resignation of david davis forty four year old euro skeptic dominic robb will now be the most senior official in charge of negotiating the u.k.'s exit from the european union this latest brags the turmoil comes just two days off the terrorism is announcement that our government had finally reached consensus on a divorce deal with the e.u. . the british cabinet gathered last week at the prime minister's country retreat outside london top of the agenda ending the infighting between hardline brick city
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years and rival pro europe ministers mission accomplished set to resume a on friday the cabinet has agreed all clips of position on the future of our negotiations with you and offer you a proposal will create a new free trade area it was a consensus which only just lost it over the weekend. breaks it minister david davis was very much a hardliner davis clashed frequently and publicly with his european union counterpart michel barnier they despite putting a positive spin on their strained relations. to unite says. the devices. so undoubtedly be challenging times ahead of us in the negotiations we will do all we can deliver a deal that works in the best interests of citizens explaining why he quit david
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davis says he fears to resume a's approach will leave the u.k. in a weak negotiating position with less than nine months to go until britain leaves the e.u. this high profile ministerial departure will be seen as a significant setback. joining me now for more on the developments our correspondents bigot mosque in london and from brussels bob the reason that we start with you bigot what is david davis saying about his resume sent us more about the person who's being appointed to replace him. dominic rob the housing minister has been appointed to replace david davies he's somebody like david davis who's also convinced breck city as somebody who has argued for greg securing become pain crucially in contrast to david davies he's somebody who supports to reason may's check us announcement from friday and he thinks it's the way the best way forward now we probably don't have to wait for long before the
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brick city is would say that this is a betrayal in their course because it is very very controversial what the prime minister has announced david davis has said that he still supports terrorism a does not want to see her fall but that might be a wish really watching the developments in london and seeing if there are more resignations or not it is definitely a crucial day in a crucial week which reason may and barbara in brussels are these latest developments and turmoil in the u.k. prime minister tourism is government being viewed there. there is me of course some research because everybody here had hoped to check his announcement the piece might hold at least for a little bit longer but now it's not quite clear whether they're both further resignations whether we should she will survive this whole new turn of events brussels just can't do anything but sit and wait with regards to dominic rather of
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course the e.u. will negotiate with whomever london sends and there might be a certain hope that because rob is a lawyer by profession that me he might have a bit more sense for the legal necessities of this whole divorce process which is so you could be painful and drawn out because david davis was very patient of all about those details he was not a details man as everybody over said about him so there might be a tiny hope that things will drop might go ahead a bit more smoothly however at the moment we don't do anything we don't know anything and we can't do anything in brussels and they could do that they was very quick to replace davis davis dominic roberts how much of a setback is this for the prime minister and could there be more resignations as barbara indicated people in brussels fear. it is a huge setback and i think it's really the fallout from tourism is biggest mistake which she made a while ago when she triggered article fifty before really setting out any
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direction on brics it so now we've got this huge time pressure and people will be thinking long and hard whether it's a good idea to replace the reason may to replace effectively the whole leadership of the country just before we have a crucial summit coming up in brussels in october and just before article fifty runs out in march before britain really is set to leave the e.u. there is intense speculation we haven't heard anything from boris johnson he has been challenge by fellow m.p.'s to come forward and throw his head in the ring but nothing as happened also swell a brave woman who's a junior. with david davies speculation that she might resign i think more resignations can easily follow today or in the next days right big mass in london barbara in brussels thank you very much for sharing your perspectives with us saying the u.k. and prime minister is a may say she's a poor and shocked by the death of
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a woman exposed to the subject iraq poisoned not be charged police have opened a modern rest a geisha into the in the into the incident forty four year old dawn sturgis and her boyfriend became ill two weeks ago in southwest england not far from where a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with the same substance earlier this year london has blamed moscow for that attack reach has been described as the first chemical weapon used in europe since the second world war to turkey now where thousands of civil servants have been sacked for alleged links to terrorist groups this comes as a two year state of emergency is expected to end this month critics say turkey's president richard has used the extra powers permitted under emergency rule to target opponents president will be sworn in again as president later today following his victory in last month's presidential election. one hundred ports now
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from istanbul on the deep divisions in turkish society. the president's likeness is everywhere across turkey reject type out one thing. thank you for his reelection which had made him almost all powerful head of state out on is now president party leader and head of government rolled into one he can fire ministers and some senior judges to solve parliament and rule by decree is powers of virtually unchecked but one thing hasn't changed he is running a bitterly divided country and that is particularly evident here in istanbul. the district of s. and now for example is an arab one stronghold most of those living here are pious and conservative almost seventy percent voted in favor of the president and people are happy that he remains in charge. he's
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a source of pride for us that he represents us well on the world stage he's our leader you know because of. our president has done what needs to be done so far and i'm sure he knows what the path forward is to build the. system that's one of choice mean so happy since the elections that you can visit our country is going to make huge progress and god willing off future is going to be bright. buz in the cutty k district of very different many young people live here students artists most of them oppose add the prospect of him ruling for at least another term scats them. but when you see that one with a whole generation grew up in the air one it's going to be another five years and i'm sure after that another five years he's imposing his education system is idiology on us that's not good and this is. doable he's not my president
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i see a dark future we don't know what to do we have no hot jobs we have. me on a book i'm too tired of talking about democracy. we still know what it is but will our children you know. the problems that turkey faces are far from over surging inflation high youth unemployment the war in neighboring syria the president has promised a solution for all these issues but his biggest challenge after role may be how to reconcile the deeply polarized society. to. the semifinal match ups of the world cup set and the four remaining nations are getting ready for the games that can go once them into the final yes it's an all european affair from here on france with the battle of belgium on in st petersburg
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on tuesday and croatia will face england in moscow on wednesday and the host country russia have now but i'll go out of the competition but they enjoyed a remarkable drive all the way to the quarterfinals read they lost in a nail biter on saturday russia were ranked seventeenth when the world cup kicked off we spoke earlier with ali moody in moscow our correspondent about the surprise team of the tournament and their fans. hope the most in the end russian fans have no hope at the start of this autumn and they were built up and then of course cruelly dar so it's a difficult one for them but that hasn't stopped them from recognizing what an unlikely achievement this is for the russian teen russian fans turned out in the tens of thousands to welcome the team back to moscow here after their loss to croatia in sochi. i think there's a real recognition despite the disappointment that russia has massively over
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performed at this tournament and given their fans moments to cherish at their home so intimate so they're very proud of that very grateful the fans. that was the deadliest on of a movie in moscow formula one now sebastian fadhil has taken the tenth race of the season the british crew preheat got past britain's own us hamilton who actually started the race in pole position. sensation in silverstone right from the green light surpassed in fact it was ferrari flew straight into the lead while a slow start for lewis hamilton was made even worse when kimi reichen is ferrari sent him to rearing off the track a time penalty for the fan and a long way back for britain's federal established himself at the front joined by miss eighties tried to file terry protests with the end approaching vettel had dropped down to second behind with hamilton and reichen instead in full battle pulled off this plucky maneuver to brigade the lead with five laps to go and he
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held on to meet crossing the line first to only to second ever time at silverstone hamilton and reichen and rounded off the party in the race and have a great crowd. yeah i think really a race that i enjoyed a lot that we the people enjoyed a lot so that whatever but amazing day. that's all now has a cushion of eight points over defending champion lewis hamilton at the top of the driver's standings. and the second stage of the tour de france so a new leader in muds that after a mass crash to cut some of the frontrunners in the hundred eighty three kilometer ride through western france was involved was colombian for nanda got to dia who had won the first is to take hold of the yellow jersey the remaining sprinters forty two out for the finish line it's no walk in. gun powering home saigon now has the overall lead by six seconds. now for business news and monica and
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a big summit to do to take place in berlin at the summit is between but china exactly and richard china's premier league kids. young is in germany to meet with german chancellor angela merkel the leaders are attending a forum on economic and technological cooperation china is one of germany's top trading partners and both countries have similar ambitions when it comes to the future of manufacturing the german strategy is called industry for daughter oh in which smart machines to find the next step of industrial development is the blueprint for china's made in china twenty twenty five program which has come under criticism from u.s. president donald trump following claims off take that the plan aims to make china the world leader in ten key sectors including electric vehicles information technology and robotics and the german chinese talks on cooperating in these fields comes as washington cracks down on some chinese firms doing business with the
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united states. of course trade relations between berlin and washington have also soured since the u.s. imposed tariffs on european steel now for more on germany's and china us plans for industry and how they fit into the current global trade scenario i'm joined by ilya norton nagual foreign trade expert at the association of german chambers of commerce and industry good to have you with us let me stop asking you where do you see opportunities for german industry to cooperate with china and want to be a win win situation for both. industry four point zero is the leading topic in the next decade china's the biggest market the biggest trading partner of germany so of course we have to talk about the question how do we corporate how do we do innovation together because as we see right now in that fragmenting trade world it is very important in new topics to build up a level playing field all around the globe in germany and china together with europe very very important partners in that ok now this meeting of course today
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comes at a time when the united states is pushing towards a trade war with china how is the brow impacting german chinese economic relations . well it's impacting german businesses in china in the u.s. and in germany the interlinked it is very very close the global value change chains are very very linked so businesses are worried that this trade war between china and the usa is infecting also german companies which are producing in china there are more than five thousand german companies in china and the u.s. is a very important market for them is there an upside to it though. well of course the question is how do you react to a threat of the world trading system in europe is has the chance to build up lines of. countries to stand for free trade china itself doesn't have the best
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record in free trading both in the last few months and weeks earlier opened a lot of markets lower tariffs for companies so maybe there is a partner at least in keeping world trade operating. and would not go for a trade expert at the german chambers of industry and commerce thank you so much thank you. china's biggest tech company ten cents as it plans to spin off its music streaming service on a stock exchange in the united states the operator of the we chat platform says it hasn't decided on how it plans to sell tens and music in a filing to the hong kong stock exchange where it shares are traded it said the deal had been given regulatory approval and music service counts for more than seven hundred million active users. and shares in another chinese take giant shower me took a tumble as they made their highly anticipated debut on the hong kong bourse but
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they claw to their way back to just under the offering price at the end of the day a long awaited i.p.o. has been overshadowed by trade tensions between china and the us and weakness in global markets. an environmental group says chinese factories are illegally using chemicals that deplete the ozone layer the environmental investigation agency says eighteen factories have admitted to using bad to chlorofluorocarbons china's booming construction sectors on the pressure to increase environmental standards so they've been using more and more insulation on buildings but the agency says they've been using the chemicals to save money and actually doing greater damage to the environment c.f.c.'s that were banned internationally thirty years ago as they destroy the ozone in the upper atmosphere that absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. and there's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you the rescue operation in
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thailand to free a young football team from a flooded cave has resumed today five boys have already been extracted from the cave and taken to hospital a team of international divers will now guide to the next group of boys from several kilometers of dark passageways. and britain's bricks and secretary david davies has resigned in a serious blow to britain's beleaguered prime minister just nine months before the country leaves the e.u. davis said the government's bricks of policy would leave the united kingdom in quote its best a week negotiating position. they're watching d.w. news live from berlin we'll have more for you at the top of the next hour don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining us.
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