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cast. managed by for. this is. britain's. resignation of british foreign secretary boris johnson he's the latest high profile member of prime minister to resign his cabinet to abandon her in the midst of growing turmoil throwing the british government into disarray we'll go live to london and brussels also coming up in thailand ambulances take more boys rescued from that flooded came to the
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hospital meanwhile teams of divers are still working to bring those who are still trapped inside. it's good to have you with us tonight the british government is in turmoil two cabinet resignations in twenty four hours both over breaks it and with just months to go before the u.k. leaves the european union in a bombshell move foreign minister boris johnson resigned today dealing a blow to prime minister to resign me is departure came just hours after that of david davis the man in charge of negotiating britain's exit from the e.u. the british cabinet has been bitterly divided on help to move forward with its brakes it strategy and just on friday the prime minister secured a hard one agreement from her cabinet during
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a stormy session in parliament today theresa may think the two ministers for their work but she was repeatedly interrupted. turning to break said mr speaker i want to pay tribute to my right elbow friends. the men because. the man was the man this whole surprising how to undock speech in south reisman. we do not agree about the best way to differing our shared commitment to one of the results of the referendum but i want to recognize the work of the fullness sect of state x. in the european union for the work he did to establish a new car and steer and steer through parliament some of the most important legislation for generations and some of these who recognize the passion full of foreign sex to demonstrate its. i. mean for
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my seeing. and from a bald order to let me on seemly atmosphere. i want to hear about these important matters. all right for more on this now we're joined by vance riggers in london brianna as you saw right there lots of theatrical inside the british parliament today and you could think that theresa may have standing on firm ground tonight but she's standing on shaky ground can she survive what has happened today. well the prime minister says in very very deep deep trouble it's the biggest crisis she's ever been in about she's still fighting the still hanging on and still clinging to power so for the mutiny did not take place the backbenches of the conservative party met here in the house of commons just behind me about not enough votes to try to have a confidence vote they need forty eight votes but that one about not enough and
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actually mrs may also attended this meeting got some applause some round of applause by the direct city is that so she's trying to survive now although the party is very divided in the cabinet is a very divided she needs is somebody from the bracks it's from the hot rocks at the front to support her and she's trying to find somebody in the now former top u.k. diplomat boris johnson he just released a statement and he used some very emotive language you want to just show you an excerpt from his letter he wrote that it was with sadness that he stepped down from his role as foreign minister johnson said that may's softer negotiating position meant the brakes it dream is die and referring to the plan to remain closely aligned to certain e.u. laws johnson wrote that the u.k. was quote headed for the status of being a colony i mean i guess the most crucial question now for theresa may is does she
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enjoy enough support to push through her brakes at plan. the so if the support is dwindling she does not have a common position of her own cabinet so there is actually no position she can get negotiate on the attendant checkers on the. last week and that failed because both johnson and also david davis declared that checkers is more or less dead now she has to undertake a new attempt to unify have come in and have a party and it's not clear if she can do that and only then she can go to brussels and say this is our position let's negotiate and time is running out because the negotiation should take place until the end of october. we get there on the story for us in london tonight thank you with the brakes it crisis deepening let's get reaction from brussels now we have seen a tongue in cheek reaction from the president of the european council donald tusk
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he tweeted politicians coming to go but the problems they have created for people remain i can only regret that the idea of bragg's it has not left with davis and johnson but you know. you know he does know our very own dear much as is in brussels on the story for us tonight georg the european union doesn't seem very impressed with what we saw today in london how are european countries how are they going to deal with the chaos that is of voting right now. rex it from a european perspective has proved to be very costly both regarding time and effort not to mention goodwill and so there was some hope here on the part of the european union that finally the the u.k. was about to put a plan on the table because from the european perspective what is holding things up in this whole negotiating process is the lack of vision of the u.k. a clear vision with bullet points on a piece of paper
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a plan how they want to do this practice it and the fact now that this is being torpedoed by two ministers who took part in finding this compromise are now stepping down resigning from their posts has put all of that in jeopardy and we know that teresa main is fighting to basically save her political life and to save her government there's even talk that she may ask for an extension of that date when the u.k. leaves the e.u. next march i mean how worried are you negotiators that an orderly brecht's that is is not going to happen. well not only negotiators but also member states have already started preparing for a scenario where the u.k. will crash out not even a hot bricks it's an aria by the real no deal scenario which is on the table there's some people in brussels here who say there's even a fifty fifty chance and with these two resignations the chant the odds are are even higher now but what brussels also know is it knows that that the scenario
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of may which is now called a smooth and let me get the wadding right here a smooth and orderly breck's it is also not as a life saving boat because the compromise she has reached may be good for her own party which which is in disarray it will certainly not fly in the european union. i mean we've heard of a heartbreaks of soft drugs and now we're talking about a smooth we will see our correspondent in brussels tonight do your majesty or thank you. here is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world turkey's president right should tell you a better one has been sworn in for another five year term in office he now has expanded powers thanks to a change in the constitution he promised to build a strong turkey but just in the last few days thousands more public sector workers have been sacked for alleged links to terror groups. the japanese government says
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at least one hundred twelve people are dead after days of heavy rain and mudslides risky was have been digging through mud and rubble these are not the pictures we were plenty to show you tens of thousands of emergency workers have been deployed to help in that disaster in japan more than two million people were ordered to evacuate their homes ethiopia and eritrea are hailing what they call a new era of peace and friendship after historic reconciliation talks the two countries' leaders agreed to end the state of war between them their twenty year conflict claimed thousands of lives the two neighbors have already begun restoring telephone and flight connections. or rescuers in thailand have freed four more boys from a flooded cave in the country's north a total of eight have now been brought out safely while four more remain trapped inside along with their soccer coach the team went missing more than two weeks ago when when when they ventured into the cave complex after practice they became
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trapped by rising want. on the road to recovery after over two weeks in darkness these ambulances on route to the hospital with the latest group of boys saved from the top of the one cave complex it marked the end of a second day of high risk rescue operations in the province of china. that rescued for the boys and we started our operation at eleven am and around eight pm all forwards unsupported to the hospital but i think they are now all safe but he got paid eight the one. prime minister prior has met personally with all eight of the boys rescued so far on monday he paid a visit to the cave site to inspect the operation and was greeted with cheers from navy rescuers.
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divers are racing against the clock to save those still trapped inside the cave. heavy monsoon rains are forecast this week which could again flood the cave complex with fast moving water divers have been hard at work tightening guide ropes and replacing oxygen tanks all along the escape route treacherous work that's already cost one diver his life. but rescuers are confident they'll be able to quickly free the remaining victims. that. we succeeded like i have said we were two hours faster this time than on sunday. and. we expect that with the preparations and plan discussed we think that rule do even better for the next mission and we will succeed one hundred percent. of it. right in need of. officials say the boys and soccer coach still trapped in the cave
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are in good health if the weather remains favorable they're hoping to free all of them in the next few days. well i'm joined now by peter dennis he is chairman of the british cave rescue council mr dennis we appreciate you being on the show this evening we know that this is a very difficult operation the divers we understand are going back into the cave tomorrow give us a sense of what makes this rescue operation now even more difficult and even riskier than it was twenty four hours ago. well good evening with very encouraged and relieved that the divers managed to bring out eight of the boys all alive it's absolutely wonderful news of course we remain anxious. there is still for the boys and the coach remaining in the cave so the monsoon is probably the big factor if the water levels rise because of heavy rain that he soon it will just make much
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of the operation more charges to complete we have the impact on the water quality it could wash in new sentiment and vegetation if this trench will rain we have the problem also of setting the scene making the limited visibility that already even worse in the river sections where there is existing as space it will make the flow rates of those rivers sections stronger and harder to walk and swim against so that's another factor that the final one is that currently the route into the cave this far as the chamber is currently really clear of forces so it's speeding up the removal of the boys once they get to the chamber because they can be put in a structure encouraged by the time i navy seal divers and other support stuff from there out to the caves so all of those sections are going to be much
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harder and more treacherous if the water levels were to rise and mr just let me just ask you we understand that the first borns who did come out were considered to be the strongest bore and i guess that means then the last ones to come out or be the ones that the divers considered maybe to be the weakest or the ones who have suffered from the lack of food will that make these final rescues you know all or even more risky or even more dangerous than the first ones we've seen. well i'm actually aware of these press reports but i'm not aware of the sort of choices being made so i don't think there was a sequence specifically weak to strong strong to weak which have a press trickle you reach so by implication i don't think we have to be quite so concerned that somehow the remaining individual is. any greater risk i think the risk in some ways is less in the root is much specially reversed by the divers and
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all of this associated support teams leading out of the case so that's a plus ok the other part is that. they're just desperate search out and i think you know they feel they will if being feeding on you know looking forward to this access i don't think there's necessarily fit strath thank you mr it's unfortunate we're out of time peter davis with the british k breasting council thank you for being on the program. we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news see you then. germany state by state. the most colorful. the life of us. the most traditional. find you don't need any time. checking in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. on t w dot com.


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