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a muse alice. what's the answer to. the so-called shakes out to these kinds. of buffets. people who put big dreams on the big screen. in movie magazine on the demi a quick. trip . to share living in the digital age. coming up twenty seven teens most googled names shining on instagram. and lots of every day annoyances. but first computer game developers and egyptologists
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are teaming up to decipher hieroglyphs using artificial intelligence. they were inspired by a game where players transport themselves into the world of ancient egypt. hundred lives pyramids and pharaohs are all part of the assassin's creed origins video game developers added an educational feature based on authentic ancient egyptian sources canadian historian mock seemed to help develop the educational concept the discovery tour could prove very useful for schools and museums. the only way to make a game for entertainment for fun and we do discrepancies with history we recreate the narrative we create the story this time around we're used the same environment but it's not about a conflict anymore it's not about the narrative it's for them or about taking the time to explore. after a while developers realize that some of the hieroglyphs ancient egyptian writing.
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can be extremely difficult to decode that gave them an idea for a research project which google wanted to support. realize that there's a technique technological potential to decipher billiard with it to make it more accessible it takes years and years for someone to learn the list with over them whereas when we use a computer and a human we can do it easier. the computer uses artificial intelligence the computerized program learns to recognize and translate hieroglyphs the hieroglyph project needs a vast quantities of data so egyptologists world wide are using an open target for cottons from a wide variety of original sources before working on the tools and algorithms that come to recognize in the darkness ultimately then we can analyze existing translations matching hard sequences to unlock them meaning. that could be a boon for tony or sebastian rishta
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a professor of egyptology at the free university in berlin. his team has been working on an electronic dictionary of an ancient egyptian for some thirty years it's still unfinished as hieroglyphs are far more complex than letters in a modern alphabet. and those winds up with unlike our abstract letters hieroglyphs are pictorial ones so you could draw them like tiny logos and make variations citation then you could place this or that into the hands of these little figures and that leads to the essential problem here is that the symbols are ambivalent even to this principle of property and there are several variations of the same symbols and there's a few to be done to save the station skip the study of egyptology lacks enough funding to regularly work with artificial intelligence wish to welcome the game developers initiative but a usable computer translation for hieroglyphs is still a long way off. and i would be an issue the text. it's.
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just as you could hardly translate korean text into german with today's computers and if you could imagine how difficult it would be to achieve a grammatically and linguistically correct translation from a string of hieroglyphics symbols into any modern language. then it would on the. scientists and gamers are working together to solve the riddles of ancient egypt the databases are growing fast as egyptologists contribute decrypted translations to the new digital hieroglyph library. shift says walk like an egyptian. and now it's time for our shift ranking of the most googled names in twenty seventeen in fifth place is american actor kevin spacey google trends search analysis tracks the terms most often entered if many people google a given name in a short time it flags a trend in twenty seventeen the allegations of sexual harassment against kevin
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spacey titillated a lot of users. in fourth place was american film producer harvey weinstein accused of sexual abuse and rape by dozens of women among them stars like selma high at a discount on health ignite the need to discussions over the extent of sexual coercion in the entertainment industry. claiming third place was. when the italian presenter broadcast a report about nuclear experiments in italy in november twenty seventh seen users wanted to know who she was the report was false but her name was on monitors everywhere. taking her place in the second spot was meghan markle the only one to attract medicines attention without cutting a bad figure the american actress got engaged to britain's prince harry in november twenty seventh teen and they married in may this year.
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scandalising first place was news anchor matt lauer for over twenty years he was a fixture of american television until november one accusations of sexual harassment of coworkers cost him his job. that was the ship ranking and now. many instagram are always like to put their best foot forward in search of likes photos tend to focus on the sunny side of life and sweep the dirt under the rug which is changing perceptions of reality. sights of san francisco can be very photogenic but often ordinary snapshots just aren't good enough anymore many instagram users want as many like since possible so the photos have to be perfect according to christine trying she's what's known as an influencer and she's hired a photographer to show her best side. and stops she's an instagram professional who
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earns from targeted advertising on her profile travel companies pay her to share her holiday photos and i would say some people are charging like thousands of guys a photo to something which has only one hundred so it's such a big range it's like a really hard thing to actually determine but people can definitely make up have a few thousand among. the social network and advertising platform is headquartered here in silicon valley's menlo park south of san francisco in twenty twelve facebook acquired the company for around seven hundred sixty million euros close to five hundred employees watch over more than eight hundred million users its founder claims his app has changed the world. you'd see people shift their way even looking at the world a little bit i think it's really interesting and it's always this interplay between you know the constraints of the op and then how people and turning it into their own way but i love when people say you know i now notice things out in the world that. oh this is going to be great on instagram but maybe they would have just
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walked by there before but now they've got this different the world instagram isn't just changing its users view of the world but the shape of the world itself a designer purposely made this restaurant. with light and interesting details to inspire patrons to take pictures. and it seems to be working hundreds of photos of it appear on instagram even of the restroom. things that have a lot of pattern things that have a lot of texture and things are very unique instagram very well said things that are very memorable you know things that people say wow i've never seen that before i got to take a photo of it. seemed to have even been decorated especially for instagram users and their valuable likes. the unpleasant is undesirable on instagram says max home and director of san francisco's fine arts museum the ugly signs of life are filtered out. the original ideology of the like whether on facebook
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or elsewhere i think is gradually being perverted so it's just a form of self affirmation. and of course you see it coming out of american culture where everybody says about almost everything it's great. it's great it's instagram is said to be the nice network free of haters and fake news but it seems to be treading a narrow line between advertising and reality. shift says more beauty for the world . and now short and sweet the ship snapshots. in rogue one carrie fisher played a princess much younger than her real. sophisticated computer technology and millions of dollars made it possible but it can be done cheaper as a reddit user demonstrated. the freeze. software deep fake app can recreate the
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film effect. of his the original below is the fake. the software utilizes machine learning algorithms by google to switch faces. countless fake videos have already been made nicholas cage is a favorite for recasting in new roles unfortunately the program has also been misused to plaster the faces of well known actresses on to sex videos which resulted in the groups getting banned from reddit the program is still available. that was a snapshot. and now one more on the digital world this is our facebook page view digital for all the latest digital news entrenches interesting apps gadgets and helpful tutorials you can watch the ship reports there to. follow us and tell us what you think. on d.w. digital. and as always we leave shift through the
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exit our internet find of the week this time it's unsatisfying. nearly everyone's had this experience almost. but not quite. the graphic artists of parallel studio and friends were annoyed enough to take action and express their dissatisfaction in colorful animations. sometimes there's nothing you can do. many medicines feel the same way the video has over two million views on video.
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next time on shift. the latest model smartphones can be unlocked with iris scans or fingerprints instead of pin codes but how dependable are these technologies and where does the personal data go once they're collected biometric data security next week on shift. what a crazy tournaments a twenty two world cup has been so far. because i. could take a look at how the quarter finals went and what's coming up this week. is going to win the title in russia check it out.
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you to. move. ahead of the cave rescue operation in northern thailand says that four more boys brought out of the cave system on monday are safe and now in a hospital a total of eight boys have now been rescued while four more remain trapped inside with their soccer coach. british prime minister to resign may has named jeremy hunt to the post of foreign minister after the resignation of boris johnson hunt had been health minister may's government was rocked by the resignations of johnson and bricks.


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