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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 10, 2018 3:15pm-3:30pm CEST

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don't forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website anywhere anytime and the web site is indeed obvious dot com thank you very much for your company and the stick around now. we'll be with you shortly. i mean. a news analyst meeting she gets the unsub news stands holds on the so-called changes not to just kind of side by most. people have put big dreams on the big screen. t.v. and movie magazine on the demi.
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front beethoven. his work on the goddess fortuna. the munchies and three. children aged twenty. tariffs multinationals are scrambling to protect the bottom line tesla becomes the first u.s. car maker to hike prices in china to make up for higher do seems. is the new way e.u. rather getting bigger europe's foreign ministers meet in london to discuss western balkan states joining the bloc. welcome to the w business. it's only
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a week since the latest tit for tat from china and the united states plus multinationals are already scrambling to readjust supply chains so their goods bound for the u.s. don't pass through china the first american carmakers are raising their prices on the chinese market to make up for the higher duties. tesla is the first american company in and think that it's raising prices in china. the move comes in response to beijing's decision to impose tariffs on a range of u.s. products. china is the world's biggest car market tests like cannot afford to be price dollars plans are already underway to build a factory in shanghai which would enable the company to avoid tariffs in the future . germany's b.m.w. is also planning to introduce price hikes in china that's because customers there buy s.u.v.s produced at b.m.w. plants in the united states. the company manufactures its x.
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series at its plant in north carolina each year a bank one hundred thousand s.u.v.s produced there go to china b.m.w. is also ramping up production in china in response to its new tariffs on u.s. imports. our country is taking measures against. switzerland launched a complaint at the world trade organizations eight members now have started such a challenge united states says the duties of protecting the national security of the swiss economy ministry says that's unjustified. sixty days to settle the dispute. for more people in global trade let's bring in our financial correspondent. frank for. both raising prices now for their cars in china switzerland joining a lot of nations complaining to the euro looks like trump's america first strategy
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is really getting out of. yeah get out of that comes big surprise to absolutely no one because if you see what has the going been going on in the last couple of years in the last couple of months on the president trouble of course it is very easy to understand where the chaos is coming from utter chaos it took the world decades to build a global trade system that has been going pretty well over the last couple of years it is very complicated in global trade to reach a balance between between the wealth on one side and resources on the other side we have globally intertwined supply chains everything is really very complex but donald trump i think has never looked at the complexity of the issue he has always just looked at his one country and at certain deals that he might find fair or not fair and then he changes those but he sets basically fire to the entire global trade system and now we see what happens and that's probably one of the reasons
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that investor confidence in germany has now reached a six year low is there anything going on that could brighten the day. well i don't see anything right now it's just exactly as you said it is exactly those worries that investors and analysts have for global trade and their fear that things are getting worse rather than better that has investor confidence going down six months in a row it has even steeper drop now in the last month than we had expected because obviously the situation over the last couple of weeks has gone from bad to worse between the u.s. and the u. between the u.s. and china so that's where we are right now. in frankfurt for us thank you. how is the european central bank overstepped its power as part of its quantitative easing program the e.c.b. has carried out a large bond germany is now asked the european court of justice to decide whether
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the measure would. is intended to stimulate the economy of eurozone states breached the city's monetary policy mandate has purchased government bonds worth two point three trillion euros. the european union representatives have been meeting with foreign ministers of six balkan states in london to discuss their prospects of joining the e.u. the countries include bosnia and herzegovina serbia kosovo and macedonia albania and montenegro by joining the e.u. they hope to generate greater wealth before the western balkans can hope to benefit from europe's economic strength they've got some homework to do. all in all the west balkans are quite a way along the path to membership according to sources in brussels they've made progress on the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary the legislative process is also being brought in line with the european union. but even membership
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also means integration in the common market business must be competitive and in many cases that's a long way off the most important yardstick for the economic strength of a country is its gross domestic product you know beanie and g.d.p. per capita is only about three thousand eight hundred fifty euros per year in macedonia it's only a little bit around four thousand six hundred by comparison e.u. member states have an average g.d.p. of thirty two thousand seven hundred euros annually about eight times higher. then there's the widespread corruption coupled with organized crime and money laundering but what are the alternatives for the region russia turkey and china are all trying to build their influence in the balkans that's putting pressure on the e.u. to accelerate the accession process. but is that really a good thing as discussed with. the director of research corp corp a development institute and joins us now from the opening in capital tirana one of
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the biggest challenges for these countries to get their economies into shape. hello believing. in portland things regarding the economy development is the attraction of foreign direct investments in our country. this issue has been dealt with mostly through during the last years at least mostly through the building process and through this connectivity agenda investments mainly from e.u. funds but also from international financial institutions they're put to good use you know region to build the roads to build electricity grids to build to modernize the connectivity infrastructure so these will be completed this as it was mentioned in the report by reinforcing the rule of law the independence of judiciary eroding
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the corruption and especially and i will close with this is the fact that. these conditions like the rule of law justice vetting. and the anti corruption fight has been underlined that the european council of june as a preconditions for a way now but also for the macedonia to officially start opening the negotiation talks says the european union it's pretty obvious why these countries want to join the e.u. but why would you want to expand further to these countries and perhaps even laying the foundation for the next economic and financial crisis. well i'd say instead of using the word expanded use the word consolidate all the western world in six countries are surrounded by you members all basically we are we are already in the huge growth in the in europe geographically. the e.u. is very much present in our economies two thirds of our but i mean almost two
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thirds of our banking system is owned by the e.u. banks our trade exchange and see in great percentage three poorest like eighty percent with the european union during their millions of woken born citizen that leaving the european union and our lows are the lows of the european union that we are transposing are in our legal background so basically we are already in your of the fact of we don't have access to many you found but we have been a very valuable our ally in protecting europe south and flank we shouldn't go further than the migration grows in two thousand and fifteen it was because also because we stopped we were very restricted at the border so that we contributed to a solution of this crisis. are to have sky joining us from tehran thank you very
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much. global sales of smart phones have been falling last year they dropped to zero point three percent as most markets become saturated most markets but north india bucking the trend india saw a fourteen percent spike in smartphone sales anticipating a further boom some so now open the world's largest smart smartphone factory in the state of the pradesh. only a third of india's one point three billion people have a smartphone the untapped potential means sales have room to grow here samsung is banking on this front with the new plant is the biggest smartphone factory in the world for what's become the world's second largest smartphone market after china one hundred twenty million samsung units are set to roll off the assembly lines here every year the facility is a boost to indian prime minister narendra modi's make in india campaign aimed at attracting foreign investment and creating manufacturing jobs. in may i
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congratulate the whole samsung team for creating this new unit this event today's key in making india the hub of manufacturing this investment of fifty billion rupees will not only strengthen the business relations of samsung in india but will also prove imperative for indian korean relations. samsung may be investing up to seven hundred fifty million dollars in the mega facility but market dominance is far from assured affordable models from shalmi have made the chinese manufacturer the top around the new factory as some things attempt to snatch that title. and that's all we have business news of an update for you in the next hour i was watching bubba.
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