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i think well company says they won't pay. and daniel winter will have all the details that coming up and i'll be back at the top of the hour. sarno just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of these captivating sounds and found that deep in the rainforest in central africa the letter written the closing table book left in the land the one thing. money little. he was so fascinated by their culture that he stayed.
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with only a promise to his son made sarna leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass jungle but. the result reverse culture shock. the cries we. see from the forest starts. w. . why it caught fire she was threatening to strike over cristiana rinaldo that one all right al madrid fans will tell you what's infuriated these employees. also coming up with. major chevron to pay billions of dollars in clean up the country's indigenous population all unlikely to see. i'm daniel winter and this is your business update. well because at
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a field chrysler plant in italy will go on strike this month and they have a very good reason football star cristiana rinaldo has just signed a deal to transfer to your vendors turin for a hefty price tag so what's the big deal about this big deal take a look at these because it's an italian fit chrysler factory are angry the reason news of a costly football transfer christiane a renowned always leaving male madrid's to join you ventus two in critical of one hundred million euros italy's oniony family owned shares in both feet at and eventis employees said the owners should invest the money in them instead that's why they've decided to strike and just get by in fact i guess like a punch in the face for those working here for over forty years we've received little money but for right now though there's money it's a shame it's disgusting. others say the transfer is a marketing move. that costs
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a huge trees as your own but then yearly family knows how to do their math for me and you to fight it will do more to be and it knows that there's a reward of the same value for the company to put it out to relish tell us what you've got. and then there are those who are just happy for that scene. but i know that you're. more industrial action now ryanair pilots are staging a twenty four hour strike today which is force the airline to council thirty flights out of island the irish airline pilots association is protesting over pay and watching conditions the strike only affects flights between the u.k. and ireland but other unions apparent a strike in spain portugal and belgium i suppose that could affect groups across the continent today marks the first day of industrial action by an absence officially recognizing unions of december. uphold
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a claim of a multi-billion dollar damages against oil giant chevron that's decades of rainforest damage the court saying indigenous people have a right to compensation for oil spills that contaminate ground water despite high hopes from those affected the ruling is largely symbolic and no longer operates in the country. it was a lengthy legal battle or oil giant chevron has been ordered to pay nine point five billion dollars in damages for decades of environmental harm oh. texaco never again of reference to the company chevron took over in two thousand and one the plaintiffs include indigenous try it's from the amazon rain forest who filed a class action lawsuit twenty five years ago now the highest court in ecuador has ruled in their favor. their home was once a dense jungle us oil company texaco right in the one nine hundred sixty s. now not much grows here anymore the affected area is four times larger than new
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york the soil is contamination everywhere and cancer rates are above average. some see the ruling as largely symbolic and say enforcing the decision won't be easy the environmental damage relates to oil operations blamed on texaco that took place between one thousand nine hundred sixty four and one thousand nine hundred meaning it ended more than a decade before chevron acquired the firm. not endanger the court at all to the commission it isn't just against shafran it's against the system of corporate impunity it will find tire planets it's against the global corporate client hysterical to sentences that's a great global president that n.t.t. innocent people together are capable of accessing justice if you don't support this song got a party to write it out as well against san fran has no assets left in ecuador to feed the plaintiffs have tried in vain to sue the company in the united states they
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want to see oil giants held accountable for the pollution they cause the united states could be softening its position on iran previous statements against washington aim to reduce the nation's oil exports to zero but secretary of state says they may grant waivers to a handful of countries importing iranian crude ones like. u.s. officials have been meeting with the saudi energy ministry to discuss keeping up supply to avoid volatility trumpet ministration has said it wants to deny iran revenue its previously used to finance terrorism. the us has a problem with keeping up receipts of foreign direct investment the amount of money coming into america from overseas plunged thirty two percent to twenty seventeen compared to the year before and the trade route with beijing is making matters worse and it will attack washington has lashed out of beijing and the world trade
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organization say china's trade policies are too big for the w t o to tackle. some countries say china is raking in all the benefits of free trade but preventing its partners from enjoying the benefits to be had from asia's largest economy. at a world trade organization conference the chinese delegation try to convince them otherwise. we have significant you know what import tariffs voluntarily and continuously by they aren't off twenty eight seventeen import duties all over my hundred ten mines have been reduced with the trade wait it out reached airfreight fourteen to two point four percent while china is facing overwhelming interest from foreign companies keen to invest fellow w t o member the united states is experiencing less enthusiasm from china's business community and
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that's partly because beijing has put the brakes on big corporate ventures abroad and wants to cash to stay at home and donald trump is hostile trade policies have also taken their toll. for years chinese companies pump increasing amounts of money into the us true foreign direct investments these peaked at more than twenty six billion dollars during the second half of twenty sixteen but increasing tensions between the two countries since trump became president in early twenty seventeen have caused a dramatic drop in such investments. no one knows what the long term consequences may be for what still the world's number one economy china however is certainly waiting in the wings. businesses in europe are concerned about attempts to beef up border controls there are a contradiction to what the schengen area is about namely open borders that allow
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for a free flow of goods and services as well as people stricter controls threaten the concept of just in time manufacturing and cross border supply chains businesses one millions of euros are at stake. this truck from hungary has arrived just in time the products are needed by the company. and germany's southwestern state of boston verdant panic the german company produces fans for example to be used in air conditioners showing the work with the hungry and plant makes the end product competitive supply chain delays due to new border controls would make the fans more expensive. this thing will be if we had a plan for one and two more days in the supply chain then we'd need to build a storage hall for eight thousand parts at about two point five million euros the customers would likely have to live with longer delivery times that would be unacceptable and on affordable food. for the truck the bottleneck is the german austrian border where german police perform visual inspections to prevent refugees
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from entering the country illegally that leads to long traffic jams at the border on certain days from january to may twenty eight hundred four thousand six hundred attempted an authorized entries into germany were registered of those two thousand four hundred fifty individuals were turned away many were hidden on the trucks cargo beds. in munich it's rush hour at the wholesale produce market hundreds of trucks deliver fresh fruits and vegetables from southern europe every day they all depend on open borders. then a clutch month gets his fruit from southern italy increase passport controls directly at the border crossings would delay his deliveries from italy considerably . material out of the times we deal with fresh produce of this would certainly have an effect on the prices and of course on the quality it is decisive if the delivery
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truck has been on the road for twenty four more hours here if a few going to fix it with longer waiting times at the border crossing such as from italy some dealers fear that some tropical fruits would disappear from the market completely. trade is a permanent race against time and against low margins. things get worse people would get laid off the fewer hours business volume reduced those are the effects that come with this i don't need to tell anyone if you have a company and it's not going as well as it should then the consequences are simple and if it gets really bad you shut down through every delay at the border would cost chaos in the supply chains that have already developed and would cause incalculable economic damages the schengen agreement is at stake. comcast has sweetened its bid for pan-european t.v. group sky to more than thirty four billion dollars in statements of raising its
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offer to oust rival twenty first century fox which upped the stakes just hours earlier rupert murdoch's fox already owns part of sky but hopes to take control of the entire company comcast is also a boiled in a takeover battle with disney for fox entertainment assets that are being split off from murdoch's empire. the dreams of global bike sharing startup have turned into a nightmare it's filed for bankruptcy in singapore and left tens of thousands of bicycles apparently stranded the company says it still wants to continue doing business but problems with its app means many of the bikes comp be located. that's it for you all the business update i'll be back with even more in the next hour thank you for joining us.
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on. the. half. more intrigued international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week clearly have two dishes in mind nato allies spent on more open display than it this year summit in brussels could front of the fire from president trying to defeat one of the strongest military alliances in history join us for this week's coming up. next on d w.
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just for. whom and in fighting for decades to take you seriously in the world of what appears has come out women strong. superheroes. smart talks smart stay in the gym bring creasing really dangerous time for the top dollar for mom. rarely have divisions among the transatlantic partners been on more open display than at this year's nato summit in brussels it got off to a tense start with u.s. president donald trump insisting his nato partners in general and germany in particular must pay a larger share of the a-y. .


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