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trump is now on a visit in the u.k. you're watching the w. news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will see you at the top of the hour with more world news. in. germany which. any time he plays. video. he had at the back of his car. songs to sing along to. see this to come
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from soup. to music. and very funny into active exercises are you talking about that you don't call mustache dog on facebook in the story. german for free but w. . released. hi and welcome to a special edition of kino all about the munich international film festival now munich in terms of german film fest is always the eternal number two behind the belly nala but the bavarians are ambitious and this year munich made it clear that being second place just isn't good enough. the various premier announced he was
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doubling the festival's budget and hope to turn munich into a truly international media that this we're going to talk to you this week we believe that with the new structures we have games virtual reality films that are more interesting to a foreign audience we can add more elements in order to catch up with the berlin film festival that. we won't be able to have to take them right away but they should feel us snapping at their heels and soon after him and. when it comes to hollywood stars at least munich was able to shine two thousand oscar winner emma thompson was in town to present her new film and to receive the festival's cinema merit award for her lifetime contribution to international film was to get it out why and gave. me all my love. about. the song from her successful musical me and my girl it brought the house down emma thompson had munich eating out of her hand.
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she's a powerful unconventional woman with a great set of pipes but nothing of the diva about her one of hollywood's coolest actresses was honored and celebrated in munich for her life's work. it's made me think about my life and i've been thinking about my connections with germany and my admiration for germany actually in this extraordinary. welcome that you gave to so many refugees here i've myra's say much because my son's a refugee so i feel a really intimate connection with the generosity of spirit that i found here. thompson doesn't keep her opinions to herself even on controversial topics her latest film the children act is about a difficult decision. she plays
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a london judge overwhelmed with work and a faltering marriage i don't know how to say this think. i think i want to have an affair or happens as with kenya however the boy and his parents are jehovah's witnesses and this country is their face to accept love into their system. it's a moral dilemma should the judge try to save the boy's life against his will or not she decides to order the transfusion but in vain just then draw the local the poor the knife is more precious and dignity the weight of the law and the responsibility that you have over people's lives and in this case over somebodies life and death. the sense of that responsibility was i think the biggest challenge but i met a lot of women in the family court who were judges and they really helped me to understand it. and the thompson likes a challenge both in her private life and on screen her successful early films were
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also screened in unit. such as howard's end thompson won an oscar for her performance as margaret the socially critical romantic drama. never suspect no i don't. she want another oscar for her screenplay for sense and sensibility in which she also acted. emma thompson is passionate intelligent and versatile her parents of the word ceremony in munich was a highlight of the festival. and tops them she was in a class of iran as you can probably see politics took center stage at the media film festival this year it started with the opening night film a movie about economic crisis out of control capitalism and rising political extremism sound familiar. but this film is set not in twenty eighteen but during
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the weimar republic when a young playwright by the name of bell told blessed pens his masterpiece the threepenny opera. the underworld the demi monde and bush was society everyone making deals with everyone else as bush wrote food is the first thing morals fall on a. society on the edge better student lee analyzed the situation at the end of the roaring twenties the parallels to germany today are striking. mine and i know nothing. shocks me about. your review be that psych. ops comic. book director your team long doesn't limit himself to
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a new retelling of the threepenny opera he also reveals that but i originally wanted to adapt the play as a film which he would direct but ended up hopelessly at odds with the producers. says in folk of this event the line does a scene of course to. makea message is a bio pic a musical and a film adaptation all in one long runs a wide a static gamut with this film but that's true to the spirit of play. that a much more in the art of the one nine hundred twenty s. and not only in germany just tried a lot of things out until the nazis put an end to it i think it's time that we take up the fraud of the grand artistic experiment and build on it and see for free. but spread over two hours that approach is convoluted and overloaded viewers unfamiliar with the threepenny opera can quickly get lost between the story in the opera and pushed. own biography. and. think it's.
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very personal first and presume different from blue to for doing such a. task is to fight this activity just to become a free runner street from this fuckwit. those lines are all quotes mostly from tastes letters. depends on the it was a challenge to give life to those lines so that you felt that saying them was an impulse that cursed out of him that moment that they were thoughts he only just tapped it that's not simply recite them stiffening as and so it's a space so it's a for. the audience at the premiere was greeted with the english version of the most famous song written by battle placed in court by mack the knife.
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the film features plenty of songs and even more story which means unlock gets lost in the telling this project honoring a prescient german author is perhaps overambitious but it offers great cinema with lush images. the munich film festival might not yet be as big as the belly nala but it's still the number one spot discover new german talent this year's crop of up and comers gave us some rough what age of a new generation of berlin party animals and stressed out geeks of a life lived on the edge and in the cold glow of the computer screen. a young man withdraws into a virtual world food drink or even sex he can get it all online. then there's johnny who earns a bit of money as a webcam girl to support her party lifestyle less long as her parents are watching
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. two directors two points of view on a new generation what are they up to what motivates them. one film could take place anywhere and up tight alone with his computer. i was thinking maybe. a dinner highly intelligent but isolated he gets truly close to a woman for the first time it could be the start of a love story where you might think it was when i was interested in the combination of someone i consider so intelligent having so many unfulfilled sexual needs while at the same time working in the i.t. sector where the guys really do tend to just isolate themselves work that lead. in this case it leads to almost unbearable horror having been rejected he murders his would be girlfriend and dismembers her body all of which is shown in a gory but matter of fact way the film is hardly
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a ringing endorsement of the modern day man she broke my heart. she changed my life and for the film is about a weak man surrounded by four lively and strong no women who through the help or interaction in whatever form he becomes what he becomes over the course of the film . that there was a lot of this is what. this film is about for various life women in berlin it's told in an almost documentary style with the women recreating their own lives what's real and what's made up. getting paid for sex with old men getting high on super cheap drugs. so as to myself. there's no being excessively way of new drugs that suggest on the film and then
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there's the self presentation online and the height of celebrating and showing how cool you are these people aren't necessarily addictions to drugs as much as they are to a certain lifestyle always insisting on a lifestyle. director gronkowski knows this lifestyle from firsthand experience having spent years with his lead actresses. in both films the directors seem fascinated but perfect lexx by this new urban generation both men and women who seem lost and lonely isolated and desperate alone and searching for connection. and that's all for our special on the munich international film festival for more on the films and stars in munich this year check out our website we're back next week with a new edition of q. know until then i'll see at the movies. what
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i'm. talking about. more intrigued by the international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week we have two dishes on the nato allies spin on more open display than it this year some had in brussels could produce a fire from president trying to defeat one of the strongest military alliances in the street join us for this week's partly. quadriga next d.w. are. going to like to come. up as collect
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watches. but the swiss man skate on to take and so a man likes tree. he just placed them in passionately in the open and musing. the tree museum. summation in. your roman. sixty minutes on the w. . we make up oh but we want tons of food and uppity pipes we all this summer some of us are. being one to shape the continent's future to be part of it and join our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the
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seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge of. the people of the world over information they provide the opinions they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow ups. rarely have divisions among the transatlantic partners been on more open display than at this year's nato summit in brussels it got off to a tense start with u.s. president donald trump insisting his nato partners in general and germany in particular must pay a larger share of the alliance's costs now is the u.s. president who will go on to moscow early next week prepared to turn his back on nato while and.


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