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tv   Quadriga - Friendly Fire How United Is NATO  Deutsche Welle  July 13, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm CEST

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and we also heard today that italy will not ratify say to the european union's free trade agreement with canada that is according to the country's deputy prime minister luigi de mio well if true then that coup to shatter the use of biggest free trade accord in years the threat to the deal represents of the front to the ongoing global trade conflict a failure to deliver sita would be a huge setback for also why and brussels well have been trying to ramp up trade amid growing protectionism all of course the world cup is still up and running and football fans that will have to wait until sunday's world cup final to see whether france or croatia wins a battle among sports fitness as already been decided because added has it on germany spain and argentina to carry its brand sprue but they've since been sent home nike however has been sponsoring both teams in the final has got the better of its longtime rival. no matter who wins the world cup nike is claiming victory at
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least among the sport's health centers along with their colors the french players will be bearing the swash as will the croatian team the final marks the milestone for the company we've had three of the four teams break the semifinals and then two of our teams made the finals which is the first time. we've been in the game of football for over twenty years and it's the first time that we've ever had it all make the final with both teams were. nike says the kids from both teams are selling like hotcakes but it's not just about the presale spike for nike but the longer term boost to the brand that could prove helpful for the sports apparel maker at a time when it's trying to extend its reach. we see china overall as a tremendous growth opportunity for us as a company that we believe for and to ourselves support will help us accelerate our business so one of our biggest opportunities is that you have. your chinese
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consumers connect with sport and football will play a critical role in that that's less than good news for adidas which has had the firmest foothold on the market around football for decades it's rivalry with nike is only going to get more intense and extend long after the world cup is over. even though all eyes are on football right now there is more happening in the world of sports right now is there yeah though it's all about the world cup but there are other sports monica at the tour de france ireland's dan martin has claimed victory on stage six a one hundred eighty one kilometer jot from breasts through the brittany countryside sprang to life in the closing stages the team emirates rider pulled ahead inside the final kilometer and managed to hold on to his lead it was martin second tour stage wind of his career meanwhile belgium's. kept hold of the leaders yellow jersey. serena williams is through to the wimbledon final after
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a straight sets victory over germany. the seven time champion cruise past six two six four one ames will now meet angele caballe in a rematch of the twenty sixteen final care made quick work of yelena austin penco winning that match six three six three in just over an hour it's the second time the german has been to the final out wimbledon and actually world cup while the players are having a well earned rest after the semifinals this week the fans are out and about sightseeing in russia can't be taken for granted as the country has been restrictive of tourist movements in the past but this world cup has opened doors to visitors. police patrol it's business as usual in moscow but this world cup has seen plenty of changes gatherings are usually allowed here people are celebrating anyway the police keep everyone safe but there is training themselves
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and getting involved. always prepared to help the tourists. you can see that everyone is in a celebrate. fans the savings you see at stake here but i'm really enjoying this atmosphere. by russians and foreigners coming together on red square a carnival of nations so to say well the police look on. the police to spot checks but we don't feel disturbed. it's really ok yeah. there were they very polite i've never experienced anything like this before. as the world cup change russia but will this fairy tale of openness hospitality and enthusiasm for the beautiful game come to an abrupt end if you had too much store everyone is coming together that a bullet that they're welcoming and friendly to have as
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a thing frannie saying you know you've got some best out there is this strain yeah oh look there's has improved but we came here which tourists and we've really enjoyed a simple dance quite that's a big difference between moscow in the rural areas moscow has definitely changed in these me and. most russians barely recognize their own country they marvel at the changes the countries undergone the foreigners the state media often portrayed as the threats actually quite nice. but of course the kremlin is using the world cup for its own agenda is pushed through unpopular reforms such as increasing the pension age at the same time the government is trying to polish russia's image. this move. you will poison. their use in power sharing that kind of a thought i had because i want to improve russia's reputation improve. its victory on seeing any real changes to the system and here we see live what i probably knew
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no no no no no previous world cups of show and the host nations fairytale ends when the final whistle is blown but memories always remain. i think what do you do when your country is knocked out of the world cup while you can either return home or jump on the midnight express to continue exploring the host nation and that's exactly what one fan from mexico did here since journey into russian hospitality the night train sets off from st petersburg at two o'clock in the morning it's a long journey to moscow twelve hours in a packed compartment fifty four people fifty in this third class sleeping car one from mexico was at the semifinal in st petersburg he was surrounded by fans from all over the world. now he's on a train with russians heading to moscow. i tried to play in that. respect i like. to be on the train with some russian and we are talking about
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what i like about his calling tree and something like that. but now it's time to rest it's late and there's a long way to go. the next morning it's stuffy in the sleeping car. plan hardly slept. others have been up for hours. the people next to one are having fish for breakfast one has enjoyed the experience he's managed to have a conversation with nikita despite not speaking russian one hadn't thought about bringing breakfast so his new friends offered him some of theirs he's seen similar hospitality at other world cups he has attended. usually people are kind to each other and helpful i found that in germany i found that in brazil and now in russia. his own country mexico were kicked out of the world cup almost two weeks
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ago but one is still having fun and he'll remember this journey for a long time. in football chelsea have confirmed the sacking of italian coach antonio contact after just two seasons in charge on a guided chelsea to the premier league title in his first year at stamford bridge and won this year's f.a. cup but his future was plunged into doubt after the team failed to qualify for this coming season champions league is expected to be replaced by another italian former napoli coach but it's the oh sorry. alice return back to our top story we have live pictures coming in from the country resident of britain's prime minister tres m a that's where mrs may is due to hold a joint press conference with u.s. president donald. in just a short while it's the second day of an official visit by trump to britain and it's been marked marked by controversy in interview with a british newspaper trump said may had quote wrecked the process of britain leaving
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the european union he also said plans by trees a man for what some call a soft brags that made a free trade deal between the united kingdom and the united states impossible for the life of the press conference between the louis two leaders when it begins now to some of the other stories making news around the world chile and police have arrested former catholic priest oscar munoz in january he admitted to having sexually abused children this is the first arrest to be made sense of authority has launched a major investigation into abuse cases in the church earlier this year prosecutors say there are more than five victims. thousands of people in the garage was capital mogwai have taken to the streets and fresh protests demanding that president daniel ortega resign opposition activists have planned another two days of demonstrations amid fears of brutal government suppression of these two hundred people have been
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killed in protests since april. an explosion at a chemical plant china has killed nineteen people and injured twelve others according to state media the blast happened in an industrial park several hours southeast of shang do the capital of the southwestern sichuan province it's not yet clear what caused the explosion. to iran now were several women and girls have launched protests against the government's compulsory headscarf law some have been removing their head jobs in public and waving them in the air calling their movement girls of revolution street to iran has cracked down arresting several protesters we spoke to two women who are free on bail and waiting for their trial. no guest host seanie is apologizing to her mother i'm sorry i made you worry she says but you should have known what i was doing her mother responds did you think i didn't mind it almost seems like you enjoy being in prison. today
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a mother and daughter can joke about it. because no laughing matter of course amy had demonstrated in public against the obligatory islamic headscarf it. to me having to wear the job means that other people are deciding what i should and shouldn't do we've been stripped of so many rights because apparently we women can't make decisions for ourselves but i want to decide for myself i'm from a conservative religious family. at home i also protested when my parents tried telling me what i was allowed to wear until two years ago and wear the full body should or should i love my family and i didn't want to fight with them it took a long time to persuade them and it was hard work. was this some. but in the end i achieved my goal to.
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better the leftovers for them to hold on. one day she came across a website called the girls of revolution street launched in twenty seventeen it brought together women from across iran who were taking to the streets to protest the compulsory job. they stood waving white hand scarves time to sticks this idea of a peaceful protest appealed to her. but i felt that if i was going to do something to further women's rights then i needed to do it right now. and it was such a peaceful protest it wasn't something that felt frightening the main thing i was worried about is whether or not to climb up on top of one of those electric boxes. on january twenty ninth she managed to wave her headscarf in tehran's open air as. i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes i was so nervous i was shaking. and i was just waiting for
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a voice to say ok get down from there. i met eventually that's exactly what happened. she was arrested friends rallied in support while she was in detention she was given a preliminary prison sentence which she's now appealing. where's the john because she wants to even so she doesn't think women like orsini should be thrown in jail she's been campaigning for women's equality for years. the government thinks the republic of iran will collapse if a new policy is introduced and the compulsory his job law is overturned. but iran is no different from other dynamic societies in a state of flux if the leadership can't adjust to change it will become obsolete. in my view in more. recent statistics show seventy five percent of women in iran
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oppose the compulsory head job law a sheeny says women should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to wear it. and if so the peaceful protesters are a good thing it's a grassroots movement they're expressing their opinion without resorting to violence and i support the girls of revolution street i want to. shop i don't shuddering so i didn't felt the full force of the regime's anger she doesn't want to be forced to wear a headscarf she says iranian women are already forced to me double lives one in public the other can privately we meet her in a cafe in tehran she says she wants to protect her family she has a husband and a ten year old child like not as well seanie she too has protested in public and ended up in jail. and i told them that i'm not going to going to that present again without talking to my lawyer then i was be there not badly.
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after that they. sent me to a court to the court but didn't hit it didn't ask me about my bruises the judge didn't ask me what happened to your face nazi she was held in solitary confinement and went on hunger strike her parents did not support her they told her she had acted irresponsibly but then her father came to see her he was crying and he i told you he he kissed that there is the glass and told me that i'm proud of you and when the. prison guard lady. told him. to come with me to stop the hunger strike my father just told me be strong stand up and be strong as you are. shown to resign was also released on bail and is awaiting sentencing and other
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girls of revolution street continue their peaceful protest in their own small way grasping a bit of personal freedom but whether this freedom has a future is unclear it's one of the uncertainties of living in today's iran. u.s. president donald trump and british prime minister terrorism there are expected to start their press conference shortly that's after talks at her country retreat at the start of the talks trump insisted their relationship is very good and very strong the president's positive remarks come shortly after an interview was published in which he blamed me for quote wrecking brags that let's listen to what he had to say. i would have done them much differently i actually told her recently had to do it but she didn't agree with she didn't listen to what she said she didn't say no i told her how to do it that will be up to her to say but i told her how to do it she she wanted to go different route i did give to resign who i
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like. i didn't give her my views on what she should do and how she should negotiate . and she didn't follow the issues i would i would actually say she probably went the opposite way if you could look she probably went the opposite way that's fine you know she should negotiate the best way she knows. joining me in studio is alex forrest whiting to discuss this further alex let's talk about those comments he lands in britain seems to be ok and then he makes the statement to the sun newspaper shortly before he has dinner with me yesterday yes well he gave in to you actually to the sun newspaper when he was in brussels at the end of the nato conference but it was too recent may was standing with her husband philip way outside lennon palace in oxfordshire waiting to greet the president and his wife millennia that she was apparently informed of this interview with the sun newspaper
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in which donald trump said these very i could say unusual comments about to resume the prime minister of the u.k. before he was about to spend four days in the united kingdom and obviously the very controversial they've driven i would say a coach in horse through a normal u.s. u.k. diplomacy not to mention the fact that he has so blatantly criticized the way in which he has been dealing with bricks it and what she wants to get out of a deal with the e.u. once the u.k. has left the e.u. with him saying very clearly as we had that i would have done it much differently and that it will probably kill the deal any deal with the u.s. over trades and making it very very difficult for her and she's already dealing with huge turmoil within her own conservative party two cabinet resignations this week boris johnson david davis and the backbench tory m.p.'s up in arms few areas
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about what's going on with bricks it particularly with white paper a plan for what she would like to see happen with the u.k. and the e.u. so you have a say haven't had a reaction or heard reaction from mrs may what might she be thinking as you mentioned she's going through this domestic turmoil right now to overtop ministers specifically relating to brags that one of them resigned their post just a few days ago and now doll. basically siding with them and saying you know what her plan as he calls it a soft brags it isn't going to work and he even made threats about the fact that the u.k. and the united states were potentially then perhaps not have a free trade deal i think that she is the true professional in this and actually she has no choice she has to be she has to keep the smile she is an awkward politician she doesn't have that touch of the people that other politicians do such as boris johnson but she is professional she has an aim here she wants in some way to try to secure some kind of trade deal with the u.s. once the u.k.
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has left the she wants to talk to him about issues such as the middle east russia and those are important to her and that is what she will be aiming for i you know i'm sure that dunning street that the foreign office would have been well aware and would have briefed that there is the potential that donald trump could do something like this but that she would just have to manage it and not is what she's trying to do we haven't heard from her yet but we did hear from the chancellor philip hammond the chancellor is the economics minister when he was in brussels today saying that look he probably don't trump probably haven't seen plans for brics it and that it was all going to be a very positive meeting between the two of them and then as you say we've heard from donald trump saying that they have a very strong relationship and him saying that he had had a great trip so far so how we might see him now rolling back from those comments to the sun newspaper in this press conference that we're waiting for reason rolling
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back on other comments just a few days ago at nato was a similar situation where he had some negative remarks to say that seemed to cause a great deal of chaos and then came out and said everything was fine so perhaps that will happen we're watching live pictures of course of the podium where the press conference between the two leaders will sure take place shortly and when that begins we'll go to it live alex i do have to ask you treason may has consistently talked about this. special relationship as it were between the united kingdom and the united states just how special is it when the american president arrives and publicly bashes you well i think that the u.k. i have to say i think a slightly slightly prime ministers are obsessed with this so-called special relationship the coin the phrase was first coined by winston churchill in the one nine hundred forty s. and every prime minister has tried to hold on to it to prove that we have a very very special relationship with the us in reality is there really a special relationship i'm not so sure i think. they have always been difficulties
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between the two however where they are very strong is over military negotiation over how they fight terrorism how they share intelligence and i think that was really a binds the two countries together and will continue to do so and so whatever may be saying that behind the scenes those are the two things that the diplomats that those in intelligence will know what keep those two countries together and they can't afford to let that go. forrest whiting stay with us we're going to now go quickly to d.w. correspondent bereket mosse as we're seeing live pictures of u.s. president donald trump and cerys a man approaching the podium just quickly while we wait for them to approach that podium we know that there have been protests in london can you tell us quickly about that. massive protests are underway in london tens of
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thousands of people are expected to take too much against donald trump and make their views known many of them say they want to stand up to bully they say they oppose him as being a racist a misogynist and also. they don't pose his policies on climate change this is that is what i have heard from some protesters who are out here and of course in london . yesterday you know it it states to checkers today on his first official visit to the united kingdom no two countries do more together than ours to keep their people safe and prosperous and we want to deepen that cooperation even further to meet the shared challenges we face now and in the years ahead. this morning president trump and i visited sandhurst where we saw a demonstration of joint working between british and american special forces just one example of what is today the broadest deepest and most advanced security cooperation of any two countries in the world. whether it is our pilots deterring
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the use of chemical weapons in syria or defeating diet our soldiers at the forefront of nato presence in eastern europe our neighbors in the pacific enforcing sanctions on north korea or our unparalleled intelligence sharing partnership forcing attacks on our security cooperation is saving lives here in britain in america and right across the world that partnership is set to grow with our armies integrating to a level anywhere and the u.k. set to spend twenty four billion pounds on u.s. equipment and support over the next decade. today we've also discussed how we can deepen our work together to respond to malign state activity terrorism and serious crime in particular on russia i thanked president trump for his support in responding to the appalling use of a nerve agent in salzburg after which he expelled sixty russian intelligence officers and i welcomed his meeting with president putin in helsinki on monday we
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agreed that it is important to engage russia from a position of strength and unity and that we should continue to deter and counter or efforts to undermine our democracy is turning to our economic cooperation with mutual investment between us already over one trillion dollars we want to go further we agreed today that as the u.k. leaves the european union we will pursue an ambitious u.s. u.k. free trade agreement the checkers agreement reached last week provides the platform for donald and me to agree an ambitious deal that works for both countries right across our economy is a deal that builds on the u.k.'s independent trade policy reducing tower if delivering a gold standard in financial services cooperation and has two of the world's most advanced economies seizing the opportunity of new technology all of this will further enhance our economic cooperation creating new jobs and prosperity for our peoples for generations to come the u.k. u.s.
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relationship is also defined by the role we play on the world stage. doing this means making tough calls and sometimes being prepared to say things that others might rather not hear from the outset president trump is being clear about how he sees the challenges we face and on many we agree for example the need to deal with the long standing nuclear threat of d.p. r. k. where the agreement in singapore has set in train the prospect of denuclearization to which the u.k. is proud to be contributing expertise all the need to address the destabilizing influence of iran in the middle east where today we've discussed what more we can do to push back on iran in yemen and reduce humanitarian suffering or the need for nato allies to increase their defense spending and capability on which we saw significant increases at yesterday's summit this includes afghanistan where this week i announced a further uplift of four hundred forty u.k. troops an ongoing commitment to
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a mission that began as nato only use of article five acting in support of the u.s. finally let me say this about the wider transatlantic relationship it is all of our responsibility to ensure that transatlantic unity in jewels which has been fundamental to the protection and projection of our interests and values for generations with us leadership at its foundation its beating heart remains our democratic values and our commitment to justice those values are something that we in the u.k. will always cherish as i know the us will too it is the strength of these values and the common interests they create that we see across the breadth of our societies in north america and europe and that is why i'm confident that this transatlantic alliance will continue to be the bedrock of our shared security and prosperity for years to come. mr president thank you very much thank you. prime minister thank you very much and it is my true honor to join you at this
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remarkable setting truly magnificent as we celebrate the special relationship between our two countries on behalf of the american people i want to thank you for your very gracious hospitality thank you very much to us last night maloney and i were delighted to join you and philip for dinner at the magnificent plenum palace it was a wonderful and memorable evening that we will not soon forget is really something very special today it's a true privilege to visit historic checkers that i've heard so much about and read so much about growing up in history class and to continue our conversation which has really proceeded along rapidly and well over the last few days for generations our predecessors have gathered at this stunning retreat to strengthen a bond that is like no other the relationship between our two nations is
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indispensable to the cause of liberty justice and peace in the united kingdom and the united states are bound together by a common historic heritage language and heroes the traditions of freedom sovereignty and the true rule of law where our shared gift to the world there now are priceless inheritance to a civilization we must never cease to be united in their defense and in their renewal before our dinner last night malani and i joined prime minister may mr may and the duke and duchess of mob are for a tour of the winston churchill exhibit at blenheim palace it was something something very special it was from right here at checkers that prime minister churchill phone president roosevelt after pearl harbor. in that horrific war american and british service members bravely shed their blood alongside one another
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in defense of home and in defense of freedom and together we achieved a really special magnificent victory and it was total victory prime minister man i have just come from a very productive nato summit that was truly a productive summit where my top priority was getting other nato members to pay their full and fair share and the prime minister was right there with me i want to thank you prime minister for the united kingdom's contribution to our common defense the u.k. is one of the handful of nations five out of twenty nine not good but it's going to get better really fast in addition to the united states meeting the two percent g.d.p. minimum defense spending commitment during the summit i made clear all nato allies must honor their obligations and amp.


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