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as you did up the news coming to wired from berlin president trump takes team with the queen and first lady in the law you are welcome to windsor castle near london by the ninety two year old monarch trump has been mostly avoiding the british capital for tens of thousands of people protester his visit also coming up pakistan's former prime minister now wash a reef and his daughter arrested within minutes of arriving back in the country on his flight home his message to supporters i'm making a sacrifice for the future of pakistan will have an update for you from islam.
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plus controversy over an alleged good old bodyguard that the late outlined a leader osama bin ladin first he was deported from germany to tunisia and now a german court has ordered him to be flown back. and will be looking ahead to saturday's many final at the world cup belgium take on england with both sides hoping to be crowned the world's best team. i'm sorry harlan welcome to the show it's good to have you with us president has gone from rex at controversy to pomp and pageantry on the second day of his visit to the u.k. trump got the world treatment at windsor castle where he and first lady molony and had tea with queen elizabeth has largely avoided london though where tens of
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thousands of people protested his visit. a giant balloon taking to the skies over london kicking off a day of protests against u.s. president donald trump's visit. but trump did receive a warm welcome from the u.k. prime minister. after talks with two reason may and heat back whatever bracks it strategy or government wants to pursue. whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's all that matters. and with that the president completely backtracked on comments published just hours earlier and a u.k. tabloid in an explosive interview trump trashed the prime minister's bret's that plan. i would have done it much differently i actually told to resubmit how to do it but you didn't agree with she didn't listen to me now but it will definitely
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affect trade with the united states unfortunate negative way. despite criticizing his host the president was later welcome to windsor castle. in a minor breach of protocol trump walked ahead of the queen but he got the pomp and pageantry he wanted it. the president's trip has been choreographed so that he largely avoided coming face to face with more than one hundred thousand demonstrators in london. before he had come to britain donald trump it said he thought the british people really liked him that was certainly not the case for huge crowds of london knows who had come out today to protest against pretty much every aspect of his politics their main message to the american president during his visit in the u.k. was no mr president. pakistan's former prime minister
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nawaz sharif has ended as exile in london and phone back to lahore soon after leaving the plane he was arrested on corruption charges along just. last week a pakistani course sentenced now wash a reef to ten years in prison over the purchase of luxury property as long as that ruling came ahead of national elections at the end of this month. lock down on the streets of lahore pakistan had to play. thousands of security forces as former prime minister now of sheriff's plane arrived sheriff's backers say the country's powerful military is colluding with the judiciary to damage his political party ahead of elections. they're prepared to confront authorities if challenged. i am ready to give the last drop of my blood. i am ready to face jail i'm ready to
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die let them do whatever police and their police want to do we are here to face that we will not turn back. while in office sharif had been critical of the military's involvement in civilian affairs he'd served three times as pakistan's prime minister and was widely viewed as a political survivor. but last year the country's supreme court barred him from office over graft charges this year the same court banned him from politics for life sharif is gambling that turning himself in will galvanize support for his beleaguered party. but i am making the sacrifice for the future of pakistan. so join me walk with me join hands with me and change the direction of this country . pakistan's army has denied meddling to tip the scales in favor of national security conservative imran khan and his p.t.i.
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party it has pledged to ensure a free and fair election on july twenty fifth. here's a look now at story other stories making news around the world saying in pakistan dozens of people have been killed in two vomit tax targeting candidates were campaigning in the country's elections an explosion in the southwestern town of my strong killed at least one hundred twenty eight including a candidate earlier at least four people died when a blast hit a politician's convoy in the northwestern town of. the u.s. justice department says twelve russian spies have been charged with hacking into democratic party e-mail accounts ahead of the twenty sixth presidential election u.s. intelligence agencies have said the interference aimed to help trumps campaign and horror has wyvil hillary clinton indictments come days before a summit between trump and russian president vladimir putin. a spokesman for turkey's president. says the country
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a state of emergency will be lifted on july eighteenth it was introduced after a failed twenty six allowing the government greater powers to detain suspects comes after everyone shared its first cabinet meeting since winning elections last month . bodyguard alleged bodyguard we should say a late al qaeda leader osama bin laden is at the center of a tussle between the german government and a german court force the government deported him to tunisia but then the court back a court says his removal breached fundamental principles of the rule of law. the chartered plane took off from airport at seven am headed to tunis on board a tunisian deportees identified only as sami. can confirm that sami a was returned to tunisia and handed over to tunisian authorities
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he was accompanied by four german police officers on the flight. sami have lived in germany for over twenty years most recently in the city of where he was accused of radical islamist preaching the social democrat politicians has been following his case for years. for the deportation was long overdue he was a dangerous islamist who also served as osama bin laden's bodyguard he's responsible for the radicalization of many youth in both him and the surrounding area so i'm glad the deportation has been carried out. but on thursday night a court overturned the deportation order because sami a faces the threat of torture in his native tunisia the ruling reached the authorities too late already on board the plane his lawyer filed a complaint and now another court has issued its ruling the court decision shows
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the deportation to be grossly illegal and infringing on basic principles of the rule of law this means some e.a. will be flown back to germany at taxpayers' expense immigration authorities may appeal this new decision. on to a story that conservationists are calling a disaster and asking how it could have happened in kenya eight black rhinos have died after wildlife workers moved them from the capital nairobi to a new national park and as wildlife the animals died drinking too much salty water after becoming dehydrated and their new location three surviving rhinos are being closely lyotard a species is critically endangered and there are just a few thousand of these animals left in the wild. mother of and jailed ukrainian filmmaker who is on hunger strike has appealed to russia's president vladimir putin to pardon him and twenty fifteen all accents off
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a vocal opponent of russia's annexation of crimea was sentenced to twenty years in prison for conspiracy to commit terror acts he denies the charges and has been on a hunger strike since mid may. he may still be able to walk but a sense of is visibly weak he's lost fifteen kilos says sense of cousin natalia complement she's the only relative to have visited him in the prison camp in russia's arctic and the only one to maintain regular contact with him around the world artists and creative professionals have been expressing their solidarity with the ukrainian filmmaker and performing his works renowned authors and politicians stand behind him in moscow activists have been staging protests throughout the world cup and in kiev supporters have been following sense of hunger strike with rallies at the mine done the city's independent square on friday they came out to mark the filmmakers birthday i knew what she was the most these protests are
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extremely important otherwise international politicians won't know what's happening and with that information no one will be able to solve this problem you know when you get their start have zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero calls for a sense of the release of these rallies also aimed to highlight senseless main demand with his hunger strike he's pushing for the release of all ukrainian political prisoners in russia saying it's high time that russia and ukraine arrange a prisoner swap there have been initial talks between russia's president putin and ukrainian leader poroshenko but with today's rally in key of would demonstrators want above all is to show an expense of their moral support. there are just two games left to play before the twenty eighteen world cup is consigned to the history abouts by sunday night we'll know where the new world champion is but before the big final there is the winer one matter of third place belgium and england will battle it out on saturday and they face each other in the group stage one one nil
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but tomorrow's match promises to be a bit more exciting. i belgium were demoralized after frost stopped them from reaching their first ever world cup final but just four days later the red devils need to shake off that disappointment and get ready for saturday's third place play off. that's difficult to play for sure but that's what. you have to you know to restart the time. is just part of the life of a football you know you lose to next week you win so for me to be important to play for the. belgian his best performance at the world cup was in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when they finished four for this time they want to go one better and only england stand in their way. and the three lions manager is raring to go on not scared of anything away from the big bad wolf really we have high motivation
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to perform we have the chance to win a medal. at a world cup which only one other english team has ever done the england manager is not planning on making many changes in saturday's clash so with both teams almost at full strength fans can expect a cracking match in st petersburg. where a six citing finish to the tour de france on friday as dutchman del unheard of a song off the favorites to force to the front of the peloton when stage seven here's a look at how it. the tour seven stage was also its longest taking the ride as the two hundred thirty one kilometers from flew sharon brittany to shutter example wasn't particularly high attempts to break away from the peloton towards the end of the stage or caution and the leading riders pulled back. at this point the sprint specialists got ready for a dash to the finish on the home stretch fernando governor in blue tried his luck
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but dylan going to vegas in the black and yellow howard is way to the front to win the stage just ahead of get the area. data zag and finish third to retain the green jersey. it's going to vegas second stage when. belgium's great for the government keeps his lead and retains the yellow jersey. well turning now to a new mega radio telescope the scientists are hoping to provide answers to some of life's most profound mysteries like how was our galaxy formed and how did we come to be here a mere cat has just gone into action and south africa there's one of its first images providing a rare glimpse of a massive black hole a dying star around twenty five thousand light years away and this photo was taken by the super telescope and it's comprised of dozens of dishes its many times more powerful than any other on earth. and will leave you on
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that note you've been watching the news launch from berlin we'll have an update for you at the top of the hour in the meantime don't forget you can always find the latest news and information around the clock on our web site at stayed up we don't come i'm sorry harmon thanks for watching have a great weekend.


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