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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 14, 2018 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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thousands of people and one baby trump a loon took to the streets to protest his visit but the drama playing out in the streets of london had nothing on the drama that was unfolding backstage shortly before his meeting with the british prime minister trump took aim at her hard fought bricks in agreement paving the way for a press conference like no other i'm sorry herman in berlin this is the day. with. perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision well i think the deal that you're striking is not what the people voted on but i actually told reason they had to do it but you do do you agree with she did was interview it will give me advice about how to make a seat with the european union my job is actually getting out there and doing it what are you going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade together that's
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all that matters and we will pursue an ambitious u.s. u.k. free trade agreement is because we'll be dealing with the. european union instead of dealing with the u.k. if they do that deal with us is probably not be admitted so i didn't criticize the prime minister have a lot of respect for the prime minister and i said tremendous things good fake news . also coming up tonight they call themselves the gurus of revolution straight we'll hear from women in iran risking it all for the right to leave home without a headscarf. i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes. i was so nervous i was shaking. and i was just waiting for a voice to say ok get down from their. home it eventually and that's exactly what happened. but first it was something of
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a diplomatic backflip after slamming british prime minister to resign may and her handling of brecht's that in an explosive newspaper interview on friday u.s. president trump put on a charm offensive during their joint press conference trump called make quote an incredible woman and said she was doing a fantastic job. hand in hand with the u.k. prime minister u.s. president donald trump presented a picture of unity. after talks with two reason may at her country residence he said he'd back whatever breaks a trade policy front government wants to pursue you. give our relationship terms of great the highest level of special so once the brics a process is concluded. and perhaps the u.k. has left the e.u. i don't know what they're going to do but whatever you do is ok with me that's your decision whatever you're going to do is ok with us just make sure we can trade
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together that's all that matters. and with that the president completely backtracked on comments published just hours earlier and a u.k. tabloid in an explosive interview trump trashed the prime minister's backset plan. much different. but you do agree with me now but it will definitely trade with the united states unfortunate negative. the interview in which trump also criticised reason made by praising her rival the former foreign secretary boris johnson added fuel to the fire. in response to the u.s. president's visit tens of thousands marched in london to protest his presence on u.k. soil. i just find it really really embarrassing i think over the last kind of couple of weeks you've got a big sense of national pride and it's reason might just be reading it. again. i
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says to. me is a fake. but the president's trip has been choreographed so that he largely avoids coming face to face with protesters and that balloon depicting him as a giant baby. london for us barbara not much love for trump in the british capital looks like. no there was no love ever for donald trump here in the center of london a pity that he didn't ever get to hear because he would have really had an ear full londoner check pretty much everything donald trump stands for and every single one of his policies they protest that they said very vocally against his racism against his islamophobia against sexes mistreatment of women his scapegoating of my you're in some you just all round the whole white house on to donald trump in the eyes of
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the londoners who had come out in huge droves today during his sunday afternoon here on trafalgar square everything was wrong was that and their main message to him was no mr president all right so that's how people were reacting in london what about on the official level barbara did they roll out the red carpet for trump. yes they did roll out the red carpet more than it was expected because this was officially not a state visit this was just of working visit so usually i mean head of state or government just walks in the no handshake they sit down they have lunch maybe and he goes away again but this was the whole works was military music was guards of honor was the blenheim palace of the huge entrance everybody in evening robes i mean that was really all that britain could give in the way of pomp and circumstance and did it no we didn't the evening standard the london afternoon
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news paper said in another headline where are you a man who is mr president and he really showed that he didn't have any even walked a few steps in front of the queen and that of course sorry is the total no no all right a little focus on there we know he's going to be a more comfortable territory this weekend though as he had struggles course in scotland tell us about that barbara. that should basically be quite innocent because he should be occupied it was his favorite sport there's of course going to be protests all over scotland too they've been announced in all cities today didn't borrow and glasgow we lend it to a couple of hours ago. he is safe inside his gold course bot he might yet wreck. piece of. just bring up another piece of political havoc because there is a rumor that nigel for riders who have to bring about brakes it and his favorite
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politician and the favorite anime off to reason may boris johnson might make an appearance up there and that would then really be the fetch in the fire never a dull moment that's barbara vale for us in london thank you. when else now on what this could mean in the context of u.s. and u.k. relations i have alex forrest whining with me in the studio and let's remind viewers of what happened before this press conference today where we just saw trump and theresa may walk in there holding hands but a few just a day or two before the strunk gave an explosive interview to a u.k. newspaper slamming may's handling of breck's at let's take a listen to what he had to say. you obviously do do like that it will most likely because we'll be dealing with the. european union instead of dealing with u.k. so it will probably kill the deal with if they do that their trade deal with the us is probably not viewed. as saying the trade deal with the us probably will not be
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made of bricks it goes through the way that theresa may once or why did that send such massive shock waves rippling through the british political establishment because two reason may have spent the last two years trying to get agreement within the party within government about what kind of brics it plan they want she thought she'd nailed it last week she had this checkers agreement then she had two resignations from her cabinet including boris johnson the former foreign secretary then she had trump saying the u.k. is and turmoil then he said boris johnson would make a great prime minister then he gave this interview in which she was saying a trade deal may not be possible and you can imagine how to resume a felt she'd been trying to sell it to the brics it is saying i've got the perfect deal and then the person that they really want to do trade with the united states donald trump said probably not going to be possible and then and today is press conference he backflipped saying basically do whatever you want we'll support you
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as long as there is a way for us to trade why the about face it's still a trump it's difficult to say completely why he's done that but i it looks like he's trying to diplomatic ties between the two countries i mean he talked about to resume a being an incredible woman that a u.s. trade deal was going to be possible and that he even revealed that he had apologized to the prime minister for that article although he also said to a reporter that that was not in that article he had not criticized to that was fake . what we actually learned about how the u.s. and the u.k. will work together postbox it that you cannot rely on trump i think that that's been very clear to the u.k. however. to recently has tried to make the best of the situation she's trying to emphasize what they've got in common sharing intelligence military ties saying we're going to send more troops to afghanistan we're going to be spending twenty four billion pounds buying us military hardware you need us we need you we can make
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this work but i think with donald trump nobody can be quite sure what will happen putting myself into his i'm a shares here for a minute it must have been pretty awkward he criticizes her while he's in her country as a guest and then has the nerve shall we call it to walk into this press conference holding her hand are very friendly and buddy buddy what can we say about may from this encounter how important is a bilateral trade deal for the u.k. i think that to resume a was extremely professional throughout this she found out about that article just as she was awaiting donald trump a millennium lenin palace they delayed on the pageantry the palm everything for him and then she found out that that was what he'd done but she carried on because she knows that the u.k. needs a trade to yes they are hoping to have some kind of agreement with the e.u. on goods but the u.k. economy eighty percent of it is based on the services industry the biggest country
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that they export to and twenty seventeen was the u.s. they need the u.s. the problem is what is the u.s. lead in return and that's where it gets difficult for example there's been talk about genetically modified food other issues that the u.k. that brits britons do not particularly like but i think the two reason may she needs to make this work she needs to prove to both sides in her party and to the u.k. in general they can get an agreement with the united states while still staying fairly close to the e.u. do you think she did a mission accomplished for tourism a today. i think she did the best that she could in very difficult circumstances she was undermined before he had. even left for the u.k. and that was what was very difficult she knew this was going to be hot protests on the streets had everything to keep trying out of london everything had to because croft and i think all things considered it i don't i'm not sure what else she could
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have done ok trump also had some strong words from germany during his press conference saying let's take a listen here. i think it's a horrible thing that germany is doing i think it's a horrible mistake and as much as i like angle i was very open and saying that i think it's a horrible thing that you have a pipeline coming from russia and i believe that germany's going to be getting fifty sixty or even i've heard numbers of seventy percent of their energy coming in from russia and how can you be working for peace and working from strength when somebody has that kind of power of your country. ok that's an issue we've heard of bring up before this idea that germany is beholden to russia because they're getting energy through a pipeline from russia what do you make about why all the while the beating on germany lately well it's interesting isn't it because on the day that he chose that he was going to praise to reason may he decided to double down yet again on coal and it does seem that he has a problem with angela merkel he has
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a problem with germany particularly as they are such a strong economy within the e.u. he doesn't like the e.u. he doesn't like the fact that they have got a very strong trade agreement with so many other countries and he likes bilateral agreements united states do one on one and he hasn't been able to get through to the e.u. over that and that's i think is why he actually also criticized merkel over immigration as well as that gas pipeline so i think any moment that he can he will he will try to criticize germany we've heard from some people that they believe within germany that he's looking for regime change anything to try to remove i don't know whether that's the case but it is very clear that he finds germany a threat and that he would like to in some way get a better trade agreement with the e.u. all right that's our reporter alex forrest whining thanks for being with us mr.
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well still ahead on the day the curious case of an al qaeda leader osama bin laden's body guard he's been living in germany for some time and today authorities deported him back to his native tunisia but a court ruling issued just minutes after the plane took off could mean they'll soon be on his way back. well that story in a moment but first to iran where women are protesting the government's compulsory headscarf law some have been removing their jobs in public and waving them in the air they call the movement girls of revolution street tehran has cracked down arresting several of the protestors we spoke to two women who are free on bail waiting for their trial. is apologizing to her mother i'm sorry i made you worry she says but you should have known what i was doing. her
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mother response did you think i didn't mind it almost seems like you enjoyed being in prison. today mother and daughter can joke about it but a few months ago it was no laughing matter husseini had demonstrated in public against the obligatory islamic headscarf at home i also protested when my parents tried telling me what i was allowed to wear until two years ago and wear the full body sure i love my family and i didn't want to fight with them it took a long time to persuade them and it was hard work. but in the end i achieved my goal. one day she came across a website called the girls of revolution street launched in twenty seventeen it brought together women from across iran who were taking to the streets to protest the compulsory huge oblong they stood waving white headscarf tied to. this idea of
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a peaceful protest appealed to her. but i felt that if i was going to do something to further women's rights then i needed to do it right now. and it was such a peaceful protest it wasn't something i felt frightening the main thing i was worried about is whether or not to climb up on top of one of those electric boxes. on january twenty ninth she waved her headscarf into ron's open ear. as. i stood there expecting to be moved along in just five minutes i was so nervous i was shaking. and i was just waiting for a voice to say ok get down from there. on it eventually that's exactly what happened. she was arrested friends rallied in support while she was in detention she was given a preliminary prison sentence which she's now appealing. try as
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a hashimi where's the hit job because she wants to even so she doesn't think women like a seine should be thrown in jail she's been campaigning for women's equality for years. but. the government thinks the republic of iran will collapse if a new policy is introduced and the compulsory head job law is overturned. but iran is no different from other dynamic societies in a state of flux if the leadership can't adjust to change it will become obsolete. recent statistics show seventy five percent of women in iran oppose the compulsory hit job law as she me says women should be allowed to decide for themselves if they want to wear it. and if the peaceful protesters are a good thing it's a grassroots movement. they're expressing their opinion without resorting to
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violence and i support the girls of revolution street on the field women below. the girls of revolution street continue their peaceful protest in their own small way grasping a bit of personal freedom. but whether this freedom has a future is unclear it's one of the uncertainties of living in today's iran. where he was alleged to have been a former bodyguard of terrorist leader osama bin ladin and yet he lived in germany for several years today joining deported the man back to his home country of tunisia but no sooner was his plane in the air than or german court ruled he must be brought back or is moral a curious case of the man identified only as sami a. the chartered plane took off from dusseldorf airport at seven am headed to tunis on board
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a tunisian deportees identified only as sami a. in the state i can confirm that sami a was returned to tunisia and handed over to tunisian authorities he was accompanied by four german police officers on the flight. who would. sell me a had lived in germany for over twenty years most recently in the city of both where he was accused of radical islamist preaching. the social democrat politicians has been following his case for years. long overdue he was a dangerous islamist who also served as osama bin laden's bodyguard he's responsible for the radicalization of many youth and the surrounding area so i'm glad the deportation has been carried out. thursday night a court overturned the deportation order because the threat of torture in his
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native tunisia the ruling reached the authorities too late. his lawyer filed a complaint and now another court has issued its ruling the court decision shows the deportation to be grossly illegal and infringing on basic principles of the rule of law this means some e.a. will be flown back to germany at taxpayers' expense immigration authorities may appeal this decision. correspondent nina hasa has been following the story for us and you know let me begin by asking a question i think many viewers will be asking themselves why was a man who was thought to have been a. bodyguard allowed to live here in germany and according to some reports live off of social welfare payments for years. well he came to germany as a student not as an asylum seeker you have to say that and of course now he is officially an asylum seeker and asylum seekers are entitled to social welfare
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payments that sort of rules in germany but of course german intelligence services have seen him as a potential terrorist threat for years for years they've tried to deport him but he went to several courts and challenge that decision to deport him he argued that he didn't have any links with al qaeda and in fact also that if he were to be returned to he would be facing torture and you have to know that here in germany in our legal system everybody's entitled to be protected from the risk of torture and some german courts actually followed his point of view which is why he couldn't be deported until now but what is clear of course is that he has somewhat become the symptom of one of the flaws in the german asylum system that many people say need to be fixed yeah i mean a lot of people will be wondering if not this guy then who i mean chancellor angela merkel herself spoke out about this take a listen to what she had to say. couldn't we cannot accept
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a situation like this just as we cannot accept the bodyguard of osama bin laden has been living in germany for years. it's a miracle speaking out there this guy is back in tunisia but we understand he was meant to be brought back to germany of the german court saying he needs to come back what exactly explain to us the legal rationale for this. well the court had actually ordered an order to block his removal earlier this week arguing that they needed to have diplomatic reassurance from the to new zealand government that there wouldn't be taught and now that the same court says the diplomatic reason surance is still not there and that he still faces potentially faces torture ok so do you think that this is actually going to happen is sami a going to be brought back to germany. well i spoke to
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a spokesperson from the interior ministry and they said that no such diplomatic reinsurance is actually reassurance is actually necessary they say that the ball is now in the courts of the regional authorities of the regional ministry that was in charge of the to put taishan and when i spoke to them they then said that they stand by this decision they argue that this is not required and that they will actually challenge the court's ruling so what is definitely happening happening i don't know whether he will to be deported soon or not but what is happening is that there is going to be a legal battle between several german institutions are the legal battle gearing up here and tell us a bit more about how this is playing into the larger debate here in germany about the need to extradite potentially dangerous people who aren't german citizens. well cases like his obviously help heat up the already heated debate when it comes to migration when it comes to asylum policy it plays into the hands of those who argue
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that there are too many people in germany exploiting the german system and the state like the anti immigrant if the party and what will be interesting to look at will be the role of the interior minister hasi who for who took office earlier this year because as we remember he was involved in a severe government battle with angle america earlier this month the government coalition looks like it could collapse over the issue of asylum policy and many people are now saying that maybe he's helped sped up this process of deportation because he wanted to win back a few voters because he did lose a lot of voters support in that battle with anglo-american maybe he saw this as an opportunity to make himself popular again but maybe this plan will backfire if they see now turns out to be a legal battle between an unseemly battle between several german institutions tell us a little bit dana briefly about public opinion in germany when it comes to this issue
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well of course this is a contentious issue and they're all prominent cases like this one but again we don't know whether he was the bodyguard of osama bin laden or not and so far according to the german legal system the courts are in charge and we have to follow court procedures we have to follow the rule of law here in germany that political correspondent nina thanks for weighing in this. well the day is nearly done but as ever we'll take the conversation online you can find us on twitter if they're acting w news or tweet me at sarah curran five three and don't forget to miss our hash tag and to have a great weekend i hope to see you soon. i'm
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going to. go after. the mom saying. he's not. swimming also comes to the flock made him close his eye catching some of the. songs of some seem to. be the moments. of the big.
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european stars deliver rousing performances. and hold pumps miscommunicate so i am a single upbeat dance to sign and catchy balance obama handling the money move. well british singer leona lewis reaches deep inside with her and be a good influence from the forty five minute delays. sorry i just couldn't get this song out of his head. musicologist began searching for the source of this captivating sound. deep in the rain forest in central africa . to find their culture but he stayed. only
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a promise to his son to leave the jungle returning to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result reverse culture shock. my. the documentary from the forest starts caucus night w. . l. everyone welcome to the program and so what i hope is going to be a wonderful weekend for you all let's get this show on the ride with a look at today's hot topics. mick.


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