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tv   Doc Film - Battle of the Museums - Artistic Patronage in the Gulf  Deutsche Welle  July 15, 2018 8:02am-8:31am CEST

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killing. time for good. for the people and projects that are changing the government for the better is a. w. they build the most beautiful museums and they buy the most expensive art almost like a competition the united arab emirates and qatar. they invest huge sums of money on expanding their collections in universities and libraries the best architects in
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the world work for the desert states but the countries are in dispute with one another. what is the purpose behind the gulf nations run architecture and art. because they're museums we do actually have a very open and diverse look into the audience the culture what we need to bring we do bring things into the country from different cultures but we also take things to different cultures like this to actually see what we are and who we are actually our plan is to continue making museums and continue showing our collections and showing educating the public about the different times different histories different cultures that we've all been through. here in doha many people collect art including the ruling family attorney. in terms of cultural investment carter is
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among the world's leaders although it's a small country only some twenty thousand square kilometers in size. today is a public holiday and everyone is out and about both the qatari citizens and the many hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from india and pakistan and many other countries. qatar believes in education for everyone and entire new city district has emerged doha's education city it centerpiece recently opened the national library admission is free books can also be borrowed for free both by locals and immigrant workers. this library was built by dutch star architect rem koolhaas today called us once to see how it's used by the public it's his first visit since its
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completion there are more than a million books here and there is no censorship. working in doha is it going to really work a lesson in optimism. i think that every started may be thinking about the library eight years ago and and then we were communicating of course with local kateri smith. and they all were extremely confident that there will be a culture here to accommodate and to use this kind of institution even though at the time you know if you looked around to work at a very few sides of that and as a typical skeptical european you started to a made. really there and there would say there will be
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a metro sort of will be connected to the city and you think ok maybe put almost skepticism that has completely evaporated and it's really the reality of what they're nonstick was there even before they set the advantage what happens to. qatar was the first gulf nation to introduce the right for women to vote in local elections that was only in the late one nine hundred ninety s. . women may also hold state offices. and the majority of students are female. and one of the women with influence in cultural affairs is library director someone who was following the egyptians spent many years in new york you know she runs an institution that is already the heart of education city what you can mean you see the library or painting and the
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whole space it's quite often but the one of the most the striking the chest once here i mean you would find the heritage library and its looks like and except their base outside like an archaeological site and that the message and there is this is. their goal it's in the heart of the way and you can find that a lot of the nation and for building a library and that tore way and became alive been there as a bishop and it shows how the heritage of that country is so deep and the handle at the same claim the building at the end this way it's open. city will soon be completed public transportation will connect the district with the city it will also ensure the stadiums can be reached during the fee for soccer world compton twenty twenty two i don't want to seem. to be one huge construction
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site. but investments are not limited to buildings that bring first teach the domestic arts scene is emerging sponsored by the ruling family tani's. an exhibition in berlin is showing contemporary art from qatar for the first time. to. shake up the rimantadine as one of the people responsible for the exhibition. she's a member of the qatari ruling family and one of many women who have a say in qatari culture. yes for a long time we've been in all the oil a state but then realize that isn't sustainable and we have to diversify their
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price our education diverse our needs that where is our economy is the first in art culture health education there's so many things that we need to be diverse and we have a thirty twenty thirty vision that actually up was on it's people and people living in the country. will all appear cosmopolitan and modern but at the same time they want to maintain their ties to the better when tradition . it goes without saying that this leads to a certain amount of tension. cutters museums work with some of the world's greatest artists including american richard serra. his sculpture east west west east depict points of view and distances.
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cutter's move to contemporary art was driven above all by. the sister of the ruling came in. cutter's ambassador to germany explains her importance well she she is the more for the arts and culture in qatar but also on the war and she give so much you know attention to this and she's leading this and different initiatives and exhibit issues in the war because she believed in it and she want to develop more and more. in the top specially but also on the board. each year qatar invests many millions of euros in art and culture. this exhibition in berlin shows contemporary art from the emirate for the first time it concludes the german qatari cultural year which follows cultural years with
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britain japan and china the culture here is one of the in the whole the small country of qatar is trying to attract powerful friends with its art. piece we are definitely a multi multicultural state we have if you look at the demographics there's only thirteen percent of qatari regional people there and then the rest are from all around the world and that does affect our daily life and it makes it more engaged and makes it more day now and then just say we're more open to different cultures and different peoples identity ways that even the way we understand the fred things a lot of us big bore than one language to be able to accommodate that and we learn it in school. the special jubilees shoe of an in-flight magazine features cutter's star museum the museum of islamic art. here mind. is an
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architectural icon built by star architect i am ok. it opened exactly ten years ago it was modeled on classical arab architecture. at that time the mood in the region was less times than it is today the m.i.a. has one of the most important collections of islamic art worldwide the common cultural heritage of many islamic countries some of whom are barely on speaking terms museum director you really are going to is it islam ologist from dusseldorf. in can see that this is the first of these new museums here in the gulf region this is where it all started and i have to say it's an unusual building of the void therefore if i live there busy i'm has one of the best collections of islamic art in the world that it was brought together by shakes out back in the one nine hundred ninety s. into thousands. and is among the collection is a collection of masterpieces and i'm so everything you find here is always the best
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of the best. give us the three hob a unique collection of masterpieces with by and by you may have seen the blue coverall of oz upstairs made of enameled cloth there is no other like it anywhere. none of the museums in qatar charge an entrance fee art is open to everyone the tourists the qatari and also the foreigners who often work here for little pay. the exhibits come from many islamic countries. shakes own been mamma dattani founded this collection and in addition to the m.i.a. launched a further collection of hand museums including among other things the collection of old writings in the national library. is this a competition among museums. the coming because that comes it can't be. seen as
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a competition i'm fine as i said this is where it started. and has spread because it's been seen that often culture play an important role you know this also applies to abu dhabi of course and neighboring countries it has to be said that kuwait began collecting very early on if they just never built a big museum but they have a very good collection of islamic art there are lots of people collecting here i wouldn't put the competition so much in the foreground though the political situation has exacerbated it the politicians the club still want to wish but. still has old port appears peaceful but in reality there's a sense of crisis. since june two thousand and seventeen nowhere crafter been flying from doha to dubai or abu dhabi airspace is closed. six muslim countries have broken off diplomatic relations with counter be accused of financing terrorist groups and supporting iran rejects that the crisis has led to carter's
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isolation saudi arabia closed the border cutting off qatar from the rest of the arabian peninsula the conflict was triggered by an internet posting claiming that qatar admitted positive statements about shiite iran. that messages sent to have been posted from the united arab emirates now there is a sense of crisis in the gulf. including in our dobie. a new cultural district is planned for the artificial island of sadat. the island of happiness it will be comparable to education city in doha but with a commercial background three large museums as well as galleries and universities are planned. for the new foot by french starker tech chanu bed it was the first to open a masterpiece as grand as the m.i.a. in. a cathedral for art. he could hardly be any bigger or more spectacular.
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only one of the component of the weight of the dome doesn't matter the lighter it is the better more importantly this dome is a spiritual several a cathedral is a spiritual place and the dome is always a symbol of heaven universal thoughts should find a place here to go to the dome is also there to enforce the light because in arab architecture geometry and light always co-exist this is a can of magics of light in relation to arab history and its architecture something very vivid in relation to the time in which we live. double occupancy. than a sculpture by august hold down and works from the action compliment each other. the real cost of all this is anyone's guess
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a billion euros for the naming rights along. eight thousand six hundred square metres of exhibition space. fifty five individual buildings. more than a dozen partner museums. works range from lear not heard of vinci to i way way. nudity is treated with restraint here on. respect for the country's islamic culture. not the super museum is designed to build bridges to connect the world to impress it. worked hard to create a dialogue between the civilizations and to have a presentation of the work in the interesting gives you a graphic to monitor that makes the work that communicates and speak to each other
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and really highlight their similarities in the manner that we. divided these artworks based on the time they were in but also the subject of the exchanges that happened between the east and the west obviously i mean when speaking about the u.a.e. it was a place that you know halls you know people were crossing different from crossing through the three truths and we have remnants of civilisations that's good to be seen or even we were pleased that's catty different inspirations from the east to the west and. architecture is always embodied grandeur and power museums can do this just as well as churches or mosques the sheikh syud mosque a number dobby was completed in two thousand and eight and has room for forty thousand worshippers. when it comes to power size is not
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a bad argument. abu dhabi's sheikh siad mosque stands with the new museum alongside other prestigious buildings that promote the gulf state. is a wonderful building but above all it is a building for the well to do. visitors pay some fourteen euro's after that for thirteen to twenty two year olds that might not sound like much but it's. far too expensive for workers in the emirates who earn only about one hundred seventy year olds a month. despite its architectural genius and universal flair the museum glosses over these contradictions. mohammed khalifa barak is head of the national tourism and cultural authority and one of the most important men in abu dhabi is real estate industry. and culture is
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what's going to bring us all together. this museum is a center of education it's a center the acceptance it's a center of tolerance it's a center of connectivity visitors from all over the world will visit this museum and they will see a part of their culture about of their history in this museum it's also them how we are all connected how this world is connected. the no dummy will probably remain a museum for the upper class the architect has no control over that he provides the experience but cannot affect the workers' salaries the building provides the simple framework for great art and is already art in itself.
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enough to take the money in and then architect manipulates reality adds functions to existing elements from it when you work in context you discover things you can only do here and nowhere else you can do it in berlin or paris or new york it's good if a building has such roots but you won't get it i see. the louvre abu dhabi still seems isolated but the united emirates are planning something big and saadiyat island two more museums are to be built the guggenheim museum. emperor i would be designed by stark attacked frank gehry and right next door at the national museum by norman foster. the plans for this have been around for a long time the foundation work has been completed but abu dhabi's cultural prestige object the island of happiness a lagoon landscape with luxury apartments museums schools and universities is not on schedule is it built on sand.
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possible opening dates have not been announced. john of arrows cathedral of art also took longer than planned their towns finally open. back to doha john rivers next museum building will open in cutter the national museum is scheduled for completion in december twenty eighth teen one year after the new for abu dhabi. the museum already has a nickname the desert rose this refers to the rows like crystal formations that develop and desert areas where nouvelle the master of context designed the building following nature's example. the idea was it was also.
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had to do a such building yeah we destroy an image and a strong good relation with with the context of the of the days that. soon people can compare the national museum in doha with the louvre in our production which one is the better of the two. the national day parade is due to be. but you can feel the tension will it even take place. in two thousand and sixteen aleppo was under siege. cutter was on the side of the rebels he didn't want to send out the wrong signals with the parade so it was cancelled. but this time everything goes according to plan. despite opposing positions counter unlike the saudis is seeking an
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understanding with iran this is also due to the fact that both countries share the largest natural gas field in the world and are therefore dependent on each other for the saudis iran is their arch enemy they want to maintain the status quo in their own country while cutter is counting on gradual development. before the national museum genre verrall had already designed a building for counter the doha tower a symbol of the new cutter. at the top of the two hundred thirty meter high office building we meet halfway through a can john nevada's area manager how does he see the competition for museums and
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the best start in the gulf. he sucked out bought off then move it off music. abu dhabi and the national museum of got that. culture in museums however there are. two different museum but they got into the programs for instance for the national museum is many a focus on the good to the side of get that the society there are constructing bridges to to being. non-money to have that. sixty percent of country's gross domestic product still comes from oil but the state is increasingly focusing on the financial sector. tourism is also expected to play a role and the education of its own people fifty percent of the people here are
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under thirty years old this is one of the reasons for the country's mentality not just the abundance of wealth. images of a mere time mean been how much autonomy are everywhere these people celebrate quietly without excitement or slogans to criticize their neighbor states the gulf states are engaged in cultural expansion and want to build bridges to the world with their prestigious buildings but at the moment they're not talking to each other enough.
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love them if uncle sugar every nation wants to have to expose its people to all kind of an immense act which helps them become a bit that set that send them back a citizen of the way being able to in trivia just has a way not only contribute as a state so i don't think it's a competition as much as. some people are blessed like can the gulf region ways down next for resources that allows them the likely of heaven. to build as many of them at the same time and so i think it's it's wonderful. perhaps the gulf states will find each other again through their common culture richard sorry sculpture east west west east represents points of view and distances tensions and connections one key to resolving the conflict may stand in our nafs drive from doha but you need
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a four wheel drive vehicle to get. here next this week's highlights. candlemas a word in the netherlands is the european capital of culture. function every month company against tiffany celebrates its one hundred seventy fifth birthday. and i came to the nation it's the way me and marks a hundred years of independence. and
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beyond to change that has been sentenced a nice america but the neo nazi terrorists did not act alone. full of as received lesser sentences as four men who provided significant support. it was a somewhat and then tense. gemini's right wing terror network that they can see him on trial. in forty five minutes on. did brown really love both hitler. or did she love the life he provided for her. she was the dictator's mistress. only an insignificant concert at his side.
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pursuing her own visions. but certainly as no other woman got some close to. life and death with the few. starts july twenty first on d w. v. welcome to the weekend i'm really results in and i'll be ready for the next half an hour as we bring you the best stories of the week on your max is what's coming up. a matter of taste we find out how greece's national beverage makes. some of celebration honoring lithuania in the.


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