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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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on your mobile and free. t w z you learning course the illegal street journal maybe you see. such. to me. this is you know we news live from berlin a growing backlash donald trump comes home to a deafening corps of criticism bipartisan can condemnation of the president for siding with russia's vladimir putin and against his own intelligence agencies who took the word of the k.g.b. . over the men and women of the cia and now the white house is struggling to
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explain why trump except that the russian president's denial of meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election when his intelligence community says it's an established fact also on the show remembering a political icon former u.s. president barack obama leads a tribute to the late south african president nelson mandela on the eve of what would have been mandela's one hundredth birthday it's obama's highest profile speech since leaving the white house. and rejecting protectionism the european union and japan signed a landmark free trade deal in gracing a third of the global economy and more than six hundred million people. living on. the law. thank you so much for your company everyone well we start off with the fallout from that historic u.s. row. just some of which sparked
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a furious backlash and is still reverberating today present all trump triggered a wave of condemnation in the united states after appearing to favor the russian president over his own intelligence agencies after their first ever summit in helsinki yesterday vladimir putin denied that russia had meddled in the twenty sixteen u.s. election trump except at that assurance contradicting the findings of u.s. intelligence. touching down to a storm of criticism this was not the welcome home president trump would want but off to siding with the russian president over america's own intelligence services it was hardly a surprise and it even came from his own party today's press conference in helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performance is by an american president in memory blasted republican senator and former presidential candidate john mccain the
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president must appreciate that russia is not our ally rebute republican house speaker poll ryan and democrats were also swift to condemn. i mean hot tired history of our country americans have never seen a president of the united states support an adversary the way president trump supported president putin. but the president of the united states to side with president putin against american law enforcement american defense officials american intelligence agents is thoughtless it's dangerous it's weak. the summit in helsinki between the two presidents was always going to raise eyebrows but it was donald trump's refusal to blame his russian counterpart vladimir putin for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections that sparked outrage certainly last friday u.s. prosecutors indicted twelve russian spies by hacking cheering that election lobel
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menace to president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today there was no collusion at all everybody knows it but that contradicts mounting evidence against russia the intelligence community that has confirmed russian intervention you've got the social media companies facebook twitter you tube confirming russian interference you have all of our partner countries for around europe confirming russian intervention. in an interview off to his meeting with trump putin said u.s. politics was to blame it is absolutely an interest i'm not interested in this issue when it is single bit it's the internal political games of the united states leading to a mission you were talking of games and it was to football that the russian president turned to having trumped the full was in his court which is growing
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number of critics believe that it is the u.s. president who has dropped the ball. all right well the white house in damage control today in washington bureau chief alexander phenomena is tracking reactions alexander many have described president trump as the teflon don i mean the notion that he can do no wrong nothing is going to stick by his own admission he could go down fifth avenue and shoot someone and it wouldn't affect his popularity with his base or the republican party is this a turning point. it might be many critics say that they are convinced it is a turning point and the defining moment of trump's presidency don't know trump is facing soft tsunami of criticism not only from the democrats but also within his own republican party where many a lawmakers have described his performance in helsinki as disgraceful shameful or
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embarrassing and now the democrats are calling on trump's national security team to testify before congress they are calling on for additional legislation to impose new sanctions on russia and house speaker ryan a top republican in the house said today that he is willing to consider additional sanctions against russia however we have to say that step president himself doesn't seem to be impressed by that at all today he doubled down on twitter saying that he's meeting with that in the putin was even better that he's meeting with the you ass natural allies alexander in the meantime a dan coats prison terms director of national intelligence that came out almost immediately saying that the assessment of russian meddling are clear for the intelligence community this is an established fact they're not arguing about whether it actually happened some now want him to go further want to pull up with this tweet by former cia official larry pfeiffer he tweeted with
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trump's repudiation of the u.s. intelligence dan coats should resign in protest and disgust alexander your thoughts. coats himself publicly ignored the calls for him to resign he issued that statement yesterday as you said doubling down on his latest finding saying that it was russia behind it twenty sixteen elections and even saying that russia is continuing its efforts to undermine the american demand for the mocha see in this statement he also say it said today that he is willing to provide objective intelligence to serve the u.s. national interest and that doesn't seem like he was getting ready to resign and they are many and the intel community people such as. for example the former cia director and secretary of defense in the obama
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administration urging coats to stay saying that now it is more important than ever to have if you say in voices around the president was not a phenomena reporting from washington thank you well donald trump's predecessor of barack obama is in south africa right now where he's been giving his highest profile speech since leaving the white house obama was asked to give the keynote address marking the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of apartheid leader nelson mandela thousands are attending the official celebrations and obama got a huge applause he called mandela quote one of history's giants he urged people around the world to stand up for the values of tolerance and respect that were so dear to mandela. while obama did not mention donald trump by name but he talked at length
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about the current times in which we live calling them quote disturbing even the strange and uncertain terms that we are in. there are strange and they're uncertain. with each day's news cycles bringing more heads been. and the strobing headlines. i thought maybe it would be useful to step back for a moment. and try to get some perspective. so i hope you'll indulge me on. this fight the slight chill. as i spend. much of this lecture. reflecting on where we've been. and how we arrived at this present moment. in the hope that a lot for us
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a road map for where we need to go next. the former u.s. president barack obama speaking there in south africa and on those cement ellis births centenary we asked young people across the african continent what the anti apartheid icon means to them. i mean we oftentimes a lot of rappers and i've been told you're on their feet i was sorry and i'll challenge the next generation up to meet our. principles you are the minister by his way as an individual he has inspired me if it wasn't for me calling my last birthday i know the way i really truly. didn't was he taken my pill i really
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disagree. here what he wanted wasn't true just playing with all the people who are spiteful i know it's amazing. to me a good. man to look to me is just like a little taller minded not only yeah so just a nice enough money i need someone. to listen to what one. yeah yeah yeah yeah. on the whole personally he turned to leave so it's good to stand up for what you believe in mandela we've been through a song. filled with believe it about but i mean. look at least. her.
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thing. all right let's get you caught up now with some of the other stories making news around the world. europe's court of human rights has condemned the killings of the russian punk band pussy riot she famously protested against president vladimir putin back in two thousand and twelve and has been condemned and has been condemned to band members were sentenced to two years in prison for their protests in a moscow cathedral too harsh say you judges they ordered russia to pay nearly fifty thousand euros in damages. and japanese media say an extreme heat wave has killed more than a dozen people there in the last three days thousands more have been taken to hospitals for heat related illnesses the soaring temperatures are hampering their recovery efforts in parts of the country hit by deadly floods last week. the european union and japan have signed a new tree deal that will create the world's biggest open economic area all the deal which could come into effect next year will unite around six hundred million people across both markets it's the largest ever agreements negotiated by the
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european union and removes nearly all tariffs on trade between the two regions together the e.u. and japan make up almost a third of global g.d.p. now after five years of negotiating the two sides have reached a deal that creates the world's largest open economic area addressing the press after a signing ceremony in tokyo european council president donald this to say. graphically . but politically economically we could hardly be in the close. we both firmly believe in open if corporation rules based international older. free trade the two blocks are ready have a pretty balanced trade relationship last year the e.u. exported goods and services worth seventy eight billion euros to japan and imports are just a little less that trade volume is expected to increase substantially as
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a result of the deal. the agreement will see the removal of a host of trade barriers enabling the e.u. to export products like milk nice and wine to japan without paying tariffs the e.u. in turn will no longer demand ten percent tariffs on japanese cars and move that comes as good news for a well known japanese brands like toyota nissan and mitsubishi. the deal still needs to be vast a fight by the european parliament if all goes to plan the agreement will go into effect in the ocean of twenty nineteen. all right in football now france is still in celebration mode following its world cup victory the team member turned to paris with the iconic trophy yesterday with thousands of fervent fans i welcome them back home and it all started on the shoals of these they were a sea of supporters crowded the streets and try to get
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a glimpse of the team as they went through the city on their champions bus and present to me on my car has always held with the legion of honor for the victors exceptional services through their country and after all that let the fans with a little something in the day. who aren't there brings us to the end of this edition of the daily news on little rock n roll and on behalf of all of us thank you so much for watching we'll be back at the top of the hour see that. it's all happening going to limit. your link to news from africa to the world your links to exception the stories and discussions penguin will come to see their views and pickling program tonight from funny jenny from the use of easy to our website you don't need a comb so much africa joined us on facebook to tell you.


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