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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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i am me. me me me. this is you know we news line for a role in growing backlash donald trump comes home to a deafening chorus of criticism bipartisan condemnation of the president for siding with russia's vladimir putin and against his own intelligence agencies. he took the word of the k.g.b. . over the me and women of the cia and the white house struggling to explain why trump accepted the russian president's denial of meddling in the twenty six thousand u.s. election when as intelligence community says it's an established fact also on the
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show remembering a political eye a con former u.s. president barack obama leads a tribute to the late south african president nelson mandela on the eve of what would have been mandela's one hundredth birthday as obama's highest profile speech since leaving the white office and rejecting protectionism the european union and japan signed a landmark free trade deal embracing a third of the global economy and more than six hundred million people more on this later. on labor thank you so much for your company everyone we begin though with the fallout from that historic u.s. russia summit which sparked a furious a backlash in a still we verbal rating at today president saddam. trump triggering
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a wave of condemnation in the united states after appearing to favor the russian president over his own intelligence agencies or after their first ever summit in helsinki yesterday vladimir putin denied that russia had meddled in the twenty sixteen u.s. election trump except that assurance contradicting the findings of u.s. intelligence. touching down to a storm of criticism this was not the welcome home president trump would want but off to siding with the russian president over america's own intelligence services it was hardly a surprise and it even came from his own party. today's press conference in helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory blasted republican senator and former presidential candidate john mccain the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally rebute republican house
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speaker pull ryan and democrats will also swift to condemn me and heart tired history of our country americans who have never seen a president of the united states support an adversary the way president gore did president bush. for the president of the united states to side with president putin against american law enforcement american defense officials american intelligence agency is thoughtless it's dangerous it's weak. the summit in helsinki between the two presidents was always going to raise eyebrows but it was donald trump's refusal to blame his russian counterpart vladimir putin for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections that sparked outrage only last friday u.s. prosecutors indicted twelve russian spies behind king cheering that election. will
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menace president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today there was no collusion at all everybody knows it but that contradicts mounting evidence against russia the intelligence community that has confirmed russian intervention you've got the social media companies facebook twitter you tube confirming russian interference you have all of our partner countries for around europe confirming russian intervention. in an interview off to his meeting with trump putin said u.s. politics was to blame it's absolutely an interest i'm not interested in this issue that it will interest single bit it's the internal political games of the united states to be mentioned we were talking of games and it was to football that the russian president turned to having trumped the full was in his court which is growing number of critics believe that it is the u.s. president who has dropped the ball. all right while the white house in damage
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control today in washington bureau chief alexander phenomena is tracking reactions alexander many have described president trump as the teflon don i mean the notion that he can do no wrong nothing is going to stick by his own admission he could go down fifth avenue and shoot someone and it wouldn't affect his popularity with his base or the republican party is this a turning point. it's might be many critics say that they are convinced it is a turning point and the defining moment of trump's presidency don't know trump is facing kill soft tsunami of criticism not only from the democrats but also within his own republican party where many lawmakers have described his performance in helsinki as disgraceful shameful or embarrassing and now the democrats are calling on trump's national security team to testify before congress they are calling on
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for additional legislation to impose new sanctions on russia and house speaker poll a top republican in the house said today that he is willing to consider additional sanctions against russia however we have to say that step president himself doesn't seem to be impressed by that at all today he doubled down on twitter saying that he's meeting with that in the putin was even better that he's meeting with the you asked nat'l allies. in the meantime and dan coats prison terms director of national intelligence that came out almost immediately saying that the assessment of russian meddling are clear for the intelligence community this is an established fact they're not arguing about whether it actually happened some now want him to go for the want to pull up this tweet by former cia official larry pfeiffer he
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tweeted with trump's repudiation of the u.s. intelligence dan coats should resign in protest and disgust alexander your thoughts. code's himself publicly ignored the calls for him to resign he issued that statement yesterday as you said doubling down on the his latest findings saying that it was russia behind twenty sixteen elections and even saying that russia is continuing its efforts to undermine the american demand for the mocha see in this statement he also say said today that he is willing to provide objective intelligence to serve the u.s. national interest and that doesn't seem like he was getting ready to resign and they are many in the intel community urging coats to this day saying that now it is more important than ever to have a say in voices around the president. on
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a phenomena reporting from washington thank you well donald trump's a purpose to serve barack obama is in south africa right now where he's been there paying tribute to former anti apartheid leader nelson mandela obama was asked to give the keynote address marking the one hundredth anniversary of mandela's birth it was his highest profile speech since leaving the white house thousands attended the official celebrations and obama got huge applause when he called mandela quote one of history's true giants urged people around the world to stand up for the values of tolerance and respect that were so dear to south africa's former president and obama said there was still plenty of work to do to fulfill mandela's vision. it is a plain fact that racial discrimination still exists in both the united states and south africa. and it is also
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a fact that the accumulated disadvantages of years of institutionalized oppression have created yawning disparities in income and in wealth in education and health in personal safety and access to credit former us of president barack obama speaking there in south africa a little earlier on moving on now or to north africa where the united nations migration agency says almost fifty one thousand migrants have crossed the mediterranean to europe so far this year that's less than half the number that made a perilous journey during the same period in twenty seventeen but while the numbers are down plenty still dream of a new life in europe and as it obviously fish are reports from tunisia many people who fail to make the crossing once vow to try again for others there's no second chance. hardly anyone visiting this place on the tunisian coast on their
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descent here are doing main so women children and young men they drowned in the mediterranean chasing an uncertain dream a dream a flight in europe. there's stories lie buried with them in these makeshift graves no names no identities no headlines across from the sea over there in europe the focus has shifted from whole to help migrants too hard to keep migrants here. he wants to give them dignity shamsuddin is a fisherman here near to tourist hot spot of such as this he has buried the remains of three hundred people to stop the crossings europe has proposed the creation of so-called disembarkation platforms in north africa they are migrants would be able to apply for asylum. isn't impressed. with the machines europe doesn't care about these people whether they're alive or dead building reception centers isn't a solution instead europe should give people the wealth that was stolen from them.
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to. a beach near december tree this is where fisherman discovered a washed up bodies. wanted to find them before the local children i'm on my way to a nearby migrant center where some of those rescued find temporary refuse their i meet the desha from the democratic republic of congo for months she was a sex slave in libya she tells me. when they discovered that i was pregnant they let me go. i don't want to stay here engine is here i want to go to europe. tunisia has no functioning asylum system and it has to not only deal with migrants passing through but also with the increasing numbers of its own youth who dream of a brighter future these young men died trying to reach italy wooden seven thousand
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tunisians try to cross the mediterranean last year while i was one of them he invites me to his home to share his story. and hurt them of. hope here. nor alive it's all the same we don't have any jobs or future nothing in this country kills our dream that's why i want to escape. the well survive several boat accidents in the mediterranean but he's undeterred he wants to try again. if i stay here in tunisia i have zero hope. in europe i at least have a chance to hear. but europe doesn't want to take migrants like well so who exactly is responsible for those rescue at sea. we have to stop treaty migrants like hostage is and using them as political leverage we have
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to stop treating them as a tool with which to get money from europe and we have to be humane with them and guarantee them no rights or freedom of movement because. tunisia's government has repeatedly said it does not want to be the gate keeper for migrants trying to reach europe caught in limbo thousand see trying to lock on the mediterranean as the only option despite the dangers. then football francis still is celebration mode following its world cup victory the team returned to paris with the iconic trophy yesterday with thousands of fervent fans of welcome them back home well it all started on the show as these they were a sea of supporters crowded the streets and tried to get a glimpse of the team as they rode through the city on their champions bus while present in me on my call has already promised the legion of honor for the victors exceptional services to the country and after all that they have let the fans with
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a little song and dance. and to staying with football in the smallest country to ever qualify for a world cup are looking for a new coach that's after iceland's heimer holograms and decided to leave the job after seven years in charge competing in their first world cup iceland held full world champs argentina to a one zero draw but went out in the group stage told them sun was previously co coach with swede a large lager back with the pair guiding iceland to the quarterfinals twenty sixteen. argentinian legend diego maradona has into a three year deal to become the president of dynamo breast a first division team and bowers the in one thousand nine hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred eighty six world cup winner was given a rousing reception ahead of watching his first match marathon a promise fans will create a team that will battle for the title and hopes his presence can help improve football in the country. you're watching read every news here's what's still ahead
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as washington moves through word of greater protectionism the e.u. and japan signed a landmark free trade deal first we'll have all the details for you right after this. under no. i. was. there. somebody was my hero that is also here everybody around the world his name to. leave.


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