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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is the the only news line from above and donald trump makes a spectacular turnaround on his health thinking summit remarks facing a barrage of criticism he now says russia did meddle in the u.s. election but to no effect he also says he misspoke when he said he sold no reason why russia would interfere but he meant to say the opposite will bring a reaction from washington. and also on the program remembering a political icon in his highest profile speech since leaving the white house a former u.s. president barack obama delivers a tribute to the late south african president nelson mandela the eighth of what
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wouldn't be his one hundredth birthday. until gail welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has made down about face on remarks he made that a summit with russia's vladimir putin speaking at a cabinet meeting he now says except russia did meddle in the u.s. election he went on to say that he misspoke yesterday when he said he saw no reason for russia to interfere i accept our intelligence communities conclusion that russia's meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election took place pretty of the people also. a lot of people out there there was no pollution at all. clear on that there was no collusion let's get more from d.w.
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so washington bureau chief an example of naaman welcome alexandra this is not a president known for backing down so what has brought this about. i think that was the harsh criticism the president has been facing since to with blood in there putting criticism most notably within his own republican party with republican lonely occurs describing what they saw in housing key areas seem disgraceful and shameful and with republican leaders in congress trying to distance themselves from this president and tromso all of this on t.v. we know that he likes to look good on t.v. we know that he seems to be obsessed with optics and this is actually not the first time that he backed down it was the case when he's administration implemented its
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policy of separating migrant kids from their of parents at the mexican border and after harsh criticism from within the republican party on this the president changed this policy so let's hear more from the statement that was issued here is on claims of russian interference in the sixty election. it should have been obvious i thought it would be obvious but i would like to play it just in case it wasn't and if you sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of would have. to say and should have been i don't see any reason why i would or why it wouldn't be russian so. construe repeated the word would instead of word. and i thought it would be maybe a little bit on the transcript or in on the actual video. should have been
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and i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. so now we're all clear about how all the president's critics reacting to this. i don't think that he's going to convinced his fiercest critics because they are not buying this especially his explanation that their reason for this misunderstanding was he nice use. negative but it will be crucial how the republican party is going to react whenever they would like to have full confrontation with this president or not i would assume there are not interested in that because they are facing a very difficult mid-term election in november and therefore they would like to avoid and they think that would mean that they are risking a majority in congress. face
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a lot of criticism for the helsinki summit in the first place he faced criticism for the way he performs yesterday he's going to get more for doing this about face is this a tool damaging to. yes i think so i think that the damage has been done and i think that this president seems to have lost his credibility a swell among many a lawmakers here in the united states because he tans not to tell the truth he tends to use lies to. present his policy and therefore it is so difficult to believe and to think that he is credible and to believe what he's saying talking to fans for joining us on nine hundred four naaman in washington. now former u.s. president barack obama has paid tribute to nelson mandela and all the former south
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african leaders but in his most high profile speech since leaving office mr obama use the nelson mandela lecture to urge people around the world to emulate the apartheid figurehead despite an even progress in south africa itself. most blacks in south africa live in townships like this one. a fish see a letter is hoping that barack obama's visit here will show the world that south africa is still a developing country feel yes we care it to us like. everybody to get you can do use the same applies to neighbors and when they were. around ten thousand people listen to obama's speech in a stadium in johannesburg. the tickets were free of fierce manage to get one yellow came to embody the universal aspirations of this
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business people all around the world. the hopes for a better life. shared by many here affair says obama is a man off to his own heart especially when he speaks about dashed hopes. it is a plain fact that racial discrimination still exists in both the united states and south africa that the accumulated disadvantages of years of institutionalized oppression of created yawning disparities of face and that says has inequality has to be eliminated once and for all he hopes that obama uses his political clout to help south africa achieve that the united nations' migration agency says almost fifty one thousand migrants across the mediterranean to europe so far this year that's less than half the number that made the perilous journey join the same period last year and while the numbers are down plenty of people still dream of a new life in europe d w funny fish are reports from tunisia many people who failed
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to make the crossing once say they will try again but there is no second chance. hardly anyone visits this place on the tunisian coast there's a scent here are do remain so women children and young men they drowned in the mediterranean chasing an uncertain dream a dream off life in europe their stories lie buried with them in these makeshift graves no names no identities no headlines across from the sea over there in europe the focus has shifted from whole to help migrants too hard to keep migrants here. he wants to give them dignity. is a fisherman here near to tourist hot spot of saturday's he has buried the remains of three hundred people to stop the crossings europe has proposed the creation of so-called disembarkation platforms in north africa they are migrants would be able
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to apply for asylum. isn't impressed. with to mrs europe doesn't care about these people whether they are alive or dead building reception centers isn't a solution instead europe should give people the wealth that was stolen from them. to. a beach near december tree this is where a fisherman discovered a washed up bodies. to find them before the local children i'm on my way to a nearby migrant center where some of those rescued find temporary refuge there i meet the desha from the democratic republic of congo four months she was a sex slave in libya she tells me. when they discovered i was pregnant they let me go. i don't want to stay here engine is here i want to go to europe. tunisia has no functioning asylum
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system and it has to not only deal with migrants passing through but also with increasing numbers of its own youth who dream of a brighter future these young men died trying to reach italy wooden seven thousand tunisians try to cross the mediterranean last year while i was one of them he invites me to his home to share his story. and hurt them of. hope here. nor alive it's all the same we don't have any jobs or future nothing in this country kills our dream that's why i want to escape. the well survive several boat accidents in the mediterranean but he's undeterred he wants to try again. if i stay here in tunisia i have zero hope. in europe at least have a chance to hear that. europe doesn't want to take the migrants like well so who
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exactly is responsible for those rescue at sea. we have to stop treaty migrants like hostages and using them as political leverage we have to stop treating them as a tool with which to get money from europe and we have to be humane with them and guarantee them no rights or freedom of movement. tunisia's government has repeatedly said it does not want to be the gate keeper for migrants trying to reach europe caught in limbo thousand see trying to lock on the mediterranean as the only option despite the dangers. security forces in nicaragua have laid siege to an opposition neighborhood in the capital managua. protests at least ten people were killed over the weekend when police and government to present. attacks student demonstrators on monday funerals for the
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victims. grieving and angry friends and family of those killed in last weekend's violence marched through the streets of managua carrying their loved ones to their final resting place but while they were mourning the dead others gathered to demand justice outside the university where the incident occurred. the protesters here say pro-government groups would have blamed for the deaths when they cleared a sit in protest that was taking place at the united nations agrees. the organization says a number of human rights violations have taken place in the country including extrajudicial killings torture and arbitrary detentions we are observing an emerging and disturbing practice of human rights defenders and people who merely taking part in protests being criminalized. violent unrest in the country began after the elections in april the country's president daniel ortega announced he was
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going to trim the pension benefits the government backed down but it's heavy handed response to the demonstrators sparked protest against ortega's rule his actions have attracted widespread international criticism including that of prominent rights activist bianca jagger then he says slaughter the people every day slaughter against innocent people who are unarmed we cannot allow that to happen. he guided nations and the united states have both now independently called for a halt to the deadly crackdown on anti-government protests and warned against further government violence. this is d. w. a lot of sports and we'll talk about the tour de france after a day's break the rides were back on their bikes to stage ten which saw them enter the mountains for the first time julian i laugh in the one the one hundred fifty eight kilometer ride from lake tennessee which included four major climbs. take an
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album out in the yellow jersey start of the first alpine stage on the attack and that's despite the mountains not being his terrain this is mars you know i feel his discipline as he showed only plays at picking up maximum points in all five categorised climbs. on the penultimate climb about thirty kilometers from the finish i left early went on a decisive attack breaking away from the pack. tried to keep up having briefly held a five minute leave open ever shrinking group of tool favorites. after the climbs to lead one the race to the finish and look all bold all the first frenchman to win it they see is tall. front of him across the line for extending his lead in the overall standings to two minutes and twenty two seconds julio i left the leafs celebrated his first ever taught stage win and receive the polka dot king of the mountains jersey. and don't forget you can always get w.
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