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tv   Close up - Turning of the Tide in South Africa  Deutsche Welle  July 18, 2018 5:15am-5:45am CEST

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year people across south africa celebrate freedom day it's a public holiday marking the end of apartheid twenty four years ago. yet to be celebrating the freedom we show up here and sought point saying it's a chair no cuban missile of reading a different. political hardliners say real freedom has yet to be won their rhetoric is stoking the tensions between black and white to levels not seen since the days of apartheid. so this is they call me oh this company. is over for eight days notice there that you're pretty good but i'm not calling for this no tonic on what these for the many south africans say the ideal of a multicultural rainbow nation has failed. and the country was at
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a turning point. ended in south africa in one thousand nine hundred four but still today most of the country's black population lives in poverty those celebrating freedom here belong to the young black middle class here the ideals that nelson mandela fought for are alive and well. but those calling themselves the economic freedom fighters with their red shirts take a very different view they see the white minority as
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a problem and are calling for their land to be taken away. i. many of south africa's white farmers now live in fear fear of being attacked by black people. men from neighboring farms near pretoria have joined forces to patrol the area at night it's a practice now operating on farms across the country. the farmers say the change in political tone has meant they're now increasingly becoming the target of attacks. in the no region i mean vehicles.
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suddenly there's a noise perhaps it's an intruder this time it turns out to be nothing just the wind or a small animal. but. ordinary farmers are now patrolling their land with bullet proof vests and guns this neighborhood project was set up by after form an association that represents the white minority its local leader has no doubt that many of the attacks on farmers are politically motivated. the future. of the. farms in south africa are often in remote locations making them easy targets for
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criminals so it's not clear to what extent the attacks on farmers are politically motivated. but they're making white farmers feel increasingly on edge farmers like baird is henrico and his wife is still. they say some of their friends are black and skin color is not normally an issue for them but earlier this year they had an experience which caused them to see things differently. fair to send a stale breed antelopes and sell them to nature parks sometimes tourists come to their farm to hunt the antelopes bertice and a stale love living out in nature but what happened in early february has changed everything. but. one evening when the couple were back at the farmhouse three black men stormed
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into their living room armed with knives and guns bertice did his best to hold them off. so i eat the first one with the screwdriver. and he was going to. rent the human flight at the in and he was. standing up again so i grabbed him and that's when i grabbed the other one i don't know a way to become from the back saw the way. the shorts. fell down. with barrett is injured on the floor the men took a gun and tried to kill him. and they have that to give. and trying to pull the trigger but they couldn't get it cocked. and. four times trying.
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they say that moment felt like facing an executioner. they're convinced the vehemence of the attackers indicates that it was about more than money. it's just a is and it's almost and still that's the only explanation for it it's definitely the blacks it's the whites definitely political. because the cruelty the way they you know if you could if you could see the feiss you know the the height. it was like a passion for the meat was they enjoyed it not all white south africans share their views and there are no reliable statistics to prove that white farmers are more at risk of attack than other south africans but from now on curtis and estelle are taking no more chances they've set up
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a huge electric fence all around their property and they're not the only ones who are afraid. white farmers across the country have taken part in protests to draw attention to the attacks on farms one time last year they blocked entire freeways here a future which are no longer welcome in their own country. nor. are the attacks on farmers a genuine problem or of they've been blown out of proportion through fear one thing is undeniable and most white people in south africa are fairly well off most black people are poor. and extreme poverty often pushes people into crime.
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this is the township of soweto on the edge of johannesburg. millions of black south africans live in townships like this one a legacy of the apartheid era. in the past black people were forced to live in townships now twenty four years on most of them are still here some may feel it's home but most are here because they can't afford to go anywhere else they live below the poverty line. after all these years under a freely elected black government many here have become tired of waiting for change . charles so that's why i was one of them. who. he and his wife and children live in a small hut made of corrugated sheets of metal his part time job earns him the equivalent of one hundred euros a month that's not unusual here but the irony in his case is that he helped fight against apartheid as
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a member of the underground organization spear of the nation with. he says the fight for freedom didn't pay off. in pan and when i was on it's not defeat them at all it's not to feed them and. if i had freedom i could have been there and been compensated it had been my own house that's our will be. even my my my my kids would say our father fought for this country along side us as many indian in the name used this is what the government of south africa is so. frightened that. the underground organization that charles was part of was the military wing of the a and c. the party of nelson mandela which now governs the country. they and c. has been in power for twenty four years enough time to improve the lives of black people says charles like many in south africa he believes the time has come to
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start taking from the white community and redistributing the wealth to black people . only a small minority of south africa's black population has managed to move up to the middle class. is a lot in the hole is one of those privileged few. she's in a band called freshly ground. salami doesn't agree with the hardliners she doesn't believe south africa's problems are simply a matter of skin color but she's aware that she lives a privileged life as the lead singer in one of the country's most popular bands she's among the winners in the new south africa. definitely the struggle for freedom paid off i mean i'm sitting here in this room. with
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people from all over. the continent all of a south africa have had a really. amazing education i can vote. and unite i can use this we can use the same bathrooms you know assists definitely the struggle for freedom is definitely paid off in my life. lives in south africa's most expensive city cape town it's a magnet for tourists anyone who can afford to live here in the center of the city has made it in south africa but even here the legacy of apartheid can still be felt . zolani is married to nicholas. even twenty four years after the end of apartheid that mixed race couples are still unusual and they often turn heads. but that's
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also because people recognize the lani and start singing her songs. the object of my delicious people to simply repeated and also to give us some misinformation really about what other races you know wasn't just like you say you see it is also like you're better than them in a much worse thing you don't don't makes you actually actively encouraged not to mix so it's only been a couple of decades and you know i mean that's going to take a long time of edmonton to do it i think primarily it's an economic separation they're coming from the long legacy we have a whole set for it and some of this food majority of so that's because of that book relation. and the provision of access to witness what people look to the
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restaurants the mean it seems. salami and nicholas are worried about the growing tensions between black and white they're especially concerned about the political hardliners on both sides who stir up hatred and fear. those hardliners were out in force earlier in the year for the funeral of winnie mandela the economic freedom fighters came in droves to celebrate the life of one of the last icons of the anti-apartheid movement it was a golden opportunity to drive their message home. while was also keen to attend he sees when he mandela as a great role model. right from. early on when he was in favor of expropriating land from white farmers she took a more aggressive stance than nelson mandela who preferred to focus on reconciliation
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i was i am monda away to more power to the people the rallying cry of the a.n.c. the old slogan now rings hollow for charles nearly half the stadium was taken up with supporters of the economic freedom fighters people as frustrated with the and see as charles was he was looking forward to the speech from the party's leader julius malema. on john. his funeral address soon turned into a campaign speech i want to do i show you. the two days we are not in a period of my my we need my digs and i'm on their lawn mower i had to explain this in overnight and we thought compensation through was good too it's through push it over there and we don't cope in satan food i was good to listen i says you know from our incident pain sport was. good because british had the must come
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down to the table was not really pushing was but to keep the exaction if they don't have to take to that effect today it depicted then today interesting yes. that that's no negotiations only to have was the economic freedom fighters are among the opposition parties in parliament they only took six percent of the vote in the last election but their influence is growing. i was there encouraging people to simply take land for themselves so these people decided to move onto a piece of waste land near pretoria egged on by the f.s.a. . not is good news. but the next day the police moved in to clear the area pulling down the makeshift high. it's that had already been set up. we decided to visit a nearby township here we should find plenty of people who support the ideas of the
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economic freedom fighters but in fact we find the political rhetoric doesn't necessarily reflect the reality on the ground we spent two hours talking to people here and found no support for expropriating white farmers land. in the government it was those had just to be owned by more people then there must be some form of compensation you know that is why i'm not to want to break you know it's a matter of do what is like is not a big issue because if they do that. if you are just words this isn't. the issue of land has dog south africa since the end of apartheid the government's reform programme has focused on persuading white farmers to sell their land voluntarily some property has been expelled pre-dated but always with compensation . but for many the pace of reform is too slow after twenty four years the white
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minority still owns three quarters of the farm land in south africa. and this man's farm has already been export created and given to new black owners but the example of his farm shows that cool heads do sometimes prevail even in this very difficult conflict. today the house stands empty this was once paul de bell's home but he did receive financial compensation so he says he's not bitter just a little sad. today his fields are tended by new owners black farmers from the neighboring village. paul is training them in modern farming techniques he's even invested money into the farm although it's no longer his but in return he gets a share of the profits paul says none of this would have happened if he'd simply been chased away i think i have
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a socialist sponsibility. and i want to want to see this film being successful and i know the potential of this film and the need to end up like some of the other farms that's just being run down. the neighboring property is one such example. paul's got to know the new owner and understands the problems the land used to belong to a white farmer the government bought it and gave it to a local black farmer free of charge but today the place is not in good condition in fact it's falling to rack and ruin. this water storage tank is in desperate need of repair but as the new owner john quality explains to paul he doesn't have the money to repair it the leak has now become so big the whole thing is unusable. john is well aware that he's not running the farm properly that's partly because he lacks the necessary training and experience
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he says many black farmers are in the same dilemma they've only ever run small farms before and have no experience in industrial agriculture. and. the farm storehouse is also in a dilapidated state john asked the government for help but got nothing. when the white farmer was living and working here everything worked properly. no i told the government how things are known and asked them to come and see for themselves. but they weren't interested and they told me to sort it out myself. i don't have the money to do that. john quote he was given land but not the means to make it productive surely the two elements need to go hand in hand. just
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a few kilometers away the provincial capital of my so violent protests earlier this year. extra police had to be brought in to quell the riots began as a protest ended in looting and violence. the protesters were angry about one of the other big problems in south africa corruption. time and again money that could be used to help relieve poverty ends up lining the pockets of politicians. in this case the regional premier was accused of misusing state funds. the president broke off a trip to london to rush back home and deal with the case personally he's promised to clamp down on corruption the man accused was from his own ansi party he knew all eyes would be on him to see how he'd respond to. issues that are raised have to do with the position of the premia have to do with governance they have to do with
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issues of corruption in the province and we decided that these are matters that are serious enough to enable us to discuss the matter broadly with people as quickly as possible. jacob zuma ran a post his predecessor faced repeated allegations of corruption he denied them all and even laughed about them under his rule the country plunged into deeper crisis. zuma used taxpayer money to upgrade his private home. a stencil for security reasons the swimming pool for example was declared a source of water for fighting fires zuma ties to a wealthy indian born family were also criticized the family is said to have obtained lucrative contracts and even influenced cabinet appointments. tens of
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thousands protested and the country's credit rating was downgraded but it was only after a protracted power struggle within the a.n.c. that zuma finally stood down. so when cyril ramaphosa was sworn into office many hoped this would be the start of a new era. he made ending the cycle of corruption his number one priority we. knew this is the legacy why. we do so little. ones. who. earn two johnstons. began his political career as one of the founding members of the mine workers union. nelson mandela is known to have wanted ramaphosa to succeed him as president. as
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the a.n.c. chief negotiator ramaphosa worked with the old regime to draft south africa's first post apartheid constitution he has a strong reputation and is considered pro-business so many were shocked when he announced that he too would support the expropriation of land without compensation . this edition of larry it's time has come it's currently our voice. we cannot there are no way for. among the measures that we are going to use to absolutely. the distribution over there and that it's. without compensation. and it's not just the white business community that's concerned we've come to a bakery in pretoria this is exactly the kind of initiative that amc is keen to promote a successful business run by black entrepreneurs. two sisters took
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a seat on the long ago and. set up a company three years ago called cake world the and sees move towards a more hard line position is the cause of great concern to them. they're worried about the future of the country's economy and the potential impact on all businesses here. who's going to want to buy a property now when you know that behave by now e l a time i feel we need that coffee tea in my twenty's me so people i know that if you buy any of the tea any of the people who we put in aren't companies in the clothes in town you know because i mean people outside they buy houses in south africa i like cape town cape town is one of the most beautiful places you know i know people around the world have has this so if i get a quote. it's an easy. moving me i'd be really angry so i don't think i'm going to take it with. a parliamentary committee has until the end of august to
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review possible changes to the constitution only then can a decision be taken on ceasing land from white farmers here at the bakery they're hoping around a poster will have a change of heart and will focus instead on investing in free and better education for the poor. the two sisters say politics is still dominated by the issue of skin color it's a far cry from the rainbow nation touted by nelson mandela. the way the various south africans perceive the current political situation differs as widely as the world in which they live but out here in the bush white farmers bertice and is still once believed in the rainbow nation not anymore. who. who may be the cool. that i know what. it's black and white now the white must protect them the best is a black. when is it going to that the words to say this is enough.
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we salami and nicholas say people have often thought south africa was on the brink of chaos and civil war but every time it's turned out differently. that's what gives them hope now despite their concerns about the future at the moment you know the direction of the country is. it's worrying but you look at the same time it's always been worrying. they were really been like a very comfortable society such a fractured society. it is again a scary time. we need to focus on what unites us says farmer paul not what divides us but he admits it's easier for him than for someone who has nothing. i believe that we can sort it out in a proper manner i think these political bought. trying to gain by
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making it a listen and to make a statement. but i think i think did the general population off of this country is is it's not they view the world population once everybody just just wants to look everybody needs to survive is what he needs to make money if you put twenty foot on the table for the families i'm just nothing i'm just nobody so for me this freedom it means nothing less i was living in exile is much better than the debt that i'm living here in south africa i pursued not i feel that i've been betrayed. right now the tide in south africa appears to be turning all the politics of the future focus on black against white. over the country step back from the brink to move forward together towards the goal of
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