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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 21, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin hamas says it's reach a cease fire agreement with israel in the gaza strip. that's after a day of clashes that killed an israeli soldier and four palestinians along the border has now returned to the area but will it last we will get the latest from our correspondent. blazes the folks the arctic circle sweetness by using its most serious wildfires in decades prompting its government to seek help from other european nations is the time
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a change to blame would be asking an expert on extreme weather. and seems like continues to dominate the tour de france also after a better seventy plus one hundred seventy kilometers day should belong sprinting specialists from one of its competitors came out on top. i'm on i was all thank you for joining us how mass has said it has reached an agreement with israel to end the bloodshed in the gaza strip at this comes after a day of deadly clashes israel has not yet confirms that the cease fire is in place but the army has said it has ended its overnight offensive on the end. again smoke rises over gaza on friday the israeli defense forces struck dozens of targets using both jets and tanks four were killed in the latest strikes three of them
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hamas militants the fourth a civilian this latest bombing campaign followed the death of an israeli soldier shot dead by palestinians not. trying to be balanced and responsible but hamas leaders are forcing it into a situation in which we have no choice but to embark on a broad and painful military operation. since light much the gaza strip has been rocked by weekly protests against a decade long israeli egyptian blockade in the ensuing months israeli forces have killed over one hundred forty palestinians with gunfire and strikes friday sniper attack was the first death of an israeli soldier in the same period. as tensions escalate talk of all out war hangs in the air. that would
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stone toward any time. they want to none so it will come without warning that. for now gaza is calm the tensions linger even as the smoke subsides. forward at its crossover to our correspondent tanya kramer in jerusalem time yes in their agreement was reached a week ago but it didn't so how is this one going to be any different. well i mean it's a return to calm and this was announced last night by hamas spokesperson it seems that this calm and quiet was brokered again by the egyptians and also by the u.s. and we have not heard anything official yet from the israeli side but in the past i was a so this very army has given the all clear for residents of the southern communities around the gaza strip to go back to their normal routine as of yesterday they were told to stand near their shelters now as you know it all comes on the backs of
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these three months of protests around the gaza strip and the border tensions as well and the best weeks have been very very strong in the past couple of days now it's still to see whether this calm and it's always relative when you talk about a calm in gaza and the surrounding area will actually hold it's a very volatile situation. still a fragile situation there at the moment tanya can the international community do anything to ease the tension do you think well we understand that again this cease fire or a return to calm as of as also last week was brokered by egypt and also by the u.n. and there's also talk a bit of a wider plan by u.s. involvement in the region but nothing solid on that yet so all eyes are actually on cairo as well as on the u.n. plan that is put forward by the u.n. special envoy mr blunt if you're in the region to ease the humanitarian situation
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in the gaza strip by creating emergency jobs tackling this electricity problem and water but he also made a very strong statement last night said you know we have to get all sides stepping back from the brink of war because all of this needs to have a calm situation and again it's a very fair. comment the moment you've just returned from gaza as well what has it been like there. well for people there it's extremely boring what's happening i spoke to people then they were asking could that be the beginning of another war they've already been through. three wars and they can't march i mean they're going about their daily lives they're stuck in gaza basically because of all the restrictions there's a closer imposed by israel and egypt and again there are also new restrictions the flow of goods through the only commercial crossing with israel that israel said this week in response to the border tensions so people there are asking you know
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what will happen then we'll look very carefully what will happen then the next coming hours and days tanya kramer in jerusalem thank you for keeping us updated on the situation. notice them of the other stories making news around the world. the european union has temporarily suspended its naval operation in the mediterranean sea refuses to accept migrants rescued by its operations sophie it was launched in twenty fifteen to tackle as it has increasingly found itself rescuing people at sea the e.u. is now reviewing the mission. thing a poor as health system has been hit by the biggest breach of personal data in the country's history authorities say that the hikers stole the health records of one point five million patients including singapore's prime minister says he and most of the attackers are still here.
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and knife attack has left ten people injured in the northern german city of new bac a german man allegedly started stopping people honest there's he both passengers overpowered the attacker and tells him until police arrived authorities are investigating the attackers motives would have charged the rooms are terrorism. reports of the us media say donald trump's former lawyer lawyer michael cohen secretly taped discussing payments to a former playboy model karen might do go claims she had an affair with trump and two thousand and six allegedly made the recording two months before the twenty sixteen election it was reportedly seized by the f.b.i. joining the raid on cohen's office earlier this year. record breaking heat wave is keeping parts of europe on high alert sweden is one of the country's most effects as battling its worst wildfires in decades more than
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fifty blazes are torching and scorching forest mostly in central and western sweden and also above the arctic circle. no people have been reported higher and forced large scale evacuations have been taking place and things are being fanned by film off the hottest and dry it's whether they're in a century joining me now for more is the old lake and meteorologist from the free universe is he here in berlin an expert on extreme weather conditions thank you for joining us in studio now fires above the arctic circle circle how is that even possible well there is a heat wave but the arctic circle heads in the past but no there isn't very much dry inus in addition to that and these conditions are just prone to to ignite fires and wildfires it can be caused by people many by fires are usually caused by people just burning. something and throwing cigarettes away but then.
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it can also be ignited by flesh by lightning ok i mean we have seen in many other north korean european countries as well that it's not just a case of you know fires been started by people there are extreme weather conditions there are droughts there are shortages of water there are fires that i mean it's pretty extreme what we're seeing is this the beginning of the future is this water climate change is looking like are we here where we are looking of calls that models that try to estimate how climate change is going to proceed under different say so no use of. of greenhouse gas emissions and what we indeed find that there is a tendency towards warming that's it has a particular focus in the in the northern part so so scandinavia is also one of the
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hot points there. and in addition to that there is a tendency to have a change. doing for conditions so what we have investigated ourselves in our institute is what the model say about the heavy rainfall and they in scandinavia indeed are projected to increase quite drastically is there anything that we can do to prevent these drastic changes well of course there is all these programs to reduce to mitigate climate change but i think that will be not be enough so measures taken to adapt and to adapt properly certainly something that we need to do are they manmade then i mean you see often politicians over in the u.s. who are very very adamant that this climate change is not modern ways and it is
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absolutely i mean dare they don't deny that what you think well what we see is a slow progress in the mean towards more extreme conditions but there is not just this slow increase going along with greenhouse gases but there is also the decadal changes the climate is not constant but it is valuable and. we are trying to assess that and trying to make predictions and so it could appears likely that the warming for example that we see in the long term is already starting on the short term could mean that in the next few decades it might go down again the play could thank you very much for joining us here in studio and breaking it down for us. cycling now and that stage thirteen of the tour de france teams guy continues to root all
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those sprinting specialists out of the board same day to end the day in a dramatic fashion the almost one hundred seventy kilometers long race went from board just one to meanwhile the overall easier and yellow jersey holder gerald the last of the team sky continues to fight allegations that his team's performance is just a little bit too convincing. stage thirteen was considerably flatter than previous days in the alps with the route favoring the sprinters four breakaway riders including switzerland's me can't share and belgium's thomas to ghent set the pace chair held the lead but with six kilometers remaining was gobbled up by the peloton . filipe an attack inside the final kilometer but the frenchman was caught with less than three hundred metres to go slovakia's paid in saigon showed his strength and added to his victories on stages two and five winning this time by just how full we'll norway's alexander christophe took second ahead of france's i've no duma
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to slovak writer was delighted with his win very happy the one today is very nice for me and thanks to all my team mates. it again very good job team sky rider and baron thomas held on to the overall leader's yellow jersey but saigon extends his lead in the green jersey points classification. and the german football federation known as the d.f.a. is facing allegations of mismanagement germany where unceremoniously and emanations in the wet cups group stages defending champions and finger pointing continues this time from a former national team great who is also the chairman by munich. the other through it all looks so hopeful for team germany when they were at their training camp in preparation for the world cup they were on top of the world and had no idea they would quickly come crashing down former german international striker and byron unique chairman karl had this to say about the d.f.t.
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. right now it seems to me that they don't have a clear cut professional way of dealing with crises and i'm not at all surprised because the d.f.t. is full of amateurs and so it was i'm not at all convinced that at the end of the day the right solutions will be found with these people who are running things just like. the ball is now in the d.s.p. east court should they choose to play one thing is certain germany can't afford another tournament disaster because then no one will be safe there are. just days after the old us tennis tournament and the world when milton finished and even older tennis tradition is being taped acts and event at london's hound ten course palace so-called real tennis the pretense that a team modern long tennis has been played for almost five hundred years nicknamed the force of kings its fate using a solid ball on a name coast course which can be bands the courts walls top players from around the
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world are facing off for the crown in this most rica games. you're watching today on the news coming to you from britain and more again at the top of the hour and up again kind of an ace news and information on our website that's interview dot com. he takes it personally are you ready with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true for. more than football.


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