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but there. this is due to the news coming from berlin one of germany's best known soccer stars quits the national team citing. says it will no longer play internationally for germany after facing a barrage of criticism for meeting with the turkish president. has kicked off a debate about racism and integration in the country also coming up india's supreme
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court will soon decide whether to decriminalize homosexuality. after he's fighting for gay rights. show i'm sorry harmon it's good to have you with us german football star measured as it has quit the national team over what he called discrimination following germany's world cup exit. has turkish roots said he faced racism and disrespect from the german media after his meeting with turkish president raja back in may he was also criticised by the german football association after the tournament in russia. after a long silence mesut ozil has finally made his feelings known in an epic three part statement on twitter. is ill said his meeting with turkey's president adeline was about respecting the highest office of his family's country. in his third post
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released hours later is ill heavily criticized german football association president clinton for his negative comments on islam and multiculturalism and announced he was quitting the german side. a photo of israel and added one at that meeting in may spark to debate that has refused to die in germany with israel being accused of helping out a once campaign for an upcoming election israel says the pat talked only about football germany teammate going to on the scene here on the left was also at the meeting and explained his decision soon after isil preferred to remain silent which only brought him more criticism from the kind i don't think any footballer should have their photo taken with any authority in real or whether with vladimir putin as no tomatillos did with the one late in the one in israel's there are enough democratic politicians to be photographed web. got to put it you can be missing a position lesson coming off to germany's exit in the world cup group stage the
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debate bubbled up again germany team manager all of a beer huff and f.a. chief of the added fuel to the fire with kendall urging him to explain his meeting with. the ninety two times capped international has done so now and his words have piled more pressure on the german f.a. who have yet to respond. to huge story this morning in germany from our sports desk to walk me through it we were good to have you here we heard they're taking aim at german f.a. president wright are going though what is the issue with them yeah so israel did not shy away he did not hold back he went and he basically accused i had gringo that the of the president of using him as a scapegoat for his own incompetence and he even went a step further and he basically pointed out something that a lot of germans with a microwave background often and that is that if you're successful if i'm when i win i'm german but the minute i lose i'm the foreign i'm the immigrant and that's
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what also goes into the identity politics in. only where a lot of people with a migrant a background often feel like they never german or not it doesn't matter how well you can be a world champion but you're still never good enough and people also need to realize that window was a former politician and he has in the past make very controversial comments about multiculturalism and his slam in germany and feels that somebody with this sort of use should not be running for the organization. from a sporting perspective what does that mean to german football to lose a player like oh i mean this is detrimental i mean for the longest time he was the model of integration this is where like people were saying all the kids for them i can back on especially those were of a turkish background this is the manager they need to look up to and you know he even once had a rule what's for it and the big question now is what sort of impact will this have on aspiring footballers that you know with a migrant background in germany because a lot of must be thinking wait a minute if this is how they treat
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a world cup champion somebody that helped germany to win it in twenty fourteen one of they pay us who we can safely say as one of their most technically gifted players in a very long time you know a lot of these kids must be saying do i really want to represent germany and if that is the case that of course would be detrimental to the talent pool in germany and it also leaves the german f.a. in kind of an awkward position. has not been the only critical voice of this organization needs he hasn't and i mean by and chairman collins from a nigga just last week called the d.s. he basically a bunch of amateur us the former world cup captain back in twenty fourteen he basically said look he needs to really take a look at his leadership abilities and what's our code of course as a problematic is that with six weeks to go we will find out who will host the twenty twenty twenty twenty four european championships and germany of course is in the running for that but they have such a bad image right now that see if they can bounce back if they can recover him who
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did other sports us thanks for your insights. this is a story of course not only in the sporting community but also on the wider political stage we cross now to our chief political correspondent melinda crane what has the wider political fallout been in germany from decision to quit the national team well the government's just been holding its press conference and we heard a spokesman for the government a spokeswoman for the government and the chancellor saying that the chancellor absolutely respects. that she feels that he is a very fine football player and that she would like to offer her tribute to him and regrets his resignation and this spokeswoman went on to say that the chancellor would also like to emphasize the important role that sports have in integration of people with migration background basically what we were just hearing
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in your talk there in the studio and so underlining the government's regrets but the spokeswoman the not willing to be drawn out on any kind of criticism of the german football association for at least sees it scapegoating him for the team's defeat so no statement on that point and certainly if we look beyond that particular reaction we've seen comments from a lot of politicians in germany following these statements yesterday conservative politicians often wanting to return to that photo with the turkish president criticizing for that photo whereas other politicians both from the social democratic party and also from opposition parties like the greens including one leading politician who also has a turkish migration background saying this is absolutely setting off alarm bells when we see an important player like mr feeling that if you lean that he is subject
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to racist attacks feeling that he has been scapegoated. and essentially saying that given the current climate in germany of questions and debate about immigration of a certain tribalism among many germans which essentially targets foreigners that in that kind of a climate any form of critical statement like those we heard from the president of the football association is very very inflammatory indeed and it's a big story on the streets as well we do we have been sending a camera team out to get some reactions from germans on the streets let's take a listen to those. for him personally it's the right decision but i think it's a shame that he had to resign because he doesn't feel accepted here is someone with a migration background so it would be much better for lyndall to resign so that if you. really understand him when he says i'm
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a turk or part of me is turkish and i respect my president and i think it's brave and now we have to see how the f.a. reality is this is the next one from to be. i'm not that convinced by his explanation for the photo is hard so it's good that he's decided not to play for germany anymore hide if there's been some of. these decisions with the national team was the right one. because the pressure was just too great. come on the. i think he did the right thing. you know if you. are under clearly a story strong strong reactions there we appreciate your reporting on this we'll be checking back in with you for updates as this plays out in the german media for now that's melinda crane our chief political correspondent. here's a look now at some of the other stories that are making news around the world
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militants in the northern iraqi city of their appeal stormed the building that houses the region's winchell government two of the attackers have reportedly carried out suicide bombings officials saying security forces have killed some of the assailants it's actors are believed to be members of the so-called islamic state it's. called japan's ongoing heat wave has reached a record temperature of forty one point one degrees celsius in a city just north of tokyo weeks of extreme heat of killed at least fifteen people and left twelve thousand hospitalized scorching weather is set to continue and authorities are warning people to take precautions to prevent heat stroke. cuba's national assembly has approved a new constitution we organize the government and recognizes the right to own private property but it also keeps the communist party firmly in control of the economy the draft will be put to a vote in a national referendum later this year. u.s. president donald trump has lashed out his iranian counterpart haasan rouhani after
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he said u.s. policy toward iran could lead to quote the mother of all wars now on twitter trump wrote an all caps message he warned the iranian president not to threaten the u.s. or quote suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before president rouhani had warned trump on sunday to stop playing with the lion's tail you want to bring in the head of persian service now chum should bars there are rouhani warned trump now trump is lashing back can we expect this conflict to ask away. in of a yes actually because you have seen a shift in prison drill honeys approach since a few weeks ago when he. says there are nine and astraea at that time he may tenth that if you as prevent even an export then iran
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be close say thought of hormones it cause series of a negative reactions even from. your opinion allies like china and russia but at the same time giving in hard line that surely supremely that some silly money the commander of all its forces from i r g c. supported mr rouhani for that comment and other the last few days mr rouhani kunti knew that tone that reminds too many uranian devey that the former president mahmoud ahmadinejad was talking against us so in that case if they continue yes it can scrape especially these. statements from u.s. administration that they are supporting iranian protesters inside the country ok
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meanwhile the top u.s. diplomat mike pompei out has been trying to drum up world support for reintroducing sanctions on iran do you think that's likely to happen. as far as you can see right now if their target is actually on november fourth the sanctions really target financial and only export. take place and so far so many countries consider at that point that they stop. importing oil from iran that becomes a serious problem for iran which are to face economic problems inside the country of a high price or. currency crisis so yes in that case you. mentioned yes said they meant it in the end. they're called the.
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police units are more like mafia out there than you know politico and so. it's great any day right now ok that's the head of the w.'s personal service john said barres they got thank you very much for commons. and india activists are challenging a colonial era law that criminalizes gay sex the country's top court has been hearing arguments against the law and is expected to hand down its decision over the coming weeks our correspondent soraya found a car went to the northern city of luck now to meet one man who's been fighting back at great personal cost. and one thousand nine hundred three muslim in the uk now a refuge for gay men like time and spot know of over ten years. it's a place they can be free from society's ski's in a country where the law criminalizing homosexuality known a section three seventy seven is routinely used as a cover to hound people making their lives hell they are their fears
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everyday face blackmailed extortion rape harris men beating forty percent of them just commit suicide just because the fear that they would be outed by the police or the by the community because it is still seen as a criminal thing and if knows that only too well he runs be awareness programs among the working class gay population and activity fraught with risk in india several years ago he and his colleagues were thrown into prison they were charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy and possessed so-called obscene materials. for the schalke because what we're trying was trying to save lives and we're being imprisoned and that was a horrific because in jail for initial candidly we deny drinking water we that
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being beaten up or a girlie. that left so many scars. others lost most of the state because of the beatings and the poor hygiene in prison he was shunned by his friends it took years before he dared to enter the station again but he hasn't given up the fight he's now one of the petitioners pushing india's stop court to decriminalize homosexuality among the gay community the poor are the most vulnerable. in guevara along with the gong no one at this workshop on six six wants to show their. husbands and fathers some of them are sex workers only. the response of pressure on me to get married as a man you're. to do that and run the family about the monitoring of a diagnosis no one in my family or my neighborhood knows i'm gay if they did they call me a faggot my family wouldn't accept me anymore as as soon as i didn't have
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a lot of spins long us at the office he draws strength from speech and to spam it especially his mother who has been hugely supportive. in the evening out of this work. he goes to public talks with homosexual men can find sexual partners and yet remain anonymous in the shadows the risk of contracting each id is high and that's not the only danger of men when they're approaching death just the world. trade them off putting them in the game is on the under the pretext of section three seven seven that and and use that pretext to blackmail them extort money rape them and dr lie me feel that the law should go because if it was obvious the fundamental right to exist. hundred risk india supreme court is expected to deliver the verdict on whether the goal is constitutional. the surge of
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hope in the gay community. that they may finally be able to step out of the shuttle . i'm joined now by the author of that report obviously have found a car she joins us from delhi sagna supreme court is looking into decriminalizing homosexuality when can we expect a verdict. that's right i mean the supreme court has heard six petitions challenging the law and now the petitioners who include students activists even a celebrity shift they argue that the snore is used to harvest the community it violates their fundamental rights the court has also heard from groups who say that you know homosexuality is moderately unacceptable now those arguments of wrapped up in the supreme court is expected to give a verdict we don't know when that will happen it could be a matter of weeks matter of weeks but this is the first attempt by a court to legalize homosexuality in india is there hope there amongst the gay community that
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a wall might be overturned this time you're right there i think this is not the first time that we're seeing this controversy being played out in two thousand and thirteen the indian supreme court had essentially struck down a previous law by a law court that had decriminalized homosexuality that was a big blow to the community but i think this time things are different there is certainly more hope in the gay community for one the indian government has pointed out that it's going to leave this decision up to the judges that they will decide whether this role violates fundamental rights activists it's been encouraged by some progressive legislation in recent years notably right to privacy verdict that appealed sexual orientation as an essential attribute of privacy and i think despite political reservations there is a view across ideological lines that the small really is a blot on india's idea of itself as a liberal democracy and we heard from graham testimonies in your report about what it's like to be gay in india but in recent years we've also seen some gay pride parades across the country and more openness how do you explain the.
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well i think on many levels india has really moved on when it comes to the assertiveness and visibility of the gay community like you said gay pride parades that are openly gay celebrities we have gay friendly cafes and parties but you know if you look at the smaller towns and cities i think class plays a role that thousands of homosexuals and constrained people who still face crippling discrimination and since they considered a criminal in the eyes of the north they are hugely vulnerable to police abuse sexual assault and they really have little access to justice little access to justice is that something that they would gain if this law is changed. well i think many activists here would agree that repealing the law is necessary but that's really just a first step in what is expected to be a long and difficult journey of really back healing deep seated sort of stick my bias you know there is still a widespread belief in india that homosexuality is an illness that can be cured so
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i think really people's perceptions need to be changed about what is normal and i think that will take time our reporting for us in delhi thanks very much. all right time now for some business news and a warning about growth market. and this already a reaction to that warning coming from the oil market oil prices fell today on increasing concerns about fuel demand after finance ministers and central bank governors from the g twenty warned that trade tensions pose a risk to global growth in a statement the g twenty called for dialogue over trade to disputes but they didn't mention the escalating trade conflict between the u.s. and china by name so far the two sides have each imposed tariffs on each other's goods to the tune of thirty four billion dollars on friday was president donald trump for it and even would you choose on imports from china washington has also angered its allies including the european union by imposing tariffs on steel and
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the minium an annex move the u.s. is considering a new tariff on auto parts that could hit the e.u. and japan but that will also impact suppliers in the united states. so interesting times in a mid to all those trade tensions companies continue to do business and this week a lot of big names present their quarterly reports and with that it's over to daniel kobo a man of the frankfurt stock exchange daniel the earning season has kicked off today what's in store. well quite a lot it's going to be a very interesting and also very busy weekend a financial hubs all around the world mostly tech companies such as google out of it twitter and facebook will be opening of their books analysts are expecting good numbers which could give stock markets a very much needed boost also here in germany big companies are also set to provide their quarterly and numbers just to name a few of them. called mass bank also the business climate index for germany will be
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released that has been going down lately mostly because of trade war fears that scene was direction will be going this time also we'll be learning more about the consumer spending so yeah i guess we'll have lots to talk about in the next days yet let's talk about one of the main losers today and that is he had chrysler its share price dropped by almost four percent on news that its long time c.e.o. said you want to is stepping down due to ill health who says success and what do we know about him. yeah exactly well we are learning that my command they will be the new man in command and feared his fifty four years all too used to be in charge of the jeep car brand many have said already in the past that most likely he will be at one point the new boss of the year now all of this is happening faster than originally thought he will lot soft things to do a from day one a very busy agenda for him he will be facing the task to execute his predecessor's plan to boost the production of s.u.v.s and also catching up on electric cars the
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world's seventh largest carmaker still has lots of homework to do it. china us a second largest online retailer is looking to enter the european market jadi dot com is planning to open to open an office here in germany c o richard to you told to german business daily hundreds blup that the e-commerce giant will have a strategy in place by the end of the year to sell products directly to european consumers it's planning to build logistics and to germany and in france you said his company would consider a takeover was to help expand and take on the likes of amazon. gypping as become the first chinese president to visit wonder it's his second stop in africa she aims to further promoted china's role as one of the continent's biggest investors she and his wife paying yuan were welcomed by one does president
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paul kagame e and his wife the visit comes ahead of an emerging economy summit but china is heavily involved in building infrastructure on the continent including a new railway line in kenya that project as many critics. these animals room freely barely seven kilometers outside kenya's capital nairobi but their unrestricted lifestyle is endangered kenya has contracted the china roads and bridges corp to extend and modernize its main railway line. the first leg connecting mombasa nairobi was completed in twenty seventeen the second leg will link kenya to neighboring uganda it cuts right through the national park. to the park. and the park where by animals can walk in and walk out. here
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conservationists have been fighting the railway since twenty sixteen to no avail construction of the second leg began in march despite a court order halting the project and elevated track will run across six kilometers of the park perched on pillars between eight and forty meters tall officials insist the animals will still be able to roam freely. that it was supposed to be and more . area. but also. in. the rift valley railway is kenya's biggest infrastructure project since independence and the government hopes the faster transport link will give you economy a boost chinese railways roads and dams are rapidly changing landscapes across africa aimed at accelerating the continent's industrialization they also cement
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beijing's influence. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. germany's world cup winning that field. has quit the national football team said he faced racism and disrespect . president wretched type back in may. don't forget you can always get to do w. news on the go just down. from google play or from the apple store and that will give you access to all. latest news from around the welts push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. to watching t w news more coming up at the top of the hour see you then.
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it's a pioneering ecological project field tested and oh morning. in garden city in northern iowa it's all about sustainable living. really nice right oh you want to enjoy your pot. garden city but he fell and bent that will hopefully find many imitators and. go ahead to africa next w. . plan.
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for this party there simply have to be moleyns. celebrating forty years of music. to make up some. of the new german ways of the nineteenth the. stuff sounds made up in a context for a special. sixty minutes time on. iran . is once again isolated theocracy now a major power in the middle east. cubans influence continues to grow politically economically and militarily. does
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iran truly want peace. the countries of homes of their towns isolate. iran from. the cold. on t.w. . across nigeria and indeed kenya more and more people are using solar generated electricity to make up for frequent pods it is we'll be looking into that on more closely in this show but first welcome to another day the scene of a quote africa the environment magazine.


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