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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  July 23, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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where in the middle east. influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. does iran truly want peace among the countries of homes of their towns to isolate. iran from theocracy look our past focus tests on g.w. . the german national football federation and the press under fire after star midfielder mesut ozil accuses them of racism and disrespect and then quits the team he's been facing a barrage of criticism for meeting the turkish president and his subsequent performance at the world cup i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day.
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mr mistletoes you. all a couple for germany is a world cup was because of our door postal. addresses and i just thought of the photo use it without one was a mistake and remains a mistake and means it is it's an explanation does not convince me at all you speak to that story. commish just i don't believe that the case of a multi-millionaire living and working in england gives much insight into integration in germany as well as the fake endorsement of things there is for his sister and that they don't support him paul told me boards approach. him like germany sailors or stuff and all of that because of my soldiers it was oh shite this dirt lots of reasons why germany were knocked out and they must all be addressed but blaming it all on is truly despicable it's just not acceptable.
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that's shown to be needed to change the shape of the trouble of a tile issue and i think everyone in this case should reflect i see few people who in my view have acted more or less correctly and those criticisms. are numerous mystifying. and also coming up on the program indian activists challenge a colonial era law that criminalizes gay sex a law that leaves gay men vulnerable to police abuse and sexual assault with limited legal recourse. if he is black males. extortion. had it's meant. for them just come itself just because of that there would be outed by the police for the by the community. but first we begin with sports politics and race relations converging in germany and the debate is raging after football star miss it quit the national team saying
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that he has been a target of discrimination ozil has turkish roots and says that he faced quote racism and disrespect especially following germany's shock exit from the world cup he also took aim at the media and some of his sponsors accusing them of double standards it's the first time that this footballer has spoken publicly since meeting turkish president recha type era the one shortly before the world cup that meeting proved controversial in germany with many questioning his decision to meet the authoritarian leader and his subsequent silence was the criticism fair or are owes those allegations a wake up call for german politicians and the media our experts will weigh in straight ahead first a closer look at what he said. measure didn't mince his words his three part statement released in english on social media not only announced his retirement as a member of the germany team but also heavily criticized the german football
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association to d.s.p. and its president. he called for negative comments on islam and multi-culturalism words have sparked a wave of reactions in germany. the d.s.p. have said they regret decision and can see their failure to adequately support him but aim to continue their integration efforts and fight against racism. chancellor angela merkel spokeswoman said the german leader had kind words for. the german chancellor has the greatest respect for. is a talented football player who has done a lot for the german national team and he has now made a decision we must respect. but the german government appears divided over the controversy because. i don't think the case of a multi-millionaire living and working in england tells you much about germany's capacity for integration. and. says of racism on
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a daily basis need to be taken seriously it's not just israel but also people involved in sports who suffer this we should really do something about it in turkey has received overwhelming support the turkish justice minister said the footballer's departure is a goal against the virus of fascism an advisor to turkey's president. said israel had taken a brave stand there is no excuse for racism. measured israel's comments are likely to add to an already raging debate in germany over integration multiculturalism and the country's relationship with its immigrant population. and we have team coverage of that debate now joining us here in the studio is chris harrington from a sports desk we also have our political correspondent simon young welcome to you both and i'd like to begin first with you simon because we have some very strong allegations here for mesut ozil but he's already been getting some criticism a fair amount of criticism we have to say for them right well that's right i can
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show you the newspaper here germany's mass tabloid let's go to the front page it says yemen trade sort of we need jean resignation and it talks about him taking revenge in these in these tweets of these issues it which he's you know sort of pointing out that he feels that he's been the subject of racism from the media from the german footballing oath or a tease sort of goes through them in the newspaper and sort of points out that probably most people think that message is a bit naive if he thought there was no political impact of having his picture taken with the turkish president during the turkish presidential election campaign so you know they're they're being pretty tough on him and you're but they're taking these allegations i think seriously at the same time so the implication is there is that the allegations are not valid but you know i'd like to just drill down into some of them and get perhaps another protector from you cross because one of the
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allegations is of racism at the top of the d.f.t. and we have to say does he have a point here the organization says now right here they released a statement you know echoing the essence of mitt saying the d.s.p. or german football association to have been associated with racism is something they emphatically reject and they decided they're countless work that they've had to do with it's a great effort to germany for years is reasoning why you know these races claims are unjustified for who's ill and then they went on to say that we stand for diversity from the representatives at the very top to the countless people working the grassroots levels each and every day and they. obviously did think it was ill for his years of service you know and they're grateful for that but it response to this photo that sparked all of this controversy they said that you know they did heard they would like him to explain his actions. which he didn't do to satisfy them obviously because they did criticize him as well and that photo i mean of
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course the criticism began with that photo basically taking this picture with the turkish president. ahead of the turkish election back in may was that naive which you say simon i mean because you know it was used for example by by the party of the turkish president as essentially a political endorsement but as i mentioned i think that if you're going to have your picture taken with a with a senior politician jury and an election campaign then there has to be a political impact to that of the president says he's just a footballer only talked about was football but it seems there is you know there's also been pointing out in these tweets that low to mid tell us the sort of still off football or from the one nine hundred ninety s. for the german national team he had his picture taken just a couple weeks ago with vladimir putin joining the world cup in russia and he says oh no the german media haven't criticized lots of materials for that it's not entirely true actually in the bit so i told which loads of materials happens to be
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a columnist for said you know it was a bit dodgy being photographed with a no socratic figure like that so i think football is nowadays they know that they are certainly at the top level of the game they know their kind of bajc areas and flag carriers for the nation and for the game as a whole and they have to be a bit careful when they enter the public arena chris i'd like to ask you a little bit more about the t.s.b. itself because we have to mention you know as all has not been the only critical voice of the organisation where does it go from here and i mean what example is it setting right now for. you know young multicultural players of the future which my . i have concerns because those all himself i mean he's been a figure he's been a symbol of the success of integration in the country right now in terms of the criticism the d.f.t. has received the byron chairman cardroom they get called them a bunch of amateurs you world cup champion for germany philip echoed the same
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sentiment say that they need some more professionalism in dealing with the newer generation of players now in regards to. where the d.f.t. goes from here you know they have an uphill battle i mean you know just taking the example of a player if those case thrown up in guess in kitchen a blue collar neighborhood a city here in germany you know well integrated in the community aside from being muslim of course it just says anyone who looks up to him might follow in his footsteps and feel disrespected by germany in the same way he said he's feels disrespected now you know do this backlash he's received simon just briefly before we go and just because i'd like to be a little thorough here another allegation of this that he faced racism and disrespect from the media following that photo with the turkish president also saying that there's a double standard for his sponsors was that fair well i mean it's an allegation i think people are taking it very seriously you know as chris said he's he's done
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a lot of important work he's been a standard bearer for the integration programs of the german football or authorities and so on so he's got a right to speak out if he feels he's been treated badly but on the other side you know there are other people saying well he's he's got his opinion as the foreign minister pointed out rather on diplomatically he's a millionaire he lives in london maybe his case doesn't really speak to the whole situation in german society having a political correspondence i mean young and from our sports desk ten breaking down this debate telling us how it is shaking out here in germany we thank you so much both of you. tensions are rising again between the united states and iran with the us president donald trump tweeting iranian president hassan rouhani that he will face dire consequences for threatening america iran state owned news agency dismissed the u.s. president's tweet describing it only as quote passive reaction to romney's remarks
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everyone has a history of using heated rhetoric against the united states but recent comments by president rouhani appear to have crossed a line for donald trump to michoud was you know. don't play with the lion's tail that would only lead to regret you will forever regretted. the u.s. president took to twitter to send a warning to tehran using capital letters for emphasis never ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. on sunday u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe also had harsh words for terror on. these so-called moderates within the regime are still violent islamic revolutionary with an anti america and the west agenda you only have to take their own word for it. the verbal standoff comes months after washington's decision to abandon an
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international deal with iran that was aimed at cutting its nuclear program relations between the two countries have to to rewrite it since. donald trump is the knowing to fire off controversial tweets to international leaders stoking fears he may escalate already tense international conflict with a couple of one hundred characters tronic sample north korea the famous war of words between kynge on the moon and donald trump ended with an unexpected summit between the two late is experts say this is unlikely to happen with ten run. president rouhani has suggested peace is still possible and comments made to iranian diplomats he said americans had a choice between quote the mother of peace and the mother of wars with iran. and joining us now here in the studio is political analyst by a specialist on iranian affairs welcome. is this
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a mere war of words or is there more to it what i think we are seeing this escalation of rhetoric since ever since donald trump took office so it's going on for some time and it increases the danger of unintended conflict up until now it's only words but it can lead to real confrontation what do you make of the iranian leadership response i mean do you see an appetite for further escalating the situation i think the appetite that we can see is that they need to really around the flag moment in iran right now a country with a lot of different crises and external threats are the best thing you need for internal cohesion so i guess in that regard there is an appetite for it but not more than that on the u.s. side of course the u.s. has announced its withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal and i'd just like to talk with you about the impact that that has been having on iran itself how big is the impact that announcement i think a lot of hopes were dashed and lot of hopes were dashed that with. agreement which took years of diplomacy new
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a new phase of constructive engagement with western countries and with the us can be reached that could help the economy of the country to recover but that certainly hasn't come into fruition and that is a source of frustration for many when the is for nationals where sanctions were lifted back in twenty sixteen we saw a bit of a recovery within iran's economy itself but not as much as many had hoped what would you say the economic situation is right now there are a lot of different challenges sorting from unemployment to low purchasing power of the average citizen it has partly to do with the sanctions that still are imposed on iran it has to do with a lot of domestic problems in terms of economics and economic homework that has not been done and certainly with the return of sanctions which is what the u.s. has announced it will this situation with the will exacerbate what do you make of the u.s. response what you make of this twitter diplomacy that we have seen well on the one hand we shouldn't be surprised because that also is something that donald trump the
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bully of international politics has introduced at the same time we should never get used to it in the way that we are not outraged by it then i would actually hope that some european voices would really push back on this kind of rhetoric adopted by western official who want to thank you very much a political analyst i've been to a specialist on iranian affairs for pleasure. britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt has appealed to european negotiators to take what he called a more constructive role in bragg's that negotiations speaking in berlin hunt warned of a very real threat of a no deal brights it by accident. that's a worrying prospect for some people living outside of europe too we're heading now to the small caribbean island of and will out which is one of fourteen british overseas territories residents there didn't have a say in the brags that vote some on the island now see the result as a chance to push for independence from london. well as part of our road to bragg's
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it series our correspondents visited and willa to gauge the mood. as ship docking in britain six thousand five hundred kilometers away from the british mainland we're in one gorilla one of britain's six overseas territories and the caribbean people here have to import nearly everything even their drinking water and this sport is their life and so flying. is the only because this is the only kabul port so. if for whatever reason this port closes on. angola itself just like there was no. most of the goods come in via the e.u. or more precisely from a port just fifteen minutes away on the french island of some of. the neighboring islands have close ties but no breaks it is threatening their relationship. we follow to be insulting because it will be affected directly and with us
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a lot of water as we all saw water for years clean years and. that you know that doesn't present situation by the president in the negative so local radio host a.j. hammer is angry that and will lead to not have a say or breaks it since residents could not vote will break that affect us he and some fifteen thousand other islanders will lose their passports should london come up short in its bid to secure a good breaks it deals with and will its residents worry that they will be among the biggest losers i'm going to ensure that i hadn't a chance to participate in the president and that no other people should decide on going straight but then britain has been. increasing home micromanaging which i think is it fair to us. that means he has no say because if you take the economy of angle and you take the budget angle it has to be approved by england so we are just
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puppets in the end the whole thing yet another ways britain. is less involved since hurricane irma devastated last september many homes still in ruins the state's coffers are empty and the planned reconstruction is funded by the e.u. it is also agreed last largest provider of development aid with much of the money earmarked education but after breaks it is unclear whether london will step in to help. but it shall be a kingdom i would say ninety percent of the people that i talked to which will have a clue that there's a place going well so you know i really think we have i don't think it would be a big on the agenda of the british government. as one of the issues that they speak about and we don't look for the frustration our exit has reached the point where the worst someone will against our calling for independence from britain d.j. hammer is for it. you'll be able to fend for yourselves because the british
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government is going well look at this there's no i'm not sure i'm not sure we're getting on you know a free a shit. most and williams would have voted to stay in the e.u. the island's depends on close ties with its new neighbors in the caribbean which is why many here would rather be a part of the european union than of britain the way. cool. india activists are challenging a colonial era law that criminalizes gay sex the country's top court has been hearing arguments against the law and is expected to hand down its decision over the coming weeks our correspondents on your phone the car went to the northern town of luck now to meet one man who has been fighting back at great personal cost. and one thousand nine hundred. a refuge for gay men like and spot of over
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ten years. it's a place they can be free from society's keys in a country where the law criminalizing homosexuality known a section three seventy seven is routinely used as a cover to hound people it is making their life hell they are their fears everyday affairs blackmails extortion rape harris men beating a fourteen percent of them just for thigh just because of the fear that they would be outed by the police or the by the community because it is still seen as a criminal thing and if knows that only too well he runs hiv awareness programs among the working class gay population and activity fraught with risk in india several years ago he and his colleagues were thrown into prison they were charged with conspiracy to commit sodomy and possessed so-called obscene materials. it was
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a shock because what we're trying was trying to save lives and we're being imprisoned and that was horrific because in jail for initial tended to deny drinking water the they're being beaten up regularly. that left so many scars. others lost most of the state because of the beatings and the poor hygiene in prison he was shunned by his friends it took years before he dared to enter the station again but he hasn't given up the fight he's now one of the petitioners pushing india's stop court to decriminalize homosexuality among the gay community the poor are the most vulnerable. in guevara without go along with no one at this workshop concedes six wants to show their. husbands and fathers some of them are sex workers only them with. the recent months of pressure on me to get married as
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a man you're expect. to do that and run the family. no one in my family or my neighborhood knows i'm gay if they did they'd call me a faggot. my family wouldn't accept me anymore as. i did spends long at the office he draws strength from the state and to spam at me especially his mother who has been hugely supportive. in the evening out of this work is possible. he goes to public talks with homosexuals main can find sexual partners and yet remain anonymous in the shadows the risk of contracting each id is high and that's not the only danger. approaching death justin was. traded them off putting them into gear on the under the pretext of section three seven seven. and and use that protects to blackmail them at stock
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money rape them and i feel that the law should go because if it was obvious the quantum and the right to exist. hundred risk india's supreme court is expected to deliver the verdict on whether the goal is constitutional. this is so just hope in the gay community. that they may finally be able to step out of the shuttle. on now to what some endearing loving germany might call a national crisis the country is a brewery is are running out of bottles. one brewery has even asked its customers for help it one step three times or empty beer bottles before they go on vacation. although that is possible in bottles as between eight and fifteen cents each not enough customers are returning their empty recyclables many breweries have been caught out short on bottles germans drank more beer than expected this summer first
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there was the soccer world. cup and then the unusually hot temperatures it's been months of warm weather in germany and breweries have been selling more beer than ever before the problem is not a sort of beer just not enough bottles to put it it experts estimate that there are two billion beer bottles in circulation to road germany but beer drinkers might be wishing for a few million more. and in denmark it is also still the middle of summer but a suburb of the capital copenhagen it's already feeling a lot like christmas christmas comes as it turns out twice a year and clump and bar where hundreds of santo's from all over the world they are gathered for the annual santa claus congress is simple santas distribute candy and swap tricks of the trade for getting town to the hard work of preparing for christmas. and they have just under half
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a year to do so in case you're counting how another day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either actually w news my handle is at sarah kelly t.v. and don't forget you can use the hash tag that day thank you so much for watching we have to see who gets. the but.
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the bank is constructive all turned. to shop around for some fun. african-american women also stocking up on gum how to a few growing racism wow give them some confidence. as i have lost
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faith that the government will protect some global three thousand and thirty minutes w. . so must pull. the fucking open air festival in northern germany. fucking middle class and will showcase dozens of newcomers from the local. t.w. and club exports are going to rush to. fucking open their two thousand and ten stores august second come to dawn phenomenon. it's all happening dutch of good the good. your link to news from africa and the world. your link to exceptional stories and
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discussions can you unload some student news after killing program tonight from for an examination from the news of easy now i would say d. debit it comes the traffic come join us on facebook at g.w. africa. earth mog home two days of species own a home worth saving. given those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of create is people and innovative projects around the world. news the country the good news to printed solutions and reforestation. current interactive content to choose the next generation doesn't want them to touch on. the losing channels available to inspire people to change and show. and more determined to build something here for the next generation. the
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environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and all mine. area. this is d w news a life from birth land the german football association hits back at an accusation of racism star midfielder mez it is also says that he put the national team after facing a barrage of criticism for meeting the turkish president in may he also had lots to say about the boss of the german football association. also coming up tensions between the united states and iran on the rise again president rouhani warns the us
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don't play with the lion's tail.


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