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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 26, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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tricks that will turn your whole special. upgrade yourself with g w interior design channel on you tube. this is the w. newsletter from and noncom claims victory in pakistan's general election of the former international cricket soft appeared on the big problems think the new pakistan hopes the post office will be counting on bible prophecy claims there was full also on the program a special report from greece where d.w. has been following the rescue crews helping survivors of the wildfire that once he
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is like gods it's been fun but then some ship that wasn't ok with the finest white house makes it to look at desperately searching for survivors then came the search for bodies. only take a look at cracks but those helping to stop the spread of a child would be where it's available but elsewhere the disease is only increase again. i'm still gail welcome to the program. efficient result still has not being cold but iran can is claiming to have won pakistan's parliamentary elections the former cricket star has given a televised address positioning himself as the next prime minister and promising a new pakistan partial results give his p.d.i. party a significant lead but the opposition parties claim the vote was rigged final results
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have been delayed because of what election officials say is a computer glitch in his t.v. address mr can't promise the country a fresh start. pakistan like it's never been run before. we will give it the government it has never had before. and we will start with our so we will be transparent and clean or. correspondent no we cannot who's in the capital islamabad welcome naomi it seems rather premature for iran contra be making these promises of transparency when the election has not actually been called yeah. well yes but we're expecting the final results by tomorrow morning that's what we're hearing we know by now that his party has won the most seats but it's also because he will most probably have to form a coalition which means maybe tough coalition talks it might get still be a while until he's officially pm. the opposition here and i'm the p.p.p.
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they claim this was a rigged devoted so is this likely to be a problem for iraq and who has himself organized demonstrations against a vote rigging in the past. yes i just talked to a quite a high ranking m.p. official a senator who said all options were on the table meaning that they're prepared to mobilize the masses there's an important meeting in islam about tomorrow where the now opposition parties need to discuss what their strategy is if they indeed go for mobilizing the masses and it is quite possible that they can get quite a few people on the streets then that might indeed be problematic for him on con. how is the army likely to view this result. well in the run up to the elections are all the analysis analysis and also the journalists agreed that imran khan was the favored candidate of the army that they were infected and for effect meddling in the elections trying to push coverage in
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the media to get him elected to give him more air time i've talked to journalists who said that they received threatening calls if they favored and i was sure if in their coverage if they reported on his election rallies for example so if we assume that they did indeed because it is of course hard to prove favor and indeed push for iran can then they must like the result of this election. this big building and leading what's essentially being a party so far which is quite different to actually governing the country. yes indeed i mean his party does have some experience they went to coalition in one of the provinces where people say they you know produced mixed results but they did push for education they did push for health care so his party does have some experience but indeed it is different to lead the whole country and so he will presumably have quite a lot to learn. tell me comrade in islamabad thank you. the death toll
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and greece's worst forest fires for a decade now stands at more than eighty relatives and rescue crews are searching for bodies and survivors amongst the ruins d.w. correspondent charlotte charleston peled sensis this report from the worst affected town matty by residents and tourists escape the flames by running into the sea. a steady stream of supplies greets those battling the eye watering smoke and ash to reach the vyvanse it's a small token for a community that's lost so much from rescue teams who know all too well what they've endured for volunteers like these weak lifeguards it's been an unrelenting hey when the fires broke out they take desperately searching for survivors then came the search for bodies now they're joining the many hundreds of volunteers handing out food and water to those in need. those still scouring the waters can do little but wait with dozens still missing fears are growing that many who sought
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refuge in the waters instead lost their lives were looking for that by this now if they are more in the water it is a difficult job these because we know that there are thing we find now it's only for sad and you know but it's good for the people to have the relief that they found the people their beloved yes at least. payless was among those who helped residents fleece the water before saving himself the horror of that night in his mind. and to put some. people some to this out of the. prices some years we. did because the fire i think undercuts. very bad things here. he's turned his bar into
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a makeshift food bank another beacon of hope for those in need this is a community whose resilience is breathtaking in the face of the tragedy the true scale of which is yet. the report was produced by dr correspondent charlotte's chelsea pale in matter she joins us now welcome to charlotte let's start with the food bank tell us more about that the help and donations the town's been receiving . yeah the community here has been inundated with volunteers with locals all wanting to come by and offer any help and support that they can and not just from the community from the groups that we saw in that report there from volunteers like the lifeguards but also from people who have gone to nearby makeshift shelters who went to a gym earlier today which was piled high with food with clothes with water absolutely filled with volunteers who were trying to sort through everything that
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had been donated by people from across this region and then will be distributed to the community here i think the the real big takeaway is just how much this community has come together to try and help those who have lost everything in this tragedy. and are people starting to return to their homes yet. well i'm not sure if you can see behind me here but there are some residents who are now gradually returning to their homes they are wanting to try and salvage anything that they still can this building i'm not sure if you can tell it was once a three story building the top story has collapsed almost everything they owned is that having spoken to them they say that they had just glad to have escaped with their lives now i just want to try and draw your attention to just behind me that is number two on the wall that means that this house is now completely uninhabitable it will have to be destroyed that is how the authorities and now identifying and didn't find which homes can be saved we've heard today that it was
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some two thousand five hundred homes that have been analyzed so far hoff and now completely uninhabitable the government has offered some financial aid for those who have lost their homes five thousand years so far but the people here say that that is not going to go a long way they now are completely homeless many of them having to say either with relatives or in hotels nearby and after days of fire burn out of fears of floods. that's right yes a resort little bit of rain yesterday that came as a relief to a lot of people here as a firefighters was still trying to douse some of the blazes that was still light in the region today though it was known as if the cool thunderstorm was absolutely completely shot down any rescue operations that were taking place here and yes in the next few days more rain is expected as well most done to storms it's really
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from one extreme to another in their affairs here that it could come to the point that we really damage any attempts to try and salvage the last remaining belongings there in homes like the ones behind me and also the desperate search for bodies that is now still taking place with dozens still fits being missing child itself impelling marty thank you. i'm sure some of the other stories making news around the world the annual brics summit opened today in south africa bringing together the world's fastest developing economies brazil russia india china and south africa this year's meeting is expected to focus on revitalizing africa's industrialization . more than six hundred migrants have crossed the border fence between morocco and the spanish territory of sweater hoping to claim asylum some had to be treated for injuries after scrambling over a razor why the biggest breach of the fence for more than a year people who make it across the often deportee back to north africa. police in
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china say that a man with what they called my father work device was behind that explosion of the u.s. embassy in the capital beijing today authorities have identified the suspect as the twenty six year old china's in among gold you have beaten they've also said that he was the only person injured because motive is currently unclear. there are major international conference on dividing the spread of the hiv virus which causes aids is taking place in amsterdam in the netherlands i.v. infection rates are increasing in parts of the world such as eastern europe and central asia public health bodies stressed that using condoms come prevent hiv infection a medication known as pred can also significantly reduce people's chances of contracting hiv. emmanuel is a professional musician and he's hiv negative to keep it that way he relies on prep a medicine that can stop people catching it davey he has to take the great day to
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stay for protected. little about two years ago i just use condoms. is always risky situations for kong i started to mistrust condoms than i had about prep and it really sounded like a savior. but. i know that one. until recently the medicine cost as much as eight hundred euros per month in germany alternatively it could be ordered semi legally as a generic struct implored recently the price of the medicine fell to fifty cures the reason the manufacturers peyton will soon expire demand is high. i've had so few honest preparative my constant fear away nor only in the bedroom but in everyday life it helped me get emotionally intimate again. before
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a song every potential partner was also a potential danger and still a good far the combination of improved hiv therapy and prep has already produced positive results say supporters of the new treatment. is in yet under the lens and we are now certain that prep can definitely stop new infections in the u.k. new infections have dropped significantly and we can see the same thing in san francisco we can have new successes in germany as well i know we can. but the before pill also has its disadvantages doctors say especially if it leads to a decline in the use of condoms the pap should for the i phone the prep protects against hiv but it doesn't protect against civil is served on the rear or other sexually transmitted diseases. of use the most difficult to treat and the most severe of these sexually transmitted diseases that's what prep protects against the pap for
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emmanuelle means freedom freedom from the once life threatening disease called hiv . aids is fought in the winter of eighteenth stage of the tour de france has been decided with a one hundred seventy one kilometer course finishing with a frantic final sprint in power sprint specialist arnaud demaio pushed his way to the front edging out fellow frenchman christophe laporte for the stage when we're well thomas a team sky retain the yellow jersey tightening his grip on the overall date with just three stages to go. how fast can a camel run. no idea if this is me. every july at the festival of the camel i guess the local population uses the event to maintain their heritage tourists get a chance to enjoy some cattle racing hunt it's exactly what it sounds like. on camels racing through the. sixty five kilometers an hour communities consider camel
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racing an expression of these it deserves to be maintained and there are plans to develop the competition. they don't need you fly from still to come the u.s. and the european union step back from the brink of a trade war reason. as well the european business leader. story in just a moment i'll be back at the top of the hour. a good day. iran . now. in the
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middle east. influence continues to. political. economically and.


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