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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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a d w. this is the w. news live from berlin mali's presidential election is marred by violence in company for him buckhart cast his ballot in a vote that was meant to bring peace to the west african nation but attacks kept many other voters away we'll talk to a correspondent involved. also coming up the teenager who became a symbol of palestinian resistance was free to head to me walks out of an israeli
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jail eight months after assaulting two soldiers. and then formula one lewis hamilton wins again at the young varian grand prix the british driver extended his lead in the championship ahead of rival sebastian vettel go bring you all the action. thanks for joining us voting has closed in mali and it was an election they wracked by violence and fear people in the west african country are choosing a new president but the poll was disrupted by several militant attacks security was tight especially in the northern regions of ga and timbuktu in some areas the voting stations were even able to open after militants set ballot papers on fire incumbent you've heard him go back r.k. to be seeking a second five year term his main rival as opposition candidate and former finance
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minister sue may say there was also an rest of the run up to the poll amid years of heightening ethnic violence and jihadism. for more let's go now to journalist brown possumus in mali's capital bamako brown there were concerns of election violence what can you tell us about the security situation on the ground right now. ok the security situation on the ground is a worry in two regions of specially in the center of the country and in the most of the country and this is not unexpected because these are the same regions where there has been a low intensity conflict going on since twenty twelve in the north and since two or three years in the center this is the regional mopti the regional bumbled to the region of key dahlan even as far north the style denny near the algerian border from all these sectors incidents of violence have been reported we don't know the impact of that immediately but it is quite clear that there are many areas where
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people have been prevented from voting by this violence asked was threatened by the jihad is organization g n i m of golly. you mentioned voter turnout being affected do we know yet exactly what the effect of this violence was on voter turnout. but that's a matter for the calculators obviously have this point in time it is very difficult to see how exactly this has affected voter are complacent a choice. matter and bear in mind also that mali has a traditionally very low turnout for voting in presidential election that's been below fifty percent since two thousand and one but obviously things like these do not help. now why are these elections so important for mali and what should the international community be looking for here. or interestingly the question could be why are very important for mali is i think part of that answer lies in the fact
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that hardly half of them bothers to turn up so it might actually be an even better question to do to ask for whom are very important and then obviously you turn your attention to the international community which just set great store by molly being very full story will hopefully prosperous and rid of all kinds of sectarian communal and geodes violence or hope we have to see in the past five years will be when you know you if you make an assessment of the past five years it's quite clearly that this particular government that is seeking reelection has not been able to deliver these things so whether the ins who will go to those are looking for a continuation of this i would doubt very much whether they are confident enough that any other candidate will bring the change apart and the two front runners the the incumbent president and his challenger smile as he said again very doubtful because they are products of the exact same political system does drop as result of that in
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the first place. journalist possumus reporting from august after obama thank you so much and on the eve of historic elections in zimbabwe coming on monday an unexpected voice has spoken out some bob noyce former president robert mugabe has suggested he would not vote for the party he led for decades speaking and said his successor emerson milan god was quote in legally took power last year but he did encourage zimbabweans to accept the election result a tight race as expected. and the main opposition candidate nelson chamisa did have you correspondents melanie card about and adrian crist sent us this report. and tending our granny with. the effigy that is something quite extraordinary campaign events like this one organized by the opposition m.d.c. party used to be extremely dangerous brutal crackdowns by the government was commonplace that was would you know. i was beaten up and had to spend three months
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in hospital i was bedridden and could only eat porridge my back was badly injured and i thought i would never be able to become a father but by god's grace i recovered it. so i did because i know. now many are hoping for a fresh start with a new president to preach employer nelson chamisa. i was there. that night it was me what it means a lot no wonder you didn't know what was. the past is never far behind in zimbabwe the country's economy has collapsed down by high unemployment hyperinflation and been informed that the legacy of thirty eight years of rule by the party. now is to have the military having now and after president
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robert mugabe. and i am not from mom and dad why then take over and now at seventy five years old he wants to continue running the country. although he is of still my vice president and was part of the very system that brought the country to the brink of collapse when god promises a break from the book of iraq and a new zimbabwe just like his opponents he likes to portray himself as an advocate for change. tearing has short time in office moment god has opened his country up to her own investment and planted seeds. great freedom.
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and prescribe a dozen been the change of heart of the governing party and its president he cannot add to some positive developments though for the time in his life he doesn't have to hide his red opposition on the way home after a rally he can wear it with pride and without fear. and that is some of the other stories making news around the world cambodia's ruling party led by prime minister hun sen has been declared the winner of sunday's general election critics are calling the vote a sham following a government campaign of intimidation and the dissolution of the main opposition party last year and has ruled cambodia for more than thirty years. an earthquake on the internees an island has killed at least fourteen people and injured more than one hundred sixty others the six point four magnitude quake struck the northern part of the island which is close to bali and popular with international tourists. a powerful typhoon has hit japan bringing heavy rains and
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winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour thousands of residents have been forced to leave their homes it's the season's twelfth typhoon so far. israel has released palestinian teenager i head to mimi from prison she was jailed for months alongside her mother for slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers near her home in the west bank and israelis call her a terrorist and for palestinians she became a symbol of resistance. had tommy just finally returned to her hometown in the israel occupied west bank mel seventeen years old she served and eight month prison term for assaulting israeli soldiers last year sami says she now plans to study law at university in a bit to defend palestinians. and the resistance will continue until the occupation is removed all female prisoners in jail are strong and i thank everyone who stood
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by me while i was in prison and he stood with all women prisoners. video went viral online in december showing tamimi and her relative slapping and kicking israeli soldiers he's frail handed her twelve criminal charges over the incident including aggravated assault she agreed to plead guilty to a reduced charge sheet and much. of her case drew global attention to israel's controversial detentions of palestinian minus rights groups including amnesty international and human rights watch have condemned such detentions after tommy meese release human rights watch his director for israel and palestine tweeted that although tommy is free hundreds of palestinian children remain locked up with little attention on their cases. many israelis see her jailing differently tommy missed critics have dismissed her as a provocateur a worse one israeli government minister dumped her
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a terrorist upon her release on sunday. but many palestinians have chits to mimi's actions president mahmoud abbas the cement of myra's praising her as a role model of civil resistance following her release. extreme summer temperatures in many parts of the northern hemisphere have left firefighters battling massive blazes at least five people have died in and furrows that are raging through northern california and the u.s. among those who perished were two small children and their great grandmother more than thirty eight thousand people have been ordered to evacuate their homes and authorities warn the fires are far from under control. people in northern california are used to wildfires but not on this scale firefighters say they have never seen anything like it. they're doing all they can to contain the flames but so far less than five percent of the blaze is under
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control. as it's burning in every direction all at the same time and we've got you know we have multiple resources the way that it's burning the intensity that's burning uphill downhill even if it doesn't have a strong wind on it it's it's burning as if it's got a santa ana wind or or a strong sixty mile an hour seventy mile an hour wind. more than six hundred properties and homes have been destroyed since the fire broke out on monday night forty thousand people have been forced to flee the flames but the family of sherry bledsoe seen here on the left did not manage to escape she received the news that her children a four and five year old girl and boy and her grandmother were killed as they waited for help their former home has been burned to the ground and neighbors said the community was taken by surprise by the speed of the fire there was nothing we were told we were in danger this was like you see in the movies with tornadoes i
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mean is it one minute it's viral the next minute everybody scream. the national guard has now also been drafted in to help but the dry weather and winds are hampering their efforts to put the fires out. in cycling the tour de france concluded on sunday as welshman going to thomas was officially crowned champion in paris as is customary on the final stage of the tour thomas was lead was not challenge as the riders crossed the line at the shelves. and so the welshman sealed his first ever title in the prestigious event the team sky rider it was joined on the podium by his teammate and last year's champion chris froome who finished third in the overall standings. lewis hamilton has extended his lead in the formula one championship after winning the hungary and grand prix hamilton led from start to finish to continue his dominant recent form but it's another blow for his title rivals sebastian vettel who sees the gap
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between the two drivers widen again with less than ten races to go this season. the tumor sadie's drivers started at the front of the grid with championship leader lewis hamilton in pole position but the ferrari's showed good pace in practice and sebastian vettel in particular was desperate to make up points on hamilton and close the gap in the standings spectators were hoping for a tense battle at the hunger a race. but hamilton was as composed as ever on a sweltering circuit and while most eighty's perform perfect pits stops ferrari cost vettel precious seconds a slow tire change put him a long way behind race leader howells and. not force the german to take drastic action to avoid losing even more ground in the championship five laps ago he pulled off a risky maneuver to get past about three bucks us and into second place ahead of them hamilton crossed the finish line comfortably in first it's the reigning champions
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fifth win of the season and it keeps the british driver on course for a fifth while title. race trust. hamilton now has a twenty four point lead on his rival vettel an advantage that will help him enjoy the upcoming summer break. us indeed have you news more coming up at the top of the hour and my ash waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. your smart t.v. smarter d.w. for small cheap. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what's on sunday morning. dot com smart t.v. .


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