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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is g.w. news live from berlin mali's presidential election is marred by violence incumbent ybor him go back ok to cast his ballot in a vote that was meant to bring peace to the west african a country but attacks kept many other voters away we'll talk to a correspondent in bomb co. also coming up the teenager who became a symbol of palestinian resistance is free i had to tell me it walked out of an israeli jail eight months after assaulting two soldiers. and guarantees thomas feels victory in the tour de france becoming the first welshman to win the event
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thomas crossed the line on the shelves at leas a to confirm his first tour de france title will bring you the highlights from that final stage. or welcome to the program violence and the threat there of have racked sunday's presidential election in the west african country of mali incumbent even he is seeking a second term and is the favorite to win out of twenty three candidates standing but attacks on polling booths have kept many away eighteen million people live in mali it's one of the poorest countries in the world fifteen thousand u.n. peacekeeping forces are stationed in the country including one thousand german troops in addition there are four thousand five hundred french forces mali being a former french colony but despite their presence jihadist attacks and violence have risen in recent years. lining up for security check before
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going to college that ballot the threat of violence is on the minds of everyone here. incumbent it brought him to become his favorite to win this race they both opponents and virtuous a voice down to his record in this insurgency driven country. you know on him and you know we need more security in mali that's the most important thing work for young people in. mali has been beset by violence since islamist militants swept through the country's north in two thousand and twelve french led forces intervened and pushed back the rebels a un peacekeeping mission arrived and in two thousand and fifteen a peace accord was signed between the government and the armed groups in the north but that agreement has never entirely held attacks and ethnic violence have been on the rise. despite the support of the international
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community and all the efforts made in this country were not able to manage this crisis agrees in northern mali like here in the city of cow tension is at its highest some polling stations couldn't a new tool due to the threat of attacks the official results of the vote is expected by friday. enough to some of the other stories making news around the world on the eve of monday's historic elections in zimbabwe former president robert mugabe suggested he would not photo for the party he had led for decades that his successor everson illegally took power last year but he did encourage them bob boyens to accept the election result. of an earthquake in the indonesian island of lombok has killed at least fourteen people and injured more than one hundred sixty others the six point four magnitude quake struck the northern part of the island which is close to bali and popular with international tourists. a powerful day
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typhoon has hit japan bringing heavy rains and winds of up to one hundred eighty kilometers per hour thousands of residents have been forced to leave their homes it's the season's twelfth typhoon so far. election results have been announced and cambodia and the ruling party has won in a landslide the chief government spokesman says the cambodian people's party has won eighty percent of the seats in parliament this will keep prime minister hun sen in office but critics are calling the election a sham as the only credible opposition party was outlawed prior to the haute they're accusing the prime minister of cracking down on the scent in a bid to maintain his grip on more than three decades in power. ballots polling stations fingers stained with ink across cambodia voters went to the polls but with only one viable party in the running. the consent of the world's longest serving prime minister was not taking any chances this year. after nearly
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losing the vote five years ago to the cambodian national rescue party he took action to make sure they wouldn't threaten him again the rival party was dissolved by court order its leader jailed for treason websites critical of his party were blocked. on sen's only real worry this election day was that cambodians would answer the opposition's call for a boycott. anyone who opposes elections destroys the nation and democracy and should not be forgiven him for the book. officially the boycott was averted cambodia's national election commission claims about eighty percent of registered voters cast their vote the opposition however believes that number is inflated former opposition leader sam rainsy now living in exile tweeted that no credible election observer would confirm an election process that was quote falsified from the outset. for
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a majority of cambodians unsent is the only leader they've known he began his career as a military commander for cambodia's camaro rouge but as the regime carried out genocide on its own people can send defected to vietnam to help overthrow his own government he was named prime minister of cambodia in one thousand nine hundred five when he lost the country's first elections in one thousand nine hundred three he dismissed the results and refused to step down. after thirty three years as prime minister he remains firmly at the helm. that. happened before there were so many competitors but now there's just one. and only i hope this country in the future will have a real democracy not fake. so counting appeared little more than a formality just six hours after polls closed the ruling party claimed victory for the sixth time. extreme summer temperatures in many parts of the northern
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hemisphere have left firefighters battling a massive blaze as at least five people have died in inferno as that are raging through northern california in the u.s. among those who perished were two small children and their great grandmother more than thirty eight thousand people have been ordered to evacuate their homes and authorities warn the fires are far from under control. people in northern california are used to wildfires but not on this scale firefighters say they have never seen anything like it. they're doing all they counted to contain the flames but so far less than five percent of the blaze is under control. as it's burning in every direction all at the same time and we've got even though we have multiple resources the way that it's burning the intensity that's burning uphill downhill even if it doesn't have
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a strong wind on it it's it's burning is it's got a santa ana wind or for a strong sixty mile an hour seventy mile an hour wind. more than six hundred properties and homes have been destroyed since the fire broke out on monday night forty thousand people have been forced to flee the flames but the family of sherry bledsoe seen here on the left did not manage to escape she received the news that had children of four and five year old boy and her grandmother were killed as they waited for help their former home has been burned to the ground and neighbors said the community was taken by surprise by the speed of the fire there was and we were told we were in danger this was like you see in the movies with tornadoes. one minute it's fine the next minute everybody scream. the national guard has now also been drafted in to help. but the dry weather and winds are hampering their efforts to put the fives out.
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israel has released palestinian teenager ahead to mimi from prison she was jailed for months alongside her mother first slapping and kicking two israeli soldiers near her home in the west bank israelis call her a terrorist and for palestinians she's become a symbol of resistance. had tommy has finally returned to her hometown in the israel occupied west bank and now seventeen years old she served and eight month prison term for assaulting israeli soldiers last year sami says she now plans to study law at university in a bit to defend palestinians. and the resistance will continue until the occupation is removed all female prisoners in jail are strong and i thank everyone who stood by me while i was in prison and who stood with all women prisoners. of our. video went viral online in december showing tamimi and her relatives slapping and
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kicking israeli soldiers he's frail handed her twelve criminal charges over the incident including aggravated assault she agreed to plead guilty to a reduced charge sheet and much. her case drew global attention to israel's controversial detentions of palestinian minus rights groups including amnesty international and human rights watch have condemned such detentions after time released release human rights watch is director for east row and police time tweeted that although tommy is free hundreds of palestinian children remain locked up with little attention on their cases. many israelis see her jailing differently tommy's critics have dismissed her as a provocateur a worse one israeli government minister dumped her a terrorist upon her release on sunday. but many palestinians have she has to mimi's actions president mahmoud abbas is
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a man tell me we said marise praising her as a role model of civil resistance following her release. to russia now where a display of military might was put on during the annual navy day parade there were forty warships sailing a parade formation through the waters of st petersburg president vladimir putin. resided over the event saying his country's fleet helped to protect russian interests what are the crowds turned out to glimpse to catch a glimpse of warplanes and summer rains. guaranteed thomas has won the tour de france becoming the first ever welshman to win the event thomas only needed to complete the final stage to ensure victory it is made into a different title and the sixth time in seven years that a writer from team sky has won road cycling's top competition cue the celebrations . champagne all round for team sky at the end of
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a triumphant set of fronts just like in the last three years what's changed though is that when he himself the right thomas i'm likely to hear of the welshman secured his first ever told win after completing the rights of paris on sunday it's customary that the race leader is never challenged on the final stage meaning he could enjoy it so but competition among face of on this prince's exam to christophe taking the final stage when the shops and music. but only eyes were on chamas as he crossed the finish line. joining him on the podium was teammate chris froome the defending champion having finished goods. for thomas picturing was a dream come true you are going to slug them because of this race i remember going home from school to watch the end of the saw the france and the dream is over just to be appalled and believe that's all. so another emphatic win for team sky thanks to the unlikeliest of champions. lewis hamilton has extended his
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lead in the formula one championship after winning the hungary and grand prix hamilton led from start to finish to continue his dominant recent form but it's another blow for his title rival sebastian vettel who sees the gap between the two drivers widened again with less than ten races to go this season. the two miss sadie's drivers started at the front of the grid with championship leader lewis hamilton in pole position but the ferrari's showed good pace in practice and sebastian vettel in particular was desperate to make up points on hamilton and close the gap in the standings spectators were hoping for a tense battle at the hungover a ring. but hamilton was as composed as ever on a sweltering circuit and while most eighty's perform perfect pits stops ferrari cost vettel precious seconds a slow tire change put him a long way behind rice lead to hamilton. not forced the german to take drastic
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action to avoid losing even more ground in the championship five laps to go he pulled off a risky maneuver to get hostile to reprocess and into second place ahead of them hamilton crossed the finish line comfortably in first it's the reigning champions fifth win of the season and it keeps the british driver on course for a fifth well title. race for us so we can't stress. how much the now has a twenty four point lead over his rival vettel an advantage that will help him enjoy the upcoming summer break. there's heavy traffic in many cities around the world but mexico city is particularly notorious for its snarled intersections and clogged highways now a theatre company is hoping to provide a bit of light relief for the city's frustrated motorists bringing ballet from the stage to the pavement the troops is each dance in fifty eight seconds exactly the
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length of time it takes the traffic lights to change the performances began two weeks ago and appear to be well received so far. here watching t w news more coming up at the top of the hour i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. iran. once again and solidifying uk are seeing now a major.


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