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tv   Musica Maestra - Backstage in Paris and Budapest  Deutsche Welle  July 29, 2018 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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exactly the length of time it takes the traffic lights to change the performances began two weeks ago and appear to be well received so far. the thing. they're watching t w news more coming up at the top of the hour i'm irish waiter in berlin thanks for joining us. on the wrong. one and unsolicited shocker see now a major priority in the middle east. your loans influence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily.
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the law does iran truly. the countries of homes have their doubts isolate. iran from. the long hours of august on g.w. . my name is along that i don't bother. i'm a mexican conductor. come with me and meet great musicians and friends from all over the world. we're now in paris with the orchestra and us and i leave the fonz and we're going to perform with them some difficult really great friends a come from an asylum colombia and i'm really excited to meet some of them and actually to see some up others again and. it's nice to be in paris working with
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this great orchestra but also be with my fellow latin americans that there's always this sense of brotherhood amongst us and our friendship. oh. i'm. exactly. well. under your skin was angry and i was actually out as a stroke. for a while. because i was in primaries how little formalising really seemed to muster no our own little plastic on the front he says he doesn't sound that way better than me and this is a good chance you're going to show no no i don't want to marry a shadow. i know mr general she just simply is just. going to
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say you must really like you. were doing it by the way we make your complaints are usually unpleasant to protect classic. i guess in terms of a battle cry because i like it about office and i went to rome and we are you going to let the audience i guess what we should control i think the. response was this is going to become a question professors have the most information classic of those talking to some of the classical. guys he's one of the concert artists and he really he said it kind of sums a couple left out of the man who was having a little they were nice enough to mix. ok with. us.
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thanks. for the sex story yeah we've been seeing if you are yes it was a receive a letter but that's just the last i know i don't. like you very much that i am going. to. let. let. let me hold true love i love it i recall sweet oh yeah for sure it'll take me forever if you try.
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to see me come record time do you think you do if you break free we're looking. for is really like you do feel. like you. let. people go to concerts every time and see musicians on stage and think that we may not have a normal life where we actually do and it's really nice to spend time doing regular things like cooking with my friends from stage so join me in coming to the house of what i call my boss to see if i can learn to make some minutes when i'm at a bus thank you like just. i'm sure there. are some years ago when you met someone
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you know nothing. to. do you know. she was. going to. be. six six six six. six six. six six. six.
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six. six. six. six six. six. thanks thanks. thanks . you should be. good or you shut the
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scottish shut. the so. will. it was. the first i was. coming. thank you. thank you. i'm now in budapest and i'm going to conduct the concerto with the best orchestra with a finger in violinist about my last column and i one of the things i love about my
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profession is that i get to meet new people new musical universes and this week is exactly that i've never met us i've never met the circus truck i've actually never been with us for in hungary all together so let's see what awaits us. so where did you hear my music. came in we just finished higher transcript of the article that was congenital that is focused on doing the mozart a major shock to tell us where we are because you're from here existing that is where some very famous will go which is the window of the green room of the firms that every critic or her. cue from how does it happen minute delays i don't know what i mean my parents are a lot of this was the work of my my mother was three years ago she was
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a harvest director who bought all my father's charts. so he was a british version were all round her mother's father was one of the most famous he's biased in the restaurant seventy recordings and there are so many movies what's his name on purpose. yes there's a little bit and there are. very this was a rather slow on the hook a lot from. everybody just very very old and a little goofy how do you get this robot or we didn't we didn't play for never never did you capture the land.
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and. so delete about your relationship to mozart because we're playing acknowledged arsehole. i don't really sort of i suspect that's because so tell me about your relationship with especially this monster contract on one surgeon general or whatever the around it was pretty. well i was each was i'm preaching about various koester i always felt the body good you can't but i was a controller you read a book of his father because his father wrote this through fighting by the score which was published early seventy fifth so it's the perfect book for playing and the current book you know how his son was told to ever really do that so you can do exactly what he had to do like talking up the levels of drugs or whatever or warning it's
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a true articulation devival to look down to your yard . is the concept of us were supposed to be done without a conductor and they've got the baby from her from basically if you believe it's our ourselves he was leading and sometimes i like to play that role not simply how did i meet me then came out again the way you have originally been part of this thing because it is sad it's your leadership and it's your obsession and it is calling you and that's why all she is all of the fuel really of my own that she was the starbucks through conduct through florida by that i mean that's my child my it would be easy for us to go i went but it didn't it's been great to work with you like oh well the good part and you miss mexico i think that my three times you've been to happy if only by the us it was my favorite place in the world my dear favorite place in the runoff and it's most of my heart and it's
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a good one for me as much of the places and i'm so glad to hear from gary because they spend most of my time telling the world how great my country but those someone else tells me just make america. take you if you have right to live. rule. groningen. that's a reality in the netherlands. the structures have been experimenting with both by the stem cells. as the cells divide and multiply the muscle tissue develops. a good coach should be placed meat from the source house. to morrow to do next.
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cut your bags for a summer vacation special through germany by water. we say a house both through the mecklenburg lake district. admire councils on the rhine. and chill on the beautiful lake constance. in sixty minutes or e.w. . earth home to millions of species a home for saving. on those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like news that counters the climate used to green energy solutions and
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reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and were determined to build something here for the next generation the old one dio's the multimedia environment series on t w. n two tomorrow today no science magazine coming up. good for the brain taking my criticism vasty can stimulate the mind according to some. bad for the liver the body can cope with small amounts of alcohol but there are limits. and crisis for crops herbicide resistant to to spreading.


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