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tv   World Stories - Brexit - Flight of the Caribbean  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2018 4:02am-4:15am CEST

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elated to see me now a major power in the middle east. who runs insolence continues to grow politically economically and above all militarily. those who are truly peaceful in their countries are gone and their talents to iran from the youngest super power source aug fifth on d w. this week on most tories and makeshift cemetery in. the children of the bosnian civil war but we begin on the caribbean island of angry enough apertures overseas territory usually london doesn't have much from the island this bought with almost do its trade dependent on links to a neighboring french island bricks it might be about to change all that. as ship
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docking in britain six thousand five hundred kilometers away from the british mainland were in one of britain's six overseas territories and the caribbean people here have to import nearly everything even their drinking water and. most of the goods come in via the e.u. or more precisely from a port just fifteen minutes away on the french island off some of. the neighboring islands have close ties but no breaks it is threatening their relationship. we fight with the insulting because we are being affected directly. water as we all saw water for years. and we are close on that you know that doesn't grab the situation but i'm proud that in the negative local radio host a.j. hammer is angry that i did not have a say over. breck's said since residents could not vote liberated affect us that he
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and some fifteen thousand other islanders will lose their passports for london come up short in its bid to secure a good breaks it deals with less residents worried that they will be among the biggest losers i'm going to ensure that i hadn't a chance to participate in the backseat and that no other people should decide i'm going on state but then britain has been. increasing home micromanaging which i think is it fair to us. that mean we have no say because if you take the economy i'm going to take the budget of bengal it has to be approved by england so we are just puppets in the end the whole thing yet another waste britain is less involved since hurricane devastated angulo last september many homes still in ruins the state's coffers are empty and the planned reconstruction is funded by the e.u. it is also agreed last largest provider of development aid with much of the month
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earmarked for education after a break said it is unclear whether london will step in to help. but it shall be the united kingdom i would say ninety percent of the people that i talk to whinge so i have a clue that there's a political angle so you know i really think that i have a thought i don't think i would be a big on the agenda of the british government. as one of the issues that they speak about and we don't have the quality of frustration our exit has reached the point of fight or something really ends are calling for independence from britain d.j. hammer is for it. you'll be able to fend for yourselves because it is going to be going well and the stars know i'm not sure i must be getting on you know are free to shake. most and williams would have voted to stay in the e.u. the island's depends on close ties with its e.u. neighbor so. narrabeen just why many here would rather be
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a part of the european union than of britain. europe is closing its doors to refugees and migrants trying to cross the mediterranean but that doesn't stop people trying to make the dangerous journey by sea. thousands are waiting for the chance and thousands have died trying to. hardly anyone visit this place on the tunisian coast others sent here are do remain so women children and young men they drowned in the mediterranean chasing an uncertain dream a dream off life in europe. he wants to give them dignity shamsuddin is a fisherman here near to tourist hot spot of sadducees he has buried the remains of three hundred people to stop the crossings europe has proposed the creation of
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so-called disembarkation platforms in north africa they are migrants would be able to apply for asylum. isn't impressed. with the machines europe doesn't care about these people whether they're alive or dead building reception centers isn't a solution instead europe should give people the wealth that was stolen from them. i'm on my way to a nearby migrant center where some of those rescued find temporary refuse their i meet the dash from the democratic republic of congo for months she was a sex slave in libya she tells me only so who. when they discovered that i was pregnant they let me go. back. i don't want to stay here engine is here i want to go to europe. tunisia has no functioning asylum system and it has to not only deal with migrants passing through but also with
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increasing numbers of its own youth who dream of a brighter future these young men died trying to reach italy what in seven thousand tunisians try to cross the mediterranean last year while it was one of them he invites me to his home to share his story. and hurt them of a mess but there is no hope here for the dead nor alive it's all the same we don't have any jobs a future nothing this country kills our dreams that's why i want to escape the. well survive several boat accidents in the mediterranean but he's undeterred he wants to try again. if i stay here in tunisia i have zero hope. in europe i had least have a chance to hit the government has repeatedly said it does not want to be the gate keeper for migrants trying to reach europe caught in limbo thousand see trying to
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lock on the mediterranean as the only option the spite the dangers. born during a war to mothers who were raped often rejected and all too often still forgotten the children of the bosnian civil war now their children no longer and they want their voices to be heard. twenty four year old i know usage was conceived when a crow at soldier raped her mother during the war in bosnia growing up after the conflict without a father surname was enough to mark ajna as an outcast. children born of war aren't recognized as victims of war in bosnia and that often leads to discrimination. on that issue program. the most common problem these kids face during their upbringing is with documents. that's because their documents have
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names missing on them so these kids have problems and they want to start university . now i know is publicly defying social stigmas and challenging bureaucratic barriers she co-founded the forgotten children of war bosnia's first ngo linking children of rape so they can lobby together for recognition. twenty five years after the war our goal is to let these children come out and let both the bosnian state and society know that we exist so that we get legally recognized by the government. n.-g. o. for war children is itself in its infancy across bosnia fifteen members have joined so far it's not known how many children of war there are in bosnia today some estimate that twenty thousand women were raped during the conflict and that around four thousand of them had children as a result. many rape survivors kept the
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assaults and their children's paternity a secret women like alina. posted to hookers that are them after my child was born i hit her because i was afraid. i thought someone would take her away or tuck or kill her. alina who asked to speak anonymously was twenty three when an enemy soldier raped her she didn't tell her daughter but she learned the truth from her mother's police report that she discovered by chance. i know i know you since you find out how she was conceived my daughter has been driven by rage rage against society rage because she is an outcast. they swept asunder the rug as if none of us has ever happened they denied it when we showed ourselves they only talked about it as when they needed something like our votes when there are elections. but for now voices like mine as are the only ones
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breaking the silence about bosnia's invisible children. is the state doesn't want to talk about it somebody needs to that's why i feel responsible if i've started something i need to see it through to the end it's the only way to finally achieve peace after all that's happened. i mean. us president donald trump so-called zero tolerance policy has separated more than two thousand migrant children from their family since they attempted to cross the u.s. border. following a storm of criticism that practice was reversed but the scars from deep. the lucky few reunited after months of not knowing whether they'd ever see their children again and for others even this moment soon turned to heartbreak after being separated for so long as some parents said their children didn't even recognize. dr
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yvonne riffle lucy is one of many pediatricians warning of the damage these separations may have caused already she told me extreme stress from such an experience can result in lifelong health problems the younger they are the more vulnerable they are so we see changes in their stress hormones we see changes in their brain development the long term that also can manifest as mental health illnesses so p.t.s.d. anxiety depression kids who have experienced toxic stress actually have higher risk of suicide as they get older then the change in the hormones actually causes physical changes in their body so increased risk of heart disease diabetes of liver problems increased risk of cancer. so why are migrants from central and south america willing to take their chances on exposing their children to this kind of future i think these families would say that they didn't have a choice i have patience a mom who told me that her ten year old son was asked to join a gang and if he didn't that he would be killed i have another patient who's
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a teenage girl who was repeatedly abused and was worried about getting kidnapped and trafficked so when these parents take their kids and other belongings in the middle of the night and they flee they're not thinking that they have a choice now many who thought they did the worst for a better life in the united states are facing even more trauma. to one to one official estimates more than one point two million venezuelans given colombia legally and illegally. i'd return to the. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news
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that matters. made for mines wouldn't be fighting for the case to take you seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on this talk. show they do the superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart trucks smart strange alleging isn't buying no movement out on brain creasing really dangerous stuff. w. made for my. feet but. what of these other specific.


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