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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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when the women's event and germany's florian gruber continued to dominate the men's competition winning his third consecutive title in southern italy. you're watching t w news still to come a sham election keeps cambodian prime minister hun sen in power but that means new worries for the economy as punitive sanctions loom. that story plus trade talks between the e.u. commission president and us present donald trump that within the next. story that people will hold on for you on facebook and twitter. to date and in touch. climate change.
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waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news. for go people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's show the. legal limit for the farming magazine. d w the. critics call it a sham alexion the opposition says it's the death of democracy cambodian prime minister hun stand extends his hold on power as his ruling party claims all parliamentary seats in sunday's election other countries could apply punitive sanctions that would cripple the economy. zimbabwe's. besides or is it the
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economy that will decide this election investors watch closely to see who will be charged with pulling the country out of its crisis. and a record drought grips germany's bread basket farmers say they've never seen anything like it. i've been physical and that's the business cambodia's ruling party is set to take all one hundred twenty five parliamentary seats after sunday's election which critics are calling a sham outcome would turn the country into a one party state and extend prime minister hun sen's more than three decade run under his rule chinese investments have helped cambodia become one of the world's fastest growing economies but despite great growth figures household debt among cambodians fifteen million people has grown to an all time high of two point eight billion dollars chinese influence and deteriorating democratic tendencies of cause western influence to drop it also puts at risk the government say cambodia's
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largest formal employer. recently sent a delegation there to really evaluate its duty free agreement. andreea haying is our asia correspondent in singapore andrea this all sounds awfully unsettling to investors what's it going to do to growth. oh the cambodian economy was forecasted to grow by six point nine percent and this is mostly just in the government's industry as you mentioned but that forecast was meet some months ago two months ago exactly thanks. it's china china is a very big contributor to one says government in the same time woods and is trying to get the us to withdraw all aid so what is that happening it seems like the. government sector is at risk with these bold moves because it's also a third on the cambodian economy and now the prospect of punitive sanctions from other countries. that's right and as you mentioned the e.u.
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has said today legation to evaluate the whole duty free arrangements the us has told us and that didn't need to very positive result the us has also in polish human rights abuse ascensions on cambodia as well but it doesn't all this don't seem to blow the whole incident in the least what will could a one party cambodia still hold up under sanctions. the election narrative right now is directed at the garment factory workers who have been promised better wages for example of better working conditions but this is and this demonstrates while this is a threat to the industry this also demonstrates that the bottom line not democracy is the gov can body government's priority let's also not forget that the government has already invested in education and skills training as well as a booming real estate sector that is going to keep them afloat and hang with the analysis there for us from singapore thank you. to an economy in tatters
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zimbabwe is suffering from a cash crisis and whoever wins today's election will have the job of fixing it investors shunned the country under the rule of robert mugabe but he's not running for the first time in about fourteen years. so for learn egypt did something extraordinary he kept his company james north in business through hyperinflation and the exodus of investors during the mugabe years. but the maker of protective gloves and shoes took a hit nonetheless. he had to reduce the number of stone from four hundred to one hundred fifty in the last fifteen years. he hopes the new government will attract foreign capital. having access to. capital will enable us to upgrade to the delivered play puzzle for clubs or. we do have plans as to what is it that we need to upgrade. the desired upgrades can
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only become reality as part of a wider economic recovery. zimbabwe's g.d.p. nearly half between two thousand and two thousand and eight alone. this caused the official inflation rate to surge to two hundred thirty one million percent in two thousand and eight. the new president will have to reverse mistakes from the mugabe administration revive farms and mines compensate whites whose land was stolen and stamp out corruption. experts hope that will allow the government to regain the trust of the international community and zimbabwe's people. now all i've heard all day at work is how hot it is everyone is complaining clothing make it has really rained here in germany since april and it is a real problem the record drought is threatening the livelihoods of many farmers they want government aid to the tune of one billion europe's it's unclear whether
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or not they'll get it. unseasonably warm and dry spring has sped up and thinned out the grain harvest last year's yield was already down from the five year average this year's is expected to be even lower farmers have been pushing for direct payments for weeks b.m.d. extended we're having the worst harvest of the century many farmers are at threat of losing their livelihoods losses are reaching fifty to seventy percent of what we're asking for crisis assistance from the federal government and it's become. the german farmers association says the one billion euros would help operations that are down more than thirty percent from the previous year. on tuesday association officials will appeal to german agricultural minister yulia clerk never seen here at the g. twenty sure report to the german cabinet the following day clinton has already said she's concerned about farmers in the north and east but not everyone believes
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financial help is the answer the agricultural policy representative for the social democrats argues that aiding farmers would set a bad precedent for other businesses. and we've got the deputy secretary general of the german farmers association with us or heavily give us an idea of just how dire the situation is in germany because a lot of people though germany as a beautifully green country heaps of rain and actually more rain than sun this year everything is different we have had no way in for eight weeks for ten weeks in some areas in northern germany germany so famines cannot believe that we have such a long dry period on the fields what are they saying to you how are they coping at the moment well many of them are frustrated really personally and economically you know you have invested in a farmer as a farmer for years in your field in your wheat for foreseeing them for
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fertilizers and now you get nothing back so we're talking about ruined crops for many farmers are they going to get some sort of aid from the gut well in some areas you know you have damages fifty percent seventy percent compared to the normal harvest and so well we asked now for our government to have some assistance for this catastrophe. but this is a bit too bureaucratic process from us will have to go through you know is germany equipped to deal with this sort of extreme weather i mean it's as we pointed out it's something that doesn't. happen often here is it going to be just a one off or could this become a pattern well you're right we are maybe in the middle of a climate change we have more extreme weather situations more heavy hail more
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heavy rainfall more long periods we have to adapt with our technology or with our farming practices what sort of technological changes are you seeing at the moment in germany at least the way in so many other industrial fields but as far as farming goes what other we can do something we can keep more moisture in the in the soil we can use. of seats we can do. more in the geisha for special ops that's what it can do is that a good situation where we see a company like bio joining up with monsanto was scenes and and chemicals company would that be something that's good for farmers here and that's that's only one element to be to be clear it's more of farming practices on the ground especially the way how to cultivate the soil to keep more moisture in it and it's not just
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german farmers we're talking about it we're talking about of europe why it's some middle of europe nowhere and also used in europe scandinavia ukraine we will not see that european grain harvest this year you know every which. the markets will show that is that something is going to show up in growth because something that's going to affect the economies of of europe as far as europe's agricultural sector goes well it will especially affect our business you know europe is a grain exporter to north africa to abiah. so these areas will also be affected by this. what do you see what sort of measures do you think governments in europe need to put in place to ensure this doesn't happen again. well we cannot directly influence the weather and that's not what we
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want what we can do is to adapt our farming practices and this is christian of knowledge and good farming practices what that's what we can do to have a thing thank you very much for coming in today appreciate it. and thanks for joining us here on very soon i assume business with you.
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when you're out a lot is a small comments we. still. can't have absolutely. no fall is a little compact we make our. call we want to. feel
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. warm or oh. we're glad to be on find his want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for the. so nothing is just that the children who have already been the boy and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made. today don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. we make up about three
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