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tv   Close up - Europes Flashpoints - Part 2  Deutsche Welle  July 30, 2018 9:15pm-9:45pm CEST

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in his truck win over all other divers were not in it for the win though they just wanted to test their courage and considering how hard it has been they've missed one of the cool off. it's a good way to do it. you know if they can give you news i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day it will see if it. could. make your smart t.v. even smarter than to use for smart. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. steps. to decide what's a. final more d.w. job comes forth.
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from its controversial approach to refugees to the first ever departure of a member state and rising euro skepticism pressure on the european union is mounting like never before. founded as an economic community the e.u. soon grew together as a community of values and peace. now with global shifts bringing crises and conflict directly to the a used doorstep it should be able to respond with joint force instead europe is internally divided and struggling to find a unified voice not to mention an adequate response the european union faces threats from the inside and the outside.
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before coming off a lot of this man is also challenging europe and its political leaders tayyip erdogan won trying to garner plenty of support back home in turkey their europe becomes a handy scapegoat for self-made problems religious and nationalistic supporters respond particularly well. the state powers treat their opponents anything but delicately be they kurds unionists feminists or journalists tear gas and water cannons have become a routine way to meet protests those who attract the president's ire are quick to find themselves in court or jail. for. a failed coup d'etat in the summer of twenty sixteen only aggravated tensions. the officers behind the attack were sent to have close ties to flock to local lns
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islamic movement the putsch targeted key governmental infrastructure such as the country's intelligence headquarters the parliament building and the presidential residence. public anger erupted. soldiers were lynched in the streets including young recruits proven to have been deceived by their generals about the true intentions of the attack in just twenty four hours the rebellion was crushed. then came the reckoning hardly any distinction has been made between ordinary political opponents and those involved in the boom. any space there had been for dissidents was restricted even further. the boardwalk a chat a boast on beach on the asian side of his tumble is one of those free spaces it's a magnet for western minded city dwellers alcohol is consumed here women in
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headscarves and traditional conservative families are a rare sight. it's a short drive from this trendy prominent across the bosphorus to the old european part of his tumble in the conservative district here you'll find a different side of turkish society. the jobs are much more frequent customers get advice on what fabrics and colors to buy in this store the sales women are devout muslims they too often feel lost in the labyrinth of turkish life yes this is the lesson. here if i want to take a walk i need to pick an area that matches my way of life the way i dress my traditions. if i go somewhere and i don't fit in i feel like i'm being discriminated against. just by the way they look at me. it makes me feel like i don't belong look i sit in a city of here and the stuffs to sniff it if india. many here support the so-called
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islamification agenda that are the ones party is pursuing. that didn't it didn't sit right religion and politics shouldn't be separated they go hand in hand we're a muslim country after all we get it in addition to was. was. others think are the one is deliberately dismantling democratic institutions his opposition is struggling to find its footing. one of their leaders came to rally the large protest when he walked more than four hundred kilometers from istanbul he was accompanied by tens of thousands of followers his justice marched demonstrated impressively that opposition to heir to one was still alive and well it was an open provocation to a president they criticised of being ruthless and power hungry.
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in twenty fifteen eight hundred fifty thousand migrants cross to turkey and the. gnc to reach greece and with it european soil. the turkish coast guard rescued more than ninety thousand people. and they were in that when it comes to international efforts to overcome the refugee crisis turkey is one of the european union's keep hotness. of. tens of thousands more try to reach greece on foot but turkish authorities stop them at the border.
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you know that if we can do this once or twice but we could also open our doors to the refugees and wish them safe passage to europe. negotiations dragged on for months before the e.u. and turkey were able to strike a deal its implications are immense at the same time or to one increased pressure on the media the justice system and on any kind of opposition. to their go on is keeping refugees out of europe or. in return the e.u. is handing him the keys to establishing an authoritarian system and turning a blind eye to. turkey or the e.u. who has more leverage the country currently harbors about three and a half million refugees from syria alone to air to one they are not only
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a responsibility they are also a trump card one that he can use against europe whenever he wants. damascus and its suburbs after seven long years of fight. it's back under us control. people here still live in fear there are checkpoints. and the secret services are never far away in the in the war zone aftermath colors daily life ali is a civil servant he earns about sixty euros a month. got it i did it work we have to make compromises everywhere even when it comes to the most basic essentials even if i need something urgently i
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have to think twice about what's most urgent but if we need a doctor my entire family has to go hungry for a week for just so my child can get treatment you know. a taxi ride like many other things is now four or five times more expensive than it was before the war. that the smart women are the ones paying the price for this war nobody but the women whose children were killed in the war mothers whose hearts were broken that. nothing can help us now. i had two children being both fell god save them. to head hospital at the bed of nine year old mahmoud. yes ma'am i'm at the input. where for america. in this situation that got so bad that i decided to leave the city with my children. who were.
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part of we were about to cross a bridge when one of the people accompanying us stepped on a landmine just. cannot go in but it killed him his wife. and two of my children. i don't know. how the logic can is that it but fighting my daughter was ten years old. with her was the shrapnel killed her instantly woman then i had the look on her brother was just two and a half what. they were walking hand in hand at the time that all of us. he was killed. or china or who are i have two children left in us mahmoud is nine years old. and my other son a six. oh the phenomenal success ought. jobar and eastern suburb of
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damascus was the front line for months now it's rubble a testimony to the horrors of the syrian war it reveals a powerless europe's failure to stop the united states russia iran saudi arabia and turkey from reigniting the war time and again. supporters of assad's regime. and their cult of death. hezbollah fighters and their martyrs have become part of damascus scenery. as have those of their sworn enemies israel and the us.
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the marketplaces and souvenir shops also offer new wares. it's also hans way of thanking flattery or putin for saving his regime. they had jhana shelter near damascus for displaced persons from the radio. they're safe now but they will spend the rest of their lives as victims of the war. three hundred families found shelter here including children who have never known peace. tinsmith mohammad habib and his family also live here. for one of the i don't have any work right now sometimes something comes through but most of the time i just sit around. that of course. we need many things we can offer the children or things they want but the biggest problem is that we aren't allowed to
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leave we don't have any papers they took away our i.d.'s without them we can't go anywhere. in la jolla. their daughter jasmine has just one wish. and i want to leave here but those who do manage to leave aren't always welcome back like disillusioned palestinians radicalized syrian refugees have become fresh fuel for the raging conflict in the middle east. will iran be the next country after syria to spiral into war the us has been openly threatening the islamic republic for three years iran's population has been waiting for the nuclear deal it struck with international superpowers to start paying off but so far the european investments are nowhere in sight three years ago we met oil
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worker in man and his wife neda back then many in iran were hoping for a better life our status of my life comes down at the present because the value of iranian money. comes down against the dollars american dollars it's difficult for us then to get a snapshot and making ends meet has really tough. matches even though my husband has such a hard job and we both money we can get by. with our expenses are just too high places and if it is out of staff that. i do think if we get better though. i hope. we hope we hope to. be helped to. get. a result after. ned. negotiation less that he she should. be done to be better given to be happy in
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the box to live in by cutting. edge. ah i. think i. but things are different than expected instead the us is threatening to impose more sanctions iran's conservative say they knew this would happen all along they had been against the nuclear deal right from the start they say the us can't be trusted and that europe is too weak to keep it in check that. their rights we have are very valuable for us we don't want just. give up them for nazi they have. marketed our scientists because of. no clear rights. you see that this is important if it wasn't
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important they want to have them. many in europe consider president rouhani to be a new ray of hope but now he's under pressure from two sides the people want to see positive results from the nuclear deal while his conservative opponents are taking advantage of the crisis his rivals are the ones actually holding power the latest election so many reformists enter parliament but the military and courts still belong to the hardliners even friends of the president must fear repression. that. the power is based on the country's oil richness we went back to visit him onto a joey at his workplace in the persian gulf it's risky in light of years of economic sanctions helicopters. airplanes are more prone to crash.
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the u.s. policies are hitting iran's oil production particularly hard although iran was able to improve its sales over the past years their refineries are in a disastrous state they're in urgent need of foreign investment. traces of the iraqi bombing campaign from the one nine hundred eighty s. can still be seen today will the trumpet administration start the bombing again can the e.u. do anything better than just wait and see. the wealthy most of us aren't as affected by international pressure. if hurt simple iranians like him on judge i.e. much more it's gotten harder and harder for him to plan his future his country has been in a state of emergency since his birth. i left i know the fighting i might try the i have a problem. i'll start from the left i but yeah i
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guess i doubt it yeah i i thought . many and iran are proud that differing opinions can still be published in their country but freedom of the press isn't that well protected throughout europe any more. march fifteenth is a hungary a national holiday commemorating the fallen heroes of the rebellion against the habsburg monarchy in eight hundred forty eight picture orbán uses the celebrations as a platform to promote himself and his feet as party his rhetoric is inflammatory it sounds as if hungary is on the brink of war. as you call it only. we stand on one side with those who believe in nation states the protection of borders and the value of family and work you don't were opposed by those who want
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an open society who want a world without borders or nations and new types of families devalued work and cheap labor ruled by an army of inscrutable bureaucrats who cannot be held responsible but let little go back should i go look at it. this message is clear hungary is in danger but as long as his party stays in power he can keep that danger at bay and his country say his propaganda is affected. we don't want refugees here then kill it we've seen what happens at night no matter where they end up in europe it will let me know if their neck when i'm a quarter we don't want to live the way they do in vienna our government is trying to resist this migration insanity will us knock out and never any of these don't shock upon it that i feel safe and secure here i don't have to keep looking over my
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shoulder to make sure i'm not about to be attacked. but western europe. stuff like that happens all the time over there and strangely enough nobody's ever allowed to talk about it to me and that a common enemy unites people this particular enemy is hungry an american billionaire george soros or bonds government has cast him as a model for how illegal migration can threaten hungary and heritage their hearts we will fight against everything that the imperial of george soros is doing to hungary and this planning to do this is our life our home we have no other that's why we will fight for it to our last breath we won't ever give up so hard i. always fall against some kind of enemy in one nine hundred eighty nine it was the cameron ism and the upcoming decades it proved to be liberalism the european union and i.m.f. they come with. the migration now the united nations everybody that is. not
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a fan of politics. n.g.o.s that soros supports are being harassed like amnesty international not long ago legislation was passed that made it much harder for n.g.o.s to operate in hungary aiding refugees is now punishable by law and as whether you will it was automatically n.-g. o. law fits neatly into or bans illiberal democracy that tries to silence those who don't want to live in such a democracy that. government has been combating independent civil society for five years with varying intensity hearts but without stopping. i or bones goal is to preserve his power so he can continue ruling as he pleases he and his party control everything in hungary and have created and illiberal state in which he controls all checks and balances himself
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governing with. no resistance government officials claim it's the will of the people checks and balances the checks and balances are as strong as ever or even stronger it's true the first eight years we were in power we had the opportunity to nominate and elect a number of people. but hungary's majority leans to the conservative side. and our constitutional bodies can independently come to free and good decisions aren't unlawful. activity. we are visiting the private studio of here t.v. or news t.v. ever since the broadcasters owner fell out with viktor orban reporting has become critical toward the government and since reporting has become critical politicians have stopped visiting the studio. interview requests are simply ignored politically
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independent and critical media have no place in illiberal democracy government critique is not welcome i'm meeting professor of national audubon she teaches information communication at the budapest quarter venous university she analyzed the media situation in hungary her findings were devastating she says the media landscape is mostly controlled by or bonds government. and hungary they call public television state television because it really is far from being independent public media like in western europe it's pure government propaganda. the same goes for private media which is controlled by people close to the government. and in the meantime all eighteen regional papers in the hands of investors who are also close to the government.
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hungary celebrates its eight hundred forty eight heroes with pomp and circumstance including a flag that is one thousand eight hundred forty eight meters long rolled out along budapest's main boulevard on the russian avenues for bonds government nurtures the dream of a strong nation a superpower. whoever loves hungary must be a patriot and it follows that all patriots must support or bonds party for it embodies the will of the entire nation and the party is victor or bomb. the government sees the e.u.'s insignificant nothing more than an economic grouping without shared values in budapest they consider the liberal values to be delusional the e.u. is a cash cow for aid money yes political guidance no thank you. one of the signs reads get out or these students are protesting against the
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government's education politics they are unhappy with their curricula which they say is fraught with nationalistic conservative values students feel they're being poorly prepared to compete in the european job market. i. mean show finances the schools are poorly financed and we need a new one this is like. they need to teach content adequate for the twenty first century was my idea to get. a bit of a not so i q a problem is that the basics are very outdated it might have been relevant two hundred years ago but not anymore hungary's euthanised longer able to compete and the long term that's going to be a problem for the entire country will be my. test results of the program for international student assessment are alarming hungry scores are worse each year many teachers have begun advocating for
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a better school system. i bet on that is a big. name some carry an educational system is controlled centrally by the state. the ministry dictates which books we teachers should order. these textbooks are usually of poor quality. i mean the ministry also determines what must be taught. but the content is very antiquated and in some cases it's become useless . in the. hungry school system is weighed down with ideology and strict hierarchy the schools autonomy is gone budapest decides typical for bonds government. that immediately five heads in the sense creativity and freedom are simply not wanted in this system a solid modern school system is democratic. but that doesn't fit into an illiberal state. in the past years about six hundred thousand well educated young
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people turned their backs on hungry and set out to find their way elsewhere in europe jobs are particularly coveted in great britain germany and austria. thought. people skeptical of the e.u. have one target they like especially uncle americal whether in italy england or poland strange considering what a survival artiste she's turned out to be while other leaders come and go she has held fast as the head of germany for over a decade. kinds and i know of no one post to how experienced can change things in europe or in the world for the better especially not the chancellor of germany will that when a school she's looking out of the few of us need of germany for a start. and she's the strongest leader in the european union and because of the
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e.u. leaders have been so weak and because how has talked to by default assumed this leadership . in her decade of being chancellor angela merkel has shown many faces hesitant indecisive lacking courage. then she became the crisis manager and europe's cold hearted treasurer old german clichés of german dominance started to reawaken. when refugees began arriving her image changed again overnight merkel became the beacon of hope for people in need. she would feel in government two and a half years later in the german bundestag obeid feel an old europe faces a number of challenges how to deal with migration could become the one that decides the fate of the european union when. germany once so reliable has started to falter old sir. mts are disappearing for on the american tour for years she tried to
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wrestle vladimir putin into a solution for the crimean peninsula and ukraine with the arrival of donald trump her transatlantic partner in the white house has become an unpredictable opponent those two represent old and new leaders who want to weaken germany and a weak union. russian political satire nice game design. limited next with the help of the game engine and modern digital technology it creates. a great taking place. satire goes russian on t.v. w. . clever parents courageous. shifts next. to. every journey begins with the first step and
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