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tv   Musica Maestra - Backstage in Paris and Budapest  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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you first. call to millions of species. or something. googling goes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost to clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action legally. in series of global three thousand on t.w. and dog like. my name is along that up hour. and a mexican conductor. to. come with me and meet great musicians and friends from all over the world. we're now in paris with the orchestra and us and i leave the phones and we're going to perform with then sounded like
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a really great friends that come from an asylum colombia and i'm really excited to meet some of them and actually to see some of others again and. it's nice to be in paris working with this great orchestra but also be with my fellow lets in americans that there's always this sense of brotherhood amongst us and our friendship. is actually our. well we're blessed. because in twenty first out of the c.d.c. . no wire or little plastic on the project since he doesn't sound that i like
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better than you and this is a good chance he'll come up short oh well i don't know so many shadows. i know marilyn johnson just simply will just have since going to feel awfully like you. were doing that but. you have been both the. class. i guess in terms of a battle cry if i let you know about obviously i went to rome a freak a real question about all your friends love you should control what people. ever saw was on the record it doesn't prevent those who are both in hermosillo classic adults are going to be some of the classical. guys he's one of the concert artists anyway he said it kind of sums a couple left i mean who could possibly have an angle they were nice enough to mix
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. ok yes ok. we've asked. about. six pretty basic yeah let me see if you have yet to play the same reason everyone just the last time i know. how you like. me yet. the problem without recourse weeks. she'll say
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thank you to try. to see me to come forward i'm doing. great things where mexico. is going to let you go to school do. people go to concerts every time and see musicians on stage and think that we may not have a normal life but we actually do and it's really nice to spend time doing regular things like cooking with my friends from stage so join me in coming to the house of
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what i call my class to see if i can learn to make some minutes when i'm at a bus thank you like that's fine. sometimes when i'm not. going to talk. to. the first year. that i might think it. was. that you know. i was. in the cellar when us.
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six six. six six thank you not because it was my thanks to you thank you thank you thank you. thank our. thank you thank you thank you. thank you. thanks so. much thank you. thank you thank you thank. you thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you. thank you thanks thanks thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank
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you thank you thank you thank you thank. you look it's really good we've already gotten to know you if you go first are you sure you. think the most. of us. coming and we thank you very much. yes this fellow thank. you thank you you thank. i'm
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now in budapest and i'm going to conduct the concerto with us orchestra with a hungarian violinist but my last kellerman's i one of the things i love about my profession is that i get to meet new people new musical universes and this week is exactly that i've never met us and never met this orchestra i've actually never been brought up by four in hungary all together so let's see what awaits us. so we're here with my music and i'm asking a man who just finished higher dress rehearsal to the level that this congenital the best orchestra in the mozart in egypt in chicago and tell us where we are because you are here existing that's where some very famous women go which is the window of the green room of the first was the curry call her.
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cue from how did it happen how do we know that a sigh was found in libraries are a book publisher this is the work of my my mother was three years ago she was a harvest player who bought for my father's children. so he was a british version and were already her mother's father was one of the most famous by the most of the restaurants and the recordings there are so many movies was his name on bet. and that's a typical hit and there are. very this was a rather slow on the beginning with it was i don't. believe that it is very very
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old and a little goofy is how you get to this robot and with it when it was late and i have never played because of the land. and. so tell me about your relationship to mozart because we're playing it was on. i don't really sort of life expectancy so tell me about your relationship with especially this monster contract i'm not certain you're on the outside of the route because it's because. each because i'm such a pro variants koester i always felt it wasn't good you can't publish a more commercial trying to use read the book of his father because his father wrote this thing fired by the school which was published early seventy's so it is the perfect book for playing and the president you know how his son was told to be
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ready to be there so he actually exactly what he had to do like how could not be a little brother or other or more of the sort of true articulation dewdrop hold the organic. beyond. just the culture of those who are supposed to be done without conductor and they've done it by leading from the front of a sleeve and it's our ourselves he was leading most of the time and i like to play that role up simply having money needed and trying not to get in the way you have to be part of the thing we can set it's like it's your leadership and if you're the section and we just cool with you and that's why i thought she was all of the fuel really well done that she was in the service of really quite a group i think by that i mean that her child may well be free soon i mean but let me put it that it's been great to work with you like i was well at the park and you've been to mexico i think that was three times you've been to have it and by
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that i was it was my favorite was in the world my other favorite place in the right you know and it's impossible for my son to see what happened in mexico one of the most magical places and i'm so glad to hear from him merely because they spend most of my time telling the world how great my hundred but then someone else tells me just make america. take your right to live. beyond the mouth of an infernal monkey in greece one week on from the devastating a forest fire as. villages are trying to god what's left of their homes against looters while rescue teams search for bodies and survivors. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the state.
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next d.w. . this is noticing for us i find a. sign of the gusto beatified of death families have been. well protected from norway some up to climb and it is the fulfillment of a family's dream. a sustainable las encinas. your romance your sixty minutes d.w. . want to elephants need to. know there's a plastic model turned into a paving stone why do algae make it clean your. good idea can working
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anywhere and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other to go it out for good vitamin magazine on g.w. . these creations function just brand on mistake again. colonoscopies i can. look at what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel. good moments in the life of a great fashion designer. starts september night w. . just couldn't get this song out of his head. the musicologist began searching for the source of captivating south.
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and central. to their culture that he stayed close only a promise to his son charlie was returned to the concrete and glass jungle of new york. the result rivers culture. the. song from the forest starts caucus night on w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and europe is in the grip of a devastating heatwave it's been scorching farmland and triggering wildfires worst hit so far is greece which has seen what's being described as europe's deadliest
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forest fire in over a century at least ninety people have been killed in a number of.


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