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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  August 2, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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from washington only sees good leaps the federal reserve leaves rates unchanged for now but instead of bruce later this year also coming up why germany thinks it needs to stop protecting its industry infrastructure from chinese takeover. and a big boost for u.s. europe's imports skyrocket as china looks elsewhere. base is your business update on how an arm free glad you could join me the u.s. federal reserve has left its key lending rate on hold for now after its regular policy meeting the fed was upbeat about the economy citing strong consumer spending and business investment a strong jobs market and inflation near its two percent target that probably puts the fed on course for a september rate hike after its next meeting fed chair jerome towels said at the
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start of the year that interest rates would continue to be raised in small moderate steps they now stand in a range of one point seven five to two percent off for a small hike in june u.s. president donald trump has room to get further hikes fearing it could slow down economic growth. and earlier i spoke to a wall street correspondent so fisherman skin asks her if she had any sense that the fed is taking trump's concerns on board. i wouldn't say so first of all has an out monetary policy and anything concerning the fact that it's usually not anything for the president to comment on the independency off the fed has been has high and last years and decades so it could be freed from the whims of politics now trumbull once again is breaking the rules and surveys show investors disapprove larry summers who last served as president obama's top economic adviser told c.n.n. money that nothing of this kind have happened in the past twenty five years one
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concern might be that the fed will now be reluctant to slow the pace of rate hikes even if it is thinking that this is the best thing to do right now it will look like they are responding to political pressure that is what summers said i think the fed is going to do what the fed has to do and the the thing that they now raise didn't raise these rates it's just a sign that they keep doing what they were planning to do anyway it doesn't imply that they're actually listen listen to the president. there will officials say the u.s. is considering slapping twenty five percent tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese imports off the already setting them at ten percent the aim is to increase pressure on beijing so they return to the negotiating table a decision on the higher tariffs is expected in september the tax would apply to chinese products like clothes bikes baseball gloves and furniture some economists saying the cost increases could be passed on to american consumers critics fear the
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proposed terrifying stood back fine escalate the dispute between the world's two biggest economies. well european commission says u.s. soybean imports to the e.u. have almost quadrupled they solved the e.u. made promises to the u.s. last week in an effort to dodge a trade war but some in brussels say the move is just a question of economics. donald trump has certainly disrupted global trade flows especially when it comes to soybeans u.s. soybean farmers have seen prices for their produce plunged by twenty percent after their prime export market china imposed high tariffs in retaliation for u.s. tariffs on chinese goods the trade has almost ceased the e.u. was quick to take advantage of the cheap the u.s. crop something that must have been clear to commission president john claude younker last week when he promised trump the e.u. would step up u.s. soybean imports the latest figures show that that process was already well underway
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. today that you can call me commission has published the latest figures on e.u. imports offsite beans showing an increase of two hundred eighty three percent in imports from the u.s. bringing that use total sheriff imports of u.s. soybeans to thirty seven percent up from nine percent just one year ago washington had already promised twelve billion dollars to compensate farmers hurt by the dispute with china but with harvest time approaching many of the must still uncertain i think there's maybe just a little bit of comfort there knowing menstruation is backing farmers but you no longer we're not looking for any kind of an aid package we want markets to work and markets to be in china was us soybean farmers main market and it's doubtful increased e.u. imports can make up for the loss soybeans made up sixty percent of u.s.
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agricultural exports to the country beijing meantime has ramped up domestic production and lowered import tariffs on other producers and one side effect of the dispute is that countries like brazil are emerging as the winners brazilian soybean exports to china saw twenty five percent in june. well it is putting the brakes on chinese investment now it's a contentious topic with the government deciding to lead so another corporate takeover that chinese investors those involved were quicker pulling their bit for the germany to fail further life said. it was a clear signal from the german government a new law giving brought in the power to block the takeover of german companies by foreign firms if judged necessary as in the case of to make a life and chinese company young tight tight high a sign of growing concern over the scale of chinese investment into europe's largest economy last week the german government prevented china's state grid corporation from taking
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a twenty percent holding in electricity grid operator fifty hertz but it was uneasy about handing a chinese state company some control over the country's power grid but chinese businesses feel singled out. and this concrete case shows a company from belgium and a non european one from australia bought stakes in the business. but when a chinese company wants to invest it's being prevented for reasons of security. that some analysts argue such fears will backfire on german businesses which one is greater access to chinese markets it's sensitive and delicate to the top big. but our whole but we do gas that our government is a very responsible but at the same time respecting that there is a high need for having open markets. for having good relations to time.
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but not at any price the german government has decided for now. foreign investments in german utilities military and aerospace contractors as well as other strategic enterprises could prove difficult from now on. when you buy headphones clothes or a phone through online retailers like amazon or e-bay the items often come from uproot and the vendors often don't have to pay any sales tax if they're selling he ain't germany but that could be about to change new legislation would make the retailers themselves liable for the sales tax of foreign vendettas be obliged to provide vending names addresses and the amount of sales to german tax authorities if they don't comply with the retailers would be liable for the taxes themselves the measures could bring in hundreds of millions of euros every year.
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women planning to start a business in the e.u. have the easiest time in sweden that's according to a study by master card but in second place is portugal where there's been a big boom in female entrepreneurs in recent years the w.'s marcus burnished met one woman who's taken the plunge. a lot of core value is a seeker of new frontiers originally from argentina the forty one year old has lived on the coast of portugal for the past fifteen years after devoting herself to research in cutting edge animation she decided to start her own company two years ago two thousand and sixteen i was approached by an investor. why don't you grab your research and you create a company and i said that's a good researcher going to create a company yet who would prove the power of the technology so we went to the game developers conference there they showcased what makes my d.d. most so unique the program allows users to scan a person with
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a smartphone in order to make a three dimensional virtual image of them. at first i couldn't really believe it so they say can we just see a life and then we show our life them on the mobile device and they literally say that was the best thing they've seen in show or value entertain employees are bringing their virtual selves to the digital realm closing the gap between reality and fantasy so we need a brother or your d.d. role another to connect to other people in the digital world so we bring people outside digital isolation. so the whole goal is to actually create a new generation of connection for a new generation of people she uses her philosophical approach to bring people together. or to be embedded into a video game so to play with our friends or if you are and i really try reality to environmental or value is no stranger to digital environments running
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a startup however is a daily challenge for the entrepreneur or. i can spend hours just saying all the challenges we have to overcome for fundraising from. playing for tax issues internationally forum hiring from mike solving very difficult problems in addition to her current projects or volume has given herself a more personal challenge the young mother wants to apply her software to applications that address the learning needs of kids. one day may be not you know he ever made being five six or seven but would be able to provide these technology to every child in the world so they can learn from any other children so we can do peer to peer learning with. was looking to make the virtual realm more inclusive by bringing a human touch to the experience. so you're up to date with the latest from the
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world of business from all find us on facebook followers on twitter at. school business i'll be back tomorrow see it end. come up. women have been fighting for the place
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