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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 3, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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literally. does iran truly want peace in. the countries of homes of their towns isolate. iran or syria to. stop august attacks on g.w. . turmoil in zimbabwe the country's oil physician is refusing to accept the elections outcome they're calling and worse among dong was victory fraudulent and stolen from the people i'm sara harman in berlin this is the day. you will. lead. to be a good president all of the above you're a prisoner and all those that we voted for newt. and those who committed we're told
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he's out sick to. go through the brotherhood so this is a good thing. we want to cover. this in the film is i want to. do their homework please sure rolled completely but was pleasantly gives you two days a day of mourning mourning over democracy it is a great day because we are seeing their eclipse what we saw during the entire year is you don't want sports will be going to do to. you know a lot of. local or love in the event. also coming up on the day it's been four years since the so-called islamic state launched a genocide campaign against the u.c.d. ethnic minority in northern iraq thousands of women and young girls are still with slaves and i as controlled zones coming up we'll introduce you to
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a woman who's working to reunite them with their families. that. i saw how they killed my mother. it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on a sense will do us from one man to the next. hopes were high for zimbabwe's first election and the post will grab air but now the leader of zimbabwe's main opposition party is refusing to accept the result saying he'll challenge it in court elson chamisa from the movement for democratic change also complained his party had been harassed and the police are trying to confiscate proof of electoral fraud earlier in the day riot police tried to stop the m.d.c. from addressing the media. the main opposition party leader in zimbabwe tried to
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hold a press conference on friday in the capital out of it but it was disrupted by riot police who then cleared the area and they were then in turn confronted by journalists. that. did good and that was what was in it eventually the police did allow the pressure to take place. there nelson chamisa of the movement for democratic change party or m.d.c. claimed the election on monday was rigged his party had taken just over forty four percent of the vote but emerson minim god of the ruling zanu p.f. was declared the winner with almost fifty one percent of the vote. he had first taken power in november after a brief military intervention which toppled robert mugabe after thirty seven years of iron fisted rule jimmy said didn't think much has changed since. we're both out since. it was all. well good at sixteen these days. we want to put bodies out do not. pull this super bowl this is
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a ball and goes just to make sure that for the kids it was the people who wanted that city they equal it won their fates and we want a long and will no doubt see demonstrations erupted shortly after the election result was announced with the military killing six protesters the m.d.c. say they also lost because its supporters suffered harassment and violence meanwhile president men on god while held his own press conference where he called for an investigation into what happened and also called for unity. zero rage to be the president's over all. and the president and all those that voted for me. and those who didn't want to nelson's a minister or one. who saw the road to them but was present.
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meanwhile opposition leader chamisa has called for a day of mourning for democracy. and. more let's cross to our correspondent melanie. and hora melanie let's begin with those incredible scenes of the opposition press conference what does this incident tell us about the ties between the police and the ruling party in zimbabwe. well sara there is no clear cut answer to that it was a bit of a bizarre scene today the fifty police officers arriving in their riot gear hindering journalists from attending the press conference not wanting the press conference to happen and then they just disappeared to again the question that remains is who ordered them to come in the first place or was it the police who came on their own we know the military did intervene last year in november ousting
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the president so it could be that the police just decided to come on their own or it could have been the center of piaf party ordering them to go and then the question is why would they do so they have the official vote doesn't really make sense. mangala has promised to be the president of all zimbabweans considering what we're seeing in the country right now is that even possible it will most definitely be a very very difficult task for him i've been out on the streets of harare today off been speaking to so so many people and it's been really really heartbreaking to see how scared they are they've been telling me about the scenes that they witnessed on wednesday when people were beaten down broken down shot dead and they just cannot believe it they were so excited about these elections they believed when god when they when he said it's going to be free and fair elections and now it feels like mugabe the dictator is gone but maybe his system of repression really hasn't left
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the country to me says describe the election as fraudulent and a little what evidence is there for that. the million dollar question the answer is we just don't know and to me has not been putting the evidence on the table which is the main concern at the moment he has been coming up with grave accusations he's been saying that he has won the presidential vote fifty six percent that his vote for stoneman and even that demagogue was a west cheat and then mugabe it but still he has not been saying really clearly that he is going to court he said for the past days he won't today he said he will explore all legal and constitutional options if he does he does have to put the evidence on the table and we'll have to see if it's reliable indeed it's impossible to say until we've seen the evidence who is more believable here is my god was
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a response to those allegations that the election was fraudulent but of. bread. and and. so he's promised an investigation is that going to convince the opposition. the short answer is probably not they are saying that the election was rigged that the numbers were manipulated while the international observers where here in the country some of them severely criticized what was happening during the election saying there was a definite bias when it comes to the media here they were saying that there was definitely voter intimidation and still stands by the results so an investigation will probably not convince the opposition at this point ok but melanie let's listen now to a man god was appeal to chimney so this is interesting who knows. one.
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who saw a role in what was rather are. unfolding huzza. are you saying there you have a crucial role to play what should we make of this is it a job all for or is it a call for him to keep quiet and accept the result what do you see there it could be both but first and foremost it's probably a really clever move on moment god was saying that he will invite to some extent to me said to be part of the future of the country but of course it's really of break what is the future meaning is does that mean he's going to be part of the politics on not we don't know but we know that mom and dad was still has to smooth out relations internationally and nationally so it was probably clever of him to say something along those lines to try and unite the country as well as the politicians
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at work behind the scenes what is the situation in harare right now following these days of unrest. and seem to have lost you sara in just one of you can tell us what the situation is in harare following these days of unrest and uncertainty after zimbabwe's election while the situation still remains tense as i've said before people on the streets still scared and they are scared of the future as well especially of the youth when it comes to the economic situation when it comes to what their future will look like if they have any prospects in this country in a state where maybe their voice doesn't count as much as they believe did would so we'll really have to see what happens in the next week what the opposition does what when god does but it remains very very tense here in harare all right very
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tense in harare that's our reporter melanie corrida ball thinks very much. well they have been subjected to an imaginable cruelty some seven thousand years the women and young girls in northern iraq were abducted tortured and sexually abused by the so-called islamic state this after the militants overran iraq's northern district just across the border from syria four years ago now i ask has been driven out but some three thousand you see the women are still missing many of them were sold into slavery a reporter brigade to show that to people who are trying to find them. it breaks my heart she says. shareen sheeran is showing us her hometown since the ruined city of the yazidi says she's just come back from syria where many young
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is still being held as slaves who stop at her old school. oh is that a big i'm too and mother my best friend and i held hands around here. i just took her and made her a slave. she killed herself while she was there prisoner. and i have other friends who are still in their hands. it's difficult to cope. she's only twenty two but she has dedicated herself to finding the kidnapped women and children who she thinks are still in syria it's detailed detective work. she's helped by mahmoud a friend and former smuggler. and. sometimes my contacts in syria hear about people who've been kidnapped from people who've just
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been freed they might send me a photo of a kidnapped boy and ask if i know him that i ask around whether anyone is missing a boy if so we go rescue him. sometimes the islamists allow their prisoners to cool their families and sometimes the families are asked for help she calls the kidnappers and fishes for information trying to find out where they are. what would you shoot at if i get them to trust me then i ask them things like what's happening where they are how many airstrikes have already hit what. mahmoud and i are in touch with the iraqi security forces and forces in syria to tell us about is strikes. we compare information to localise the people we're looking for their arms and. they work with smugglers in syria to bring the former prisoners across the border they say they freed more than sixty people so far. mostly only works though when the families pay
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a ransom to the islamists or at least to middlemen try to use. the families have to borrow the money. if they can't get enough we help them and i have friends in europe and america and they give us the money to buy the woman free. sharon russia early was held prisoner for four years her family paid for her release. that. i saw her they killed my mother. it was awful. they tortured us and forced us to pray. they beat us and they put a price on us. since all of us from one man to the next. she says she was on the brink of killing herself but then she came across a mobile phone she secretly sent her family photos and
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a video three months later she found and shingle found her her family paid thirteen thousand u.s. dollars to get her back. one thing i want i want you to feel all the prisoners from them they sell them to each other like sheep it's terrible. and they help themselves to ten year old girls and after the last. chavan also tries to help the women afterwards in the absence of psychological support she has organized a number of self-help groups today she's talking with women about suicide what are the signs that someone is in danger of hurting herself how can others help you have to support each other she tells them. as i don't know i know we have all faced death and that life now is hard but we've survived yet we cannot give up
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and left them when. the sun is setting as we leave but she wants to go to mts injure the years edis holy mountain to honor her friends who are buried here killed while fighting i.r.s. fish event it's a place where she connects with them where she gathers strength for what lies ahead . with me in the studio is the reporter of that piece for god to show forget it thanks for being with us heartbreaking stories really sometimes hard to watch and try to imagine what these women have been through eugenics reporting in the region how do you as a reporter balance the need to tell these stories with the risk of reach dramatize and women who have already experienced so much. it is often a little bit like walking a tightrope. you need a lot of time you have to sit down with who was a woman and you have to trust
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a little bit your gut feeling how far you can go i mean these women have gone through hell and back and if we're talking about enslavement it's rape it's torture it's family split up so they are certainly traumatized and we tried to ask them questions without trying to prevent too to trigger the trauma so we sort of ask questions we didn't present them to to answer and sing and these questions gave them room to decide by themselves what they wanted to to to share with us which stories they wanted and with which they didn't want to share with us you shared in the piece the women trying to help each other with support groups is there any professional help available for these women there is some international programs help for a traumatized woman who could where the the huge the refugee camps are bedsit
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interest must much more remote it's four to five hours by car to the syrian border so there's barely any help i mean there's no international relief organizations there there's no help with reconstruction and especially not psychological help so it's very hard for the women to get any help and that seems shocking to me to hear you say there is no international help there. for them because this is been happening it's been four years now why isn't there more being done it is a disputed area it has been disputed between the central government in baghdad and the autonomous kurdish government there are a lot of militias there so there was a longer fighting so the international organizations more focused on the refugee camps in dog and. i mean there were not such a lot of people who have come back there and some people never left the region some
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are still living on this month's injure on this plateau it's about ten thousand people who are living there and they're there but they don't get barely any help no no nothing what do these women that you were speaking to or do they see a future for themselves in iraq after they've been rescued what's left for them we've talked to too many women and most of them most of the families who are turkish who said we want to leave because they don't feel secure they're still not they don't get any help and what was striking was that it was not only they said we don't we want to leave cinder no they want to leave iraq as a whole because. one mother of nine children who was two years in captivity that said my life is over i don't care about my life but i want a better future for my children and i want get it here in iraq are breaking to hear that regular shaka thanks for bringing us these stories are important.
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all right india is being wrong by a wave of mob across the country in recent months more than twenty people have died after vile rumors about child kidnappers circulated the of the messaging service what's app the indian government has set up a committee to try and curb these sorts of incidents in some areas local law enforcement officials have started their own campaigns are india correspondent sonia fellow car travel to the western state of maharastra to find out more. it isn't every day that this village sees gifts like these. on a special mission dispelling vital rumors spread and whatsapp that have killed people across the country not the mob all of a daughter who's also a trained lawyer is the brains behind the campaign he appeals to the crowd to not
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be fooled by fake news of the internet and use that own mind to judge what's true or false. misleading videos like this one which claim to show children have gone vital voices thieves disguised as beggars harvested the organs all because she explains how the videos are doctored to create panic. another clip suggests this woman is an outsider and was trying to abduct children that's why she was beaten up fake news like this is spreading like wildfire in india it is a major problem because these are very close knit communities where almost everyone tends to know each other the spread an acceleration of this news can be very very quick but the fact that it is about lifting is something for primal something so provocative that your child could be taken away from you i scarcely think that is agreed to fear than that for any family or any parent. that it can precipitate violence very easily. that's what happened here in the neighboring district of
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tulli about three hundred fifty kilometers from mumbai. this heavy security in this remote village it only has women and children many of the men have fled ever since a lynching to place in this building. fake news is killing people in india right here in this village council office five people were beaten to death by a mob last month the police say the people were driven by videos and whatsapp claiming that kidnappers are on the loose the victims were beggars from the magic tripe. the lynchings here were particularly brutal the police have arrested twenty eight people so far. try to help the victims by locking them in here but the mob force their way in lot. of the sharpton and thought about of course the people would stick with the rods with stones in which is in the office
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the crowd was bloodthirsty i've never seen anything like this there was a video on someone's phone warning people to stay vigilant because gangs were kidnapping children and stealing their organs. in mali girl police have tracking train type if anyone forwards explosive messages that can cause public panic. it's part of the campaign to quash rumors before they boil over and leaked by the measure stick on an added urgency in monaco's melting pot into religious tensions are never far from the surface here. today officers are in the hindu temple it's part of the campaigns are preached influential religious leaders the message is familial remain skeptical of what you read online and don't resort to buy tickets. the campaign continues a traffic junctions across the city leaflets with police helpline numbers are handed out. to raise awareness about the deadly consequences of fake news.
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well if you're watching us from europe you already know it's been a bit hot lately and the congo is bracing for another weekend of scorching temperatures but heat wave showing no sign of letting up is southern europe where the mercury looks set despite the highest meteorologists there warning new records can be set around that of china. this is heat you just can't beat but that doesn't stop people from trying. it's relentless. in portugal the mercury was well north of forty degrees across the country and it's set to get worse on saturday the country's sea and atmosphere institute has warned that red alert temperatures are not going to end anytime soon i mean we we need this man was a probably the red alerts will be extended until next week in some inland regions
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but gradually the red alerts will end the. sweltering temperatures in neighboring spain as well at the height of the tourist season visitors to the royal palace in madrid didn't have fountains to cool themselves often so they may do with what they had. with you is that what it's very hot i've been in valencia in barcelona and although it was hot there i think madrid is the hottest from four in the afternoon on woods you need to be in the shade because it's impossible to handle the sun and you have to drink lots of water the one which. some people can't get out of the sun and actually have to work in this heat. while the lucky ones have flocked to the coast where temperatures are lower and the ocean provides much needed relief. well the day is nearly done but as ever we'll take the conversation online you can find us on twitter either at the
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top of your news or tweet me at sarah herman five three and don't forget to use our hash tag the day now we hope you have a lovely weekend break off we're back with you on monday thanks for watching sister .
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russian political satire meets game design supplement next with the help of a game engine and modern digital technology create. taking. the time it goes russian on c.w. . clever. courageous. fifteen. the octomom of an inferno monkey in
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greece one week on from the devastating forest was. villages are trying to guard what's left of their homes against looters while rescue teams search for bodies and surviving. people here have been left to fend for themselves with little support materializing from the state. that. thirty minutes. takes it personally the u.n. with a little wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for troops. because more than football online. now is
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a view of the world. where i come from the boy that's glued to cisco it's just like this chinese food that's metro where i am it's a forest reminds me of home after decades of living in germany chinese food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things i need to differentiate now and. then of good person to going a show that exists the other part of the law which haven't been implemented in china that's why you cannot have chinese people wondering if their foot is safe but if you have the right to learn oh that is this is the job a job that is the my how i see it and that this is why i did up my job because i tired to do exactly this hour a day. my name and the name too and i want to add to that new.
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leg. length. in. the state of a news coming to live from berlin zimbabwe's opposition rejects the result of the country's presidential election just what is weapons it is exists it is the first video of the song he's trying to lead the league over the economic playing kind of the media's predicted it gets done.


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