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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 5, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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a d w. b a. genius. medium union. to. do things d w news lawyer from budget venezuela's president says he survived a drone attack in the capital on all the gold only done in the us and. neither does my daughter was attending a military parade when the alleged incident occurred now the blame game my daughter says colombia is behind the apparent assassination attempts as well as venezuela
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next also living in the u.s. we'll have the u.s. response and the latest from caracas also coming up. a powerful earthquake strikes indonesia is on and of long ball with reports of several people killed in this just a week off a separate quake called the same mile and left more than a dozen people days. the alumina. i'm helena humphrey glad you could join me. the blame game is on the way off to an apparent assassination attempt on venezuelan president nicolas maduro alleged drone to bomb attack during a military parade on saturday my daughter colombia and venezuela that sells living in the u.s. state of florida u.s. national security adviser john bolton pushed back on that just a short time ago there was no u.s.
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government involvement in this at all just within the past couple of hours i've spoken with our charge a in caracas the head diplomatic official down there he and his staff are up much of the night making sure that americans in venezuela are safe as of now now with respect to what happened last afternoon look it could be a lot of things from a pretext set up by the majority in itself to something else. that was u.s. national security adviser john bolton now let's take a look at how that alleged attack on foldit as venezuelan president was speaking at a military parade in caracas. by. in full flow suddenly cut short. this footage broadcast live on state television shows the moment when an apparent explosion rocked the military parade sending hundreds fleeing on foot.
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the government declared it in assassination attempt. on a mommy stage which i don't want to see on the explosions were heard which we have established as coming from multiple drone idea. of the fact the one of the order that people took that they will not think it was an attempt on the life of the president of venezuela nicolas maduro to go with your idea but to put everyone at ease the attack has failed to get it with us dollars out of sort of complete i mean in a sort. just hours later mudra gave a defiant speech speculating that the incident was a right wing conspiracy with ties abroad here in the i mean ten thousand or so i see not a movie there has been an attempt to assassinate me not i have no doubt that this all points to the extreme right in venezuela and in alliance with the right in colombia and that colombia's president one man one sentence is behind this attempt i have no doubt. the socialist president has often accused the right wing
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opposition of plotting a coup but as the economy continues to weaken widespread protests have become one of the biggest threats to ma duros of ministration. joined now by correspondent osce gushy lanka who's in the venezuelan capital caracas welcome all sky now venezuela's government says this alleged attack on my daughter involved drones to the explosives that fire fighters both have to state it that they say gas senator explained it what concrete facts all that about this. well the only facts we are get counseling right now says that reported seeing a flying object explode near this terrorism about who it was and also the remains of an explosive gas cylinders in a nearby apartment other than that there is a video that scene where it's really not clear what's going on now the government
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has to reveal the evidence that backs the claim because there's a lot of skepticism to bear in their claim that it was how this was president he planned to have had over fifty assassination plots against my guru and his career has planned over twenty assassination plots but this is the first time we see one actually play out if it is an elaborate lie that the evidence would be able to prove their credibility but for now we have not seen much also we understand there's been some claims of involvement and responsibility tell us about those. yes there's a group cong that she shouldn't soldiers that put out a memo on social media claiming responsibility on the attack and calling the operation phoenix they say they're backed by the constitution and that they are planning to change the government you're going to swell up but there's really no way to verify that it is an actual claim some journalists have backed it up but it
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is still unclear if this is an actual claim of responsibility for his actions so a claim from the so-called. soldiers my daughter says that some of those allegedly involved have been arrested do we know who they are we don't know much of who they are we know that there's at least four people arrested after the attack some. leaders of the government have said that they were arrested trying to flee. after the bombs and slowed it but there's not much information other than that and what the president said in his speech last at say accusations seconding at the moment the little evidence at this stage have we have from the accused well the opposition has been very quiet. and this is the situation but there
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is. one of the groups the opposition groups has says that they are very worried that there's more accusations that investigations about this action and they are saying that there there are claims you change this government is constitutional and as should be made such is not violence actions against the government also in the venezuelan capital caracas thank you for your reporting and analysis. and let's get a check now on some of the other stories making news around the world police in switzerland have confirmed that twenty people were killed after a vintage airplane crashed in the swiss alps on saturday the world war two aircraft smashed into a mountainside smells of shootaround two thousand five hundred meters after taking off from lookout know the plane was carrying it seventeen passengers and three crew . wildfires have kicked up in southern portugal over one of the hottest
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weekends on record the iberian peninsula hundreds of firefighters were sent to battle a forest fire and with the assistance of aircraft the europe wide heatwave has been especially severe in portugal and spain with temperatures exceeding forty five degrees celsius on saturday. hundreds of philippine mothers simle trainees the nurse at their infants in manila on sunday a mass breastfeeding demonstration is part of a global initiative to de stigmatise breast feeding in public the government backed event deigns to get more mothers to switch from infant formula to mothers milk which provide babies with numerous health benefits. a strong earthquake has a struck the indonesian island of long balkan fishel say at least three people have died with the death toll expected to rise the seven a point zero magnitude quake struck in the northern part of long walk on sunday evening and earlier a tsunami warning has now been lifted officials say strong trauma is damaged
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buildings across the island of long walk and in nearby barley last week an earthquake on the block killed at least sixteen people. and a short while ago i spoke to journalist critic of ago in jakarta and i asked her about the situation in my book. well as a student there have been three casualties register so far this comes after seventeen people mostly tourists were killed last week when another huge earthquake hit the same island earthquake only passed about four hours ago so they were better prepared and there's no longer a tsunami warning but the disaster agency has warned everyone who is on long island today kate to higher ground despite the tsunami warning being lifted and aftershocks of the quake of which there were over sixty were felt as far as bali which is a very popular tourist destination as well. across the kind of course certainly a week ago there was that six point four magnitude earthquake that you mentioned
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exactly in the same location that killed over a dozen people of course as early days but does this quake look as bad well in terms of magnitude slightly higher at six point nine to six point four but basically because it came so quickly after the last one many of the most vulnerable vulnerable residents of lombok are already in camps have vacated their homes and there are already much much he worked worse than there were just last week so look at the casualties will be fewer this time around but yes the magnitude is greater than the one last. critic of atta go in and she caught a thank you thanks for having south sudan's government in the country's main office issuing group of signed a final peace deal a power sharing agreement it will lead to the formation of a unity government the country has been torn by civil war since twenty thirty only
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two days off to gain independence from neighboring c. done conflicts has killed tens of thousands of people many displaced and some eighty or so of sounds to don's population. sports news and in hockey on and fairy tale world cup run ended with a silver medal as they were thrashed six nailed by the netherlands in the final in london on and women had pulled off short off the shock topping a group containing hockey heavyweights india and england all reach the country's first ever final in eighteen field sport but the dutch proved to close above dominating proceedings from the start to claim that eighth world title the european championships in glasgow they were was a mood joy for germany in the pool as a finale and event block took gold in the men's fifteen hundred meter freestyle the
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twenty year old cox a national record of fourteen minutes thirty six point one five seconds to finish ahead of ukraine's roman choke and its cities had three netty it was germany's second swimming gold of the weekend after their surprise win in the freestyle mixed relay. in football strike a mess has retired from the german national team after an eleven year international career say he wants to make way for a new generation of play is when in january the thirty three year old moved back to his boyhood club spring eight goals in sixteen games and he surprised holdups germany's world cup squad after missing out on a triumph in twenty four to go into a spanish father and a german mother who chose to play for the country on his making his debut in two thousand and seven he finishes his germany could be the first he won gold and seventy eight appearance. toni kroos has
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been named germany's player of the year by the sports journalists association beating five books newspapers seven into second place the most five times as many votes the real madrid midfielder was rewarded for another excellent club season which saw him claim a third straight champions league title other winners included jennifer merritt yan who was named best female player and your pint codes in the coaching caps agree he retired after leading by munich to the leaks title. fifty one years ago donald counsels attempt to break his own water speed record and did in tragedy his hydroplane the bluebird took off from coniston water in england and then somersault it crashing back into the lake and killing campbell now his daughter gina has breathed new life into the boat and her father's legend. an emotional moment for gina campbell. more than fifty years after her father perished
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in an attempt to set a new water speed record his hydroplane bluebird returns to the water. donald campbell was forty five at the time of his death determined to beat is on record two hundred seventy six point three mph bluebird plunged into lake coniston in england's lake district with devastating effects. now salvaged and restored bluebird has been given a new lease of life for gina it's as if it never left the water. to me walking in here this morning is like a complete deja vu you could turn back the clock fifty five years and this is how i remember bluebird with my father still alive and all have find glory then following tests in scotland bluebird is even expected to run at speed next year in coniston the setting for that fateful day fifty one years ago it's just it really is make over some time i hope my dad's looking down. and telling everybody what a good job is and let's see her now float on the water and hear her engines blast
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a piece of sporting history come to life as bluebird makes a splash once again. you're watching d.w. news on headline the home free agent thanks for your company europe in concert is coming up next enjoy. it's all happening don't you get. your link to news from africa the world for your link to exceptional stories and discussions in the unwelcome steed of his undergoing program and from vani gemini come on uses easy to our website d w to close much africa joined us on facebook and w. africa.


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