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tv   Treasures of the World - Goreme Turkey  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2018 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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wall you're up to date with the w. news for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the elbow with more worldly goods. the to. the food. his reputation murderer. arsonist the. tyrants. the roman emperor nero. cd just get bad press. three now and historians are reexamining this case rethinking nero as history been unfair to be going from the emperor the first starts aug fourteenth on d w. moving up the
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fight in full details to take you seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up women's talk college w. superheroes smart women smart towards smart station the legends brain creasing lean dangerous time such w. me for my.
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the wings of a dove as in souls of the valley is a given me they seem to touch the infinity of time and space. to exit the band gave the air. force the end. of. the fascinating panorama of a bizarre vocality landscape and the mountains of to have created over millions of years by the weather in effect to when we walked. the bounds of fantasy and we have tools standing out like chaste extras on some fairy tales stage.
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the lord is the spirit and when the lord spirit is a word that freedom makes us. those words spoken by some passing must have a good feel for century he was the archbishop of caesar we modern day cars are far from the battles of good in. communities of anatolian christians with true to this place to live the pure doctrine of the gospel. this was also a place of refuge from persecution by the arabs and the persians comprised of soft tough the cliffs can be excavated to create sounds social lives passages chapels in churches their religion has exposed filigree labyrinths one day they will disappear completely. hardly anyone else says the history of byzantine art of a nearly a thousand years. documented as completely as here in the good image via. dating
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back to the fourth century the oldest known church is a plain room decorated soley by simple crosses on the walls and ceiling. back then graphic depictions of biblical figures was still frowned upon as pagan. the valley of roses one of countless valleys a good employee various layers of lava lie one on top of the other the differential resistance to weathering can be seen quite. the valley of rose the place of prayer for the early community is a mandatory in christian. following the wishes of some basil they were self-sufficient living modest lives and practising charity.
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st basil immortalized in the good image valley as an icon of the eleventh century was regarded as a priest of the poor he founded hospices for the poor and capital none to him sees a rear became an important byzantine center of christianity. human out of the tao for thousands of years ago the chapel consecrated just in basle a funeral follows in the office. the dead were allowed to spend some time close to him before they were interred. to. form. the a. form with monastic community as west abolition in camp and osea with no visions
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vowels strict obedience and brotherly love. the monks ridwan with the supremes being in veneration the father son and the holy spirit. canone christian community worshipping the holy trinity. the week the week the refectory at the monastery in good image it was here to the core of the region were fed. he who loves his brother as himself and basil said does not possess more than his brother. convents to have an equal place amongst the endless conical peaks towers and ovals. the faithful created much that was outstanding in this province
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of the eastern roman empire it has been preserved through to the present day in part cathy restored by unesco turkey the most precious i cannot adhere emma is housed in the plain and simple black church so-called because hardly any daylight can filter it. a here everything is almost exactly the way it was eight hundred years ago. an abundance of fresco from the life of jesus and other parts of the new testament . told. time and again christ is to make good as the palm so cradle the supremes through his right hand raised him blessing and as
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a man to his left hand holding the gospel. two of the advantage of those the natural doctors of these church human out of the rock has kept the colors exactly as they were when they were painted on the south in the thirteenth century . the last supper. tests the jews. the crucifixion. was. preserving byzantine works of od is a major problem the church of zod suffered greatly from the alamo slowed.
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down assad is the name given to the judge by the muslim inhabitants of the fed. the name means the church that protects from the evil. reference perhaps to the fact that so many sick skase down the visitors. the judge of our modern mass testimony to the iconoclast of conflict and the byzantine challenge the veneration of i call it was particularly popular amongst the months of couple dosia was bad works of god would train the faces of biblical figures who painted over with abstract symbols and all of us. a hundred years later among lifted the ban on religious and. results the most magnificent i call it what created the good once again they could be kissed venerated and prayed to fly at.
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the and a well of capital city here do we find hollowed out tough narrow passages mill stirrers for use as barricades and bedrooms as cramped as ship's bones. is one of two hundred underground towns around good in its origins date back to the second millennium b.c. late as the towns also offered protection to christian communities a public place in front of the prattle seven floors below ground stocks infringing the rules of co-existence in times of danger meant punishment in public as was intended to seven of the tariff. the town of dating fifty five meters deep on eighteen levels with room for up to ten thousand people.
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every day life in capital city traces of the ancestors of christians who lived in the days of sin basil can be found everywhere. an abandoned monastery in mostafa pascha formerly known as sin a sauce just a few kilometers from good image. it was inhabited by greeks until ataturk launched his resettlement campaign in one thousand nine hundred twenty four. for centuries muslim tax and orthodox christians lived side by sides the sultan even had the local church extended its. it's it's it's it's it's it's it's it's the upsurge of nationalism brawls with a modernization it's all the remains of children from mixed marriages and silent
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stone witnesses it's it's it's it's it's it's. the dream landscape the good in me things on the usual and astonishing suddenly seem familiar you almost get the impression that modern day autists have been at work here. he who fails dawn of the past will forfeit the future he who destroys his roots cannot grow. just sweden's five hundred plus does he need to hear in capitals you have. the cliff landscape of good and far away from the main tourist center has the individual can perhaps still find
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that which according to some basil is man's soul true possession the soul through which we live and the virtues provided they are bound in with our very big if that is so then we will see and also in a microcosm the great wisdom of awe created. and . ensure the conflict zone with mission sleep on from the treatment of migrants to freedom of expression to end to terror low cost standards of human rights across
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you're all slipping my guest in ghana is michael flood the director of the agency for condiment does he believe you up is doing all it can to protect human rights conflict. next on. there's something mysterious going on in the french city of the last. hour iran next reporter megan live visited the house of magic. a tribute to the late magician roberto. and a museum full of surprises. you sixty minutes.
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staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. from the treatment of migrants to freedom of expression to end to terror locals all standards of human rights across europe slipping this week on conflict zone my guest in vienna is michael o'flaherty director of the e.u. agency for fundamental rights that's he believes europe is doing all it can to protect human rights.


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