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this is good news live from believe that the us remembers charlottesville one year after the violence in the virginia city shocked the world tributes to the young woman who was killed correspondent needs a mother who says she'll carry on her daughter's struggle against white supremacy them also coming up. the u.s. courts awards and dining on millions of dollars after a jury says i want to repeal that gaping turns up with other lawsuits filed we'll find out what this means almost on top of the court's german or next.
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leaders of spain and germany reach an agreement on migration movement drink promising to take back my grants to leave for germany but critics say that will do little to stop the flow. thank you for your company the u.s. city of charlottesville virginia is preparing to mock one yes it's violence surrounding white supremacist rallies turned deadly commemorations have kicked off with peaceful protests and a memorial service for the dead the city is expecting large crowds to an activist have a high a who was killed in last year's riots two police officers were also killed in a helicopter crash during the clashes more than one thousand police station ahead of further remembrance events tomorrow. our correspondent alexandra phenomena is in
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charlottesville where she met high as mother had the high you always had that sparkle in her eyes her mother or susan bro tells me when we meet in charlottesville carrying on her daughter's fight for social justice she says helps her to cope with the grief when i first held the urn with her ashes and. then i realize that aren't on my arms was about the same weight of the same size as she was the day she was born and that was hard. hier believed in standing up to discrimination so when far right nationalists came to town she joined her black friends to protest in august last year white supremacist neo nazis and members of old tried groups from across the country or to challenge the bill for the now infamous unite the right to rally clashes soon broke
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out between the group and counting demonstrators. was. the violence intimate and that's to highlands. this is the place where it happens right here a car driven by a white supremacist smashed into a group of contraflow toasters killing heather hire and injuring many others hires yes sparked outrage across the country which was employed fired by president strums say we are to clearly condemn white nationalists and neo nazis for the violence at charlottesville for many here this was the moment they decided to stand up against hatred bigotry and racism an outpouring of public support has encouraged activist like your lane smit the roots of racism run deep here she says pointing to the confederate general robert e. lee still standing proud as just one example but for too long people of shallow to
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build didn't want to confront the issue schmidt tells me they wanted their peace and quiet white supremacy is part of the everyday fabric. of our political life our economic life the way of policing is conducted against black people and you know so there's much more discussion of this you know even among people especially white people who were previously very kind of self-satisfied and thought that everything was fine. and see any verse three approaches still ancient and other local activists told a panel discussion to promote the importance of remaining vigilant. obviously. if you have any peace can. simply ignoring the problem basically to make it go away. and i'm now joined by our correspondent who's covering the story for us in washington it's good to see you sunday is when we're going to mark the first anniversary of the clashes but we've already seen
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demonstrations by anti fascist groups house charlottesville preparing to mark this day. well he did i spoke with. the charlottesville activists earlier this week and he said that the town it really is a town it's a very very small community has been on lockdown for the entire week and they have more than a thousand police presence from both the state and the national level who are in the town and they have secured the main walkway the main problem an odd which is where the attack happened last year there are only two ways now in and out of that section of the town and he said the entire town has been very very tense this whole week they definitely are expecting something to happen now today there was this morning service at one of the churches in town that was called if i can look at my notes it was called the hope that summons us it was a sold out of parenting completely packed with people coming to remember what had happened to unite and to help themselves stand against what they are expecting
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tomorrow and i also heard that this evening at the university of virginia which is in charlottesville some students are going to be occupying the square in the university where the unite the right rally started last year we saw those pictures in the report of the white man holding torches that is where these students will be tonight to really stand in solidarity with their beliefs that charlottesville should be a place for everyone so a demonstration by white nationalists and other far right groups expected on sunday as well as another one to come to demonstration of the police to deal with a potential clash. well in d.c. we've heard from the police commissioner saying that they're their highest priority is to keep the two groups separate to keep the white nationalists away from the counter protesters now how exactly they're going to do this were not exactly sure because both the white nationalists and counter protesters are expected to be
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marching on the same place but they've also said that police are looking for going to be looking for anyone carrying either a weapon or anything that could be used as a weapon an umbrella a lead pipe something like that and trying to keep things as calm as possible. joining us from washington thank you a jury in the u.s. state of california has found one some two guilty of causing terminal cancer in a plaintive who was exposed to its weed killer now they ordered the chemicals giant which is now owned by germany's bya to pay two hundred fifty million dollars in punitive damages plus thirty nine million in compensation court authorities in san francisco fast track to the case because the man is dying due in johnson had used the chemicals in his job as a grounds keeper. did round up pro or ranger pro to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would have expected when used or
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misused in an intended or reasonably foreseeable way answer yes was the roundup pro or ranger pro design a substantial factor in causing harm to mr johnson answer yes. what amount of punitive damages if any do you award to mr johnson answer two hundred fifty million dollars i'm glad to be here to be able to help with a cause is way bigger than me so hopefully this thing will start to. get the attention that it needs to give rise to foes can make a good choice every major known human carcinogen had a moment like this a moment when the science finally caught up when they could no longer bury it where people had to actually look at it and say we have a problem and this case is that moment. time now for some of the other stories
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making news around the world takesh president. one has escalated his role with the united states over ankara's detention of an american clergyman and the one who still supports as he once been brought into line by threats the turkish lira has hit record lows of to washington announced that it would hike steel and aluminum tariffs on takesh imports. police in the united states say a suicidal airline employees store an empty passenger plane on friday and then crashed it into an island near seattle two army jets pursued the plane but were unable to prevent it from coming down and sparking off a fire official say the pilot was killed in the crash. there's no end in science to california's wildfire marriage a sea of rapidly moving blaze breaking out north of san francisco and destroying dozens of had tons of land two major fires elsewhere in the state's north have been mostly contained but a massive blaze in the state's south has really doubled in size. i'm going to
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medical says the doubly rules governing the treatment of migrants in europe don't work now those rules required migrants to seek asylum in the first country they entered miracles or spend of that requirement during the migration crisis three years ago that was when around one million people entered germany in spain she agreed to a new approach on migration with prime minister petro sanchez the two leaders were holding informal talks amid growing migrant numbers there. as spanish prime minister pedro sanchez welcome to the german counterpart to southern spain for informal talks a new deal took a fact spain will take back migrants already registered that reach germany. although the number of such cases is low it's an important agreement for america. this is. why it's
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a commitment to help another country is struggling with an issue. just as germany is committed to helping spain for example with morocco. almost every day migrants arrive on spanish shores from morocco close to twenty four thousand have arrived this year migrants are now entering spain than italy. sanchez called for a common response from the e.u. . the solidarity of the whole european union in dealing with the challenge of migration. the spanish and german leaders will present that common vision on migration at an e.u. summit next month in romania thousands of protesters are on the streets in many parts of the country protesting against the government for a second day in the capital book arrest huge crowds gathered in victoria square to
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demonstrate against corruption no wages and lack of opportunities in the southeast european country protesters say they are not intimidated by the violence on friday which around four hundred fifty protesters were injured. as now bring in lavinia pitou from the service she joins me on the line and she is in to following events across the country lavinia tell us more about what's happening in romania tonight so many people were hurt in protests on friday. that's right good evening at the moment. down protesters in bucharest and about sixty thousand in other major cities as you said i mean to me so i right now this is the second largest city in. the evolution began so people took to the streets yesterday specially after what happened yesterday because of also these demonstrations. there have been no
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casualties so far today but they were fond of the recent book or read as tens of thousands of acts that had gathered back home for a protest against social democratic governments riot police on the edge guys and water cannons at the protest. innocent people lots of innocent people at the moment there are still six. with. injuries but in total about four hundred people accuse injuries and. one of our correspondents called it the building the rumanians. has been beaten up by the police so obviously no reason. well that's obviously really quite unfortunate to hear but looking at the numbers why these anti-government protests so important. they're very important because these people are fighting corruption and they are angry and demand that the government resign after continue his attempt of weakening that efficiently and the
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state of low. density leave the dogma ahead of the social democrats who is believed to be politicizing the country. for the second time of abuse of power and. pensions after a corruption trial there's a clock to appeal sometime in september but he was previously convicted for two years on probation for vote rigging and this is the main reason he's not allowed to become prime minister a position he has been driving for anyway. they considered to be do you think the government octo mom lied to me or got hoping for major pain because you're there at the end of their rope hoping for major change having a pizza from to remain in service thank you thank you for a life that's all from the news desk at this hour we'll be back in forty five minutes but don't forget you can get all the latest news and information
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around the clock by logging on to a website that's d.w. dot com you can also find us on social media we are at the end of the news thank you for watching. think you're smart t.v. smarter d.w. first want to do. what you want when you want to up to do it extraordinary. to decide what's on sunday morning john tom smart.


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