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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 12, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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police. in michigan cannot last and prepares to go in with some apprehension. why do you think that is normal barely any time in the morning. but the spirit of aloha the sense of basic trust seem to have rubbed off on him. there are twenty six shots down dead now. and i can only wonder what's going on. in the. middle of a lot of a chance. to lift it. it.
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still must us up the courage to dive down with the ocean. to let. it was that this is a little bit easier for us to. spend time with him and get to see him in the area and then live all this time instead it range burning up and going into a manage a place that actually extremely important to the oceans and i think a lot of people miss that a lot of people just think. t.
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been like what you usually see in the media which is demonized in its pulse it's not like they're really like. ever scared and have it in game of shards but i've definitely been scared of people because of i eat is home for me and i love the traditional culture and the respect that it has for mano a mano is the whining for sure. we watch in or as the ocean hangs on to the fin of a tiger shock. the world. never ceases to amaze which is also why it's so often featured in hollywood productions especially. the god in the time. it says he lives up to its name.
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eddie abor knows every inch of the island and yes he's always discovering something new that's his job he came here from california fifty years ago to work as a location scout for hollywood filmmakers. nature mean it's a lot to me in the sense where i came here because of nature's beauty because of the ocean and you know i'll be there to comment that i like. to be out here in nature is just inspiring. every looks with the most beautiful locations for hollywood and goes along to the shoots. jurassic park was filmed him. as well as king kong and
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many others. and he is well known in hollywood circles he lives here on kawai in a typical wooden house. he's modest and discreet when it comes to celebrities. but he knows many and gets to know some of them well during filming. i spent two weeks every day with robert redford you know and. he was different then if you and if you meet harrison ford who is very private he did every day he'd show up at six am six sandwiches coffee and we would play tennis together. but nature is more important to me than any big name. the jungle the mountains the solitary beaches.
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appliance feel that you are connected to everything the ocean. earth the mountains the sky. if we've learned anything from our travels around it's a sense of humility a reminder to focus on what's really important. what we have is amazing as i live in an amazing place i have the best friends and family i could ever want but also here really. we've seen how powerful the force of a dream can be and how it can inspire others. one day will move two more years and see. because one doesn't and they're two years old.
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we've seen how people live in harmony with the natural surroundings. that they're nice to get out there get immersed in it and read it and that to me that's what i love. but above all how why he taught us that the treasures we see can life have been a look around us only. oh
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this is d.w. news live from berlin and now on to launches a groundbreaking mission to touch the sun the parkers solar pro glass off from cape canaveral on its way to unlock the mysteries of our stars the celing atmosphere.


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