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european concert. this is news coming to you live from berlin an enormous tragedy of italy's transport minister reacts to news that a huge motorway bridge has collapsed in the northern city of gentle on. the reported to have been killed as the structure tumbled railway line and houses below also coming up police in the u.k. are treating a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism
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a man has been arrested but he is refusing to cooperate. turkish president. opens a new front in his diplomatic and trade spat with the united states he's now threatening to boycott u.s. electronic goods including the i phone. and more than three hundred people have been killed in a taliban attack on the keep the city of the people fleeing saying all these are lining the streets in some residents have been without food for doing. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us we begin with breaking news from italy dozens are feared dead after a motorway bridge collapsed in the northwestern city of genoa italian please share these images from the scene of the collapse. after hundreds of prior fighters are
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racing to rescue victims at the site one person has been pulled alive from the rubble so far italy's transport minister says the incident seems to be an immense tragedy. well joining us now is philip will and he's a freelance journalist with the guardian newspaper in will rome of what what are you hearing from emergency services on the ground. what has he said this is a huge tragedy very long section of the bridge collapse from a very great height and rescue services say that it's likely there will be yet dozens of people killed and many more rigid and the death toll is likely to be updated constantly throughout the day now some of there is some footage of the of the bridge actually collapsing what can you tell us about the moment that this
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happened yes the u.n. video has been posted on social media that it shows the bridge rather distant and slightly obscured by mist but it does show the moment when it actually collapses and the person filming. shouts out in distress and says he's feeling unwell up to wait and seeing this very dramatic images of a very major disaster it's up to we don't know anything about the cause of the collapse. so it's essentially to say on that but the bridge was built in the one nine hundred sixty s. and there has been no concern over its stability more recently four years ago and the structural repairs are carried out and extra struts ratted from the
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pictures we can see that huge sections of cement collapsed on to the city beneath it but also an eyewitness who was just meters away said that the bridge see to crumble to dust at the moment that it collapsed so clearly something radically wrong with it and the transport minister has admitted that italy has not performed well on no maintenance of its infrastructure and clearly this is a dramatic example of that. we know anything about how much traffic was going over that bridge when this collapse because it appears to be a rather major thoroughfare or highway and there are buildings beneath it is well do we know anything about how many people might have been beneath the area where the bridge collapse. yes the area pretty fit is made up of houses and businesses and so it's a busy part of the city and certainly
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a possibility that people will be injured and killed by the bridge on top of them and then he said it was also a busy thoroughfare so there were cars and also people are crossing at the time and we see pictures of a lorry that managed to stop just meters away from the edge after the bridge collapsed and there are reports that certain cars that had come down and lorries and lorries are in a river that runs underneath the bridge so. very difficult to estimate what the final death toll will be but clearly a major disaster has taken place this morning philip thank you very much for that philip will and there are freelance journalist for the guardian newspaper talking to us from rome. british police are investigating a terrorist incident after
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a car crashed into security barriers outside the houses of parliament and london police have detained a car's driver on suspicion of terrorism they say he's not cooperating with authorities three people were hurt in the crash but none of the injuries are life threatening armed officers remain on the scene and the area around parliament square has been cordoned off. oh short time ago london's metropolitan police made this statement to the press. the driver of the fiesta who was allowed in the vehicle was arrested at the scene by armed offices who are already knew. the man is in his late twenty's and he's been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses and has been taken to a south london police station where he remains in custody. given that this appears to be a deliberate act the method of this being an iconic sites we are treating it as a terrorist incident and the investigation is being led by officers from the counterterrorism to my. office is a search of
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a vehicle and no other weapons have been found at this time. at this stage of the investigation no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police there is no intelligence at this time of further danger to london has told the rest of the u.k. connected to this incident. of london police spokesman briefing the press a little earlier well i spoke to correspondent kitty logan in london a short while ago i asked her to tell us more about how the incident in front of parliament unfolded. that's right and the met office and police have been very quick to charge the man they arrested and this morning immediately after that incident took place is interesting to note they say they don't know the man's identity at this stage they he's not cooperating with the interrogation at this point in time police do believe he was acting alone which is significant because but of course this is very early on in the investigation they will now be
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desperately searching for more evidence the forensic evidence that vehicle to any connection that this particular suspect may have to any wider network but of course that police do now as we heard that statement are working on the assumption that this is a terror related incident they have charged a suspect with terrorism offenses one interesting remark by the metropolitan police that city because the location of this happened right outside the houses of parliament a prime target of course to any possible terror network that's going to help police released any information about the people who were injured. yes we have a little bit more detail about that three people who are injured in this particular incident they were passes by two were taken to hospital that was confirmed and it other than underground an in-service one of those injured people remains in hospital one has since been released none of the injured have suffered life threatening and injuries so at this point in time one person remains in the
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hospital three times what injured what we don't yet know is who was the target of this attack the house the parliament has substantial security barriers in place and particular since the incident last year twenty seventeen the moment it's not actual it's not quite clear who this suspect was targeting anyone in particular at all. what's the situation around the current building right now i can imagine that security must be very tight. it's standard procedure in these situations for police to put the city effectively into lockdown in the area when the instant happens the area is cordoned off and he was transport stations are shut down buses are not running through that area this is primarily one physical security and safety of the public will that he leaves have and didn't leave that is one of the danger to the public but of course so that the investigation can proceed as with you as possible without any interruption. to the logan airport in london thank you
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so much. let's catch up now on some of the other stories making headlines today attorney has torn through several villages in northern china is jean hyatt district causing damage to buildings and crop fields nobody has been seriously injured emergency responders are trying to repair broken power facilities after electric lines were snapped in. and australian court has ordered a former catholic archbishop convicted of covering up child sex abuse to serve his one year sentence at home rather than in jail but wilson the most senior catholic cleric to be convicted on such charges was spared jail time due to health problems anything at you know. aerospace company space x. has revealed its crew dragon capsule that will launch a nine man team into space next year the flight to the international space station will be the first manned mission leaving u.s.
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soil since nasa's space shuttle program ended seven years ago the space agency has been relying on russia to fly astronauts to space. well turkey is still in the midst of diplomatic and economic turmoil is here to bring us up to date thanks very much terry indeed we are following the story very closely as the crisis doesn't seem to get any better turkish president of egypt type out of the on has warned his country will boycott u.s. products and response to what he calls economic terrorism done by the u.s. he is referring to the trump administration doubling terrorists were turkish steel and aluminum the turkish lira appears to be pulling back from record lows after the central bank took emergency measures but rising prices are still hurting the turkish people. new stock at last for pharmacy owner bullet move to glue the relief among staff is palpable the lead us loss in value against the dollar has
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made some products like this medication to fight high blood pressure hard to come by. the first sign that something was wrong was that we were no longer getting discounts on large orders right now and our around one hundred types of medication you can no longer get the leader has plunged over the last few days leaving the people of turkey to watch in the spares their currency nosedives president reza type of add on holds the united states responsible for his talk because of a trade war albeit one he says turkey will when the mood on the streets though is less defiant. i need to finance my child's education i don't know how i'm supposed to manage my pension is worth one thousand five hundred lire that's around two hundred dollars. like tick tick tick tick we don't own any property we live from our pensions and increasingly we're asking ourselves if we're going to have to go
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hungry god help us. economist most of us sun mess things the government should step in immediately and increase interest rates. the country has to pay two hundred thirty billion dollars in foreign debt over the next two months. turkey won't be able to raise this much money with low interest rates if anyone at all wants to invest in such a fragile system right now in the end turkey will have to look for help from the i.m.f. . check. meanwhile things could get worse for people who move to. this customer has been looking for an imported drug all morning he's been told it's not available because of the dollar exchange rate and here they can't help him either. the turkish president held a speech this tuesday threatening as we mentioned to boycott u.s.
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products our correspondent during jones listened in their story and it's good to see you again what exactly did the president say what is he planning. well the president heard one appear to ratchet up his economic trade war we have heard the u.s. calling for a boycott of american made electronics particularly targeting the apple i phone calling on people to turn to the poor i phones competitors stamps on as well as turkish made. telephones on top of that it's not clear whether this is just a voluntary measures or whether they'll be something formal measures taken against u.s. electronics one also then went on to defend the u.s. or turkish economy saying that the falls in the currency has little to do with economic and financial fundamentals but rather the measures being taken by washington and they reiterated his call to the turkish people to change their foreign currency to defend the turkish lira. we know that most economists are
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saying one time and time again that this is not what the president needs to do that it has to be a solution and clothing very strict economic measures like raising interest rates did the president explain how despoiled card is going to help ease the current economic problems. but he didn't pay a ten day out of an economic map of how they are going to deal with this dramatic fall in the currency he called on manufacturers to massive export drive he says people have to work with blood with labor and toil of sweat to produce to produce produce produce to export that will bring in more foreign currency he also talked about import substitution saying that turkish manufacturers should replace the imported goods with goods made in turkey now that hops back to the days of the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's which was a period of of a very slow growth broken up with recessions and prices so there is a lot of skepticism whether that isn't a solution to turkey's present problems but behind the scenes we're also seeing
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turkish u.s. diplomatic efforts going on now those talks aren't producing anything yet but it is a sign that at least is looking for a diplomatic. solution to this coupled with the measures now being taken by the central bank which appear to be in conformity to what investors are calling for we have seen the currency falls and there has been a modest recovery for injuns following the story for us and in several frank you very much for the insight. now so far polluting this case twenty eighteen has been a bad year for the currencies of several emerging economies several factors are to blame but the dramatic fall of the turkish lira in recent days has prompted a major sell off turkey's currency has lost more than forty percent since the beginning of twenty eighteen due to surging inflation the same trend has also pushed down the argentinian pestle which has lost thirty eight were almost thirty nine percent against the dollar compared to the end of twenty seventeen and south africa's rad hit
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a two year low due to sluggish economy growth or economic growth now india's for pm the russian ruble are also down a piece fall is partly due to rising oil prices and the ruble has been negatively impacted by sections so we will probably keep following the emerging markets and the effects of the turkish crisis worse that's all for business monica jones will we with you in the coming up shows for now it's back to terry for more world news thanks howie a. we're going to take a closer look at developments in afghanistan fishel there say over one hundred security forces have been killed as they battle with the taliban for control of the city of god as they tell you and forces launched a surprise attack last friday on the city which is just one hundred twenty kilometers from the capital kabul afghan defense officials say some two hundred taliban fighters have been killed in the fighting hundreds of billions of fled the city u.s. is providing military support to afghan troops washington has denied reports that the city is on the verge of collapse. our correspondents on the pages mon joins me
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now in the studio she spent years reporting from afghanistan knows the place well son what are you hearing from your sources in gaza need today what's the latest on the ground where we see a fifth day of fighting we know that most people in the city esta without water the electricity communications the style and so it's really difficult to get a clear picture of what's going on they are because of conscious call people so a lot of things from nation that we. get from the ground despite those people fleeing and they have been reports of the district hospital being completely overwhelmed with corpses and with people wounded so we have no clear indication whether those people in uniform or civilians and people just really expressed a sense of disappointment because they said we have been warning government for weeks now but there was no you know a sending of reinforcements and now it really looked like government forces afghan
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national security forces were caught by surprise on friday and then once again needed the international help of especially american forces through air raids and also for boots on the ground so this is a major battle we're looking at there there's also more violence going on in the country right now we're hearing of another attack on an army base in northern afghanistan fighting cross country seems to have intensified briefly what's behind this surge what we've seen this before you know when everybody is focusing on one major incident like the one in the past now of course tell us that when troops you know moved around the country to you know east situation there it opens up a new poet somewhere else and now we have seen those two provinces in the north where major battle is going on and clearly what it shows is if we want to see the taliban at the negotiating table they want to dictate terms they want to be in a position of strength and what they're showing here is through a message piece of propaganda also that they are in
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a position of strength you know it's a very potent insurgency so in a very interesting we're going to come back to you in just a moment i want because i want to get your take on another story that we're looking at in ghana despite the violence that's been going on right now german derm government says that afghanistan is a safe country meaning that rejected asylum seekers can be sent back there and that's the point each month groups about who no longer have the right to stay here in germany are deported d.w. followed by. if the fortunes of want to solve sacre was set back then seemed to disappear without a trace. back home but against his will german authorities deported back to kabul january twenty seventh team we first caught up with him a short time afterwards. i don't remember how but i remember the policeman saying if you want to kill yourself i'll try anything else will druck you and still put you on the plane to afghanistan
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human mind i'm about the. chances one of over two hundred thirty afghans who was deported from germany on chartered flights between december twenty sixth teen and may twenty eighth. german doctors had attested to the young man's severe depression and acute risk of suicide. he had no family or friends and. his only contact was opt for the head of a relief organization for deportees i wasn't content with shams for a long time because of the support of the news story see from the mitrokhin germany and the madison here and then he suddenly disappeared you know. we couldn't get in touch with him for a long time. at some point a blurred photo appeared on social media was shawn's living on the street. left afghanistan was he like so many other deportees already on his way back to europe.
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at the end of may the german foreign office issued a new report on the situation in afghanistan to provide a basis for a reassessment of deportation procedures. the publication coincided with the first anniversary of the terrorist attack that killed and injured hundreds at the german embassy in kabul germany had temporarily halted the deportation flights after the attack the new report paints a disastrous picture of the situation in afghanistan but the d. for tyshan of afghans has been resumed it's a decision for can't understand given the frequency of attacks in kabul. and the recent one was on police district thirteen which is this part of the right side of me so my perception of today's kabul is like. the way war started it was like a year of. two months went by without
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a word from. then came this message from up to four he told us shams had tried to go to iran but was detained and deported. this story of sean's ahmadi shows that many asylum seekers deported from europe leave home again as soon as they get the chance. that our correspondents on the papers are still with the son to germany is deporting afghans back to their country now what sort of conditions too they typically face when they get there why there is another flight out tonight we don't know how many will be on board once the lantern couple because that's where they all you know end up thirsty some might decide to stay there and try to make a living somewhat that's quite a few will you know try to get out of there as soon as they can because they had
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made that choice a long time ago we've seen just over the past year or so there may have some safe pockets but there's still a lot of fighting going on there how does the german government reach the conclusion that afghanistan is a safe place for afghans to return to how do they justify sending people back there against their will i think i see two main reasons number one justifying that many has to do with national politics in germany and not so much with the reality on the ground in afghanistan you know we're heading for state elections in bavaria the flight that leaves tonight will be from munich once again like the last one did it so you know that special force to your own populous saying you don't like migration you don't like asylum issues so you know we sent people who are rejected the way and on the other hand by allowing these people to stay you would also basically admit that the intervention that you are part of ever since it started in september two thousand and one is a failure so thank you so much for your inside correspondent some of the papers
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that. let's return to our top story now in italy dozens are feared dead there after a motorway bridge collapsed in the northwestern city of genoa italian police shared these images from the scene on there of the collapse on their twitter account hundreds of firefighters are racing to rescue victims of the site we're told one person has been pulled alive from the rubble so far italy's transport minister has described the incident as an immense tragedy. well we can bring in frank now he's a marketing management student who is currently in genoa and witnessed the collapse of the bridge frank thank you very much for talking with us tell us what you saw and heard when the bridge collapsed hi everybody. yeah honor
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studying and i was in my kitchen and i heard a very big roar and first of all i thought it was a lighting because a written order for rain and some of the fog of the searing day today and and i looked out of the window because i saw some fire and because of the high tension. lights of the train and first of all i tell you was a lightning but when i realized and first of all my brother realized before me converted to place it collapsed on or under or because of the. initially the breach was called where it looked like the bridge was covered by the fox and it was interrupted by the in the wings that was. on it but when i read it because they couldn't believe it was happening something
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like that because i've asked a lot of times and that breeds and nothing like this happened very whole present. has always been. good i mean if you saw them out today but a lot of people and i couldn't believe what happened. i just would hide i think that. inside of me i don't know want to realize what had really happened. just yet can you tell us what's happening around the bridge right now. i think a lot of. a lot of there is to believe there are a lot of helicopters and a lot of people because a lot of people i'm afraid we're out of time we're going to have to wrap it up here frank do your marketing management student in general who witnessed that bridge collapse earlier today thank you so much. thank you. for watching dude i mean
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