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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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and we're determined to build something new for the next generation along the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is news coming to you live from berlin and immense tragedy in the words of italy's transport minister after a huge motorway bridge collapses in the northern city of genoa and at least eleven people are reported to have died as the structure tumbled on to a railway line and house was. also coming up police in the u.k. are treating a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism
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a man has been arrested but he is so far refusing to cooperate with police. and turkish president want to open a new front in his diplomatic and trade dispute with the united states is now threatening to boycott u.s. electronic goods including the i phone. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us we begin with a breaking story out of italy the media there say at least eleven people are dead after a motorway bridge collapsed in the northwestern city of genoa and there are fears that the death toll will rise at least twenty vehicles including cars and trucks are believed to have been involved in the collapse rescue workers have pulled two victims alive from the rubble so far italy's transport minister has called. has
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described the incident as an immense tragedy. well we can now talk to frank he's a marketing management student who is currently in genoa and was near the bridge when it collapsed frank first of all tell us how close for you to the bridge when it crumbled. i'm one one hundred. from the beach because i'm a very close. and. i just. heard this may think you are so you were you were sitting inside you heard this incredible role or and then what did you hear and see next. i i want to have me take my kitchen's window to to look outside because it was it looked like a like me not like that the bridge was blasting and there was
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a lot of fog and i i saw that the grange was interrupted but i thought that this was usually to the to the to the fog not because the breach collapsed but when i realized it was what happened i saw these enormous amounts of of the bridge that was had collapsed down in the street and also in the way were lined because. the reason the there is a light passing between in front of my home. so there's a there's the bridge i'm just trying to get the scene here there's the bridge there's the railway line been a third you've sent us a picture that you've taken from the window what did what was the scene like around the bridge when when it collapsed i think we're seeing now the the picture that you made from the window of the building where you are. yet. now there are a lot of helicopters and i can hear a lot of. ambulance sirens and because i think there are
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a lot of people injured. three it was raining so maybe not a lot of people were outside was a car because maybe they thought it was better to stay at home so i think we were lucky in the sense. i know that there are some works in progress on the bridge in these always lead to traffic jams on the beach because i've passed milosevic almost every day and so i'm afraid that there were a lot of a lot of cars up on the bridge so you know the area very well you say you go there you walk past a bridge regularly tell us about what. actually underneath the bridge of the least the part of the bridge that collapsed and how many cars might be might be crossing that bridge at it and any given time of day.
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there are a lot of. things. because. it is very long but fortunately. the bridge collapsed. so that the place of the collapse had not so many buildings. just. not a lot of things in the area of the glass ok frank i want to thank you very much for talking with us today and i can tell you're still very shaken by what you've witnessed thank you so much frank you're there talking to us live from genoa. well we can also now cross over to philip whelan he's
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a freelance journalist with the guardian newspaper and he's covering a story right now still from rome philip how are tele emergency services dealing with the situation in general. of course there's been no major response to this disaster at. fighters and ambulances and police. converged on the sea and hospitals in net neighboring provinces have also made available lead beds and facilities and to help deal with the injured and rescued from the site of the collapsed bridge do we know anything about what might have caused this bridge to collapse. it's early to speculate about that but the bridge is fifty one years old and the controversy about its safety since
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it was built it was admired a certain piece of spectacular. architecture but there were concerns about the materials that it was made of it the type of concrete he's used and it has he now hopes of ation and constant maintenance in recent years it does seem that the yet collapse is the result of the collapse and one of the major pylons the center of the bridge and it remains to be seen what exactly caused this by them to crumble into great huge blocks that fell to the ground but also according to eyewitnesses in to have kind of just parts of the bridge sent to dust has so many major failure and investigators will be trying to get to the bottom of the croods. starting today photos
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a little bit about how people in italy are reacting to this this must come as quite a shock. indeed it has been a lot of italians are on holiday at the moment so people traveling by car. so it's have which makes them particularly sensitive to this kind of disaster and i think this sick control has already emerging about how easily this aging infrastructure is monitored and. maintains that it says sees that a lot of that road infrastructure really needs. that and of course is that huge not required to do it's philip thank you very much philip will in there a freelance journalist for the guardian newspaper talking to us from rome. now to london where police are treating a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism three people
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were injured when a man drove his car into the security barriers outside the building the suspect the suspect has been arrested police say he is refusing to cooperate. this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside british parliament. a b.b.c. television camera filmed the car driving toward parliament then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate. police around the vehicle and arrest a suspect at gunpoint. and eyewitness described seeing the car. itself seen a man roy to whom. i was appalled when i have to be there to stand before she might be my friend it was deliberately it was an earth it was made over dinner for
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me you would use a diary he was run the business of becoming quite an experience he's now in fiction they. were praised for their rapid response they say the incident is being treated as an act of terrorism even though this appears to be a deliberate act the method and this being an iconic sites we are treating it as a terrorist incident how chorusing now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect and understand his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperates and the crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed a police officer the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack. earlier i spoke to correspond a kitty logan in london i asked her to tell us more about how the instant in front of parliament unfolded. that's right and the met office and police have been very
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quick to charge the man they arrested and it's morning immediately after that incident took place is interesting to note they say they don't know the man's identity at this stage they he's not cooperating with the interrogation at this point in time police do believe he was acting alone which is significant because but of course this is very early on in the investigation they will now they desperately searching for more evidence of forensic evidence that vehicle to any any connection that this particular suspect may have to any wider network but of course that police do now as we heard that statement are working on the assumption that this is a terror related incident they have charged a suspect with terrorism offenses one interesting remark by the metropolitan police that city because the location of this happened right outside the houses of parliament a prime target of course to any possible terror network that's going to help police released any information about the people who were injured. yes we have
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a little bit more detail about three people caught up and injured in this particular incident they were passes by two were taken to hospital that was convenient early on than under them been in service one of the injured people remains in hospital one has since been released none of the injured have suffered life threatening and injuries so at this point in time one person remains in the hospital three times what injured what we don't yet know is who was the target of this attack the house the parliament had substantial security barriers in place and meticulous since the incident last year twenty seventeen at the moment is not quite sure it's not quite clear who this suspect was targeting and running to carol. what's the situation around the president building right now i can imagine the security must be very tight. than it was you know in these situations for police to put the city effectively into lockdown in the area where the incident
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happened the area is cordoned off and it was transport stations are shut down buses are not running through that area this is primarily one physical security and safety of the public will that he least have emphasized didn't leave there is another danger to the public but of course so that the investigation can proceed as swiftly as possible without any interruption. to the logan airport in london thank you so much. now let's catch on catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in india flash floods triggered by anyone monsoon rains have left at least thirty nine people dead in the southern state of karada more than thirty thousand people have been evacuated from villages and low lying areas heavy rains have ravaged farmlands and are expected to continue for the next two days. twenty two people have been killed in a bus crash outside ecuador's capital pito eighteen others have been wounded many
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of the passengers were soccer fans who had been for sport their team barcelona s.c. in a nearby match police are investigating how the crash happened. turkey's president says his country will boycott u.s. products the latest move in a tit for tat dispute with washington this after the u.s. doubled import tariffs on turkish steel and aluminum present rest of time to one suggests the turks would buy local or asian made phones instead of electronics sold by u.s. firms but it's not clear who else he intends to enforce the boy. the result we will produce every product we are importing from abroad with foreign currency here and we will be the ones exporting these products.
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we will boycott us electronic products. if they have i find don't forget there's always samsung too. and we'll have more on that ongoing dispute between turkey and the united states a little later in our business bulletin with monica all that and more coming up in just a minute you thanks. i'm going to. take it personally i go at it with all the wonderful place to make the game so special.


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