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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin an immense tragedy the words of italy's transport minister after a huge highway bridge collapses in the northern city of genoa at least twenty two people are reported to have died as the structure tumbled on to a railway line and buildings a look. also on the program another vehicle attacking london british police say they are treating the crash outside the house of parliament as an act of terrorism arrested the suspect but so far he's refusing to cooperate. the
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taliban killed more than three hundred people in an attack on the key afghan city of gosney people fleeing say bodies are lining the streets and so residents have been without food for a day. plus turkish president want opens a new front in his diplomatic dispute with a need not it states is now threatening to boycott u.s. electronic goods including the i phone. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. we start with a major transport disaster in the italian port city of genoa officials there now say that at least twenty two people were killed when part of a four lane motorway bridge collapsed earlier today a two hundred metre long section of the reinforced concrete bridge and about twenty
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cars and drugs fell onto warehouses and rail lines reports say the trouble plagued morandi bridge was undergoing structural work the bridge was built in the one nine hundred sixty s. and is known as the brooklyn bridge of general. well we can now talk to frank he's a marketing management student who is currently in genoa and was near the bridge when it collapsed frank first of all tell us how close for you to the bridge when it crumbled. i have no one i'm one one hundred. from the beach because i leave reclusive. and. i just. heard this me think rule or so years you were sitting inside you heard this incredible roar and then what did you hear and see next. i i went to
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a meeting my kitchen's window to to look outside because it was it looked like a like not like there's a bridge was blasting and there was a lot of fog and i i saw that the great was interrupted but i thought that this was usually to the to the to the fog not because the bridge collapsed but when i realized it was what happened i saw these enormous amounts of of the bridge that was had collapsed down in the street and also in the way were lines because. the reason the the royal line passing between in front of my home. so there's a there's the bridge was trying to get the scene here there's a bridge there's the railway line been a third you've sent us a picture that you've taken from the window what did what was the scene like around the bridge when when it collapsed i think we're seeing now the the picture that you made from the window of the building where you are. yes. now there are
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a lot of helicopters and i can hear a lot of. ambulance sirens and because i think there are a lot of people injured. for turn three it was raining so maybe not a lot of people were outside was a car because maybe they thought it was better to stay at home so i think we were lucky in that sense but i know that there are some works in progress on the bridge in these always lead to traffic jams on the beach because i said the reeds almost every day and so i'm afraid that there were a lot of a lot of cars up on the bridge so you know the area very well you say you go there you walk past a bridge regularly tell us about what. is actually underneath the bridge of the least the part of the bridge that collapsed and how many cars might be might be
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crossing the bridge at it and any given time of day. a lot of. things i would be. because. it is very long but fortunately. the bridge collapsed. so that the place the part of the collapse had not so many buildings. just. not a lot of things in the area of the glass ok frank i want to thank you very much for talking with us today and i can tell you're still very shaken by what you witnessed
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. thank you so much frank you're there talking to us live from genoa. well for more now let's cross over to philip willen he's a freelance journalist with the guardian newspaper and he joins us from rome first of all philip since this report came through of the collapsed bridge the death toll has been rising what can you tell us about the victims. it seems that all the victims were in it because they were traveling across the bridge at the time of the collapse and it seems extraordinary but despite the fact that there was a populated area underneath and some busy roads sitting underneath the bridge and nobody appears to be nakheel there on the on the lower level as your eye witness who is sort of mentioning it was i keep it perhaps because of the weather because of the holiday period because
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a lot of the area was to traverse railway lines and my river and nobody on the lower level was crushed by the bridge and the tuna came down. now the scene of the collapse is one of utter devastation how our italian emergency service is dealing with it. well. there's been a huge operation to respond to this. fund brigade to ambulance and police from the old general area the convention on on the bridge and hospitals in neighboring provinces have made their facilities said available and we've been seeing some very dramatic images of spirit of the fire brigade lowering injured to victims and on roads from the wreck to bridge very dramatic and intent and dangerous it circumstances under which they are working. for what we know about the possible cause of this collapse
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why did that bridge come down. it's very early to say that the doubts about the bridge have more or less since it was built fifty one years ago had doubts about materials use and repair works and monitoring that it went on in subsequent decades including you know four years ago there were some repair works and possibly ongoing monitoring and repairs actually at the moment when it fell there has also been mentioned no possibility of a lightning strike on the i along that collapsed and that's another possibility that the investigators were looking at when they start to. sift through the wreckage ship it tomorrow philip thank you so much that was journalist philip women
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there talking to us from rome. now police in the u.k. are treating a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism three people were injured when a man drove his car into the security barriers outside the building the suspect has been arrested but police say he is refusing to cooperate. and this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside british parliament . a b.b.c. television camera filmed a car driving toward parliament then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate. police around the vehicle and arrests a suspect at gunpoint. an eyewitness described seeing the car.
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itself seen a man trying to. i was appalled at the. state because much to my point it was deliberately it wasn't there it was not over dinner or injury he knew it was a direct hit us run the business of becoming quite experienced he's now on prevention they. were praised for their rapid response they say the incident is being treated as an act of terrorism given that this appears to be. the method and this being an iconic sites we are treating it as a terrorist incident top priority now is to formally establish the identity of the suspect and understand his motivation if we can. he is not currently cooperates in the crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed a police officer the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack.
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earlier i spoke to correspondent kitty logan in london and i asked her whether this attack was reminding londoners of an attack at the same location just last year. that's right and the met office and police have been very quick to charge the man they arrested and it's morning immediately after that incident took place is interesting to note they say they don't know the man's identity at this stage they he's not cooperating with the interrogation at this point in time police do believe he was acting alone which is significant because but of course this is very early on in the investigation they will now they desperately searching for more evidence of forensic evidence that vehicle to any connection that this particular suspect may have to any wider network but of course that police do now as we heard that statement are working on the assumption that this is a terror related incident they have charged a suspect with terrorism offenses one interesting remark by the metropolitan police
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that city because the location that this happened right outside the houses of parliament a prime target of course to any possible terror network that's going to help police released any information about the people who were injured. yes we have a little bit more detail about that three people who are injured in this particular incident they were passes by two were taken to hospital that was convenient earlier are than under them been in service one of those injured people remains in hospital one has since been released none of the injured have suffered life threatening injuries so at this point in time one has remains in hospital three times what injured what we don't yet know is who was the target of this attack the house the parliament had substantial security barriers in the lakes and meticulous since the incident last year twenty seventeen at the moment it's not quite sure it's not
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quite clear who this suspect was targeting anyone in particular at all what's the situation around the parliament building right now i can imagine that security must be very tight. than it was in these situations for police to put the city effectively into lockdown in the area where the incident happened the area is cordoned off and it was transport stations are shut down buses are not running through that area this is primarily one physical security and safety of the public will that he least have interest in that is one of the danger to the public but of course so that the investigation can proceed as swiftly as possible without any interruption so it's ok for the logan airport in london thank you so much. now to some other stories making news around the world today at least twenty two people have been killed in a bus crash outside ecuador's capital quito many of the passengers were soccer fans who had been to support their team barcelona a c.
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in a nearby match police are investigating how the crash. a tornado has torn through several villages in northern china is jean heid districts causing damages but damage to buildings and fields there are no reports of serious injuries emergency responders are trying to repair a broken power facilities after electric lines were snapped in india flash floods triggered by annual monsoon rains have left at least thirty nine people dead in the southern state of corrado more than thirty thousand people have been evacuated from villages in low lying areas heavy rains have ravaged farmlands and are expected to continue for the next two day s. . and soul music legend aretha franklin is seriously ill and receiving care in a hospice the seventy six year old singer and canceled plans concerts planned earlier this year due to health issues that's after she announced last year she
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would retire from performing. an australian court to sentence a catholic bishop to a year's home arrest for his role in covering up child abuse by a pedophile priest philip wilson becomes the most senior catholic cleric to be convicted for hiding abuse in the church. from one of the straightest top catholic clergy men to a common criminal philip wilson was once to be supervised lied but then the sins of ease on pos forced him from that job. done. outside court will soon wouldn't reply to victims' demands for an apology instead of support ahead. who's that good go under the bed don't know. what rubbish like marie excuse me if you call me rubbish. could you call me robbie that confrontation for the outraged abuse of five as somebody in the catholic church so i sort of put
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a lot million of this we is the contrition from bishop former bishop wilson he's grace as somebody just set up steve has shown no grice on the sword myself muson has been convicted of crimes dating back to the nine hundred seventy s. then he didn't report a pedophile colleague to the police when two older boys confided in him campaign inside the case isn't rare pitiful get to do their highnesses act because people are the conceal or ignore what they do today was sentenced to one detention despite survive his agony one would have contrition to look his defense argues he's i ling but activists say it's rather because a strike in law still lets off lightly those who cover up abuse. excuse me you're watching d.w. news still to come the parents of young russian dissidents fear the worse that's
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after the government funding for human rights organization which specializes in defending them. but first monica is here with the latest on turkey's economic was monica yes not looking good on that spat between washington and korea doesn't help turkish president recha type add to on as warns that his country will boycott u.s. products in response to what he calls economic terrorism down by the u.s. is referring to the administration doubling terrorist attack minium the technician lira appears to be pulling back from a record low soft of the central bank took emergency measures. president heroin claims the united states. as retribution for ankara's detention of an american pastor on terrorism charges washington first imposed sanctions on turkey in the long running diplomatic spat earlier this year last week u.s. president said he would double import tariffs on turkish elaman human steel since
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then the turkish lira has lost a quarter of its value add to one says it's part of a clutch by the united states to devalue currencies globally russian foreign minister sergei lavrov speaking in ankara seemed to back into one's accusations. i'm sure that his grave abuse of the us dollar as a global reserve currency will result in the eventual demise of its role. other currencies have indeed lost value against the u.s. dollar in the wake of the liras plunge but erda one is unlikely to acknowledge that international concerns about his own economic policies are behind the leader as crash and that exposure to the lira is the real reason other currencies have been dragged down the lira nosedived in the past week but the slide had already long begun however everyone has fired back against what he called an act of economic
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terrorism by washington and called on his country to boycott u.s. made goods. america although the electronic nerve work order will be sure we will boycott american electronic products if they have the i phone there is also samsung. all of our father was so close. to one also renewed a call for turks to convert their dollars into the turkish lira to help strengthen the currency but analysts are convinced that if anchorage does not allow its central bank to take decisive action to restore confidence in the lira the crisis will only deepen. now let's remember that turkey had to been highly profitable for many foreign banks in recent years thanks to high net interest margin is now there a fee as the economy's overheating and the nearest slump is putting pressure on the companies and banks with currency loans as well as foreign entities exposed to them
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credit ratings agency fitch has cuts turkey's sovereign credit rating deeper into junk and wants of the hits to the global banking sector with a total of one hundred forty three billion euros european banks represent broadly three quarters of all foreign bank claims in turkey and according to a study by a b n m grow spain's b b v a is the international linda most exposed to turkey with a third of its pretax profits derived from the country also it. and unicredit is strongly impacted and to a lesser extent a there is dutch and i n g h b c in britain and b. and b. in france now earlier i asked analyst tom kim months of dutch bank a.b.n. amro how worried we should be about ticky especially in terms of its potential impact on european banks the numbers as you say are quite large almost one hundred fifty billion and now that does seem on the surface like if we cared line amount
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but for the european banks it is very little actually for especially considering the how strong and large turkey is the exposure by european banks has been very limited as you said b.v.a. is the most impactive but still it's only ten percent of total assets for the lender so it's going to be definitely a dragon profitability for a few lenders but not all of them are so so no reason to panic just to get but nevertheless the situation isn't exactly good how to get out of this downward spiral do you haven't as as a gesture. there will from our side it's just very clear that we need to have some assurance that the independence of the central bank is there and assured now once that is there then foreign assets and foreign money can continue to come in and under the current legal framework that is the question whether or not there is an independence and in the meantime as you said turkey is going to have to pay say two hundred twenty billion in short term debt which is going to have to finance and how
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it's going to finance that that is the big question richard type add one already turned down the possibility of a loan from the international monetary fund or any age from that some analysts now compare the economic decline of techie with that in zimbabwe venezuela both of course countries that used to be quite well off until politics destroyed investor confidence there and now they face default could turkey be the next in line. well the difference to venezuela is vost is vast around three times larger g.d.p. has actually been rather stable for the last few years around six percent think venezuela the last five years has negative g.d.p. so at this stage turkey is the can fall strong on the actions that have recently occurred not purely fundamentally driven and i think that's the difference that we have a diversified economy with strong and stable outlook in some parts and it's just recently that other parts of began to impact the fundamentals well just tell us i
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mean because we obviously we've seen the market digital in the last week over the weekend seemed to be quite calm about the situation. why why this this panic that we see right now is it just a fight. well the deficit for turkey itself it is it's a big worry it's a huge discussion now for all developing economies of what's going to occur now fortunately european banks have kept it really is a rising star in portfolios as a supposed to taking on big big money but as we've seen the other developing markets that it's hopefully unrelated india argentina south africa even of all struggled with their currency since this as investors get a bit more realisation the e.-m. is a risk. right to make in months there from a.b.n. amro joining us there from amsterdam thank you so much for your assessment. and i have more business for you coming up a short time but first is back to terror in the struggle against
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a government repression in russia that's right monica it is continuing the russian government now has withdrawn funding from one of the country's most prominent human rights organization the group called for human rights is led by activist lev. who is now fighting to keep it afloat among those most worried about the group's survival are the people it helps of course and these include teenagers arrested for criticizing the government of course their distraught relatives. to get this demonstrator fears the worst concern that more youth will be accused of what the government calls extremist activities of the. protestors in moscow to feel powerless in the face of. a growing number of russians are under legal pressure because of the legislation against so-called extremism authorities are applying the law with broad interpretation sometimes merely expressing opposition to the kremlin online or meeting like minded people is enough to land in trouble the state has one
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of the demonstrators in its sights seventy six year old left to lead a human rights organization. a group there are lots of security staff police and secret service personnel they're just trying to keep busy. in the n.g.'s office a distraught couple seeks advice about their children who have been found guilty of being so-called extremist they're accused of pursuing subversive activities for many in this position is their last hope his organisation had received financial support from abroad but gave this up a few years ago and now relies solely on funding from russia's federal budget this is to avoid being labeled a foreign agent in his own country but he may soon lose the support to. say don't give us any money. we'll have to rely on funding from abroad and will be labeled
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a foreign agent. that will make our work to extremely difficult we have to state on our letterhead and on our website that we are foreign agents. and then the officials won't have anything to do with our signature. the consequences can be dire five months ago seventeen year old on a public over was arrested for having formed what authorities called an extremist organization with her friends. her mother's not having it she has no face and russia's legal system. she's among those who fear what could happen if human rights activists like left on a monday off don't draw attention to cases like this. then everything will be worse and it won't be reported. and i know the trials like these would take place behind closed doors and no one would try to help and also got the bomb which we wouldn't hear didn't just of i think public pressure is the only thing that's unhealthy.
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there's been considerable interest in this trial it's standing room only in the courtroom and others can't get in. and his colleagues have mobilized as many people as they could. we have to bring people together and put pressure on the court within the legal framework of course will we yes that's our specialty. is that. the court has been adjourned the trial will continue at a later date on the public is hoping that human rights activists can make a difference in her case. it watching d.w. news just reminder the top stories we're following at least twenty two people have died after a motorway bridge collapsed in the northwestern italian city of genoa firefighters are carrying out a large scale search and rescue operation at the site. italy's transport minister says the incident was on its way to becoming an immense tragic.
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way of much more all the day's news coming up in just a minute from no i'm going. to . return to kabul. in our early twenty's seventeen women remain in the afghan capital to have been deported from germany and all they wanted was to come. home and their lives turned out we went back twelve months later to ask. afghan deportees one year on. forty five minutes.
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history shifts and shifts displaying a mystical colnago fetid icon of profession. what do they really know about the man behind the dark shades. just moments in the life of great fashion designers. come knock off and start september. w. . houser view of the world. where i come from but all of that it does is go it just like with chinese food that's a measure of where i am always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china still it is one of the things i miss the most i bet taking a step back i see something new to the difference being knowledge granted for a person to go a nation that exists to add up. time
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if you will if there are a lot of people. there. for you. to do exactly the. top stories at least twenty two people have died away bridge collapsed in the northwestern italian city of genoa. search and rescue operation of the sun italy's transport minister says the incident appears to be an immense tragedy. and police in the u.k. are treating a car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism they arrested
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a man alleged to have driven a car into the security barriers outside the building. now. say over one hundred security forces have been killed as they battle with the taliban for control of the city of gaza any forces launched a surprise attack on the city which is just one hundred twenty kilometers from the capital kabul. the shills say some two hundred taliban fighters have been killed in the fighting hundreds of civilians have fled the city the u.s. is providing military support to afghan troops washington has denied reports though that the city is on the verge of collapse. our correspondents on the pages joins me now in the studio she spent years reporting from afghanistan knows the place well what are you hearing from your sources in gaza need today what's the latest on the ground where we see a fifth day of fighting we know that most people in the city yesterday without water electricity communications this down so it's really difficult to get
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a clear picture of what's going on there because of conscious cold people so a lot of the information that we get from the ground is by those people fleeing and they have been reports of the district hospital being completely overwhelmed with corpses and with people wounded so we have no clear indication whether those are people in uniform or civilians and people who just really expressed a sense of disappointment because they said we have been warning government for weeks now but there was no you know sending of reinforcements and now it really looked like government forces afghan national security forces were caught by surprise on friday and then once again need at the international help of especially american forces through air raids and also through boots on the ground so this is this is a major battle we're looking at there there's also more violence going on in the country right now we're hearing of another attack on an army base in northern
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afghanistan fighting across the country seems to have intensified briefly what's behind this surge where we've seen this before you know when everybody is focusing on one major incident like the one in the past now of course taliban use that when troops you know moved around the country to you know east situation there it opens up a new post somewhere else and now we have seen those two provinces in the north where major battle is going on and clearly what it shows is if we want to see the taliban at the negotiating table they want to dictate terms they want to be in a position of strength and what they're showing here is through a message piece of propaganda also that they are in a position. you know it's a very potent. very interesting we're going to come back to you in just a moment because i want to get your take on another story that we're looking at in afghanistan despite the violence that's been going on right now. says that afghanistan is a safe country meaning that rejected asylum seekers can be sent back there and
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that's the point each month groups who no longer have the right to stay here in germany are deported. the fortunes of one asylum seeker who was sent back seemed to disappear without a trace. back home. german authorities deported back to kabul january twenty seventh we first caught up with him a short time afterwards. i don't remember how but i remember the policeman saying if you want to kill yourself try anything else will drop you and still put you on the plane to afghanistan. is one of over two hundred thirty afghans who was deported from germany on chartered flights between december twenty sixth and may twenty eighth. german doctors had attested to the young man's severe depression and acute.
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family or friends and. he's only contact was. the head of a relief organization. i wasn't contact with the child for a long time because of the support of the news story see from the network and germany and the madison here and then he suddenly disappeared you know. we couldn't get in touch with ham for a long time. at some point a blurred photo appeared on social media was shawn's living on the street. left afghanistan was he like so many other deportees already on his way back to europe. at the end of may the german foreign office issued a new report on the situation in afghanistan to provide a basis for a reassessment of deportation procedures the publication coincided with the first anniversary of the terrorist attack that killed and injured hundreds at the german
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embassy in kabul germany had temporarily halted the deportation of flights after the attack the new report paints a disastrous picture of the situation in afghanistan but the deportation of afghans has been resumed it's a decision for can't understand given the frequency of attacks in kabul. the recent one was on police districts thirteen which is this part of the right side of me so my perception of today's kabul is like. the way war started it was like a year of. two months went by without a word from. then came this message from up to god for he told us shams had tried to go to iran but was detained and deported. this story of sean's ahmadi shows that many asylum seekers deported from europe leave home again as soon as they get the chance.
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that our correspondence on the papers but is still with the son to germany is deporting afghans back to their country now what sort of conditions too they typically face when they get there but there is another flight out tonight we don't know how many will be on boy it once the lantern couple because that's where they all you know end up thirsty some might decide to stay there and try to make a living somewhat but it's quite a few well you know try to get out of there as soon as they can because they had made that choice a long time ago we've seen during the past few minutes that after may have some safe pockets but there's still a lot of fighting going on there how does the german government reach the conclusion that afghanistan is a safe place for afghans to return to how do they justify sending people back there against their will i think i see two main reasons number one justifying that many
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has to do with national politics in germany and not so much with the reality on the ground in afghanistan you know we're heading for state elections in bavaria the flight that eve so night will be from munich once again like the last one did it so you know that's a show for is to your own populous saying you don't like migration you don't like asylum issues so you know we send people who are rejected to wait and on the other hand by allowing these people to stay you would also basically admit that the intervention that you are part of ever since it started in september two thousand and one is a failure so thank you so much for your inside correspondent some of the papers on . the syrian town of how rust near damascus was held by rebels for five years before being recaptured by government troops this spring people are now starting to trickle back there but what they find is a town destroyed by fighting a lack of basic necessities such as food the u.n.
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is providing aid but they say it's not enough they also say the problem is the same across syria. fighting in huston ended in spring after assad's troops to come over the town following a seven yes huge before the war over three hundred thousand people lived here many of them fled but several thousand stayed behind. since the end of the battle the united nations has been distributing food to have asked i want some money. how that is the first time that my family is receiving something it can sustain us for perhaps a week or two but i don't want to complain in the past we had no help at all. mohammed and name coordinates the distribution of food here he says the supplies are not enough. we're expecting about thirty thousand retirees in the next two weeks this is good on one hand but on the other hand we have no food for them. this
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is a situation in most parts of syria the u.n. can only offer limited help. we need funding for four million people we have to cut it back to three million because we don't have the money we don't have enough. aid organizations are expecting at least one million return used by the end of the year many from neighboring lebanon with no way to cope with the huge influx many fear that the humanitarian situation in syria will likely question. you're watching g.w. news still to come if you go down to the dutch beach today you may be in for a big surprise or distant engineer tiro youngster has been evolving what he calls a new species for twenty eight years now lester is interested david leavitt's will be here from our culture desk with the details. but first order monica now and the
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trouble with electronic waste i wonder how how this will end up but it's not electronic what we've just seen but electronic based is a problem and that could be a solution terry because one of the side effects as we all know of technological change is that our electrical devices become obsolete faster and faster creating mountains of electronic waste that is poison for the environment and expensive to recycle now hong kong has hired a german company to help solve its crippling electronic waste problem with a plant that could serve as a model for other recycling centers in the rich. modern robot technology in this case it's not being used to produce devices but to dismantle them the hunk conquered ministration is paying the berlin company out of three hundred eighteen million euros over a period of ten years the company has to rid the city of its electrical waste. a lot of the material that arises from coal is exported to third world countries.
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where it often gets disassembled in a very cold state and that's one of the principal concern we should not be exporting. like. how common is not only one of the richest and most consumer friendly cities in the world it's also one of the largest producers of electronic waste every hong kong resident throws away almost twenty kilos of old electrical appliances every year most of it's collected by small businesses some products are resold as used equipment but a large part disappears on the international waste market for a long time the metropolis was an important trance shipment center but that's all about to change every hong kong citizen can have their garbage picked up by alba free of charge the manufacturers have to pay the bill maleo should so supervise the planning and construction of the plant with its one hundred forty employees he's not only had to make sure the garbage was disposed of properly alba must also
4:43 pm
ensure that electronic tracking makes it possible at all times to trace which devices land where it's a bit dick as soon as equipment just discovered that it may not have been on the market in hong kong. for little but may have been imported. we sorted out immediately and reported to the environmental authority. their employees can join in at any time by a camera the plant is considered to be the most modern in southeast asia and will soon be able to recycle two thirds of hong kong's electrical waste but when it comes to the company this is just the beginning. it was a great opportunity for the german technology to be exported to this region because people recognize the electronic waste is a global problem and china has said it was a whole series of new electronic bike facilities japan and korea are looking for an
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enhancement and right through the rest of the region right down to singapore where they're also looking now to see why waste your time and. most of what remains of the end of hong kong's aleck trickle waste goes back to the factories in the region where the next generation of electrical equipment is produced in south korea is said to impose a driving ban on recalled vehicles of germany's luxury brand b.m.w. authorities have the onus of certain b.m.w. models to get a safety check while warning that they pose a danger to the public that's been more than thirty cases of cough i a switch off thought to have been caused by engine problems m.w. is the second most popular foreign car brands off the fellow german mercedes benz no injuries have been reported so far as a results of the cough hyas well with it so green energy revolution germany has
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said to the baha'i four other nations and their environmental policies a call for more renewable as was triggered following the fukushima nuclear disaster back in two thousand and eleven germany wanted to switch to clean and safe energy sources like wind power but that is easiest said than done. it was all supposed to go faster there are plenty of wind farms in germany's north producing electricity but the power they generate doesn't make it to the south where it's needed of the seventy seven hundred kilometers of power lines planned as part of germany's energy transition only one thousand have so far been completed over headlines have proven controversial and underground progress has been expensive and sluggish. germany's energy minister peter meyer had this to say if there is in we are much further behind in the construction of power lines than we are in the development of renewable energy these two things need to reconverge
4:46 pm
this will save money and be good for both the climate and the environment the two main networks under construction of the so-called south link and the southeast link which will transport energy along to north south axes of the country but experts accuse the government of poor planning and of failing to meet its own goals. the government's network plan is far too expansive and very expensive it doesn't adhere to the government's own climate goals and unrealistically assumes that coal plants in the north will remain. in the us is on the list as. one things clear germany's energy minister has his work cut out for him. well it's time again to turn to terry and he's got something on the money selection and there's a lot of in science indeed for a lot of different reasons in mali but the election is among the. opposition candidates so myla say says he will reject the results of
4:47 pm
a presidential runoff held on sunday in mali he called on people there to rise up against what he called the dictatorship of fraud votes are still being counted after a tense election that was marred by violence incumbent ibrahim boubacar is expected to win. the counting all the ballots could take days. but molly's newspaper is out already talking of the president's reelection. and not even the opposition is whiting for the official results candidate some mileage see say has already rejected president abraham who is likely victory say alleges fraud and his quote on his supporters to mobilize mali will not be built on for old we will not accept that a million president be elected by for old. yet african union observers described a credible election process and many minds felt the democracy had been served.
4:48 pm
and i even heard on the radio there were cases of stolen votes but you can't avoid that in a democracy you have to accept that there are opponents and people who are not even members of political parties who seek to destroy democracy. but others voiced concerns over security in the west african country is that what i don't like is that despite the presence of all these foreign forces in mali qaeda hasn't managed to bring security to the country that is a shame really. in some regions violence ma the election process a poll worker was shot and killed in the northern region of timbuktu a haven for the islamist militants. and low voter turnout mock this runoff vote less than thirty percent of eligible voters cast their ballot.
4:49 pm
now picture this you're after a beach just taking it easy maybe reading a book and then this giant thing starts marching towards you well if that does happen you can assume the dutch are artists and engineers is not far away ansen has been creating these moving sculptures out of p.v.c. piping for almost thirty years now he calls them his strand beasts. well david leavitt's from our culture desk is here with me david i think a lot of people must be looking at this and thinking well why. yeah i think so you know aside from just being kind of fine and he's moving sculptures actually do have some real implications for science particularly for the field of space exploration which is why nasa has been in touch with yon's and particularly they're interested
4:50 pm
in his ideas for a probe to send to the planet venus now i want to tell you more about that in a second but i think what's really important to know about your answer is that he's been freaking people out for decades with his stuff he's sort of the perfect combination of artist engineer and just plain mad scientist his very first invention really cause a commotion it was a four meter wide flying saucer that was helium powered that he launched over the netherlands with no warning in one nine hundred eighty and about ten years later he started working on these stranded beasts stranded as and beach and he actually doesn't even consider them artworks at all ok well if he doesn't consider them artworks what are they what does he think they are he considers them a form of artificial life and actually a study in evolution you could argue that these are computers a kind of mechanical computer what i mean by that is they're not they're not digital computers that use the euro zone ones to figure out what's going on they
4:51 pm
have actual physical devices that help them adapt to their surroundings and create responses for instance he's built a system whereby when they get too close to the water they will actually march into reverse as a response so they're smart in a way and he builds a new one each year with new out of patients so he's just keeping going with this the stream of evolution but let's take a closer look now. creatures seemingly from another planet. north sea coast as soon as the wind blows they start to move. young cause them sprained beasts. and he likes to experiment his strength base complex constructions made from simple materials he buys at the do it yourself markets string cable ties
4:52 pm
and the kind of plastic. used when laying electric cable. used to just ritchie and rounds just started one structures with. in fact you could see that you as a sort of protein the real. nature everything is also based on only one material be all made of protein. have sales like ships and they move when the wind blows when the snow wind powered by compressed air from built in plastic bottles. the base can even store wind power and use it like a battery. and if the storm blows up they enter themselves in the sand with the post so they don't. stop to be some running into the sea.
4:53 pm
over the past twenty eight years to have been many generations and a lot of trial and error evolution is not over and hopes that one day the species he created will become independent. so become independent and do what i mean maybe these things will be used for. venus but should i be scared you know i think it might be a little worrying if you saw or heard of them coming down the beach at you which is sort of his vision actually now as long as they're made out of p.v.c. i think you'd be pretty easy to take them out but when your own son was featured on the simpsons with his creations in animated form one of these things did actually run down krusty the clown so i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for krusty ok you mention that nasa is interested in these things and i can see that they are really impressive engineering feats what's the story of
4:54 pm
nasa what's their interest well you know the idea that with some more adaptations these things could actually survive on their own do you there's no room remote control involved that actually could play a pretty big role and nasa has planned explorations of venus they got in touch with them specifically because the problem with venus is that it's so hot there that you can't use a probe that uses a digital computer and that's why potentially a mechanical computer like the strand beasts could come into play and particularly on venus there's a lot of wind there these things use wind power so all that together and they might be in business ok i'm afraid we're going to have to leave it there we are however of course very interested in strand bass and we hope to see some walking through our studio soon david it's from the thought of this thanks so much. oh it's catch up on sports news cricket star ben stokes has been recalled to the
4:55 pm
england team after he was found not guilty for his role in a street brawl in the city of bristol in september of last year so it was accused of knocking out two men outside a nightclub in the early hours of the morning the twenty seven year old maintained his innocence and insisted he was acting in self defense the jury found stokes not guilty the all rounder missed some big tournaments appearing on this year including the ashes tour to australia. now dancers roll over the world have descended on with us aires argentina for the annual tango world cup we leave you now with some of the sounds and sultry moves of the couples competing for their chance to be crowned tango champions.
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to. a couple. more. of them in returning to combat. you need twenty seventeen minutes remaining in the afghan capital to get into a corner in germany and all they wanted was to come back to. their. lives turned out we went back twelve months later to ask. afghan deportees one year on. fifteen minutes.
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made for mines. so we make improvements all the time we have more of public transportation know within the big cities. some of it is car sharing the point is that energy has to calm the form of clean softs renewable we need to produce wonderful better ways for cars so that all cars with one in the electricity with no emission but there is with a high capacity of electricity and it will take us hundreds of kilometers exists very tough eating problem it's chemistry. physics is material science. would do it if you take.
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this is the news coming to you live from berlin it's been described as an immense tragedy by transport minister a huge motorway bridge collapses in the northern city of genoa at least thirty people are reported to have died as the structure tumbled on to a really. we get a live update. also on the show. british police say they're treating the crash between a car and cyclists outside the house of parliament as an act of terrorism.


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