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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from it's been described in men's tragedy but it's at least transport minister a huge bridge collapses in the northern city of genuine thirty people are believed to have died as the structure tumbled onto a real and houses. another attack with a car british police in the car crash outside the house of parliament as an act of . rest of the suspected driver. before hitting crash
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barrier. and turkish president. opens a new front in his diplomatic dispute with the united states. into boy caught u.s. electronic goods. i'm under thought she. a major rescue operation is underway in the italian city of jenin offer a busy road bridge collapsed reportedly killing thirty people a section of the bridge gave way as it was undergoing need to reinforced concrete and dozens of acres kid crashing down onto buildings and train lines below. this man film to the bridge as it collapsed the south after noon. about
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a one hundred meter stretch of it caved in bringing many cars forty five meters down with it. that the annoyer. as far as we know around thirty cars and trucks were driving on the part of the bridge when it fell through and that when that didn't get a little bit. several hundred emergency personnel are on the scene they're being supported by specialized mountain rescue teams and military forces there are conflicting reports about the number of deaths a number of people have also been critically injured the marandi bridge built in the one nine hundred sixty s. has been subject to a series of repairs over the years critics say possible structural weaknesses might have been to blame a landslide near one of the bridges supports caused by heavy rains might have been the trigger the civil protection agency says a structural analysis of the remainder of the bridge is now being carried out
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residents living near the bridge have been evacuated the rescue operations are expected to continue through the night. than jealousy has non-issue in the situation from the italian capital of the dead still is expected to rise even further what our party is they're saying. well that we do know officially is that at least twenty people have been killed however a number of people have been reported missing and those that have been injured some of them have been see riskily injured and so unfortunately there is concern that that figure of twenty could actually rise and so the other reason why this has happened on this particular days that it is the eve of a significant summer holiday here in italy and so they could have been people on that bridge traveling out to the beach or heading out to the mountains to celebrate that holiday inn and fortunately this dramatic event occurred now this bridge to be
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important not just for travel to the italian riviera but also to the southern coast of france so you there is why there will soon be on board days old sophia right now that perhaps other sections of the bridge could collapse as they have technicians have checked them out and so the area around this motorway really in this section has already been lacking in the reports of the bridge was in need of some maintenance and structural work could that have contributed to its collapse. well it's interesting to note that at the time of the collapse there was a heavy thunderstorm all over the bridge and there were witness reports of a lightning struck just as it collapsed that said however most find it shocking that a me too logical event could have caused this and they are questioning as you said the maintenance of the bridge in fact maintenance work was being carried out to
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shore up its foundations recently and it's been going on for several years back in two thousand and nine there was even a question put forward that perhaps the entire bridge should be demolished what we do know is that the transport and infrastructure minister has said that those responsible for this incident will be made to pay and the beach is a few seem sure immense scale of destruction and devastation how are emergency services dealing with this disaster. what we do those that some two hundred firefighters i'm told you've got these massive concrete slabs that have crashed down on to the river below some vehicles out there in the river and also to some houses that were under this motorway and so they are really involved in the rescue operation hospitals in the area inundated with those that have been injured we've got the prime minister of italy giuseppe conti on site at the moment to to
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follow up on what's been happening with the rescue operations as well and the scene of what has been the reaction among italians to this disaster and then asking questions among the state of the infrastructure in the country yes i mean ordinary talents if you speak to them or even if you look up on social media reaction reacting with shock really wondering how this could happen in twenty eighteen at this say well it's a question of maintenance the infrastructure projects bridges viaduct is either not been set aside or the projects have been postponed or entirely shelved and frankly the lives of ordinary italians should be put first is what they're saying we have the president of chile said. releasing a statement saying that what has happened today really a shocking disease grace and something that's absurd that those are his words and a many ordinary italians feeling that more needs to be done and perhaps this government this newly elected government is really going to tackle it at least that's what they are saying for now though all eyes really on the rescue operations
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to try and save as many lives as possible. in rome thank you very much british police are searching a three properties in central england as they investigate a cock trashed the treaty and a terrorist attack only a theorist to the twenty nine year old man who rend cyclists and pedestrians before hitting trash barriers outside london's house of parliament. this footage was taken moments after the car crashed outside british parliament. a b.b.c. television camera filmed the car driving toward parliament then into an access lane before hitting the barrier gate. police around the vehicle and arrest the suspect at gunpoint. and eye witness
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described seeing the car. itself seeing a man roy to whom. i was appalled when i read the statement before she was the wife and it was deliberate it was a it was moreover you know for you it was a direct hit from london visit it becoming quite an experience at least now unfortunately the links were praised for their rapid response. given that this appears to be. the method i'm discreet and i call it sorry we are treating it as a terrorist incidents cop cars email always to formally establish the identity of the suspect. his motivation if we can. is not currently cooperates in the crash happened near last year's westminster bridge attack where five people died after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed
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a police officer the security barriers were installed in the wake of that attack. they've been are being with some other stories making news around the lord has given permission for the rescue ship aquarius to enter port after five european union countries agreed to accept the one hundred forty one refugees on board the ship the dns afford a standoff that kept the ship at sea the refugees will be distributed to france germany spain portugal and luxembourg. in ecuador at least twenty three people were killed in a high speed bus crash east of the capital quito another nine thousand people were injured it's the second major bus crash in two days traffic has died on sunday when a bus carrying soccer fans overturned in the south of the country. south korea has mock its first memorial day for women and girls forced to work as sex slaves by japanese forces before and during the second world war now officials
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on one build a monument to the so-called comfort women in the city of cheer not on the issue of reparations for the women has caused tensions between the two countries. turning out to australia were a court has sentenced a catholic archbishop to a year under house arrest for his role in covering up child abuse by a paedophile priest philip wilson becomes the most senior catholic cleric to be convicted for hiding abuse in the church. from one of a strenuous top catholic clergymen to a common criminal philip wilson was once of adelaide but then the sins of his own pos forced him from that job. sorry for what you've done it was a million and one of those go outside court wilson wouldn't reply to victims' demands for an apology instead of supposed to heckle dumb who's the good go under the bed if you. want rubbish like marie scuse me if you call me rubbish you could
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you call me rubbish that confrontation for that outraged abuse of five as somebody in the catholic church so i sorry to put what million others we is the contrition from bishop former bishop wilson he's grice as somebody just set up steve has shown no grice on the saud myself muson has been convicted of crimes dating back to the nineteen seventies then he didn't report a pedophile colleague to the police went to altar boys confided in him campaign inside the case isn't rare pitiful get to do their highness act because people are the can say all or ignore what they do today wilson was sentenced to one detention despite survive his agony one would have contrition to look he's defense argues he's eileen but activists say it's rather because a strain in law still lets off lightly those who cover up abuse.
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to formula one first and two time world champion fernando alonso will retire at the end of the season when his contract ends mclaren racing along as this current team released a statement confirming the news the thirty seven year old is competing in his seventeenth formula one season and has thirty two wins twenty two pool positions and ninety seven podiums in two thousand and five became the then youngest was champion in formula one history span it has been championship ronna up three times . in poland rowing is undergoing a renaissance it used to be a popular sport with crews testing themselves on the mighty vista river that flows through the capital warsaw it fell out of favor though following the second world war but now with a major time trial there the sport is once again attracting fans. it's
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a long haul in the morning to the vistula river in warsaw for an international rowing event it might not sound terribly special but it is to a lot of poles they treat the sport as something almost exotic. because in the final vote for the second world war there are thirty rowing clubs in warsaw everyone was rowing now there are basically no opportunities for amateurs to take part and we want to change that in the young so it's simply impressive so many sights on the vistula that's the first time in my life i've seen that and i'm really happy. to put it to. thirty teams are competing but not directly against each other they're fighting the clock and conditions are ideal the water is relatively calm and no transport ship traffic is allowed on this stretch of the river for some it's almost hard to imagine that we can row right in the middle of warsaw. sylvia competed for poland in
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the london summer olympics she wants to boost the sport's popularity. numerous bit of noise and i'm really proud and happy that rowing is catching people's attention in warsaw as the capital of poland and that's helping rowing to get noticed just like in the good old days rowing has indeed been making waves on the vistula but it's not just about competitions like this one rowing is supposed to become a sport for the people and where else can you find so much nature right in the middle of a major city. it is a sport here watching did you have your views coming to you live from. or in fact what he's going to. take he's president says his people should boycott u.s. electronic goods in the chalice and the sanctions by washington this is all adding to the street on a turkish economy already in decline money. that jones will have
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