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this time on t.w. maybe the female superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart talks smart strange image and you soon find no means an accounting braintree singly dangerous time perhaps. makes my. view on welcome today's special edition of your max with things are getting tasty here's what's on the menu. it's convenient fine dining fifty meters above the ground. old couple bringing together pastries and foot well i'm still in paris and. going green visit an english restaurant that
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meets the zero waste targets. we start off with a rather unique fine dining experience when davi guys will first told people about his idea for a dinner in the sky they must have thought he had his head in the clouds hosting a gondola fifty metres up in the sky and serving meals and it was a tough sell but he's backed it up with success he's served customers in over forty countries since then to rave reviews we visited him in belgium where the idea first took off. when do dinner guests have to buckle up. when the meal is served fifty meters above the ground. like here.
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michelin star chef served their creations high above the ground for dinner in the sky like this one. it's amazing it's the best dinner it is. and beautiful experience. but it takes more than the average preparation time before guests can sit down to their dinner in the sky experience. which three hours earlier. the kitchen personnel are putting the meal together. everything has to be perfect the pressure is on but. he's been staging this epicurean experience for more than ten years. ago i didn't find anyone to. go for me that's the good idea everybody looks to be crazy it's me. it's not.
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so that was the biggest. even. maybe there was a business to do with. it was a nice market with a view of the pulsating heart of london. picturesque hills. of a vast beach with the sea stretching out beyond. his business partner have hoisted up their cables in over forty countries around the world the ten year anniversary feature ten tables cater to simultaneously ten michelin star ships. back. and work. most of the guests have been invited by private companies they prepare for takeoff. no reason to be afraid i was a have two more drinks and i'll be fine i feel safe i feel very stuck in here so i'm nowhere to fall out of yours. and up they go sixteen steel cables pull the
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seventeen gondola into the air the organizers say they haven't had a single mishap in all these years. even so olivier de frank one of the belgians find chefs is trying hard to overcome his anxiety this is his first dinner in the sky my freezer fights because normally even on the stairs have gets some afraid of heights so that's really the challenge by like here we are outside the direct contact with the customers they also question that we in the they entertain me as great. in the mean time his team members get the next course ready all the dishes have been prepared he just has to warm them up and garnish them but given the view to the guests even pay attention to their meal. for me myself i enjoy the view and time they're like ok i do it already for six seven years so we get used to it but first i mean it's also for me a new deal. but it's not competing with if you're i think between you. it's
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a very exclusive affair to obtain one of the coveted places at the table guess must book six weeks in advance and pay around two hundred eighty five euros and is it worth it. just to get there and they're here and it's really nice until you have them is the main thing i love to see the answer it's so. delicious and amazing view and it doesn't get more cruising than this. now to an instagram star who is gonna get a huge number of followers documenting food and footwear spiegel is a graphic designer and pastry enthusiastic living in france on his instagram page he up for the combines his two favorite things the most creative pastries in paris with fantastic footwear he has
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a keen eye for colors and textures and has even published a book full of his photos of food and foot web let's find out how and why the two things first appeared in one frame. colorful and a little crazy pastries in every shade imaginable with shoes to match the photos highlight the rich variety of the paris patisseries and the fashion world. their creation of the beagle he tours the patisseries of paris in search of inspiration. a dream job for a man with a sweet tooth. every two minutes you have you have so much places you have so much places to get inspired by and it changes all the time and it's really this is why i said it's like living there because it's really
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a part of your daily life here originally from israel town used to be a graphic designer but retrained as a pastry chef when he first came to paris a couple of years ago he was fascinated by the colors textures and geometric patterns of a design today he's looking for a pink pastry. and this muck around is filled with rose petal cream leaching and fresh raspberries fish. towel usually takes these photos right outside shops he tries to get into neutral background so the entire focus is on the pastry and the shoes. uploads the photo to his instagram account deserted in paris. i think the idea for this paris started by accident when i was exploring the world of like this when paris and i really wanted to remember each. try so i took a photo and just one day i discovered that the cake that i bought was
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a natural i shoes i try to take a photo people really liked it and from there on it it's all history. almost every day. it's a new shoot pastry. sometimes it looks like a snapshot it looks like something very easy but actually there's a lot of work behind photos creating the photos visit in visiting the chefs and visiting places but i always make sure that there is like a variety of places of colors of creation so each day will be different it will give you a totally different aspect in the experience of paris. no easy task especially as he weighs needs new shoes he now has over two hundred pairs and he is constantly buying more each band needs to be specially colorful he's a regular at this paris boutique and i know exactly what he's looking for.
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my love for shoes started way before back when i was living in tel aviv. as a graphic designer i always had this appeal for very graphic and call for shoes so i was collecting them and when i came to paris i discovered there's like more colors in worse shape so it's just group with desert and paris his latest purchase is immediately turned into a photo. you know knows lots of pastry chefs in paris who provide him with cakes blanch is one of them child used to bake his own pastries but now he focuses solely on creating photos for instagram that's where. something new you know because he's not only thinking picture of kate and get the idea to. take with the scent of truth and i said yeah like you know he's first mango pastry soon appears on townes instagram account matched with yet another new terror shoes. recently published his own patisseries book featuring the best of his seven
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hundred class photos. i think the cakes there are always more graphic. different would get more attention. for example. i had. by phone and that one went like crazy or the rubik's cube bites illegally so it's always like you fish if create something that's a little different and something that people are not used to see it will go through the roof but they think like a usually people are so happy to see creations from paris so i can say that most picture are considered successful. prints pastries and shoes clearly a winning combination. another person who knows how to create winning combinations is usually
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a comp she's the head chef at the restaurant unless folks casal near cologne and the youngest german female chef to be awarded a michelin stuff getting our hands on the coveted accolade at age twenty seven the rising star in germany's cullen every scene was inspired to start cooking after experiencing different cuisines during childhood holidays let's get a taste of what she can cook up. beneath the mint yogurt foam are scallops resting on a bed of eggplant mousse. lamb with chickpea crunch pistachio pomegranate cream and a persian lemon sauce. tuna and a chinese and pastry pockets and finally a dessert of olives and chocolate. germany's youngest female mr brown star chef often adds an oriental touch to the dishes she creates. a fascination with our culture and cuisine began when she was
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a child which was not so long ago given that she's now just twenty. minutes in well if we had not always gone to the orient on holiday perhaps i wouldn't be so interested in all these countries perhaps i would have trained to be a chef who knows that man is what i saw there is that grandmothers and mothers with dried chillies on the roofs of their houses and grind them and invest a lot of love that's what we do in our kitchen we cook with love otherwise we could not survive that's what sensitised reasons you wrote a few. come work that the restaurant in the fifteenth century lived spell counselor west of cologne she became a chef almost by chance. yes but i used to go with my grandparents to nice hotels and i really liked it there so i did an internship at one i wasn't so keen on waiting tables and the girls were often catty
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but the kitchen was really cool i could try my handed everything they liked me i don't know he's been interested in food and whenever they sent me into the cold room i always came back with the right stuff it was fun that was my. last year out of the blue she was appointed head chef at liz felt she was recommended by her predecessor within her first year there she cooked away. to mission florrie yet as is done in the first hour was a huge surprise my biggest wish had come true since the day i started training i had been dreaming of that and working toward it always pushing myself has come and when i heard the news it was like a huge weight off my shoulders. i was teaching this for the first time in my life and i couldn't say a word time for people ask me how i felt not a word of what. she's created a friendly atmosphere in the kitchen. when i got here and the archaeologist i want
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to play did but. it's common knowledge i'm often chaffed on a lot depends on the head chef it's always called here of course i can also occasionally get man but rarely were more friends than colleagues but if i do have to be tough it is hard harder than if i had a team of thirty we're not everybody just does his or her thing for you doesn't. do your comp is ambitious and relishes a challenge one of her ngs is to get younger people to appreciate leading fine food she works long hours and has a little free time. and effective to go to the hard work is the daily job at midday like ups you can switch off and think about things but afterwards you feel free and refreshed. at the break you'll be a compass going just about anything is possible.
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now to a report that proves nearly anything goes in the restaurant business and dining rooms all around the world guests entertained with three dimensional video animations thanks to the belgian augustine skull mapping they design custom video animations for restaurants and bugs in one of their projects called live pity chef a tiny cook appears on the table and propose various dishes for the guests the team is now designing a similar work for a cocktail bar and we were there to see how it works. a tiny sheriff and his little helpers are preparing. to do morey real cocktails are also supposed. images that look incredibly real projected onto the sculpted surface of the. well made possible thanks to three d. video technology the film is the brainchild of belgian video arsonists unto him for break and philip staircase of skull mapping. the idea was to make like
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a bar but not just a normal bar but also to put a party like a sculpture because a bar is usually flat so just to make it come alive more a look more treaty the latest project is called cocktail factory video or sharon and her child's boss and it corporate events no it's this is the this is so far. for me this is a first i've never seen anything like this it's a great idea really feel it's a sculpture it's a senior e it's like an entire package deliver it's not just fishing it's actually started happening in front of your eyes what's your real life. so nothing posted their first video in a pretty show online in two thousand and fifteen since then it has received millions of clicks on social media sites like facebook.
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it's nice to create a small world. in which in there the world and to yourself fantasy in this and in the case of the shepherd. it's like a small guy in a bigger world so that's that's a lot of for. nothing celebrity is to restaurants an event organizers all of the world. in this video the chef follows in the footsteps of marco polo this is part
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of a meal with several courses it's on show in several restaurants around the world. so. can also be seen in galleries the gallery invasion video features a monkey a graffiti artist. the video artists used for this animation that enabled them to project a video throughout the entire. what we make it's very approachable and it's for all ages for all the ages you know everybody can hear stories to and that's i think that's also very warning for us that so many people different kind of people from different kind of layers of society enjoy your work so. on just created on the computer
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acting talent is also called for. many of their video has come up in use motion capture a technique that captures human movements and portrays them three dimensionally on the computer. the artists then place the figures in the virtual scenes and processed and. the special thing about the cocktail factory project is a fact that it's projected onto a hand-made three d. landscape. i mean we're really we love to experiment with every new project we're doing and i learn something new and i find a new technique and at the end of the day tell a story in a in a new way. three d. video and come on there highlights not being proved it's a winning combination and now we just have to wait and see what that pretty shaft is up the sleeve for the future.
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on next restaurant is thinking of future generations with their recycling initiative here in germany for example every single person produces more than six hundred kilos of waste every year the silo restaurant in brighton proves that less waste doesn't have to mean less taste the own a drug list mcmasters works out a way to ensure nothing is thrown away in his kitchen so you won't see any bins at silo but there's plenty of great food. this is the sino restaurant in the southern british coastal resort of brighton it features naturally produced local cuisine but wait there's more silo is the u.k.'s first zero waste restaurant it turner and head chef doug mcmaster worked for years in gourmet
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restaurants and saw firsthand how much food is being wasted waste is a product of grading everything and putting stars on everyone the elite you know and that makes people obsessed with perfection perfection does not exist and waste exists largely because of this naive. chase for perfection you know throw it away because it's not perfect but it's brilliant what's wrong with brilliant. sino offers a diverse menu of high quality dishes and serves only organically produce meat and fish. all the other ingredients are all gummy because well fresh and seasonal must masterworks with local providers who deliver food that comes in recyclable containers instead of disposable packages so there's no garbage
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the menu changes every day depending on the projects available. if an item can't be delivered without packaging the team will just make it themselves like cram fresh. all flour the restaurant has its own mill. we can also buy big amounts of grains from local farmers. less packaging and a bigger amount. with its than ever. they bake their own bread fresh every day. the restaurant also has its own composting machine to process food scraps afterwards. distributed to local farmers. zero waste restaurant is very stressful
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it's very stressful because the industry is very. very industrialized there's lots of middlemen there's lots of processing and there's lots of packaging all of which are not zero waste and that goes against what we do it's very difficult when the infrastructure is in place it becomes easy. zero waste has become a popular concept one of the first people to call attention to it was french blogger baird johnson in her book zero waste omh zero waste lifestyles are attracting a lot of attention on the internet more businesses are taking a sustainable approach to production for years swiss upcycling pioneer has been making hits to handbags out of used truck tops now the company is exploring fabrics that are biodegradable. so that old
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outfits can be. and one of our company's basic concepts is circular thinking we want to create products that are based on available resources or create products that can be maintained within a closed circle process to help mankind that's the kind of thing that inspired doug mcmaster many of the furnishings in his restaurant have been after cycles. aside aims to provide its customers with sophisticated delicious food and to do it without producing a lot of waste it's also a good way to get people interested in the idea of sustainability. i want to make these things attractive i want to make them exciting i want to i want people to want to be sustainable because it's delicious because it's the right
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thing to do because it's fun even because it's the future now you don't do that either achieve that by making it boring and you know fear mongering people into like we must be sustainable you do that by making them say this is beautiful this is this is exciting. serving good food with a good conscience the team at silo hope small restaurants will start toasting the zero waste concept. that's it for today we'll be back tomorrow with another special edition of your max cleared by for now. your mike special. heavens above the featured hotel room with no rules. time unicorns are out and about in london town.
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i'm a believer a german pastor and his mobile summons to announce that this. more exciting stories next time. the mob. i'm going.
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to go after. saddam is ricky tradition murderers mob arsonists the odd tyrant. the roman and her nero mahdi just get a bad press and. remount historians are reexamining this case for rethinking near zero as history been unfair to the infamous film her. being fifteen minutes on d w . more.
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rock n roll. cut. sinful rhythms contest by the church. no evil feeling that you feel what you like. the costumes of music are stoppable. no one is more popular than jesus up religious moralism preachers or subversive. battle with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music quite outside. rock and religion clash that brings many parallels. for the two really so irreconcilable.
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comedy deviling and rock n roll stars aug nineteenth on t.w. . folks rescue teams in the italian. city of general want continued to search for survivors and bodies amid the rubble of a highway bridge that collapsed tuesday morning officials say at least twenty six people were killed as many as thirty five vehicles were on a two hundred metre section of the bridge when it tumbled. british police are treating an early morning car crash outside the houses of parliament as an act of terrorism they say three people were injured when a twenty nine year old british.


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